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Posted on: September 2, 2010 3:27 pm

Podcast: Leinart, Big Ben and QB controversies

Posted by Will Brinson

Podcast time, people. And what else COULD we talk about outside of Matt Leinart?

Well, Ben Roethlisberger, that's who. And Vernon Davis. And Michael Crabtree.

Those are all topics broached -- along with other possible quarterback controversies around the NFL -- when Andy Benoit joins me for the latest installment of our award-winning* audio efforts.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 8:37 am

Giants don't want Leinart either

Posted by Will Brinson

The third spurning of Matt Leinart -- the Giants, who seemed like a decent fit , apparently aren't interested either -- may finally put an end to the two-day saga revolving around the ex-Trojan's inability to win the Cardinals starting job or be good enough to warrant a trade to another team.

At least until he's cut on Saturday anyway. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Giants GM Jerry Reese listened to what the Cardinals had to say re: trading Leinart, and then politely declined to continue discussions.

Basically, it boils down the Giants not wanting to give up anything in exchange for getting to pay $10 million to someone who doesn't know their offense. That's smart: by choosing not to trade for Leinart (who, bear in mind, doesn't want to be a backup) there's a pretty good chance they can always swoop him up if/when he gets cut.

And worst case, it appears they'll just avoid overpaying for a really expensive clubhouse cancer that doesn't have the talent/dedication to become a starter in the NFL.
P.S. Yes, we DID find a team who may want him after all. See: right.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 11:40 pm

Leinart and Giants might be good fit

M. Leinart might be better off if he was traded to New York (AP). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As I discussed with Lauren Shehadi this afternoon during Around the League, the Cardinals have shown some interest in trading Matt Leinart. ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter reported three teams who had returned the eye-batting were the Raiders, Bills and Giants.

Since then, the Raiders and Bills have denied their interest, but we haven’t heard anything of the sort from New York.

And there might be a good reason for that. Dealing Leinart to the Giants would make sense for the Cardinals. It would make sense for New York. Maybe Leinart wouldn’t like it – since he’d be the backup to Eli Manning – but it would make sense for him as well.

Here’s why: without backup Jim Sorgi, who was placed on IR last week, around, the Giants have nobody to back up Manning in case of injury. They obviously have somebody they could throw on the field – in this case, it’d be second-year player Rhett Bomar and/or rookie Dominic Rudolph – but these guys have virtually no experience.

And really, the Giants, in good conscience, can’t simply hope Manning doesn’t go down and keep Bomar and Rudolph in the quarterback room. If they can secure Leinart, that would really ease some minds in the Giants locker room.

It makes sense for the Cardinals, because that coaching staff – not incorrectly, in my opinion – thinks Leinart has no future in that organization. Arizona has given Leinart ample opportunities to take the starting position, but instead, he lost the job to Kurt Warner (nothing to be ashamed about) and now apparently to Derek Anderson (absolutely something to be ashamed about).

The Cardinals don’t want him, and if they don’t want him, they should get rid of him.

And it makes sense for Leinart. As further evidenced by Anquan Boldin’s comments today, it doesn’t appear that Leinart and coach Ken Whisenhunt have a great relationship. Sure, Leinart wants to be a starter, but if you can’t beat out Anderson for a starting job, you don’t deserve to have one in the NFL.

The next best thing? Perhaps it’s being Manning’s backup.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 7:00 pm
Edited on: September 1, 2010 9:15 pm

Dockett gets extension through 2015

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Arizona Cardinals have announced they’ve extended the contract of Pro Bowl DT Darnell Dockett, locking him up through the 2015 season.

The team’s Web site has the first draft of the story. The monetary rewards have not be disclosed yet.

The move obviously makes a ton of sense. Dockett is a great fit in the Cardinals 3-4 scheme, and he provides a great burst, 290 pounds of power and good versatility. Most importantly, he’s also a force on Twitter .

The news conference is ongoing right now.

UPDATE (7:07 p.m.):
According to ESPN.com's Adam Schefter , Dockett's deal is a 4-year extension worth up to $48 million ($30 million guaranteed).

UPDATE (9:13 p.m.): Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic has a good analytical piece explaining why the Dockett deal made everybody (the Cardinals, Dockett, agent Drew Rosenhaus and coach Ken Whisenhunt) a winner.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 2:24 pm

Boldin unsurprised by Leinart situation

Posted by Will Brinson

If anyone has a good idea of what's going on in Arizona without being muffled by a "no comment" situation (a la Larry Fitzgerald), it's Anquan Boldin.

And he's not at all shocked by the news that Ken Wisenhunt and Matt Leinart might not get along so swell.

“Honestly no. That’s just because I’ve been there and witnessed the relationship between both Matt and Coach Whisenhunt. So I’m actually not surprised. I don’t really want to speak too much on that because it’s not my problem. If it doesn’t refer to anybody in black and purple, I really could care less.”

I love a good quote like that -- Boldin doesn't want to talk about the situation, but he'll let you at least know what the deal is.

And clearly, the "deal" = "they don't get along."

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:26 am
Edited on: September 1, 2010 11:21 am

Bills deny talks for Leinart, who wants to start

Posted by Will Brinson
For whatever reason, Matt Leinart is the dominating storyline this week. I mean, the reason is obvious, it's just weird that he's becoming a left-handed, less-talented, backup-worthy version of Brett Favre.

Or something. We mentioned that he's on the trading block -- that doesn't appear to be at issue right now.

What might be at issue is the Buffalo Bills' interest in the former Heisman Trophy winner: Buffalo Bills [dot com]'s Chris Brown has called the report that Buffalo is interested "erroneous." He states that the "Bills have not had any discussions with the Cardinals" regarding Leinart and that "the report is simply not true."

Jay Glazer adds an update to his his earlier report that "three teams" have talked to the Cards, saying he's spoken with Leinart, who tells Glazer that "he wants to start somewhere and not be a backup."

All of these reports create quite the conundrum: Leinart will NOT start in New York, he's unlikely to start in Oakland, and he could absolutely start in Buffalo. However, if the Bills aren't interested in Leinart, which they claim they are not, it's going to be tough for him to find a team where he can start.

Adding to the bizarre nature of all of this, Schefter responds to the Bills report on Twitter by saying that the "Bills are adamant they are not trading for Leinart, despite discussions they did have this summer with the Cardinals for the QB."

Emphasis mine, because if the Bills previously spoke with the Cardinals about Leinart (and I'm drawing a blank on that, honestly, but it's entirely possible), they DO have at least some interest, even if they haven't recently spoken with the Cardinals about the possibility for a trade.

And in an email to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk , Schefter clarifies the report: he "didn't report Leinart would be traded to Buffalo" but "simply reported that Buffalo and Arizona discussed it this summer. There's nothing erroneous in that."

In other words, when Schefter tweeted in the past tense, he didn't mean "yesterday" or "this morning" he meant "this summer."

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 8:46 am
Edited on: September 1, 2010 4:48 pm

Here's who's intererested in Leinart

Posted by Will Brinson

Update2: Kent Somers reports that the Cardinals are indeed open to trading Leinart AND guard Reggie Wells, and have been talking with teams. The Raiders, according to the Raiders, are not one of those teams, having said on their website that "Adam Schefter is once again making untrue statements." Mercy.

The Raiders axe to grind aside, it makes a LOT of sense that the Cardinals are trying to deal Leinart (and would be relatively open about their interest). After all, they only have a few days to make something happen before they're forced to either keep him or cut him; keeping him would involve either dumping one of the rookies they like or holding onto four quarterbacks.

One big problem, though, is that Leinart wants to start, and there just aren't a lot of starting spots out there.

Update: The Bills are now denying their interest in Leinart , but Schefter is also reporting that the Cards and Bills talked this summer. It's not convoluted at all.

Last night we discussed the fact that the Cardinals had placed Matt Leinart on the trading block -- now we know who's interested.

Jay Glazer writes that "several teams have confirmed" that they've chatted with the Cards -- Adam Schefter points out that the Bills, Giants and Raiders are very specific possible destinations for the former first-rounder.

All three spots make a lot of sense: Eli Manning and Jason Campbell both suffered preseason injuries, while Jim Sorgi and Bruce Gradkowski remain injured. The Bills, for their part, are being forced to start Trent Edwards again, and that's no fun.

Leinart is probably hoping -- provided he actually wants to start and play football -- that Buffalo can pull something off. There, he'd have at least a chance of starting.

The downside, naturally, is that Buffalo weather isn't exactly on par with Southern Cal, brah.

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Posted on: August 31, 2010 8:06 pm
Edited on: August 31, 2010 8:08 pm

Cardinals trying to trade Leinart; where to?

Posted by Andy BenoitM. Leinart (US Presswire)

Matt Leinart’s days in Arizona appear to be numbered. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that the Cardinals are shopping the former first-round pick. As you know, Leinart was recently benched for Derek Anderson. His response to the benching has been about as divisive as it gets.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic quoted Leinart as saying "I feel like I've outplayed the competition, training camp, preseason," he said. "I think my play speaks about that. For me, this goes beyond the football field.

"The philosophy is you want the best 11 guys to play. I feel like I've proved that with my performance. I don't really know what else I could possibly do, so it probably goes beyond football. For me, I just really want an explanation, and I haven't been given one."

The Cardinals have very little leverage in trading Leinart right now. Any team that acquires the fifth-year pro would be looking to make him a backup -- which, obviously, is a role Leinart would not be thrilled with.

If we were to speculate about landing spots…the Bills are always at the top of this list, given that they haven’t had a quarterback since Drew Bledsoe left. The Browns may want to look beyond Jake Delhomme; if they have doubts about Colt McCoy, might they be willing to give Leinart a shot? And, of course, given that Leinart is a disappointing former first-round pick, the Raiders are certainly a possibility. A darkhorse team might be the Texans, who badly need a backup for Matt Schaub.

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