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Posted on: September 28, 2010 11:00 am
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2010 records determine waiver order for Edwards

Posted by Will Brinson

Don't laugh, but NFL teams will be lining up for Trent Edwards' services this afternoon, just a few days after the Buffalo Bills decided to release him from their roster . Or, more accurately, they may have already lined up and are shuffling around trying to figure out who might be in front of them for his services.

See, if a player is dumped in the first three weeks of the NFL season, the prior season's records determine the waiver order. If it's after the first three weeks, the current season's records determine the order. Edwards was dumped on Monday, after the third Sunday of the season but not before the entire week was completed.

However, according to the NFL's clarifying statement to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk , 2010 records will matter in this instance, because Edwards' contract is being awarded on Tuesday (which is today and which is after Week 3, obviously).

A quick glance at the standings reveals a few teams that stink this season, primarily because of quarterback problems: the Panthers, the Jaguars, the 49ers, the Browns and the Lions are all 0-3 and have either a) had a quarterback get injured, b) replaced their starting quarterback for poor performance at some point this season or c) been fooled for the 500th time by Alex Smith playing well in one game.

Oh yes, and the Bills. But it's at least "improbable" that they would release him and then claim him. ("Impossible" seems like a stretch, given the absurdity of releasing him this early in the season without even seeking some sort of trade with a quarterback needy team.)

Also in the mix -- according to Chris Mortensen -- are the Seahawks, Chiefs and Jets, although it seems pretty unlikely that, given their back-of-the-line status, any of those three would have a shot at landing Edwards.

But yeah, Trent Edwards is really popular, which is why it makes absolutely no sense that the Bills just cut him outright.
Posted on: September 28, 2010 10:38 am

Hot Routes 9.28.10: Schwartz' auspicious record

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  • Jim Schwartz is rather improbably one game away from the worst 20-game start by a head coach in Detroit Lions history, according to Tom Kowalski of the Detroit Free Press . This isn't improbable because the Lions are good, clearly. It's improbable because Schwartz is, in my estimation, a very good head coach who'd done a pretty good job making lemonade out of the rotted out lemon seeds that Matt Millen left hanging around the greater Detroit area. Additionally, Schwartz has dealt with injuries to Matthew Stafford in two straight seasons, a total lack of an offensive line and one of the worst defenses in NFL history last year. The simple fact that he's won a few games is actually impressive; even if he starts off with the worst record in Detroit history (through 20 games) it seems unlikely that the cautious optimism permeating the Lions organization and fanbase these days will cease to exist.
  • Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic believes that the Cardinals need to change quarterbacks "immediately" even though they're 2-1. There's no argument against the fact that Derek Anderson isn't "great" or even "good" but right now he's at least winning (even if it's not deservedly), and considering how high Ken Wisenhunt is on BYU product Max Hall, you'd certainly think that if he thought he could get the job done as a starter, he'd be getting the opportunity.
  • The possibility of Michael Vick getting injured after such a hot start has to be terrifying to Eagles fans. Bleeding Green Nation points out that Vick is "still taking too many hits" which is probably symptomatic of a porous offensive line. But Vick also holds the ball longer than a normal quarterback too, and that creates some danger. (Like that he might also score rushing touchdowns for my fantasy team!)
  • Ryan Grant wanted to know if he could tweet during the Packers-Bears game on Monday night. Apparently, that's totally legal -- Brian McCarthy of NFL PR let him know (via Twitter, duh) that as long as he wasn't on the sidelines or locker room, he was fine to hit up the social media during games.
  • Did the Dolphins blow a chance to "make a statement in the division?" That's what the Phinsider believes -- I'm inclined to agree, especially considering the way in which the defense got pure-tee shredded by the Jets on a nationally televised game.
  • And of course it's not a party without some discussion of the junk-grabbing Shaun Smith -- Arrowhead Pride has video of the "incident" and a nice little recap of Smith's awkward little problem.
Posted on: September 25, 2010 1:23 pm

Week 3 injury news and analysis II

Posted by Andy Benoit

Redskins @ Rams

LaRon Landry is questionable with a wrist injury, but the rangy safety had full participation in practice this week. So did questionable NT Albert Haynesworth, though with him, it’s hard to know what “full participation” means. (We can assume effort and enthusiasm are not factored in.)

Trent Williams had limited participation in practice (knee) and, lC. Portis (US Presswire)ike running back Clinton Portis (wrist), he’s questionable. The Redskins need Portis, given that they have no depth in the backfield.

The Rams will be without DT Darrell Scott (ankle) and likely without DT Clifton Ryan (migraines – aka Percy Harvin Syndrome). That means Gary Gibson and Fred Robbins could see more playing time; will they wear down late?

St. Louis WR Laurent Robinson is also doubtful (foot).

Browns @ Ravens

Two cogs for the Ravens, ILB D’Qwell Jackson and NT Shaun Rogers, sat out the first two games of the season. Jackson, still recovering from a pectoral injury suffered in training camp, is listed as doubtful. Rogers is questionable coming off last year’s lower leg injury. Put these two back in the lineup and the Browns run defense improves tenfold.

For the Ravens, OT Jared Gaither continues to nurse a mysterious back injury. The longer he sits, the more likely it is the Ravens give up and look for a different long-term solution.

Lions @ Vikings

QB Matthew Stafford and WR Nate Burleson are both out. Where is the juice in Detroit’s passing game?

Lions starting OLB Zack Follett is also out, which is a problem because starting MLB DeAndre Levy is questionable with a groin injury. And versatile backup Landon Johnson is questionable with a neck. This could spell a field day for Adrian Peterson.

On the Vikings side, corners Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin, both coming off knee injuries, are expected to make their season debuts. Center John Sullivan’s calf injury seems to be improving – he’s listed as probable. Sullivan has been a major weakness early on playing at less than 100 percent.

Brett Favre is on the injury report with an elbow (probable). Think he’ll play?

Falcons @ Saints

Safety Erik Coleman missed last week’s game and is questionable this week with a bum knee. Coaches love his versatility and open-field tackling. If he can’t play, hard-hitting second-year pro William Moore will get the nod. Whether it’s an ailing Coleman or inexperienced Moore, expect the Saints to spread the field and exploit whoever lines up here.

The Saints will be without nickel corner Randall Gay (concussion). That’s somewhat noteworthy given that Atlanta is getting possession receiver Michael Jenkins back from a shoulder injury.

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 7:21 pm

Don't mess with Gunther Cunningham

J. Peterson was benched by Detroit defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Apparently to Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham,  it doesn’t matter who you are and what your qualifications are. If he’s not happy with the way you’re playing, you’re headed to the bench.

That includes you, five-time Pro Bowler Julian Peterson. After watching Eagles RB LeSean McCoy burn him and the rest of the Detroit defense for a long touchdown, Cunningham pulled Peterson from the game and replaced him with Ashlee Palmer.

“There's a reason, and he understood the reason,” Cunningham told the Detroit Free Press. “We expect certain things, and he's had a good week of practice."

More importantly than the temporary benching, though, was the message the move sent to the rest of the team.

"If he'll bench a five-time Pro Bowler, then he'll definitely bench anybody else,” CB Jonathan Wade said. "We've got to be accountable, and we've got to be doing our job. It's time to get it done. It's time for things to change."

But that wasn’t necessarily the worst-performing portion of Detroit’s defense that week.

Defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, at times, was quadruple-teamed during the game, but the rest of the Lions couldn’t take advantage.

That’s four guys on one guy. Which theoretically means three Lions weren’t being blocked at the time. So you can excuse Cunningham’s anger. Because that's pretty ridiculous.

"I'm not going to tolerate four guys blocking one, and that was made loud and clear this week," Cunningham said. "I think we got some results on the practice field. Now it's going to depend on how we play in the game."

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 6:00 pm
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Charles Rogers close to foreclosure

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It has not been a good past few months for former Lions WR Charles Rogers.

In April, he was forced to pay back the Detroit organization $6.1 million of his $9.1 million signing bonus because of a substance abuse suspension in 2005. Now, he owes more than a million dollars on his mansion, and if he doesn’t pay it off, he could be homeless by the end of October, the Detroit News reports today.

The 5,100 square foot home was built in 2001, and he bought it for $1.3 million in 2004 (he had a mortgage of $1.04 million) in a ritzy part of town.

It’s been a stunning downfall for Rogers since Detroit took him with the No. 2 pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. He was hampered by injuries, and in his three NFL seasons, he played a combined 15 games, making 36 catches and scoring four touchdowns. The Lions released him in training camp in 2006, and he hasn’t been in the league since.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 11:40 am
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Who to blame for V-Jax no trade: Smith or Vikes?

Posted by Andy Benoit

We'll take one more look at the Vincent Jackson trade saga and then move on -- hopefully for good.

There are two ways to look at why Jackson did not get traded Wednesday: A.J. Smith took his hardball act too far, or the Minnesota Vikings were too cautious. Your opinion depends on your view of the Vikings. V. Jackson (US Presswire)

First, let’s make sure we’re clear on what happened. John Clayton of ESPN.com has an excellent piece covering what went down with all the teams interested in trading for Jackson before Wednesday’s deadline. Five teams have been in the V-Jax running: Washington, Detroit, St. Louis, Seattle and Minnesota.

According to Clayton’s sources, Braylon Edwards’ DWI arrest prompted the owners of the Seahawks and Rams to pull out. (Jackson is currently serving an NFL-mandated three-game suspension for multiple DUI’s; the PR hit for acquiring him this week would have been too significant). From the sound of things, the Lions and Redskins pulled out early on – either when A.J. Smith was demanding a first- and third-round pick for Jackson, or when he lowered that demand to two second-round picks (which is what the Broncos got for Brandon Marshall).

After the season started, the Vikings started making calls about Jackson. This week, they were the only team seriously vying for the wideout’s services. By then Smith was willing to trade Jackson for a second- and fourth-round pick, as long as the Vikings would sign Jackson to a one-year, $6 million contract.

But the Vikings didn’t want to give up the picks. And that’s where the debate begins.

It’s amazing how much value teams place in draft picks. In many ways, it shows arrogance. Do the Vikings really think they’re gong to find a player as good as Jackson in the second or fourth round? Granted, they found Sidney Rice in the second round a few years ago. But they also found safety Tyrell Johnson and offensive lineman Ryan Cook in the second round. Neither is a starter. Jackson has already proven to be a star.

Besides, word is, the Vikings were willing to trade a second-rounder and a compensatory pick. That means they wouldn’t budge on the fourth-rounder. Since when is a fourth-rounder a deal-breaker when talking about a Pro Bowl caliber receiver?

Maybe, deep down, Minnesota did not want to pay $6 million for 10 games of Jackson’s services. That would be make sense…if they weren’t paying $20 million for Brett Favre’s services. They’ve put all their chips in the 2010 basket. Why abandon that method now?
In all likelihood, the Vikings must not have thought they could (or would) sign Jackson to a long-term contract after this season. If that’s the case, then a second- and fourth-round draft pick could be too much to surrender. But again, they were willing to part with the second-rounder…

By passing on Jackson, the Vikings are making a few risky assumptions, such as:

a.) Sidney Rice being a long-term No. 1 (he was great last season, but he’s shown questionable work ethic at times, and his hip injury raised a lot of eyebrows)

b.) Bernard Berrian being a solid starter (safe bet, though Berrian has certain flaws that defenses can exploit at times)

c.) Percy Harvin being a long-term playmaker (you may have heard he has some migraine issues).

d.) Greg Camarillo being a viable possession receiver (he is, but why in the world has the newly-acquired ex-Dolphin not played more thus far?).

Of course, maybe we should be criticizing Smith more than the Vikings. If Jackson walks away as a free agent in 2011, as many expect, the Charges would receive a compensatory third-round pick in 2012. Maybe Smith should have lowered his asking price to a simple second-rounder for 2011.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 6:05 pm

Quarterback news: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland

Posted by Andy Benoit

With Dennis Dixon out at least six weeks after knee surgery, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announced that Charlie Batch will get the ball against the Buccaneers on Sunday. Though Tomlin didn’t say so specifically, you can bet Batch will mostly be giving said ball to Rashard Mendenhall and Mewelde Moore.

Batch attempted only 11 passes in two-plus quarters of action against the Titans. Counting the sacks he took, Batch dropped back to throw 13 times. The Bucs are allowing 111 yards rushing per game this season, but last season they allowed an NFL-worst 158. Thus, expect Pittsburgh to challenge them on the ground.

Tomlin could have gone with Byron Leftwich. The veteran quarterback was re-signed earlier this week and, on Wednesday, participated in his first full practice since tearing his MCL in the preseason finale.

In other quarterback news, Batch’s former team, the Lions, will once again be without Matthew Stafford. The second-year darling is still recovering from a right shoulder injury. Jim Schwartz has been coy about Stafford’s status, but Sean Leahy of USA Today reports that Shaun Hill will get the start against the Vikings.

Finally, in Cleveland, Jake Delhomme once again missed practice because of the ankle injury suffered in Week 1. If Delhomme is unable to throw interceptions for the Browns again this week, Seneca Wallace will get the start. It almost doesn’t matter either way, as this Cleveland offense is facing the white-hot Baltimore defense.

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Hot Routes 9.22.10: It's a dog-eat-dog world

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  • The Philadelphia Daily News , even amid a Phillies playoff push, is most concerned with reminding you about Michael Vick's past (see: right). Because, as Mike Florio points out , everyone needs to remember that Vick is getting a second chance! DO NOT FORGET THAT HE DID SOMETHING EVIL AND NOW IS GOOD. Otherwise this whole "he's starting now and the Eagles are winning" thing isn't any fun.
  • Chan Gailey is apparently exactly like Mike Shanahan -- because of his hatred for fantasy football players and use of as many running backs as possible -- except for the fact that his teams and running backs aren't worth playing/owning/using. To sum up: he's refusing to name a starter but he may or may not give C.J. Spiller more touches.
  • Pete Carroll, however, is all business, yo. You play like poop and he's gonna let you know. Optimistically, of course, but he'll let you know. In fact, he called out his main bro Matt Hasselbeck for playing so poorly against the Denver Broncos on Sunday.
  • Derek Anderson shouldn't worry about getting yelled at. Well, maybe he could get yelled at, but he won't be benched immediately, as the Arizona Republic reports the team will be "patient" with him. That's probably because they don't have another choice.
  • John McClain of the Houston Chronicle writes that the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Texans is just "a figment of fans' imagination." I've only been to Texas like once or twice, so I can't say for sure, but something tells me that if the Texans beat the Cowboys and push them to 0-3, they will be talking a lot. And something else tells me that if the Texans represent the state at Jerry Bowl 2K11, a certain Cowboys owner and his fans will not be very happy.
  • With Luke McCown out for the year, Todd Bouman is the winner in the "David Garrard Replacement" sweepstakes. Guess we can take him out of the controversies column now.
  • And we'll close with awesome news for the always awesome Hines Ward, who was sworn into President Barack Obama's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Tuesday.
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