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Posted on: October 22, 2010 2:36 pm

Hot Routes 10.22.10 Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Titans players seem to have a knack for getting in serious bar fights but not charged with a crime. First Vince Young, and now Kenny Britt. The difference, of course, is Britt’s incident did not happen in May – it happened at 1:45 am Friday morning on the week of a game.

Speaking of the Titans…it’s now been one year since they started 0-6. Since then, they’ve gone 12-4 and, statistically speaking, been one of the most solid teams in all of football.

Chad Ochocinco sent T-shirts to some of the Falcons players this week. So, Roddy White responded with this homemade video. Guerilla trash talk, gotta love it.

The Chiefs will get defensive end Tyson Jackson back Sunday. The No. 3 overall pick of the 2009 draft has been out since Week 1 with a knee injury.

Joey Porter insists he will have double-digit sacks when all is said and done. So far, Arizona’s $5.2 million outside linebacker has one.

The Ravens don’t agree with those who say their offensive is conservative.

Interesting article about how the Bills passed on Haloti Ngata in the 2006 draft. (They took Dante Whitner instead.)

The Panthers have benched right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau. Geoff Schwartz will move from right tackle to Bernadeau’s spot. Stepping in at right tackle will be second-year player Gary Williams, making his first NFL start. Bernadeau understood: “They said I’ve been playing pretty well, but not to the best of my ability. And I know I wasn’t. Little things were holding me back, nothing too crazy,” he said. “Right now we just need a win and we’ve got to make some changes, and that’s one of them.”

Redskins veteran leader Phillip Daniels is traveling to Chicago earlier than the rest of the team so that he can attend his son’s high school football senior night. Daniels left the Bears in 2003 but his family stayed in town. Daniels’ son, DeVaris Daniels, is a defensive back/wide receiver and has committed to Notre Dame.

Thanks to wrist surgery, Nick Barnett is now learning how to be a southpaw.

The Dolphins are making a push for stadium improvements. For the second time in seven months, they’re trying to drum up support for some public funding.

The Bucs are practicing at Raymond James Stadium on Friday because Raheem Morris wants his players to get more familiar with being in their end zone. It’s not a pure metaphor – they’re literally spending more time on that part of the field.

The Wall Street Journal says the numbers suggest the 2-4 San Diego Chargers might be the greatest bad team in NFL history.

Mathias Kiwanuka expects to play against this season, but WHEN, exactly, is unclear.

Chris Kluwe offered some unique analysis on the league’s illegal hit policies.

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NFL Week 7 Podcast Preview

Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL's Week 7 might be the most parity filled of the entire season -- there are nine games with a three-point spread, and in case you didn't notice, there have been a lot of close games and there are a lot of teams in contention (more on that later).

Andy and I break down the action with our weekly Friday run-through, asking the big questions, like, will James Harrison retire before he gets to lay wood on the Dolphins? Are the Redskins and Bears respective defenses good enough to carry a pair of clearly flawed offenses? 

Just how uncanny are the quarterback similarities between Philadelphia and Tennessee right now? What the what -- both the Buccaneers and Rams have a shot at being over .500 through seven week? OHMYGOD SEATTLE AND ARIZONA TOO? Can the Chargers beat the Patriots by 25 points like they have the rest of their opponents at home? And will this be the most Favre drama we've ever seen? All that and much, much more.

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If you can't view the podcast, click here to download.

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Hot Routes 10.21.10 over the moon for Moss return

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

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David Garrard (concussion) was not at the team facilities again on Thursday. It’s highly unlikely he’ll play against the Chiefs.

Chris Cooley took part in a few light drills on Wednesday. Cooley suffered a concussion Sunday night against the ColtsR. Moss (US Presswire).

Randy Moss’ appearance at Lambeau Field Sunday night will be his first since the 2005 mooning celebration.

Titans cornerback Jason McCourty has been cleared for contact after rehabbing the fractured forearm suffered September 28. It could still take a little time for McCourty to return to game action, though. And when he does he may no longer have his starting job, considering how well rookie Alterraun Verner has played.

Gerald McCoy has fellow rookie Sam Bradford in his sights.

Alex Smith wouldn’t mind being left alone on the sideline a little more during games.

Kris Brown will fill in as the Chargers kicker for at least one week while Nate Kaeding nurses a groin injury.

The Cardinals are getting healthy (including at wide receiver, with Steve Breaston and Early Doucet).

Terrell Suggs keeps firing shots at Tom Brady.

We’ll keep one eye open on Kyle Boller and the Raiders quarterback situation. If healthy, Jason Campbell is expected to start. But will he finish?

The 49ers are delaying the opening of their new stadium until 2015, due to financing and labor issues. The team originally expected to open in 2014.

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Del Rio won't talk about Monday night timeouts

Posted by Andy Benoit

Jeff Fisher basically spilled the beans earlier this week about referee Mike Carey requesting that the Jaguars and Titans spend timeouts late in the game to help Monday Night Football get through its final batch of commercials.

On Wednesday, Jack Del Rio – who, unlike Fisher, did use his timeouts – would not discuss the matter. "I'm not going to get into what Coach Fisher's saying. My answer is, this wouldn't be talked about if we'd just stopped them on fourth down. That's the only reason you're asking the question. We didn't make the play," Del Rio said. “I don't really care to sit here and rehash events of a month ago. Or three days ago, if you will. Next question."

When asked about timeouts again, Del Rio joked, "They say if you do this [call a timeout], we'll have you on again next year. So we got one coming, we're going to be on Monday night next year."

We know this: ESPN did NOT ask for the timeouts to be used. Jeff Elliot of the Florida Times Union was sitting in the Monday Night Football production truck for that game and said producer Jay Rothman never issued a request.

That doesn’t mean someone from the league didn’t talk to the Jaguars, though.

Here’s Elliot’s account of what happened:

As the Titans were grinding out a drive and running out the clock, the network was indeed in need of three more breaks. One would come as the game ended, but two more were needed either in the game or in a postgame session. No one wanted the latter as the game was dragging at that point. Some viewers had already turned it off, and the network wanted to sign off as quickly as possible.

A plan was formulated to do two postgame interviews in order to get the last two commercial breaks in. Someone even suggested that maybe Del Rio would call a timeout. To everyone’s delight in the truck, the Jags coach did such that. And when he called a second one, a cheer went up. But at no time did Rothman issue a request to anyone with the Jaguars to help them out by calling a timeout.

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Posted on: October 20, 2010 12:11 pm

Kolb 'will start this week,' DeSean 'unlikely'

Posted by Will Brinson

In news that shouldn't surprise anyone, Kevin Kolb's been named the Eagles starter for Week 7 against the Titans and DeSean Jackson is "unlikely" to play.

That was according to Philly coach Andy Reid as he talked to reporters on Wednesday -- and, again, it's not shocking news.

Michael Vick could play this week, and there's a good chance he'll be active as the backup, but risking his health when Kolb's been playing well is just silly.

And DeSean suffered a "serious" concussion against the Falcons and admitted to memory loss on the play in which Dunta Robinson jacked him up -- it would take a minor miracle (or a very shady medical miracle as it were) to get him safely on the field.

Given the criticism slung at the Eagles after the way they handled concussions in Week 1, there's zero chance Andy Reid and Co. are willing to risk putting Jackson on the field just seven days after that vicious hit, especially with the helmet-to-helmet and concussion controversy swirling around the NFL this week.

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Hot Routes 10.19.10 vi

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Vince Young thought his season was over when he left the field on Monday night. That's understandable, especially considering how close Young appeared to being seriously injured when he fumbled a snap, recovered the snap and then tried to get up and run with the ball even after his knee hit the ground. Instincts and athleticism and whatever aside, there's only one option at that point in time for any NFL quarterback: fall on the freaking ball and lay there, praying you don't get smushed.
  • Sean Payton was apparently running his mouth against the Buccaneers on Sunday. That seems karmically foolish for the same reasons as pointing and laughing at your seven-year-old cousin when you block his basketball shots is mean. Or something. 
  • This may come as a surprise, but Jacksonville Jaguars fans are about as happy with Jack Del Rio as anyone who played against Chris Johnson in fantasy this week.
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Did Jeff Fisher spill a secret?

Posted by Andy Benoit

It was chaos earlier today for my poor colleague Will Brinson. First, Jeff Fisher suggested that he was asked to use his timeouts late in the Monday Night blowout because the network (ESPN) still had some commercials to get to. Not long after Will wrote about this (with a little critical analysis sprinkled in), it was reported that Fisher was actually joking. So, Will had to do a mea culpa (not his fault; we’ve all been there). J. Fisher (US Presswire)

But it was later learned that Fisher was NOT joking after all. (Is there a specific word for undoing a mea culpa?) Fisher tried to explain to the media on Tuesday exactly what happened. This is potentially big news because Fisher may be lifting the veil off one of the secret hush-hush business aspects of football and television.

Take a look at what he said:

“At the two-minute warning in every game in the fourth quarter, there are conversations that go by. There's conversations that take place at the two-minute warning before the first half. But there's conversations that take place, and it's the official's responsibility to give the head coach a status of commercials and TV timeouts. Yesterday, I was told that they were two short. And they looked at me and smiled, and I said, 'Sorry, I can't help you.' Mike Carey came across and said, 'Here's the deal. We're two short.' And I said, 'Mike, I can't help you. I'm trying to get a first down and I'm gonna kneel on it.'”

“Jack (Del Rio) used his timeouts. Whether Jack used his timeouts because the official said we're two commercials short, or he used them to stop the clock to get his quarterback Trent Edwards some reps remains to be seen,” Fisher said. “My feeling is I had no issue with him using the timeouts. I completely understand. You've got a backup quarterback in that's been there for what, two weeks, and he wants to get him some reps. So I completely understand it, even though the game was out of reach.”

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Vince Young out of MNF game with leg injury

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Titans QB Vince Young left the Monday Night Football game with 8:15 to play in the first quarter after he sustained a lower left injury while trying to recover a botched snap.

After fumbling the snap, Young actually recovered the ball and tried to move forward into the line of scrimmage. But his knee bent awkwardly, and Jaguars LB Daryl Smith twisted him around while trying to tackle him.

Young limped off the field under his own power, and the fumble was overturned.

Tennessee’s training staff has put a brace on Young’s left leg, and he’s currently walking the sidelines as he watched backup Kerry Collins try to lead the Titans down the field.

UPDATE (9:14 p.m): According to Rapid Reporter Bob McClellan, Young has a sprained knee and is questionable to return.

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