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Posted on: January 11, 2011 9:23 pm
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For the gambler in you

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The latest prop bets from bodog.com (playoff and offseason edition):

Who will be the starting QB for Carolina Game 1 of the 2011 regular season?

Free Agent QB 11/10

Jimmy Clausen 2/1

Matt Moore 5/2

A 2011 Draft Pick QB 6/1

Here’s what new coach Ron Rivera said today when asked if Clausen was his starter going into next season: “You assume right now until you find that other guy to come in and compete... He is a young man with some talent and some abilities and we have to be sure the guy who comes in as the coordinator as well as the quarterbacks coach understand that.” I think Clausen will get every chance to start next season, and I think he’ll be OK enough in the preseason to earn the starting nod for Week 1. And maybe not much longer after that.

Who will be on the Bengals roster for game 1 of the 2011 regular season?

Chad Ochocinco only 3/2

Terrell Owens only 5/1

Both Ochocinco & Owens 3/1

Neither Ochocinco & Owens 3/2

I don’t think Owens will be there at all. Since Marvin Lewis will return as coach, I can see Ochocinco coming back for another season as well (despite the fact he’s still “mopey”). But I don’t think he will. So, I’d go with neither.

Who will be the starting QB for Denver Game 1 of the 2011 regular season?

Tim Tebow 1/1

Kyle Orton 3/2

Other 3/1

It has to be Tebow, doesn’t it? Isn’t it written in the stars or something?

Will Michael Vick be an Eagle Game 1 of the 2011 regular season?

Yes -700

No +400

Yes. As the team’s franchise tag.

Will Kevin Kolb be an Eagle Game 1 of the 2011 regular season?

Yes +150

No  -200

Yes. As a well-compensated backup.

Who will Nnamdi Asomugha sign with?

Dallas Cowboys 6/1

Baltimore Ravens 7/1

Green Bay Packers 15/2

Jacksonville Jaguars 15/2

Detroit Lions 9/1

Houston Texans 10/1

Philadelphia Eagles 10/1

Denver Broncos 12/1

Oakland Raiders 15/1

Any Other Team 2/3

No idea. You’re on your own for this one.

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Posted on: January 8, 2011 10:13 pm
Edited on: January 8, 2011 10:14 pm

Elway says Tebow's not getting traded

Posted by Will Brinson

On Sunday, Peter King made quite a stir when he reported during Football Night in America that Tim Tebow could potentially be on the trading block because a) Josh McDaniels would want his quarterback were the ex-Broncos coach to become employed again and b) John Elway told King he doesn't think Tebow is a "good quarterback."

Elway took to Twitter to make sure that everyone knew he wasn't lobbing Tebow out on the trading block just quite yet.

"To clarify my thoughts on Tim Tebow ... I think he's a very good football player, and if anyone can turn themselves into a great QB, Tim can," Elway tweeted. "Myself and our entire organization think very highly of him. We are pleased with his first year as a Bronco.

"Any speculation that the Denver Broncos are considering moving Tim is completely false."

Depending on who the Broncos hire as head coach, Tebow would work just fine (um, John Fox much?). Although there's a definitely a chance that the Broncos would move Tebow given the right price, Mike Klis of The Denver Post said it best -- "Tebow is a money-printing machine."

And if the Broncos can turn him into a good quarterback who happens to crank out merchandise and ticket sales, there's zero chance he'll ever leave Denver.

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Posted on: January 8, 2011 4:20 pm
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Could Tebow wind up on the trade block?

Posted by Andy Benoit
T. Tebow (US Presswire)
Could Tim Tebow be on the move? NBC’s Peter King believes that if Josh McDaniels gets the offensive coordinator job in Minnesota, he could urge the Vikings to trade for the quarterback whom McDaniels seemingly was attaching his legacy to in Denver. (Same concept applies if McDaniels gets a coordinator job with any other team that needs a quarterback.)

It’s worth noting that King and McDaniels have a very close working relationship.

King also recently spoke with Broncos new football czar John Elway. The legendary quarterback said that in his opinion, right now, Tebow is not a good NFL quarterback. (Elway said in his introductory press conference that Tebow is a good football player whom the Broncos need to turn into a good quarterback.)

A Tebow trade could not happen until the NFL gets the CBA figured out.

UPDATE 6:10 p.m. ET: In response to King's report, Elway published this tweet: “To clarify my thoughts on Tim Tebow,” Elway said.  “I think he’s a very good football player, and if anyone can turn themselves into a great QB, Tim can.  Myself and our entire organization think very highly of him.  We are pleased with his first year as a Bronco.  Any speculation that the Denver Broncos are considering moving Tim is completely false.”

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 10:59 pm

Polamalu is one popular dude

T. Polamalu sold the most jerseys in the NFL this year. Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Tim Tebow didn’t lead the league in jersey sales this season (that’s shocking for the Wonder Boy, I know). Neither did Drew Brees nor Peyton Manning nor Tom Brady nor Roger Goodell nor Michael Vick (nor Ron Mexico for that matter).

You know who did? Troy Polamalu.

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Polamalu is the first defensive player to earn this distinction since Brian Urlacher in 2006.

The list:

1. Polamalu

2, Brees

3. Tebow

4. Manning

5. Brady

6. Vick

7. Aaron Rodgers

8. Eli Manning

9. DeSean Jackson

10. Mark Sanchez

11. Tony Romo

12. Brett Favre

As Rovell writes, Vick wasn’t even in the top-25 of jersey sales through Halloween (I guess being pretty awesome at quarterback helps your bottom line). Meanwhile, Favre hasn’t been this low since 2006 when he finished 14th (I guess being a lightning rod for criticism, sexual and otherwise, helps kill your Q rating).

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 11:24 pm

What John Elway said on his first day

Posted by Andy Benoit

John Elway had his first press conference as the Broncos’ new head of football operations. Brian Xanders reJ. Elway (US Presswire)mains in his GM post.
“I know what I don’t know, and I’m going to hire to what I don’t know,” Elway said. “Brian knows a lot of what I don’t know on personnel side.” Elway added that Xanders did not get a chance to prove himself when Josh McDaniels around because the organization “turned into a one man show”.

Elway also said if there’s a difference of opinion between Xanders and the head coach (whoever that turns out to be), it is his job to “break the tie”. Elway indicated that he’d like that next head coach to be Jim Harbaugh, the current head coach of Elway’s alma mater. If that doesn’t work out – and many don’t believe it will – then Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams or Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey would figure to be leading candidates. Current interim coach Eric Studesville will also interview.

Whoever gets the job will likely end up hitching his wagon to Tim Tebow. Elway said the former Florida star “is a darn good football player; what we’ve got to make him is a darn good quarterback.” He said he can’t imagine a head coach not wanting to work with Tebow.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:49 am

Bronocs want 2nd-rounder for Orton?

Posted by Will Brinson

Kyle Orton had a pretty good year, all things considered. Sure he got replaced (against his will) by Tim Tebow late in the season, but early on he was pacing Dan Marino's single-season passing record and he ended up as a top-10 quarterback in terms of passing yards on the season.

But there's a little bit of a revolution going on in Denver, and it seems like Tebow's the guy of the future, if not for football reasons, then certainly because it's good for business.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post agrees and believes the team will try to trade Orton, and they'll look for a second-round draft pick in return.

The question then becomes: is Kyle Orton better than Jake Locker? Or maybe: is Kyle Orton better than Jimmy Clausen?

Okay, that's unfair to Locker, but remember that Clausen was nabbed by the Panthers in the second round of last year's draft -- if they'd been able to trade that pick for Kyle Orton, 2010 would have panned out quite differently.

All of that is to say, with an abundance of teams seeking a quarterback to perhaps put them over the top, Orton could present a pretty valuable commodity.

Which is beyond fascinating, considering that just a few weeks ago, the most likely path for Denver to take was propping up Tebow's trade value and dealing him off.

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Posted on: January 3, 2011 2:53 pm
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Week 17 Podcast Review: coaching speculation

Posted by Will Brinson

It's hard to go through today without singing some revised Steely Dan in your head ("Wheeeeeeen Blaaaaack Monday comes!"), but remember, there was still football yesterday.

With that in mind, Andy and I break down all the action from Week 17 and examine what the outcomes of certain games mean for certain teams. Where will the Browns go now that they've fired Eric Mangini? Can Rob Ryan hang around? Who will coach the Panthers? Did the Eagles loss to the Cowboys mean anything for their playoff hopes? Do the Seahawks stand a chance of winning at home against New Orleans? Did the Jets do the right thing in resting their players? And were the Bears smart to play their starters for the entire game? 

All those questions answered (plus much, much more) -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .
Posted on: December 31, 2010 11:30 am
Edited on: December 31, 2010 11:31 am

Studesville to interview for full-time Bronco gig

Posted by Will Brinson

The Broncos are just 1-2 since Eric Studesville took over as head coach, but it's a pretty "good" 1-2, especially since the one win was a miracle comeback with Tim Tebow at the helm.

And it appears that Studesville's record has earned him a chance to interview for the full-time head coaching gig with Denver.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post cites confirmation from "several team officials" regarding Studesville's interview opportunity and also points out that under the interim coach, the team's identity has taken a turn for the better.

That's certainly a good point, although it's not hard to quietly go about business and create a better identity than Josh McDaniels brought to the organization.

Studesville has also handled some fairly delicate decisions during his three games (Tebow starting over Kyle Orton, rookie Perrish Cox getting arrested for sexual assault) and appears to be satisfied with the job he's done.

"Certainly in our business the won-loss record is the bottom line," Studesville said. "I feel like I've put every bit of myself into this opportunity. I don't regret a moment. I don't regret a decision."

However, his performance in 2010 may be moot, especially if the Broncos, as expected, sign John Elway to a front-office position.

A new regime bent on changing the culture and bringing back old-school Denver football (whatever that exactly means, who knows, but it involves Super Bowl wins and the 90's I believe) would probably be polite enough to talk with Studesville, but it would probably require no other big-name candidates emerging in the "deliberate" search they plan to conduct for the interim to land the gig full-time.

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