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Posted on: July 22, 2010 9:05 am
Edited on: July 22, 2010 9:06 am

Shaun Rogers helps bust drunken driver

Shaun Rogers learned the hard way that it's not legal to take handguns into airports. (Who knew, right?) His actions landed him in a 12-month diversion program and while he won't get jail time, he's probably facing a suspension from the NFL .

Unless, of course, Roger Goodell thinks that him helping local law enforcement catch a drunken driver cancels out his recent actions.

Rogers noticed "an erratic driver" on I-71 Thursday and called 911, telling them that the "occupants appear to either be very sleepy or drunk." The defensive lineman even went the extra mile(s) : he stayed on line with the dispatcher until the driver pulled over.

When that finally happened, the drunken driver left the tail end of the car in the fast lane. Fortunately, Rogers handled that as well:

"Mr. Rogers positioned himself behind that vehicle and turned his emergency flashers on to notify other drivers that there was an emergency on the road, and I don't know what would've happened had he not done that," Middleburg Heights Police Chief John Maddox said
Police eventually arrived and busted a 20-year-old with driving under the influence and operating an unsafe vehicle (while also sticking his underage passenger with a drinking ticket).

Rogers' actions probably won't negate his suspension, but it's a pretty solid little haul of karma points to put in his back pocket.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 9:59 pm

Predicting a rookie holdout

J. HadenRookie holdouts are inevitable. So which of this year’s first-rounders will miss significant time in training camp? Pro Football Talk makes a very shrewd argument for Browns cornerback Joe Haden:

For starters, Haden is represented by a relatively inexperienced agent, Malik Shareef.  Then there's the fact that Haden is operating out of the same No. 7 overall slot occupied in 2009 by receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, to whom the Raiders paid a whopper of a deal -- five years, with $23.5 million guaranteed.

The floor for Haden's deal will be set by another Raiders' top-ten pick, linebacker Rolando McClain.  It would be foolish not to wait and see whether the Raiders do another foolish deal.

Haden’s agent has said his client will not hold out. (This, of course, could just be “agent speak”.) Haden’s presence is crucial to the Browns because coaches expect him to beat out Eric Wright for the starting job opposite newcomer Sheldon Brown. Haden shouldn’t have much trouble acclimating to the pro game. The 4.41 speedster went to Florida as a quarterback, saw that Tim Tebow had the job secured, so moved to wide receiver. When it was apparent that Percy Harvin wouldn’t be giving up any snaps, coaches moved Haden to corner. How many players have the athleticism to switch positions like this and still get drafted in the top 10?

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 10:57 am

Mangini says Browns' job is 'Delhomme's to lose'

Andy and Josh have been ranking the various positions recently , and while the quarterback rankings have yet to come out, I feel reasonably safe in predicting that you won't see the words "Cleveland Browns" anywhere near that particular post. (Unless they go all opposite day on me and drop the "Five Most Boring Quarterback Battles in NFL History" list, in which case, well, what can you do?)

This is relevant because on today's Dan Patrick Show, guest host Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk fame had Eric Mangini on to talk about something that actually matters to Cleveland now : the Browns. And Mangini dropped what has to be considered a relative bombshell -- it would take a "Jake Delhomme in the 2008 Playoffs Against the Arizona Cardinals-Styled Peformance " for Jake Delhomme to not be the Browns starting quarterback come Week One:

"It's really Jake's job to lose, and he did a great job during OTAs," Mangini said. "I couldn't have been happier with him, not just in terms of the way he learned the information but the way he ran the offense."

This seems like pretty good news for Browns' fans, no?

After all, if you're going to sign someone who spent last season [figuratively] murdering the Panthers before getting benched for an unknnown in Matt Moore, and then pay him SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS in the first year of a two-year deal, I suppose it's better to have that money being [figuratively] burned on the field instead of the bench.

(Quick aside: Let us not forget that had John Fox and Marty Hurney turned to Moore sooner, the 'Cats could have potentially made the playoffs and saved them from the awkwardness of playing the role of lame duck this year. But I digress.)

There's even MORE good news from the Mangini interview: Seneca Wallace looked good as well, with Mangini stating that it's "important that Seneca get some reps with the [first-teamers], so that if he goes in he does have some time with the group."

You know, in case Delhomme gets hurt. Or throws six first-half interceptions in the Browns season opener at Tampa Bay .

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 3:22 pm

Shaun Rogers's likely suspension will hurt

The NFL is expected to suspend Browns nose tackle/defensive end Shaun Rogers soon. Rogers avoided jail time in his airport handgun charges, but he’s now in a 12-month diversion program.

Tony Grossi of The Plain Dealer explains:

The rest of Rogers' medicine probably will be an NFL suspension of one or two games to start the 2010 season. The league is reviewing the case and could announce discipline under its personal conduct policy at any time.

 The good news for the Browns is their first two games are against Tampa Bay and Kansas City -- two of the weaker teams on their schedule. The bad news for Rogers is that when he signed a new six-year contract with the Browns shortly after they traded for him in 2008, the largest base salary of that period was assigned to the 2010 season. If he is suspended for two games, he would lose 2/17ths of his $6.9 million salary -- or roughly $812,000.

Rogers, coming off a season-ending leg injury, is crucial to Cleveland’s three-man defensive line. Though known for power (he weighs roughly 350 pounds), Rogers’s greatest asset may actually be his quickness off the snap.

--Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 2:58 pm

Rogers to enter 12-month diversion program

Cleveland NT Shaun Rogers’ punishment for carrying a loaded weapon in his carry-on luggage last April?

A 12-month diversion program where, as the Cleveland Plain-Dealer writes, “he will be required to complete a 10-hour weapons course and complete 40 hours of community service. Upon completion, the charges will be dropped. He will also take it upon himself to talk to children in the Cleveland School District about getting to and staying in school.”

Rogers’ arraignment in Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court is scheduled for Thursday.

"Shaun is appreciative of the consideration he received in this case,'' his attorney, Patrick D'Angelo, told newspaper. "He understands this is a serious matter, and he wanted to assure everyone that he did not act intentionally in this case.''

It’s still unclear if the NFL will punish Rogers.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 2:31 pm

Kosar hurting about LeBron

Want to know why Bernier Kosar is absolutely beloved in Cleveland? Check out the beginning to this article from Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer: B. Kosar (US Presswire)

It was more than 12 hours since Bernie Kosar watched "The Decision," and his voice still cracked as he fought off the tears talking about LeBron James leaving the Cavs for the Miami Heat.

"It brought back all the memories," said the former Browns quarterback. "I saw the ball on the ground from The Fumble, the catch in the end zone at the end of The Drive... I even felt some of the same things that I felt when the Browns moved."

But most of all, Kosar felt for Cleveland sports fans - because he is one of them.

"I had this sick sense inside, like when I was cut [by the Browns in 1993]," said Kosar. "All the old emotions came back, watching LeBron."

Last year, Kosar was hired as a Browns consultant.

--Andy Benoit 

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Posted on: July 9, 2010 11:24 am

Browns snag a veteran receiver

It’s rare to get back-to-back Browns stories, but here we go: the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that the Browns have signed 14-year veteran wide receiver Bobby Engram. The former Bear and, most notably, former Seahawk, signed a one-year deal. Engram was an integral part of new Browns president Mike Holmgren’s offense in Seattle. The Plain Deal writes:B. Engram (US Presswire)

Engram played in Seattle from 2001-2008 and had his most productive NFL season in 2007 with 94 catches for 1,147 yards and six touchdowns.

Originally selected out of Penn State by Chicago in the second round (52nd overall) of the 1996 draft, Engram has started 113 of the 176 games during his 14-year NFL career and has 650 career receptions for 7,751 receiving yards and 35 touchdowns.

It’s possible Engram could start for opposite second-year pro Mohammed Massaquoi. Return ace Josh Cribbs is tentatively slated for the No. 2 role, but Cribbs is more equipped to be a specialist off the bench. Another second-year pro, Brian Robiskie, has had a great offseason but obviously brings little experience to the table.

--Andy Benoit 

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Posted on: July 9, 2010 10:21 am
Edited on: July 9, 2010 11:54 am

Modell says he's still more hated than LeBron

One of the most interesting debates in sports debuts today: Who is the most hated man in Cleveland? LeBron James or Art Modell? Modell, now 85, doesn’t think there is any debate at all.

"Do I think LeBron James as he leaves Cleveland will become the most hated man in Cleveland, more hated than Art Modell?" Modell said to the News Herald of Northern Ohio from his home in Baltimore. "Nonsense. Nonsense. I don't think there's any basis for it.

"Maybe we can each take 10 foul shots. Whoever comes in second would be the most hated. I'm being sarcastic."

In the big picture, Modell is probably right. He took an entire franchise from the town. But today – Friday, July 9 – no one is more despised in the ultimate swing state than James.

--Andy Benoit 

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