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Posted on: November 30, 2010 4:03 pm

Hot Routes 11.30.10: Henry story keeps inspiring

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • According to the Mark Washburn of the Charlotte Observer, 76 people in Charlotte have signed up to become organ donors since the touching story of Chris Henry's mother and the people who received his organs aired on The NFL Today. This doesn't even include the number of folks who registered through the DMV, which is typically the easiest way to become an organ donor. Very cool stuff.
  • Tom Brady didn't practice Tuesday. In other news, taxes are still due sometime in April and the sun will come up tomorrow.
  • Interesting nugget that slipped through the cracks in Peter King's MMQB yesterday -- the 49ers KNEW that the Broncos were going to be videotaping the walkthrough in London. Which means that someone in the Broncos organization told them, or it's common knowledge that the Broncos do this. The former seems most likely, I suppose, based on everyone else getting tipped off, but it's a pretty interesting little factoid that seemed like it deserved a little attention. Just. Saying.
Posted on: October 23, 2010 4:54 pm

Ravens nearly drafted by Bills happy not to be

Posted by Will Brinson

It goes without saying that when you get drafted, you are PUMPED about the team that takes you, even if it's like Buffalo. Or Jacksonville. Or Oakland. (And actually, you are amped about going to the Raiders, because they'll overpay you.)

Only later, when you leave your first NFL city can you talk about how much you hated it. You may also dog that city, if you were nearly drafted by the team that plays there but eventually passed on by said team. Like half of the Ravens, apparently. Or just Michael Oher and Haloti Ngata.

"I thought I was going to get picked there," Ngata said. "But I'm happy now that I'm not."

Oher was less direct, but it's obvious he's pretty happy that the Bills egged by grabbing Aaron Maybin instead of the movie star tackle, even if Bills fans are cheesed about the pick.

"I heard about it," Oher said of Bills fans' anger. "But they picked who they wanted. They picked the best player for them. That was who they drafted."

In other words "Please don't make me start talking about how scared I was."

Those guys happen to be on the Ravens, but the truth is that the Bills are just bad at drafting. 

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