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Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:49 am

NFL Sound Off Week 15

Posted by Andy Benoit

With Pro Bowl voting closing this Monday, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends which player they would like to “un-vote” for the Pro Bowl. In other words, if they could vote against one guy, who would it be and why.

Here are the best responses we received:

VIA Twitter ( @CBSSportsNFL )

@badger_dave  Brian Urlacher, pads his stats by piling on, and always saves his best games for the Packers
@theonedmitch  James Harrison- a Pro Bowl nod shows that fines and questionable hits get rewarded which is the wrong message kids need to see
@toad3527   i would vote against Chris Johnson because Arian Foster and mjd deserve it more
@ukmary1968  Tom Brady. Hair 'nuff said
@ Chiefsfan712  Chris Johnson, because he has done next to nothing this season. Plus more deserving players deserve to be in. (Jamaal Charles)
@brownstocking  T Owens bc he's bitter & divisive; B Favre bc he should have stayed retired.
@caseysiena36  Cortland Finnegan, I heard justin timberlake called him, wants his hair style back. Grow up finnegan shave that head!

VIA FACEBOOK  ( facebook.com/CBSSports )

Jeff Myers the entire Colts team what happened to them?

Sean Willms tom brady and or Peyton Manning and or Eli Manning. not because i dont think they deserve it because they do but come on they been to a few already. give someone else a chance to experiance the pro bowl.

Scott Maude Bears whinebacker #54 Brian UrLACKER. He should own chicago... Name one hit, or tell me the one time he ever shed a block.Overrated!!

Hugh Dulle Brett Farve! Because he'll probably decide to go to the pro bowl at the last minute!

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