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Posted on: August 22, 2010 10:12 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2010 11:36 pm

Tony Dungy discusses his talk with Rex Ryan

Posted by Will Brinson

As everyone knows, Tony Dungy did not like Rex Ryan's pottymouthing-off on HBO's "Hard Knocks" (again, I'd point out that he should really just watch the censored version and then we could avoid this whole business).

When Ryan found out Dungy wasn't happy -- or that Dungy wouldn't hire him -- he said he'd call Dungy and talk with him. Dungy confirmed and discussed that call during and interview with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. (And yes: I'm sorry that everything in the world revolves around the Jets and the Vikings too. Nothing I can do to change that though.)

"We talked on the telephone and it was a good conversation," Dungy said. "I told him it wasn't anything personal on him -- they asked me my feelings on profanity and I'm not a big fan of it whether it comes from Rex Ryan or somebody else."

Michaels wanted to make sure that Dungy and Ryan were all good, and it turns out they most certainly are.

"Oh man, we were always okay," Dungy said, eliciting a snicker from Michaels and Collinsworth. "I'm just not okay with the profanity, especially as a leader -- leading a football team or anything, I just don't think it's necessary."

Collinsworth then got on board with Dungy, pointing out that the league kind of "put it on."

"It really was," Dungy replied. "We talked a lot about our image and our players and personal conduct and then to have something like that -- and I had a lot of Jets fans who love Rex Ryan said it was hard to watch, especially with their kids."

Collinsworth's follow-up involved him pointing out that he, many a time, had said something "insane" on the field that he's glad people never heard.

"Oh, we all have said things out there that we wish we could take back," Dungy replied. "That's one of the reasons I never allowed myself to be miked up."

When pressed about whether he "slipped up" out there, Dungy caved and admitted he said something dirty (I'm thinking "dagnabbut"?) once while coaching.

"I did a couple of times, and it's not something you're proud of."

See? You can throw stones in glass houses, kids.
Posted on: August 16, 2010 4:00 pm
Edited on: August 16, 2010 4:29 pm

Dungy on Rex Ryan: Disappoined with profanity

Tony Dungy, the former Indianapolis Colts' coach, is well known for being fairly, um, conservative. (That's not any sort of indictment, just an attempt at using the proper adjectives.)

It stands to reason then, that he wouldn't be a huge fan of Rex Ryan's F-bomb-laden tirades during HBO's "Hard Knocks." Guess what: he's not! Dungy appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and, via Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk , had the following to say about Rex's profanity.

"I'm disappointed with all the profanity," Dungy said. "I think Rex can make his points without all that."

Dungy has a point -- Rex doesn't require ALL the profanity to get the point across, but that's his personality. If he swears like a sailor and that works for him and no one is too offended and his bosses don't mind, that's his prerogative. However, Dungy also said he wouldn't be interested in hiring Rex.

"I would not. I personally don't want my players to be around that. I don't want to be around that. . . . It's hard for me to be around that, and if I were in charge, no, I wouldn't hire someone like that. Now, I've been around 'F' bombs, so it's not like it's new. I just don't think that has to be part of your every-minute, everyday vocabulary to get your point across."

Again, that's someone's individual prerogative -- if Dungy doesn't want to hire someone because he finds their vocabulary to be too crude, that's his own thing. (In Ryan's case, it probably warrants mentioning that he would lose out on a pretty talented defensive coach.) Of course, Dungy may have taken things a little too far when he suggested that Roger Goodell should intervene with Ryan's mouth on HBO.

"I would hope that he does," Dungy said. "I don't know that he will or not but I hope that he does because I just don't think the league needs that. I don't think our young people need to hear that that's what's done to be successful. Because it doesn't have to be that way."

Perhaps Goodell COULD say something to Ryan, but intervening in a public manner would seem a little odd in this situation, even if Rex's mouth doesn't portray a positive image for the NFL as a whole.

A certain question of censorship on the field might arise then, no? If Ryan can't swear while being filmed on an HBO television show that depicts the realities of how he acts within the confines of camp, should the NFL start censoring all of the NFL Films material produced?

Should Goodell start fining people if swear words are accidentally picked up by microphones on the sidelines of football games? And should he begin to demand that people with often controversial political beliefs (like Dungy himself) make sure to keep those 100 percent hidden from the limelight?

It's a fine line to walk, for certain, and not a public battle that Goodell would likely want to fight.

Additionally, Dungy could have simply tuned into/recorded the daytime version of "Hard Knocks" -- an HBO spokesman told CBSSports.com that a swear-word-free version of the program (which we accidentally DVR'd and watched, to our own dismay) is produced to run during the daytime. Then he wouldn't have had to worry about being offended by Ryan's language.

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Posted on: August 9, 2010 5:13 pm
Edited on: August 9, 2010 8:18 pm

Goodell to review the Cushing case?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Interesting Tweet from Stephanie Stradley of the Houston Chronicle:

"Roger Goodell is on conference call w/ #Texans season ticket holders. Talking #Cushing-> Goodell says 'further evaluation of the facts."

We'll know later what this means, exactly. Cushing recently blamed his positive test on "Overtrained Athlete Syndrome" (which, apparently, is not a made-up medical disorder). Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Texans owner Bob McNair personally traveled to New York on Monday to persuade Roger Goodell to re-open the Cushing case. As Pro Football talk explains, this is highly unusual. McNair said in a team-issued press release: "I had a meeting with the league's medical staff and presented additional medical information about Brian Cushing. The doctors will review the information and we'll hear from them at a later date."

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Posted on: August 9, 2010 10:39 am

Cushing's excuse? 'Overtrained Athlete Syndrome'

Posted by Will Brinson

Last night, news leaked out that Texans owner Bob McNair was heading to the big city to visit Roger Goodell and plead his case for why his star linebacker, Brian Cushing, shouldn't miss four games of his sophomore season.

Cushing's excuse? According to an interview Peter King featured in Monday Morning Quarterback , it's "Overtrained Athlete Syndrome," which results, according to King, "from athletes training intensely for long periods of time, with the possibility of a testosterone imbalance resulting when the athlete stops training."


"Everything points to that overtrained athlete syndrome," Cushing said, walking back to the Texans' locker room after their afternoon practice. "I'm pretty sure it is. I'm pretty positive. I didn't take anything. It's not a tainted supplement. So all roads lead to that."

Worth noting here is that King seems to share my skepticism, pointing out that no one's tested as high for hCG as Cushing. Ever. But the Texans owner seems convinced, so there's that.

"He shows no sign of ever having been on steroids," McNair said. "His weight hasn't changed appreciably since he's been with us. I've looked into it pretty thoroughly, and I haven't found anything that would lead me to believe that he has ever taken a performance-enhancing drug."

Cushing also added that he's "well aware" that the average fan and/or viewing public won't believe that OAS is a real problem among athletes.

It's tough when you know what kind of discipline you have, and what kind of work ethic you have, and the whole world doesn't believe you, and is against you. It's frustrating. But I know that the quickest way to answer all of this is by production on the field,'' Cushing said.

He's correct. Sorry, but no one's buying that, right? People have been notoriously focused on the "Cushing/steroid" combo for quite some time now (since he was in high school !) and even though everyone was upset by the news that Cushing was allegedly on the juice, no one was that surprised.

Sure, Cushing's syndrome could be real and simply a result of him just working too darn hard. But so could my Time-Over-Time Aging Languidly Blogging Syndrome. Or as it's called in the medical profession, TOTALBS.

The point there is that if this is the best thing that McNair brings to the table in an effort to clear Cushing's name, you shouldn't expect to see any change in the four-gamer.

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Posted on: August 8, 2010 10:29 pm
Edited on: August 8, 2010 11:11 pm

McNair meeting Goodell over Cushing suspension?

Posted by Will Brinson

Brian Cushing is scheduled to miss four games due to a suspension for violation of the NFL's performance-enhancing substances. Cushing's suspension caused quite the stir, as he claimed to have never taken HcG (a substance used to mask steroids) and re-won the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year during a highly contested re-vote.

Texans owner Bob McNair apparently hopes to change Commissioner Roger Goodell's mind on the length of the suspension, though, and according to John McLain of the Houston Chronicle , he'll meet with him Monday to do just that.

The crux of McNair's argument (and Cushing's as it were) is that the elevated levels of HcG in Cushing's body are naturally occurring; it's a hormone that the body produces anyway, but high levels typically indicate either the possible presence of tumors or an attempt to mask steroids. Cushing has since been tested for tumors and none were found.

But even if McNair can provide evidence that Cushing been experiencing inflated levels of the hormone since he was initially tested, the possibility of Goodell actually cutting down the suspension seems like a pretty big stretch -- Goodell would be inviting further personal re-appeals of his authority in the future, and that's not something he wants to deal with.

The smarter move by McNair and Cushing would have been to take this positive PR stance before the suspension was announced, rather than much later.

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Posted on: August 6, 2010 9:22 pm

How the NFL is fighting public opinion battle

Posted by Andy Benoit

The NFL’s strategy on the 18-game regular season debate is clear: pretend the fans are on the same side as the league. The NFL is trumpeting what it calls the “enhanced season” despite repeated cries from players saying 18 games will take too great a toll on their bodies.

Roger Goodell was recently a guest on the Dan Patrick Show (hosted by Mike Florio) and played up the fans angle by criticizing the preseason:

"The fans have made it incredibly clear that they don't like preseason games. So the idea of staying within the 20-game format and taking two preseason games and converting them to regular season games has a lot of appeal. But you have to do it in a comprehensive fashion that is going to ensure that the game stays safe for our players, and that we maintain the kind of quality or improve on the quality that we're doing."

Maintaining quality by adding quantity is always difficult – especially when it comes to professional sports. At some point, the folks at Gallup should take a poll and find out if NFL fans really do want a longer regular season. What the NFL isn’t acknowledging is that an 18-game schedule makes each regular season contest less meaningful.

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Posted on: August 5, 2010 7:20 pm

Skins call Goodell's visit 'total waste of time'

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Seems like some of the Redskins weren’t exactly impressed by the visit today from commissioner Roger Goodell.

From the Washington Post :

As part of his training camp tour, Goodell met with players Wednesday at the complex to discuss the upcoming season. He encouraged players to ask questions about the negotiations between owners and the players' union on a new collective bargaining agreement, and that's where things broke down. Instead of offering insight into the negotiation process, players said, Goodell seemed evasive.

"He's walking around kissing babies, you know, shaking hands, and he just wants to say that the owners are over here, the players are over here and I'm in the middle, I'm for the game," top cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. "But to ask him a question about anything, he couldn't answer.

"He couldn't answer this, go check with this, go ask these people, I don't really know. It was a waste of time. We sat there and shot questions at him for 45 minutes, and pushed meetings back and had to be here longer for nothing. A total waste of time."

Hall’s candor is refreshing. But what did the Redskins really expect from Goodell? That he’d be open and honest with them? Well, yeah, said LB London Fletcher.

“He opened up the ability for us to ask him questions,” Fletcher told the newspaper. “If you open up that ability then you have to be prepared to answer our questions. Certain things, he said, were part of the negotiations. But again, he was the one who opened up the possibility for us to ask him questions. When he did that, and guys had some real questions that we wanted hard answers to, not the typical questions, he didn't really answer. He didn't give us sound answers on a lot of the issues."

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 4:00 pm
Edited on: August 4, 2010 4:04 pm

Goodell sounds impressed with Roethlisberger

Commissioner Roger Goodell made a stop in Baltimore's training camp today, talking to reporters (including Rapid Reporter Jon Gallo ), and he said Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is “doing what he’s been asked to do and, frankly, more.” Roger Goodell speaks with CB D. Foxworth at Baltimore camp on Wednesday (AP).

It’s sounding more and more like Roethlisberger’s six-game suspension could be chopped to a four-game suspension.

“I think he understands the seriousness of this and the fact that he has to change the way he’s doing things,” Goodell said. “So, I’m encouraged by that.”

Goodell touched on a few other issues as well. Here are a few of his comments:

Reaction to Brett Favre:
“Well, Brett Favre is great for our game, and I think the passion he has for the game is extraordinary. I think we all would love to see him play, but we want him to do what’s best for him at the end of the day. And we haven’t heard from Brett, so we’re all reacting to media reports. So, I think I’d wait and hear what Brett has to say.”

On his level of optimism regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement talks and where things stand right now:
“We have to get to work. We have to get something resolved, and it’s going to take an intensive amount of work. And I know the clubs are committed to working day and night to get that done, and I believe the NFLPA is also [working hard], and we’ve got to get that done.”  

On his thoughts of the rookie salary cap and the record contracts that were signed this year:
“I’ve been on the record with this for several years: I think the system is broken, and we’ve got to fix it. It’s one of the issues we have to address in the Collective Bargaining [Agreement].”

UPDATE (4:02 p.m.): The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes that Roethlisberger could meet with Goodell on Thursday at Steelers training camp.

--Josh Katzowitz

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