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Posted on: October 18, 2010 11:57 pm

Parcells packs up and takes off

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Bill Parcells has packed up his office and has moved out of the Dolphins complex. Parcells apparently is still a consultant with the team, but he won’t be working from team headquarters any more and won't be involved in day-to-day decisions.

From Schefter:

Miami knew this move was coming, but didn't realize Parcells' departure would happen so soon.

Many around the league expected Parcells to finish the season and then move on from the organization. The Dolphins must still pay Parcells the balance of the $12 million due to him under a four-year contract that expires after the 2011 season.

Heck of a deal by the Dolphins, by the way. Parcells can leave whenever he wants, and Miami still has to pay him. Where can I sign up for a deal like that?

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 5:45 pm

Parcells not sure what to do

B. Parcells will be inducted into the NYG Ring of Honor this week (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Bill Parcells talked to reporters today on a conference call to discuss his impending shrineship (is that even a word?) into the Giants Ring of Honor on Sunday. Parcells, who conceded control of the Dolphins to Jeff Ireland earlier this year, was asked about what he’s going to do now (or at least, what’s he going to do after this weekend is over).

"Well, that is a good question," Parcells told the media. "I am not a sit-around-the-fireplace guy. I don't know. I am not certain about it. We will see what happens when the time comes. I know I want to do something even if it is not day to day or something like that. I know I want to do something. I don't like sitting around. I like to get up and go do something. We will figure it out when the time comes."

So, at the very least, I’ve learned he wants to “do something.” But what if he wants to do something like finish his breakup with Miami and still get all the money in his contract? Can he do that?

Why yes, he can.

From the blog of ESPN.com’s Tim Graham:

Parcells' comments are ominous given his history as a restless football soul and the fact he can walk away from his Dolphins contract with full pay whenever the mood strikes him.

His contract with the Dolphins runs through 2011. When new owner Stephen Ross bought the team from Wayne Huizenga, Parcells negotiated a clause that will allow him to leave at any time, collect every last cent and not be prevented from working for another team.

With all that money, if Parcells decides to cut bait and run, he can build a pretty nice fireplace that he wouldn’t want to sit around.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:28 am
Edited on: September 23, 2010 8:29 am

Jason Taylor talks Parcells, homecoming

Posted by Andy Benoit

Jason Taylor, a presumable future Hall of Famer, will make his return to Miami when the Dolphins host the Jets Sunday night. Taylor never wanted to leave the Dolphins, but the Dolphins – namely football czar Bill Parcells – never wanted him to stay.

Parcells stepped down into a consultant role at the start of the regular season. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald asked Taylor in a conference call Wednesday if he would still be in South Beach had the Big Tuna left earlier.
J. Taylor (US Presswire)
"I think that horse is already dead," Taylor said. "If you had to hold my hand over the fire and forced me to give you an answer I would have to say yes."

Parcells originally contemplated stepping down prior to training camp. Instead, he waited until the regular season. Asked what he thought of the timing, Taylor played it coy, replying “Pretty ironic.”

It will be interesting to see how the Dolphins home crowd receives Taylor. He’s one of the greatest players in franchise history, having eight seasons with at least nine sacks and turning in one of the greatest single season defensive performances of alltime in 2006 (13.5 sacks, 9 FF, 8 pass deflections, 2 interceptions and 2 touchdowns). He did not choose to leave town, so one would think he’d be cheered. Except, once Taylor did leave, he chose to join the hated division rival New York Jets.

"I have no idea to be honest," Taylor said when asked whether he’ll be cheered or booed." I would expect because I play for the Jets, they won't be very happy. It's their home opener and they're Dolphins fans so I would expect ... oh, hell, maybe I hope it's just mixed. Whatever. Obviously everyone wants to be cheered but I understand I'm the road team and the bitter rival so I wouldn't be surprised to hear boos."

It actually would be a little surprising if he heard boos, as that would be an indication that South Beach sports fans actually care at least a little about what’s going on. Usually, it takes an emerging NBA legend-turned-sidekick to jolt one of the worst sports towns in America.

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Posted on: September 7, 2010 3:27 pm
Edited on: September 7, 2010 5:41 pm

Ireland replaces Parcells as top man in Miami

Posted by Andy Benoit

The Miami Dolphins just sent out this press release:

Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff.
This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis.
UPDATE (5:37 P.M.): Pro Football Talk has analysis of this move. In essence, Mike Florio writes Parcells handled it this way (not stepping away from the team completely) to make sure owner Stephen Ross doesn't have to hire another head of football operations, because if a new guy came in, that person probably would want to hire his own GM and coach. That means the jobs of Ireland and coach Tony Sparano might be in jeopardy.

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Posted on: June 15, 2010 10:58 pm

Haley making nice with his players

Todd Haley had a rough season last year. Sure, he was named Kansas City Chiefs head coach in February, but Kansas City lost the first five regular-season games of his tenure (not to mention all four preseason contests). Then, the Chiefs lost seven of their last 11.

Don’t forget about cantankerous RB Larry Johnson, who publicly questioned Haley’s credentials on Twitter. Something about how Johnson’s father had played for the coach of “Remember the Titans” and then went on to a brief career with the Redskins and that Haley had played … golf.

(In fact, the week of the Bengals-Chiefs game – Johnson had been released by the Chiefs and picked up by the Bengals – when the Cincinnati beat writers talk to the opposing coach and a player on teleconference, it was all we could do not to ask Haley about his golf game. We figured that would not have gone well.)

Last year, Haley recently told the Kansas City Star’s Kent Babb , was a lonely experience. Before he took over Herm Edwards’ job, he had no idea how much burden the head coach actually takes on his own shoulders following a loss.

“There was no possible way to recreate the circumstances that I was going to be in,” Haley told the Star. “You have to live it. No matter how many mentors and guys I could call and talk to who would help me, there was no way to recreate being a head coach and all the things that came with it.”

So, how have things changed in Haley’s second year? Well, basically, he’s stopped being such a hard-ass. He’s stopped being so much like his mentor, Bill Parcells.

From Babb’s story:

Haley is more polished now, more comfortable in his own skin. The profanity-laced outbursts that in part defined Haley’s first season have, at least for now, quieted. The tightness that followed his first discipline-fueled months has eased.

Players smile now, and Haley smiles back at them. When quarterback Matt Cassel performed a perfect read and pass Saturday, checking off covered receivers to his left before finding an open Dwayne Bowe running toward the right corner of the end zone, Haley jogged toward Cassel and high-fived him.

But perhaps the best part of Haley’s new attitude – at least in the short term? He cut short the last practice of mini-camp, and then he canceled the final OTA of the offseason.

“I cut it short because of the progress we made this weekend, the fact that some of it was going to be review and as much as these guys have put in here over the last few months, I thought it was worth giving something back to them which I think they appreciated,” Haley told the team’s official web site .

The Chiefs don’t return to the field until the first day of training camp on July 30 where Haley likely will welcome back his squad with bear-hugs and an assortment of baked goods.

--Josh Katzowitz

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