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Posted on: July 15, 2011 3:52 pm
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Brandon Marshall: 'My wife did not stab me'

Posted by Will Brinson

Way back in April, Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was taken to the hospital after being stabbed at his home in Florida. Police arrested his wife, Michi Nagomi-Marshall, on aggravated assault charges. (She was later arrested again at their home.)

A little over a week ago, Marshall reportedly chatted with the Broward County Sheriff's Department about the incident, despite his best attempts to avoid such a conversation.

On Friday, he talked publicly about the incident for the first time and claimed his wife didn't stab him.

"I can't talk about the details of the incident because it's still an open case, but I did talk to the state attorney's office last month and the one thing I made clear was my wife did not stab me," Marshall said, per Omar Kelly of the Miami Sun-Sentinel. "She didn't assault me.

"We were having a marital dispute that got heated, but it didn't happen as reported."

All couples do have arguments, but it's a little more awkward when one of parties in the relationship ends up getting stabbed. When the other party in the relationship admits to the stabbing, that doesn't help things either.

Given that everyone's okay (insofar as we know), what about the football aspect of this? Marshall has received support from the Dolphins, who have a pretty penny -- draft picks to acquire him as well as a hefty contract extension -- invested in the wideout.

That they would cut him in such a critical year for the front office and coaching staff seems unlikely. And the market for trading him, especially with a shortened offseason, a bigger free-agent pool and Marshall's history of off-field troubles, won't exactly be expansive.

So more than likely, he ends up sticking with the Fins, while treading on thin ice and under the watchful eye of 280 Park Avenue once the lockout ends.

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Posted on: July 7, 2011 7:14 pm
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Report: Marshall talks to police about stabbing

MarshallPosted by Josh Katzowitz

You’ll recall that Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall -- who has had past problems with the law -- spent some time in the hospital last April after his wife, Michi Nagomi-Marshall, allegedly stabbed him.

Nagomi-Marshall apparently admitted to the stabbing, but she also claimed it was in self-defense (defensive wounds on Marshall’s hands perhaps disprove that claim). 

Although Marshall told the Broward County (Fla.) sheriff’s department in May that he didn’t want to talk about the incident, Foxsports.com’s Alex Marvez is reporting that Marshall HAS talked to police about the incident (it’s unlikely, though, that he repeated his original “I slipped and fell on a vase” story).

Marshall apparently was issued a subpoena by police, and that might have helped sway him to talk.

The Marshall stabbing
Nagomi-Marshall has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and last month, she was arrested again for violating a restraining order (she wasn’t supposed to be inside the couple’s home, but Marshall returned home from a trip to find his wife inside).

Meanwhile, the NFL waits to see what happens. If police can prove Nagomi-Marshall was, in fact, acting in self-defense, that probably will raise the possibility of the league suspending Marshall under the personal conduct policy.

Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Marshall in 2008, and Marshall has been arrested multiple times on domestic issues. If Marshall is found to have been at fault in some way in this incident, look for Goodell to be harsher with Marshall once the lockout ends.
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Posted on: July 3, 2011 9:03 pm
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Henne wants to start, has talked to Marshall

Posted by Ryan Wilson

When asked last month if Chad Henne would be the Dolphins starting quarterback next season, coach Tony Sparano only offered up a "we'll see." (Not a ringing endorsement cut certainly better than the fate that awaits, say, Donovan McNabb in Washington.)

Henne, as you might expect, feels differently, telling the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Andrew Carter, “Well that’s up to the coaching staff but I sure as heck want to be the starting quarterback for Miami Dolphins and lead them to the playoffs and the Super Bowl and I’m going to do the best I can to compete out there and earn that spot.”

It's July, but a lot can happen between now and the start of the regular season. Assuming the lockout ends in the coming days, there will be free agency. And the Dolphins haven't hidden the fact that they will probably be in the market for a veteran quarterback (Marc Bulger and Vince Young have been mentioned as possible options).

In June, Sparano talked about what Henne has accomplished in the league and what he needs to do to get better. “The one thing we’ve had time to do is a lot of homework and study,” he said. “And I would tell you when you put Chad’s numbers up against some of the better quarterbacks in our league, his numbers are pretty impressive. They hold up. Now what has to happen? We have to cut down the impulse throws, the interceptions that happen late in the fourth quarter.”

And when asked how he can improve, Henne echoed many of those sentiments. “It’s definitely the turnover ratio, I think. The biggest thing is not turning the ball over in critical situations, finishing the game in the right way in the fourth quarter and just not over-thinking things, just play the game.”

So for now it's Henne's job to lose. Of course, whether he keeps it is a function of his performance, which is in part dependent on the play of his wide receivers. The Dolphins have one of the NFL's best in Brandon Marshall who is in the news as much for his on-field performances as his off-field issues. In his first season with the Dolphins, Marshall caught 86 passes for 1,014 yards but just three touchdowns. And by January he was frustrated enough with the offense -- and Henne specifically -- to take his feelings public.

“Tyler [Thigpen] gets it a little more,” Marshall said during an appearance on Michael Irvin’s radio show. “He had an opportunity to play with Dwayne Bowe in Kansas City and they made some plays out there so I guess he understands [about] throwing the ball to a big receiver a little more than Chad Henne,” he said.

Last season, Thigpen and Marshall went off script during a game against the Patriots, and the decision wasn't well received by quarterbacks coach David Lee. “They expect me to run an in-route, but me as a player, when we get singled with no safety over the top I want to take a shot and just converted it to a go,” Marshall said at the time, according to the Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly. “Seemed like an easier throw, easier play was the go route.”

PFT reported that Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline agreed with Marshall, saying that the Dolphins seldom deviated from the game plan and the offense sometimes needs to “make … plays off schedule.”

Henne was frank when asked recently about his relationship with Marshall. “Yeah, I mean we had our ups and downs last year," he said. "And some not-so friendly exchanged words but we’ve talked in the off-season. I’ve been sending him some of the playbooks so he can pick up on that because he’s been bouncing around with some of the things that have gone on in the past. But he’s still a good guy, he just speaks up sometimes when you don’t want him to. But he’s a great player and you definitely want him on your side.”

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 10:55 pm
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Javarris James arrested on marijuana charge

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Every time an NFL player ends up in the back of the metaphorical squad car, we've joked that Ray Lewis' "No football means more crime" theory of human behavior might be closer to the truth that we'd like to admit.

In just the past week, NFL-related arrests have included the wife of Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (for the sixth time since 2009), and Thursday night, Colts running back Javarris James added his name to the list.

According to TheIndyChannel.com, James, who is cousins with former Indy RB Edgerrin James, was pulled over by Fort Myers, Florida, police "on suspicion of driving with car windows that were too darkly tinted" (if the charge sounds familiar it's because it happens frequently, often to football players). When officers approached James' car they smelled marijuana and found a bud in the center console and more pot on the floor.

James, 23, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Like his cousin, Edgerrin, James grew up in nearby Immokalee, Florida, and played collegiately at the University of Miami. He signed with the Colts as an undrafted free agent in 2010 but was released on September 4. After brief stops in New England and Washington (and we mean really brief -- he lasted a day with each team), James again signed with Indianapolis. He saw action in 10 games, and totaled 112 yards rushing and 63 yards receiving.

As Colts blog Stampede Blue noted Saturday, when Indy "selected Delone Carter in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the general sense was that Javarris James' days with the Colts were numbered." Getting caught with weed probably doesn't help his chances.

Meanwhile, we eagerly await Ray Lewis' theory on crime control. Because if the lockout doesn't end soon we're going to need it.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 7:11 pm
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Brandon Marshall's wife arrested again

Brandon Marshall during happier times Posted by Ryan Wilson

In late April, Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall got into an argument with his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, it escalated, and she stabbed him. She was subsequently arrested, and he ended up in the hospital. A month later, Marshall was still refusing to speak to the Broward State Attorney's office about the incident, although he stated that as soon as investigators dropped the "no contact" order against his wife he would cooperate.

Well, Nogami-Marshall was arrested again Friday in the home she once shared with her husband. According to the police report, authorities showed up at the house Friday morning in response to a 911 hang-up. Apparently, Nogami-Marshall had been living there while Marshall was away, he returned, they argued (sound familiar?), and that led to the 911 call. The report also stated that Nogami-Marshall's actions "clearly violate[d] the pre-trial conditions pursuant to the order to stay 500 feet away from the residence and to 'not' have contact," hence the arrest.

There's no word if Nogami-Marshall will receive bond, the Palm Beach Post reports. Either way, she's scheduled to appear in court Saturday morning.
Brandon Marshall

For Brandon, it's just the latest in an offseason full of distractions. The Dolphins said days after the stabbing that they weren't looking to release the enigmatic but talented wide receiver. Whatever the organization decides, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated that he is monitoring the situation, and once the lockout is resolved, it will be determined if Marshall violated the league's personal conduct policy.

If history is any guide, that's a fancy way of saying Marshall will likely face disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, maybe Ray Lewis was onto something. Here's to hoping he doesn't start making doomsday prophecies.

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Posted on: May 24, 2011 10:06 pm
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Brandon Marshall won't talk about stabbing

Posted by Andy Benoit
B. Marshall
On April 22, Brandon Marshall was rushed to the hospital after suffering stab wounds at home. Police arrested his wife, Michi Nagomi-Marshall, on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The Broward State Attorney’s office is trying to decide whether to move forward with charging Marshall’s wife, but they can’t get the Dolphins receiver to talk about the incident. In a statement released to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, the State Attorney said, "Despite numerous efforts, we so far have been unable to get Marshall to agree to voluntarily speak to our office."

It was reported that Marshall initially told police that he slipped and fell on a vase. Doctors retorted this claim after examining Marshall’s abdomen wounds and the defensive wounds on his hands.

Generally, charges are pressed within 21 days of an incident. It’s been more than a month since Marshall’s stabbing.

Marshall, who has been sidelined since the stabbing, plans to join his teammates in offseason workouts soon.

UPDATE 11:00 p.m. EST: Marshall's lawyer, Harvey A. Steinberg, tells Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel that the receiver will cooperate with investigators when the "no contact" order against his wife is dropped. "Brandon didn't ask for the no contact order, has never felt threatened by his wife, and misses her," Steinberg said. "When [they] drop the no contact order he'll be more than willing to sit down and discuss this matter, bringing some clarity to this unfortunate misunderstanding."

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Hot Routes 4.29.11 Not all knee-jerk draft stuff

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Cowboys first-round pick Tyron Smith believes he has the potential to be a Pro Bowler and a Hall of Famer. (He might be right about the Hall of Fame potential. But Pro Bowl potential? Who does he think he is?)

Did you happen to catch Nick Saban’s reaction to the announcement of Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter being drafted in the first round by Seattle? It was one of disbelief, if not controlled shock.

The Falcons are set to report to work on Monday.

The 2015 Super Bowl will be held in either Glendale, AZ or Tampa, FL.

The Panthers drafted Cam Newton first overall. Wait….did you already know that? Be honest.

Gabe Carimi got a text from Jay Cutler last night. (Trying to think of a quick bridge to a Brett Favre joke…..thinking….thinking…….thinking………darn it. Anyone have anything?)

The Browns’ first-round selection wasn’t the only public reading Peyton Hillis did Thursday. The Madden cover boy also took care of the Top 10 List on Letterman. (Topic was top10 perks to being on the cover of Madden ’12. Number eight:, Hillis said, “It gets my name out there. Even I have never heard of me.”)

Could the Dolphins be looking at Colin Kaepernick in Round 2? (If so, would their tendency of picking quarterbacks in the second round be considered an addiction?)

Brandon Marshall is visiting the Dolphins facility, which is good news considering where he was a week ago.

A pitch for an entire San Diego sports complex could be part of the Chargers’ efforts to get a new stadium.

Just because the Raiders had no picks Thursday doesn’t mean their war room wasn’t busy.

Roger Goodell doesn’t blame the fans for booing him.

Justin Tuck on Rex Ryan: “The last time I checked, I have a Super Bowl ring and he doesn't, so if he's proud of coming up short, I guess he should be proud of that." (Ryan actually earned a ring as the D-line coach for the 2000 Ravens.)

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Hot Routes 4.25.11: Ocho top athlete on Twitter

Posted by Will Brinson

Got a link for the Hot Routes? Hit us up on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL).
  • Per our friend Darren Rovell, Chad Ochocinco is the top athlete in social media. Ocho's obviously one of the most famous athletes in the world -- hell, he had his own reality show and, in possibly the single-most impressive display of popularity, is the Future Mrs. Brinson's favorite NFL player -- but it just goes to show how well he (and the gents at RockLive) have utilized the medium in order to boost his recognition.
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