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Posted on: September 12, 2010 11:47 pm
Edited on: September 13, 2010 9:17 am

Cowboys close out each half with total disaster

Posted by Will Brinson

The two ugliest plays of the night for the Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins came on the final play of the first half and the final play of the game. Jason Garrett (much to the chagrine of Wade Phillips, apparently) called a half-option scramble to end the first half that resulted in Tony Romo pitching the ball to Tashard Choice, who promptly put the ball on the turf (for the first time in his career, no less) for DeAngelo Hall to scoop it up and take it to the house.

Given that the Cowboys had three seconds remaining in the game, down six, with a shot to win, that play probably stings a little. But not as much as the final play of the game -- Romo, under duress, managed to scramble away from rushing defenders and hit Roy Williams in the end zone for a game-winning touchdown ... which was quickly nullified because of an Alex Barron hold.

Barron, the NFL's most penalized offensive lineman over the past five years, practically bear-hugged Brian Orakpo en route to nullifying the touchdown and a Dallas victory.

In other words, maybe the Rams somehow ended up getting the better end of the deal when they traded Barron to Dallas for Bobby Carpenter, even if they eventually cut him.

Bonus, watch the holding call you see above/right by clicking play below.

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Posted on: September 11, 2010 4:41 pm
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Posted on: September 10, 2010 11:10 pm

Data says Cowboys are still America's team

Posted by Andy Benoit

For all of you who hate hearing the Dallas Cowboys referred to as “America’s Team”…sorry, but Nielsen’s numbers seem to back up the epithet. The Cowboys are the most popular team in the United States – by far.
Here’s how Nielsen explains its scores:Dallas

The Nielsen Sports Media Exposure Index measured all 32 NFL teams in four categories during the 2009 regular season: local team ratings, gross national TV audience, online buzz volume, and monthly unique audiences to official team websites. Teams in each category were assigned a score, with the top rank worth 100 points and each subsequent ranking assigned a lower weighted score based its distance from the top. Final team rankings were calculated using the sum of scores across all four categories, and then indexed with the highest total equaling 100.

The Cowboys were the most-followed team on national television and their website was the most-visited. The Saints were the most popular team on a local television basis (in other words, percentage-wise, fans in New Orleans watched their home team on TV more than fans in any other NFL market watched their home team.)

The overall top 10 most popular teams in the NFL last season were as follows:

1. Cowboys
2. Steelers
3. Giants
4t. Bears
4t. Packers
4t. Vikings
7. Eagles
8t. Colts
8t. Saints
10. Patriots

It shows the power of the NFL that a team from a mid-sized western Pennsylvania market and a team from a tiny Wisconsin market can both rank in the top five in popularity. Also, you may notice that 7 of the top 10 teams last year were from the NFC. Good thing Fox pays more than CBS for broadcast rights (even if that is only a result of the NFC having an overall larger market than the AFC).

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:34 pm

Michael Irvin's not a fan of Roy Williams

Posted by Will Brinson

Roy Williams probably isn't a real popular dude in Dallas. He's expensive, unproductive, he cost them draft picks, and he's mean to Dez Bryant.

If Michael Irvin's opinion is any indication , he's not entirely popular with former members of the team either. Irvin was on the NFL Network before Thursday night's Saints-Vikings game and got ribbed by the rest of the fellas for not selecting Dallas to win it all.

"I won't take Dallas until Dallas has whatever it needs to stop playing 10 vs. 11," Irvin said. "And with Roy Williams on the field, they're playing 10 vs. 11. Now, if they put the young boy Dez Bryant in? You better believe I'll take Dallas."

That's kind of a convenient cop-out (the Bryant part), since if Bryant's better he'll just straight-up get reps over Williams.

But Irvin has a pretty good point -- Williams stinks. The only difference is that the point isn't coming from a pantsless blogger or an analyst, it's coming from a Hall of Fame wideout who used to play for the Cowboys. And that makes it sting a little bit more.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 5:39 pm
Edited on: September 9, 2010 5:50 pm

Miles Austin gets 6-year, $50 million+ extension

Posted by Will Brinson

Miles Austin and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a 6-year extension reportedly worth more than $50 million on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

The Dallas Cowboys confirmed the news -- on their official Twitter page -- that Austin agreed to a "6-year extension." Michael Lombardi reports that it would be worth "more than $50 million" and Adam Schefter reports that the deal is worth $57 million.

Regardless of the exact figure -- $50, 54, and 57 million have already been thrown out -- Austin is significantly richer than he was earlier today. The wideout's restricted free agent tender had him scheduled to make "just" $3.168 million, a pretty paltry sum for a wideout who caught 81 passes for 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Given the embarrassing nature of Roy Williams' performance in Dallas so far, it's not a stretch to say that Austin was a huge difference maker in 2009. And he's being rewarded for that difference-making in 2010, with a contract that will make him, according to reports, one of the five-highest paid wideouts in the NFL.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 9:45 am
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Hot Routes 9.9.10: NFC Week 1 injury rundown

Posted by Andy Benoit

Filling you in on some of the noteworthy midweek injury news...

Some truly great news for the Giant: strong safety Kenny Phillips will be in the starting lineup against the Panthers Sunday. Phillips is coming off microfracture knee surgery. If healthy, he’s one of the most electrifying safeties in the game.

The Cowboys also got their safety, Gerald Sensabaugh, back. He’s been out with a foot injury.K. Phillips (US Presswire)

The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all have injury news along their offensive line . The Cowboys will likely be without right tackle Marc Colombo (knee) and left guard Kyle Kosier (knee). The Eagles are getting center Jamaal Jackson back. (ACL) The Giants are getting center Shaun O’Hara back (Achilles). 

Lions safety Louis Delmas missed practice Wednesday. So did middle linebacker DeAndre Levy. Both have strained groin muscles . These are the two best athletes on Detroit’s iffy defense (not counting Ndamukong Suh). Delmas’s presence is especially crucial given the ineptitude of the Lions secondary.

Bears rookie Major Wright has returned to practice three weeks after having surgery to repair a fractured finger. Wright was drafted to start immediately at free safety, though it’s likely he’ll come off the bench in Week 1. If he does, then Danieal Manning should start in centerfield. (Chris Harris will be the strong safety.)

Cardinals running back Beanie Wells did not practice Wednesday due to a knee injury . Wells is expected to play against the Rams on Sunday though.

Larry Fitzgerald should be good to go after taking a knee to the helmet against the Texans a few weeks ago.

Rams safety James Butler is sidelined with a knee injury. The Rams ultimately need Butler, though they’re confident that Craig Dahl, despite his limited range, can hold down the strong safety duties in the short term.

San Francisco’s best pass-rusher, outside linebacker Ahmed Brooks, has not yet recovered from a lacerated kidney (doesn’t that injury just sound awful)? He’s out this week.

Either Chester Pitts or Tyler Polumbus will start at left tackle for Seattle’s injured first-round rookie Russell Okung (high ankle sprain).

For the Panthers, Geoff Schwartz will almost certainly start for injured right tackle Jeff Otah (ankle).

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman missed practice Wednesday because of his fractured right thumb , but he’s apparently long been scheduled to miss that particular practice anyway. Freeman will still be under center against the Browns Sunday.

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 11:54 pm

O-line health a huge factor in NFC East in Week 1

Posted by Andy Benoit

The NFC East may be decided in the trenches early on. Several NFC East offensive linemen are dealing with injury issues heading into Week 1.

For the Cowboys, right tackle Marc Colombo and left guard Kyle Kosier will both likely miss Week 1. Colombo is still recovering from August 16 knee surgery. Kosier is still dealing with a sprained right knee. The Dallas Morning News notes that neither player has practiced this week.

Former Ram Alex Barron will start in place of Colombo. Barron is a liability at times (his technique is perpetually raw and he’s prone to penalties) but he’s a good athlete who has started his entire NFL career. Montrae Holland, who was once upon a time a starter in New Orleans before going to Denver and losing control of his weight, will start at left guard. Holland cannot offer the Cowboys’ front five the kind of run-blocking mobility that Kosier could.

In Philadelphia, it was expected that Nick Cole would be filling in at center while Jamaal Jackson continues to rebound from the ACL injury he suffered late last December. But Jackson’s rebound has already concluded, and he’s expected to take the field against Green Bay this Sunday.

The Giants are also getting their center back. Shaun O’Hara had been out with Achilles tendinosis. Paul Schwartz of the New York Post notes that the two-time Pro Bowler is practicing this week but must be leery of overworking the injury.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 6:41 pm

Shanahan: McNabb is 'ready to go'

Posted by Will Brinson

There was some concern that Donovan McNabb wouldn't be able to play against the Cowboys during Week 1 as a result of the ankle injury he sustained during the preseason .

Based on comments from Mike Shanahan Monday, that appears to be overblown.

"He’s ready to go," Shanahan said.

That was following McNabb's participation in practice, which means it's fairly safe to say he'll play, especially considering as early as yesterday it already seemed like a good bet that the ex-Eagle would be prepped and ready to roll against the Cowboys.

Shanahan's comments just make things (almost) official and mean we can all go back to wondering what the hell will happen with Albert Haynesworth in Washington's first game.

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