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Posted on: August 13, 2010 9:11 am
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Harvey Steinberg: Marshall's NBA shot needs work

Posted by Will Brinson

Yesterday, Brandon Marshall let the world know that he wanted to play in the NBA , should the NFL become locked out for 2011. NBA blogger Matt Moore and I discussed the possibility of this happening (although, as noted by one reader at the NBA blog, we left some names out of the discussion -- namely, Calvin Johnson; I'd also throw out a younger Randy Moss as someone we should have talked about) and the unlikelihood of it working.

Harvey Steinberg, Marshall's agent, confirmed our suspicions to the Denver Post 's Mike Klis -- Marshall's basketball skill set isn't ideal.

Steinberg claims that he and Marshall recently played a game of three-point shootout at Steinberg's "palatial Denver-area home." The result?

"He lost," Steinberg said, adding," His inside game better be a lot better than his outside game."

I have no Earthly idea what kind of game Harvey Steinberg has -- he's a lawyer/agent-type, though, and I've never seen a TON of those guys be really, really good at sports. (So good, anyway, that they can beat a professional athlete a game that said pro jock feels he can make money engaging in.)

But if what's he's saying is true, then Marshall needs to quickly rethink his backup plan for the NFL lockout in 2011 and just start stuffing cash into mattresses -- even if his inside game is superior to his apparently awful three-point shot, it's not like (at 6'4") he's going to be posting up Dwight Howard or anything.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 10:02 pm
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Could Brandon Marshall play in the NBA?

Posted by Will Brinson

That's the question NBA blogger Matt Moore (what, even the Panthers quarterback needs a hobby) and I set out to answer in a series of emails Thursday night when Brandon Marshall announced he was heading to the NBA if the NFL lockout actually occurs. These are those emails.

Brinson : So, Brandon Marshall wants to play in the NBA when/if the NFL gets locked out. Unfortunately, there's not enough roster spots to go around for my NFL peeps to just make the jump (not to mention 75% of them couldn't make it in the L), but it kind of brings up an interesting question: which guys from the NFL could ball it up in the NBA?

I think at some point we've discussed crossing over the other way (Bron would be an epic tight end and Allen Iverson's high school tapes still make me drool) but who the hell is your first pick from the NFL pool if you're creating a basketball team? Or, alternately, could Marshall make it? At 6'4", 230 he at least has the body, if not the game.

Moore: As I said in my post (SYNERGY, BABY), he's got a combo-guard's body, but a small forward's skillset. Maybe with his soft hands and awareness, his handle would actually be pretty good. Wait, why does it sound like I'm building his Match.com profile? Anyway, his athleticism would transfer, and that's really the big determining factor. Athleticism is at a premium in the NBA. Work ethic and focus are much more important in the NFL, and that's why guys like Wes Welker likely wouldn't translate well. But Marshall is kind of an ideal candidate.

I'd be interested to see some of the taller, slimmer defensive ends at power forward and center. But even then, most would be too small. Julius Peppers is 6-7 and 283. That's small forward height with power forward weight. As a comparison, Josh Smith is 6-9 and 234. That weight differential is what would probably make the most awkward translation. Then again, most NBA players would likely be destroyed by the sheer physical nature of these guys.

Brinson: I love that you thought of Wes Welker, who's barely taller than me . (Although, hey, Earl Watson, Muggsy and Spud made it ...) But you're right -- Marshall would be a good candidate to shift leagues.

As would Peppers, who, I'm sure you know, played ball at Carolina. So he's got a pedigree, not to mention being a freakish athlete. Size would be an issue, though: you almost never see NFL players even sniff the high end of six feet.

Also, think about guys like Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates (who also played basketball). Gates is 6'4", 260 and fast, which makes him an unbelievable tight end prospect. But in the NBA? He'd be a fat shooting guard. (Or, so Gates doesn't beat me up next time I see him, how about "stocky"?)

Moore: I mean, that's really the issue. It's not a matter of the NBA guys being more athletic, it's that they're athletic at the things which make them good at basketball. How's that for some obvious analysis? Essentially, all those high flying catches you see in the NFL? That's an average NBA jump. That's "kind of trying for a rebound on the perimeter" in the NBA.

Now, the explosiveness would probably translate. The way tight ends, defensive linemen, linebackers, running backs, and receivers come out of their breaks? That would work well on the perimeter, provided they could dribble. Of course, they'd have to be able to finish at the rim, but then you'd think the hyper aggression might get them there.

Hey here's an idea. Ray Lewis versus Kevin Garnett. I know they're both past their primes, but think of the insanity on the floor.

Brinson: Yeah, I'm pretty confident that Gates can dunk without any real issue, but he's not going to be going against six-foot-tall DBs when he's attacking the hoop or boxing out people on the block. Or as you put it "kind of trying for a rebound on the perimeter," a.k.a. a "Vince Carter Rebound."

Here's the other problem -- how many shots is Gates going to get off with J-Smoove guarding him? Like 10 out of every 20 with a lot fadeaways mixed in?

How about instead, we just bring Tractor Traylor out of retirement and have he and Andre Smith go NBA Jam style with Garnett and Ray-Ray? Fat AND crazy -- that's something I can get behind.

Moore: Bringing it back home, if Marshall can shoot, then I think he could conceivably make a roster. I mean, how many guys at the end of a bench are there only for their athleticism? I think that the size differential between NFL (shorter and more muscle) and NBA (longer and lankier) means it's going to be difficult for anyone, but Marshall's receiver-to-combo-guard may be the model.

You know, if we can't get Tractor Traylor back.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 7:57 pm
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Brandon Marshall's lockout plans? Play in the NBA

Posted by Will Brinson

Brandon Marshall has a financial plan, if NFL players are locked out by owners before the 2011 season (as many people believe they will be).  That plan isn't exactly "save" (financial stability will be of paramount importance, and the union is telling the players to do just that) or "invest" or something logical like that. It's "play in the NBA."

No, seriously.

"My first team will be the Nuggets and my second team will be the Heat -- I'm serious," Marshall told ESPN's Adam Schefter .

"There's not going to be any football," Marshall predicted. "If there's a lockout, I have to find a job. I figure the Nuggets will be a better choice because of the welcome home cheer I'll get -- a couple of boos at first. I'm gonna get with a basketball coach and get to work, prepare for the lockout."

Marshall was QUITE firm about his prediction, pointing out that he was "not pursuing" the dream, he is "going to be on an NBA team. Seriously."

Tony Sparano was less optimistic, saying, "I've seen him jump -- he's not playing basketball."

We'll have more on this soon, because it's an interesting topic, but for now, let's just hope that Marshall is wrong. About the lockout, that is -- if he's forced to play in the NBA, we're all going to be a bunch of sad people about this time next year.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 2:02 pm

Knee problems lingering for Miami's Will Allen

Posted by Andy Benoit

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have sent cornerback Will Allen to the doctor to have his surgically repaired knee examined. Allen has missed the past few days of training camp “resting” the knee. He tore his ACL in the sixth game last season.

Miami recently signed cornerback Kevin Hobbs, but that was only because backup corner Evan Oglesby was lost to a serious ankle injury (Oglesby was put on I.R. today). If Allen is unable to play, the Dolphins will be in the market for a nickelback. Perhaps they’ll bring Frank Walker in for another workout.

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Posted on: August 10, 2010 10:03 pm

Rick Williams "drama tweets" Dolphins fans

Posted by Andy Benoit

You’ve likely been on the receiving end of a Drama Text. Perhaps you’ve even sent a Drama Text. A Drama Text is an emotional string of texts. Receiving a Drama Text feels odd. Your phone chimes. You start reading the text (perhaps it’s in all caps). As you get halfway through, your phone chimes again. Then again. Then again. The person texting you isn’t messing around.

Ricky Williams essentially Drama Texted the entire Dolphins fan base recently. Williams sent a string of related Tweets asking fans to not distract the players or boo them during practice. Here’s what Williams wrote (thanks to the Palm Beach Post for putting this together):

“OK, so I have two things in particular I would like to address that came to my attention on Saturday.

“I have to preface it by saying that we REALLY DO APPRECIATE OUR FANS, & during training camp it is very motivating having you out there.

But #1) When we’re on the field we r focused on what our coaches need us 2 be doing, not shouts of ?’s from the crowd. In order 4 us 2 get better we need 2 be able 2 focus on practicing & getting better. Cheers & applauds are great, but ?s r distracting
#2) When we make a mistake on the field it would be great if fans would motivate us instead of shouting negativity We know we did wrong & it doesn’t help to be boo’d or ridiculed. Ea of us is on the field 2 help this team win & we don’t intentionally try to make mistakes.

OK those r the 2 things I wanted to say. We’re looking 4ward 2 2nt’s practice w/fans out there. Pls help us gt better out there & b positive
I truly appreciate all of our fans. A big thank you to everyone! … The 2010 season is upon us!!!”

And here are a sample of some of the fan responses he re-tweeted:

“@TheBDHill NO. I’m not having a bad day at all. I don’t have bad days. It’s how you handle adversity. I simply want to help my team be great”

“@Big23Puma The thing is we need every1 to join 2geth to be the best My teammates & I have to work hard, our coaches, the front off, AND fans”

“RT @GABuckeye Could u imagine if people were heckled @ their daily jobs? I bet they would think twice about doing it 2 athletes.<–Exactly”

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Hot Routes 8.10.2010

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

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--The Steelers don’t have much depth at outside linebacker. Which is why they drafted Jason Worilds in the second round and Thaddeus Gibson in the fourth round. Still, through a combination of problems , Pittsburgh isn’t getting much production from those two.

--Ravens safety Dawan Landry has been flat-out hurting people in training camp. He busted Willis McGahee’s lip and he smashed Derrick Mason so hard that Mason sprained his ankle. Without crazy-man FS Ed Reed in the lineup for the time being, Landry is exactly what Baltimore needs in its shredded defensive back corps. 

--The Dolphins released a preseason depth chart, and there a couple of interesting decisions on there. For one, Joe Berger is ahead of Jake Grove for starting center. Brian Hartline is listed as a starting WR. Chad Pennington is fourth-string QB behind Tyler Thigpen and Pat White. ESPN.com cautions none of this means much of anything yet.

--Jets coach Rex Ryan admits he made a mistake last year placing Vernon Gholston at outside linebacker. Gholston has been an absolute bust since New York took him in the first round of the 2008 draft – come to think of it, maybe we should wait at least one more year before giving him the big ol’ bust label, though Gholston has been pretty bad – but Ryan says he’s really excited about Gholston’s prospects this season. 

--Dolphins CEO Mike Dee wrote a letter to Miami’s fans and posted it on the team’s web site , apologizing for canceling Monday’s practice at Sun Life Stadium. Take it easy, Mike. I don’t think fans will blame you for the weather. Still, a class move from Dee.

--What will it be like when the Patriots and Saints hold a joint practice today? The Boston Herald has the FAQ and the answers . There won’t be a scrimmage, but the two teams will work together in individual drills and some down-and-distance situations. 

--The Browns players have 17 active Twitter accounts, but after Brandon McDonald’s crude Tweets in the past, the Cleveland organization will be paying a watchful eye at how the rest of the Browns participate in the social media world. Mangini, though, admits that he doesn’t expect his players to stop using Twitter

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Posted on: August 6, 2010 2:20 pm
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AFC East Preview, Podcast Style

Posted by Will Brinson

Is there a spicier division than the AFC East?

That's what Andy Benoit and I set out to answer in Friday's edition of the Podcast Preview.

Well, that and plenty of other questions too: Are the Jets sufficiently over-hyped and overrated at this point? Do the Patriots have enough smarts and gameplanning ability to mask certain deficiencies and win a very tough division? Why are people sleeping on the suddenly very talented Miami Dolphins? And is it possible for Buffalo to finish fifth in a four-team division?

That's, right: all that and more, all for the low, low price of clicking a play button. Got a question you want answered on the show? Hit us up on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL ) or email will.brinson [at] cbs [dot] com .

We'll be running out a few of these a week, so there's plenty of time. Oh, and also, be a friend and subscribe either by RSS or iTunes below.

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Miami shuffles the deck

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Two interesting moves at Dolphins training camp today.

1) Coach Tony Sparano moved third-string C Andrew Hartline to the first team and dropped Jake Grove and Joe Berger, both going for the starting spot, to the second and third-string, respectively.

2) CB Sean Smith, who started all 16 games as a rookie last year, was dropped to the second team while Jason Allen took first-string snaps.

The significance in all this? As the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero suggests, Smith has had a bad training camp, taking a beating from WR Brandon Marshall and other Dolphins receivers and looking disinterested at times, while Hartline – an undrafted rookie free agent from last year (pictured, right) – has a chance to win a spot somewhere on the squad.

The interesting part about Allen is that he’s been such a disappointment since the team took him in the first round of the 2006 draft. Salguero wrote that he doesn’t expect Allen to take Smith’s starting spot, and it’s hard to argue that point, because Allen has never given a reason for anybody to believe he can be a successful first-team player.

As for Hartline, we probably shouldn’t make too much of the move. As Dolphins Rapid Reporter Chris Perkins writes, Sparano had talked about wanting to move around some of his players.

"I feel like I'm a pretty athletic guy," Hartline told the Herald. "I feel like I can play multiple positions. I think I can play guard-center-guard so maybe they feel like they can take me instead of two guys. But I can't speak for them."

At this point, it seems unlikely Hartline could take the starting spot from Grove and Berger. Grove started 12 games last year before an ankle injury knocked him out and he run-blocks very well. Berger is better in pass-protection, but he’s also not quite as strong. Hartline is more mobile, but he’s less-experienced and spent some of last year on the practice squad.

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