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Posted on: September 17, 2010 10:44 am
Edited on: September 17, 2010 11:02 am

Podcast: Week 2 early game previews

Posted by Will Brinson

It's Friday, which means we're one good night's worth of sleep from getting about 48 straight hours of glorious football.

Saturday is fun, of course, but Sunday is where the real action happens -- Andy Benoit and I hopped on the old podcast machine this week to preview the games that will be played. This particular segment previews the early games on Sunday, and we discuss whether Marshawn Lynch to Green Bay makes sense (and whether Buffalo can beat Green Bay), what the mess is wrong with the Jets offense (and whether they can hang with the Pats), if Jimmy Clausen's time has come in Carolina, whether Chad Henne needs to just go ahead and retire and give his starting job over to Chad Pennington, and whether or not teams like Kansas City and Arizona can magically go to 2-0.

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Posted on: September 15, 2010 4:48 pm
Edited on: September 15, 2010 6:07 pm

Ray Lewis III piles up over 500 yards in game

Posted by Will Brinson

Ray Lewis, Raven-riding Saturn destroyer and sometimes crusher of Dustin Keller, is pretty good at football. So is his son, apparently : in a recent prep game, he piled up over 500 total yards.

That obscene number -- you can check his season totals at Max Preps -- is a combination of passing, rushing, returning and receiving -- he totaled 206 yards on punt returns (two for TDs), 101 yards on kickoff returns, 104 yards rushing, 27 yards receiving and 66 yards passing (going 6-for-6 on the day).

And to top things off, he added six tackles and a pass deflection.

In other words, decent day at the office for Ray-Trey (the nickname I just coined which will probably be used worldwide by the time he's an NFL superstar, even though I'll get no credit).

How decent? As my buddy, Ryan Wilson , who found the story, put it -- that's 328 more yards than the Jets gained against Ray Lewis the Elder.

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Photo via MaxPreps & courtesy of Lake Mary Prep
Posted on: September 14, 2010 9:41 pm

Ryan second-guesses the way he used Revis

Posted by Andy Benoit

Rex Ryan says that if he had it to do over again, he would have used Darrelle Revis differently Monday night. “It was my decision to keep him on the defensive left side because I thought we could save some running for him going back and forth,” Ryan said, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York. “I wanted to take that away from him because he only had the week of practice. ... Hindsight being what it is, we probably should’ve matched him on Boldin.”

Boldin wound up torching the Jets with seven catches for 110 yards. A big part of his success came because Antonio Cromartie, as usual, failed to play with consistent physicality. Ryan even acknowledged this.

“If (Cromartie) gets his hands on the receiver, he can be a shut down guy as well as anybody on this league,” Ryan said. “We’ve got to get him to play more physical at the line of scrimmage and trust his athleticism.”

Normally the Jets have Revis shadow the opposing team’s No. 1 wideout. With Revis already appearing to be in midseason form (he was thrown at only twice Monday night), they’ll resume that tactic Sunday against Randy Moss and the Patriots.

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 11:22 pm

Ray Lewis rocks Dustin Keller

Posted by Will Brinson

There are some short clips of things that happen in sports that are great for watching over and over again on video. And then there are those that are perfect for watching in .GIF form. One of those is the hit that Ray Lewis laid on Dustin Keller near the end of the Ravens win over the Jets on Monday night.

Via Sean Keeley at SB Nation comes this shot of Ray Lewis doing what Ray Lewis do. I could watch this all day.

Posted on: September 13, 2010 8:07 pm
Edited on: September 13, 2010 10:24 pm

Kris Jenkins ruled out for MNF with knee injury

Posted by Will Brinson

The scene at the New Meadowlands -- during the first quarter of the Jets-Ravens game -- should have been fairly familiar for Jets fans -- Kris Jenkins' left knee getting contorted in an awkward fashion, followed by the big defensive lineman walking gingerly off the field on his own power. After all, that's pretty much thing that happened when Jenkins injured his knee last year during a Week 6 loss against the Giants.

Jenkins was helped off by medical personnel during that game, whereas on Monday night he was able to walk off on his own power. Still, the replays of the injury were pretty freaking gruesome, as Jenkins' knee was bent up underneath himself as he fell backwards. So it would be surprising to see him return.

The Jets initially listed Jenkins as "questionable" to return (the Jets' training staff actually got that information to the media pretty quickly) and wouldn't offer any more information. Within about 10 minutes, they ruled Jenkins out for the remainder of the game.

An initial "questionable" status made it seem that Jenkins might not be too bad off; ruling him out for the game that quickly is a little more indicative of something that could be problematic for his short/long-term future.

If the injury is more serious -- and that possibility shouldn't be discounted until we find out more information from the Jets' medical staff -- it would be a pretty huge loss for a team that's already hurting on the front seven out with Jason Taylor forced into extra action for the injured Calvin Pace.

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 3:00 pm
Edited on: September 13, 2010 4:10 pm

Hot Routes 9.13.10: first Monday of the season

Posted by Andy Benoit

A lot of people are wondering why Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley got back in for a few plays after suffering concussions. Fair question.

Pat Yasinkas points out that the Saints have a chance to start 2-0 in back-to-back seasons for the first time in franchise history. They’ll have to beat the 49ers in order to do it.

The huge Week 1 television ratings pretty much confirm that anyone who doesn’t watch the NFL is a loser.A. Hawk (US Presswire)

We’ll join the Revis vs. Moss hype later this week, but here’s a little taste to let you know that, even with the Jets still yet to play, it’s already starting.

Roddy White caught a career-high 13 passes against the Steelers. Matt Ryan targeted him 23 times!

A.J. Hawk did not see the field Sunday against the Eagles because Green Bay spent the entire game in nickel defense. Brandon Chillar is the club’s nickel linebacker.

Here’s another reason to like star running back Ray Rice.

The Giants may want to consider lowering their ticket prices.

Marshall Yanda will start at right tackle for the Ravens Monday night. Jared Gaither and Oniel Cousins are both injured.

The Redskins might still be trying to figure out their offensive line personnel.

Vince Young says he “definitely wants the Heisman” and that he wouldn’t turn it down. But Young also said that Reggie Bush won it “fair and square”. (Of course, if Bush won it “fair and square”, no one would be talking about Young getting the Heisman.)

The Browns started fullback Peyton Hillis ahead of Jerome Harrison at tailback against the Bucs. Hmmm…

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Posted on: September 12, 2010 9:12 am

What could you see on Hard Knocks?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Before Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron claimed to have learned something about the Jets schemes from the wonderful HBO series “Hard Knocks,” I wondered exactly what some clever coach could glean from the footage.

HBO showed some of New York's play-calling, and some of the formations that went with it. The coaches shared their private thoughts about some of the players in those remote camera office scenes. You could hear the cadences and audibles of QB Mark Sanchez in the middle of game action.

I couldn’t decipher anything from it, but I wondered if a coach who actually does this for a living could.

"What are you going to learn?" Ryan asked in today’s New York Daily News. "You guys saw it. What did you get out of it?"

Me? I didn’t get anything out of it. A fellow coach? Maybe something that could help his team gain a small advantage.

From the story:

Cameron originally told Baltimore reporters, "There was probably a lot revealed in that strategically, the way I viewed it . . . There was a lot of stuff in there strategically."

Cameron would not go so far as to say how useful the information would be. "I'm not going to say that yet," Cameron said.

Perhaps there is something minor that somebody could learn, but keep this in mind: the Jets had the final say on what’s shown on Hard Knocks and what’s not shown. If the organization really felt like it was giving something away, you can bet that it would never have allowed HBO to put it on for the whole world to see.

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Posted on: September 11, 2010 7:56 pm
Edited on: September 11, 2010 7:59 pm

Podcast: Week 1 late game previews

Posted by NFL Facts & Rumors staff

Andy Benoit joins Will Brinson to preview the second slate of games on the first NFL weekend. Can the numerous ex-Niners among the Seattle crew help the Seahawks overcome inexperience? Will the Aaron Rodgers v. Kevin Kolb matchup be the most exciting quarterback battle of the first week? Would you rather have Derek Anderson or Sam Bradford starting? All those questions -- and more -- answered for your previewing pleasure.

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