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Posted on: September 11, 2010 4:41 pm
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Posted on: September 10, 2010 7:44 pm

Bart Scott returns jab in Ray Lewis discussion

Posted by Andy Benoit

You didn’t think the league’s most loquacious inside linebacker could continue to sit this one out, did you? Jets leader – and former Raven – Bart Scott responded Friday to Ray Lewiscomments from Thursday. B. Scott (US Presswire)

"I don't even know what he said; I just know he said something," Scott told ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini. "It's just part of the show. If you listen to all his news conferences, they're pretty much the same thing. It's part of how he builds it up."

Scott added that he “couldn’t care less” if Lewis criticized the Jets for talking too much, and that the pregame trash talk would make for a “chippier” game. Rex Ryan admitted that he brought up Lewis’ comments with a few of his players.

"I've been around Ray for years and I know how he's going to approach this game," Ryan said. "No question, he's trying to bring his teammates with him. That's the way he's always done it."

Better than all this vague trash talk was Scott’s spot-on assessment of the Ray Lewis Old Spice commercial: "That's probably the worst commercial I've ever seen," he said. "It looked like some student shot it."

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:21 pm

Flacco opens up about his hip

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Sounds like Joe Flacco’s hip really was bothering him last year. Though he declined to talk about it during the 2009 season, he let the Baltimore Sun in on a little secret today.

Basically, it hurt, and it hindered him while he was playing.

"The biggest thing was my hip," Flacco told the paper. "That happened on the first week that we played Indianapolis. I got a big bruise on my hip, and my right leg was filled with fluid so I couldn't bend it too much. There were a lot of weeks that it felt really good, and there (were) some weeks where I'd land on it a couple of times and it would really blow up on me. I still have calcium deposits or a little build-up on my hips."

I’m interested to see how Flacco plays with a hip that’s 100 percent. I’m sure Jets CB Darrelle Revis is, as well.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 8:54 pm

Ravens, Jets exchanging early public barbs

Posted by Will Brinson

Based on the parties involved, it was pretty obvious that the Jets-Ravens tilt on Monday Night Football would get fairly heated. However, you'd think they'd at least wait until the day of the game to start running their mouths at each other, right?

Not so much. Technically, I suppose Antonio Cromartie started it this week when he referred to the Jets as the "Miami Heat of football," as that particular remark is what got Ray Lewis really riled up for Thursday's media session.

“The bottom line is, we’re talking about the Jets like we’re talking about the Saints," Lewis said according to the Ravens' official blog . "That’s the defending Super Bowl champs. Until they play tonight, that’s the only people that can be dethroned. Drew Brees, not Mark Sanchez and the Jets. All this, ‘We’re the Miami Heat of football.’ If ya’ll are the Miami Heat, we’ve got to be the Lakers, because we’re looking for multiple rings."

And that was just the beginning.

“The game ain’t played through tongues. The game is played when you buckle up your chin straps,” said Lewis. ”All this pressure he wants to put on his team, I hope they can cash the check that he’s writing."

Lewis also got cheesed about Ryan saying that he "tapped out" while calling defensive plays and then closed by pointing out that "Monday night ... when the ref blows his whistle, I don't give a damn what Rex say, or what nobody else say, it's all about however you want to get it, let's get it."

So, yeah, the next obvious step is someone on the other side stepping up to counter his comments. I believe that's how these things work, anyway. So, um, how about you LaDainian Tomlinson?

"I'm gonna cash any check written [or] said," Tomlinson said according to Jenny Vrentas on Twitter . "We’re gonna cash it. That's just the part of being confident in what we’re doing."

Although LaDainian shouldn't be feeling that worried -- Rex Ryan, according to Manish Mehta , knows that he has to cash his own checks.

"I got a lot of respect for Ray," Ryan said. "It doesn’t matter what he says in a negative light. I still respect him. But we are going to try to smash him, I can tell you that much."

Something tells me everyone involved is going to tell us that much -- and much more -- by the time we get to Monday night.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 12:27 am

Hot Routes 9.9.10: AFC Week 1 injury rundown

Posted by Andy Benoit

Filling you in on some of the noteworthy midweek injury news.

Fred Jackson will play after missing the preseason with a hand injury. He’ll wear some sort of protective padding on it (not sure yet exactly what). Jackson just wishes he could be starting.

Channing Crowder has had a mysterious abdomen injury that leaves his status for Sunday up in the air. He hasn’t been practicing. On the brighter side, left tackle Jake Long is good to go.

Hard to find news on Patriot injuries. Hmmm…wonder why that is.

Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb’s status remains up in the air . Webb is coming off a late ’09 season ACL injury.

Charlie Johnson’s health (foot) is a big concern for the Colts at left tackle.

Billy Volek has a minor knee injury, leaving San Diego thin at quarterback for Week 1 .

Shawne Merriman has returned to practice for the first time in three weeks after sitting out with an Achilles injury.

Ryan Clady is back, but Broncos right tackle Ryan Harris missed Wednesday’s practice with an ankle injury .

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 4:41 pm

Ray Lewis rides a Raven for Old Spice

Posted by Will Brinson

The "Old Spice Guy" ads (look over here, look at me, back over there, now back to me) took off like hot cakes. And they actually featured a former NFL player, Isaiah Mustafa, becoming one of the most popular memes in all of the land.

Now Old Spice is taking a current NFL player, in this case Ray Lewis, and doing the same sort of thing with him, only more awesome.

Witness, if you will, via my meme-happy friends at Urlesque , Ray Lewis get out of the shower covered in some feather-looking bubbles, jump out of a window, board -- with a leather saddle no less! -- a Raven who has turbo boosters on his backside and attack Saturn with what I assume is lasers. Couldn't make that up if I tried.

Posted on: September 7, 2010 1:42 pm
Edited on: September 7, 2010 1:45 pm

Week 1 Top Ten with a Twist: front offices

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The front office, like most of the players it pays, doesn’t take much of an offseason. The general managers and the other executives – player personnel and otherwise – are constantly remodeling the team. Get rid of the guy who’s too slow for the system, sign to an extension the cornerback who could be the league’s next breakout star, fire the coach who’s taken the team as far as he can, draft the perfect offensive lineman for the team’s scheme, etc.

And like the players you watch every week, these front offices are to be judged. In the first of our weekly Top Ten with a Twist, I’m grading out the front offices. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Top 10 Front Office Performances from 2010 Offseason

10. Chiefs: Second-year coach Todd Haley, after a rough first year in which he worked his team to the bone, has been more pleasant this offseason. He’s even been spotted … gasp … smiling. That’s probably because the front office, led by GM Scott Pioli, made his team better. Kansas City signed Thomas Jones – you know, the guy who was the NFL’s third-leading rusher last year before the Jets parted ways with him – and they had a good draft. Eric Berry and Javier Arenas will make a big impact in the secondary and Dexter McCluster will be a standout on offense. The Chiefs won’t sniff .500 this year, but they’re headed that way.M. Tannenbaum (US Presswire)
9. Raiders: Yes, Al Davis still makes bizarre decisions (he reportedly was the only one who wanted to keep Mike Mitchell and cut Steve Brown at safety that turned cutdown day into a confusing series of events), but the most important one this front office made was to rid themselves of JaMarcus Russell and to bring in Jason Campbell. Campbell will never be an elite quarterback, but he could lead Oakland back to respectability (meaning they’ll have a chance to go 8-8). Simply for getting rid of Russell, that makes the front office a shoe-in for this list, but they also drafted LB Rolando McClain with the first-round pick - they thought so much of him they traded away Kirk Morrison – and added LB Kamerion Wimbley.
8. Cardinals: While I absolutely hate the Derek-Anderson-is-starting-at-QB move, Arizona had a solid offseason. It let Matt Leinart go finally after it was clear he was never going to make it, but most importantly, it didn’t give in to Darnell Docket’s repeated requests during the past few seasons for contract extensions, not wanting to set a bad precedent by giving him an extension when he still had more than two years on his deal. But just before this season was to begin, the team rewarded him and possibly made him a Cardinal for life. Just for not folding, they’re in my top-10. Now, if the front office could just keep him from videotaping himself while in the shower …
7. Bengals: They had a good draft, selecting TE Jermaine Gresham, DE Carlos Dunlap, WR Jordan Shipley, CB Brandon Ghee and DL Geno Atkins, all of whom should get some (or plenty of) playing time. Further playing into the stereotype that the club is the NFL’s version of the Betty Ford Clinic, owner Mike Brown also brought in WR Terrell Owens and CB Adam Jones (you know him better as Pacman). Both moves could backfire, but they also could be outstanding. I’ll give major points off because the Antonio Bryant signing was a disaster (they spent $8 million and got only a couple practices out of him) and because they, for some strange reason, haven’t locked up a new contract with Marvin Lewis. If they lose him, there’s no way Cincinnati is back on this list next year.
6. Lions: Look, their defense has been terrible the last few years, and sure, the addition of star-in-waiting Ndamukong Suh in the first round of the draft was a no-brainer pick. But considering the number of occasions the Lions have screwed up their first-round selection, this one was actually the right move. Then, they got RB Jahvid Best later in the first round, and if concussions don’t prove to be a problem for him, that’s a nice pick. Adding WR Nate Burleson will help WR Calvin Johnson and QB Matt Stafford, as well. The defense probably still will struggle, but hey, at least Detroit is on the right rack. That’s not something you can always say going into a new season.
5. Vikings: Yes, the front office emasculated itself by outright begging Brett Favre to return to the team (pretty, pretty please), but ultimately, the Vikings knew they needed to make this happen. They needed Favre, because they obviously don’t trust Tarvares Jackson. I like the sixth-round Joe Webb pick quite a bit, and I like the trade of Sage Rosenfels even better. The trade for former Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo was a great addition when it was unclear what would happen with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. The Vikings know there’s no time like the present (especially when Favre is leading your squad), and they’re acting like it.
4. Seahawks: If we were going with the quantity over quality award, Seattle would be No. 1 without question. It started with the hiring of Pete Carroll, though I’m not sure he’s the right answer as the head coach (it’s hard to get an image of Carroll parachuting out of a sinking USC meteorite and landing softly and safely in the Pacific Northwest). He’s helped remake the roster through the draft (Russell Okung, Earl Thomas and Golden Tate) and through (what seems like) hundreds of other moves. I really don’t like paying so much money for backup QB Charlie Whitehurst, and I hate that the team has to pay most of T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s salary while he’s playing in Baltimore (hey, not every single one of those thousands of offseason transactions can work perfectly). But newly-acquired RB Leon Washington looks recovered from his knee injury and WR Mike Williams looks to be resurgent.
3. Ravens: I love the Marc Bulger signing (even if Joe Flacco doesn’t). WR Anquan Boldin also will prove to be a very good addition, and now with Houshmandzadeh in the mix, they’ll battle with the Bengals for the AFC North crown. I don’t think Baltimore is the favorite, but, with GM Ozzie Newsome in its corner, there’s no reason to think the Ravens won’t return to the playoffs. They’ve had some bad luck with their secondary, but I’m not sure how much else the front office could have done to improve it. The rest of the team will simply have to cover for the defensive backs.
2. Redskins: Above all else, they hired Mike Shanahan to run the team. This club has made some baffling decisions the past few years – none more so than handing Albert Haynesworth $100 million – but hiring Shanahan to show Haynesworth who is boss and trading for Donovan McNabb, who still has gas in his fuel tank, were good moves. How LT Trent Williams performs – the Redskins chose him over Russell Okung – will be a big factor in how well Washington plays this year. They’re not going to win the division, but they’ll be better than their 4-12 record from a season ago.

1. Jets: I’ve made no apologies for my thoughts that the Jets could play for the Super Bowl. Yeah, they weren’t great last year, at least until they got in the playoffs, but the front office has improved the team heading into this season. They brought in Antonio Cromartie to start next to Darrelle Revis, and they drafted another CB Kyle Wilson in the first round. They’ve taken care of three of their Core Four, and even if the timetable with Revis wasn’t ideal, at least the deal got done. Plus, the front office extended the contracts of Rex Ryan and Mark Tannenbaum when it didn’t have to do so (some see this as a negative, but I like the forward thinking). The jury is still out on LaDainian Tomlinson, but as a No. 2 RB who’s not overly expensive, I don’t mind the risk at all. The Jets are acting like they want to win the super bowl. How could you not love that?

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Posted on: September 7, 2010 12:23 am

Housh didn't get 'beat out', did get recruited

Posted by Will Brinson

New Raven T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a pretty lucky dude. He's getting paid $7 million for being a Seattle Seahawk, but he doesn't have to actually do any work for the 'Hawks to get that money. Instead, he just gets to chase a title with his former ex-rivals turned teammates in Baltimore.

Don't bother telling him that he lost his job in Seattle though -- as he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer , he does not feel as if he got "beat out."

"Do I think I got beat out?" Housh asked rhetorically. "Of course not. Of course not."

As delusional as that might be (I mean, he got cut by a team just a year after signing a big-time free agency deal), at least the good news is that he didn't bash Pete Carroll or the Seattle organization.

That's probably because he already understands you don't want to make enemies in this league. I assume he knows that based on all the different people that were recruiting him over the past day or so.

Ray Lewis was the guy that won out, according to USA Today .

"Although I had other options and I was seriously considering those, I just couldn't pass this up," Houshamandzadeh said. "Winning is why we play sports.''

Steven Jackson of the Rams, who couldn't, um, offer the same sort of benefit to Housh, tweeted on Monday night that he recruited the wideout for St. Louis and that he "thought [he] convinced TJ to join" the Rams. Word on the street is that Chad Ochocinco was also calling his old friend about possibly coming back to Cincy as well.

Clearly, though, Baltimore offered the best chance to pile up stats and make a run at a Super Bowl win.

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