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Posted on: August 24, 2011 3:10 pm

Podcast: Kerry Collins, Von Miller and Fins new O

Posted by Will Brinson & Ryan Wilson

We figured Brett Favre would pull a Favre before Kerry Collins did, but the Colts signed Collins out of retirement Tuesday because there are legitimate concerns that Manning won't be ready for the start of the regular season.

And anybody who watched Indianapolis in preseason is intimately familiar with the fact that, as interim replacements for Manning, Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky provide the team with one thing: pole position in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Collins may be old, but he's the best option to bridge the gap and minimize the damage between now and whenever Manning can return.

Because this is the NFL, we again talk Tim Tebow, who now appears to be the Broncos' fourth-best quarterback. Will Brinson catches up with the only person on Earth yet to be asked about Tebow: Denver first-round pick, rookie linebacker Von Miller.

We also touch on Terrelle Pryor, Garrard over Gabbert, the Dolphins' new high-powered offense, the number of games Kenny Britt and Aqib Talib can expect to be suspended, and the moxy of Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

Yapping starts … now (and while we have you, remember to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes). If you can't listen to the podcast below, download it here. And if you'd like to keep working while listening in your browser, pop that puppy out in a new tab here.

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 10:49 pm

Channing Crowder isn't a believer in Chad Henne

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Well, this is shocking. And by "shocking" we mean "quite predictable and sorta surprised it took this long."

Recently retired Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder might be out of football but he still has opinions. During his six-year career, he weighed in on everything from Ravens' running back Le'Ron McClain allegedly spitting on him to Jets head coach Rex Ryan's mental health.

Now that he's no long affiliated with the Dolphins, Chowder is free to speak his mind about his former club, too. And that's exactly what he did. Appearing on WQAM, Crowder was brutally honest about Miami quarterback Chad Henne.

“He hasn’t really proven anything to me while I played with him and now being on the other side, looking down as a fan, he’s not impressing me, either,” Crowder said, according to PFT. “So he can get on, he has all the tangibles, I want to say, the arm strength, his footwork’s funny, but [with the] arm strength he has, you know he can make some good throws, but the intangibles, the winning the game, the wanting to have everything on his shoulders, like the Bradys and like the Mannings, and wanting to have, be down by five with a minute left on the 20 yard line, let’s see what happens, he doesn’t have that in his heart yet, and I think it will be hard for him to win. But like I said the proof’s in the pudding, so if he comes out this year and going crazy, you know, I’ll have to put my foot in my mouth, but, if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on him going crazy.”

(Note: As soon as the online sports books post the odds on "Henne going crazy" we'll report them here.)

This is similar to ESPN analyst Merril Hoge taking to Twitter to blast Tim Tebow. While it was hard to refute Hoge's message (basically: Tebow isn't a better QB than Kyle Orton, something most rational folks can agree on), the delivery was awkward and, well, sorta mean.

Could Crowder have been more diplomatic when talking about Henne's performance to date? Yeah, sure. Would it have made what he said any less true? Nope.

Now all that's left to do is wait and see if Henne goes crazy this season, either in a good way or by literally losing his mind and caving to the pressure.

In related news: no word on whether Channing was among the crowd heard chanting "We want Orton!" on Fan Appreciation Night.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 12:11 pm

More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

Posted by Ryan Wilson

A brief recap of the Broncos' 2010 season: They won four games. Josh McDaniels was fired after 13 weeks. First-round pick Tim Tebow started the final three games for an injured Kyle Orton, and went 1-2.

Then the lockout happened, followed by rampant speculation that Orton would be traded and Tebow would assume his rightful place under center (or, more likely, in the shotgun). And up until a week or so ago, that seemed to be the plan. Then the Dolphins couldn't pull the trigger on an Orton deal (making fans -- and for different reasons, Chad Henne -- very sad), the Broncos had a depth-chart change of heart, and now Orton is the starter in Denver and Tebow has been reduced to battling Brady Quinn for the No. 2 job.

Still, for as much as Dolphins fans wanted Orton, Broncos fans seem just as enamored with Tebow. "My last goal playing quarterback is to win over the fans," Orton said Monday, according to the Denver Post. (Note to Henne: this is what you say to the media, not some variation of, "Yeah, that really hurt my feelings.")

ESPN's Rick Reilly writes that Tebow isn't ready for the starting job.

"He's a great young man who is really working hard," Broncos Executive VP of Football Operations John Elway told Reilly. "But he didn't get an offseason to work on [playing from the pocket]. He didn't get much of that in college. And it's a completely different thing than the shotgun. Plus, he's only had the one season. But he's an amazing football player. I'd never give up on Tim Tebow."

Well, that's great news. Weeks after it appeared that it was Tebow's job to lose, not only did he lose it, but now Elway won't ever give up on him.

Either way, Orton's the Broncos' starter. The depth chart tells us as much, but according to Reilly there are other indications, too.

“The other way you know it’s over is that Orton is talking to Tebow again. He didn’t talk to him all last year. He told people it was because Tebow was a ‘rookie,’ but it was more than that. Tebow, ever gracious, kept talking with reporters every day. A lot of the players thought he should’ve stopped, in deference to the starter, Orton, who was getting scrums one-tenth the size.”

As PFT notes, the locker room is firmly behind Orton. Even though the fans appear to support Tebow.

"My first goal is to win over my teammates, to win over my coaches, and I think I'm well on my way to doing that," said Orton on Monday.

"I'll tell you this, just my nature, I am very much a people pleaser," Tebow said last week. "I like making people smile."

Apparently, those people don't include the Broncos' front office and coaching staff making out the depth chart. Or Merril Hoge.

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 11:57 am

Tebow on starting job: 'it was grabbed back away'

Posted by Ryan Wilson

After an offseason filled with promise, the reality of what it means to be an NFL quarterback has slapped Tim Tebow across the face. It wasn't long ago that Tebow was thought to be the Broncos' future. Kyle Orton was on the trading block, the team's 2010 first-round pick would assume his role under center and get Denver back to winning and the playoffs, all would be right with the world. 

Except a deal to send Orton to the Dolphins fell through, Orton promptly outplayed Tebow in practice, and then Merril Hoge took to Twitter to announce (with many, many exclamation points), among other things, that "It's embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!!"

Tebow responded to Hoge via Twitter with a "'preciate that," and even LeBron James came to his defense.

On Thursday, Tebow, speaking with the Denver Post's Woody Paige, sounded, well, frustrated with the recent turn of events (and understandably so).

"My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true," Tebow told Paige. "Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . . ."

Tebow, we think, is referring to the trade-that-didn't-materialize that would've shipped Orton out of town. While new head coach John Fox has publicly stated that the job is Orton's, the word on the street is that he will be under center when the Broncos begin the season.

As for the media criticism, Tebow, like Chad Henne in Miami, has had trouble ignoring it.

"I'm trying to insulate myself from what people in the media are saying, but I've seen some of it, and it hurts because it's coming from people who haven't seen me practice, haven't seen me play, haven't seen what I can do," he said, according to Paige. "I did an interview the other day with someone on the NFL Network who said last year I'd never play a down in the NFL. He was wrong.

"Others who say I won't make it are wrong. They don't know what I'm capable of and what's inside me. My family and my friends have been bothered by what's gone on, and I tell them to pay no attention to it. I'm relying as always on my faith."

As we mentioned on Friday's Eye on Football Podcast, we think most people would agree that Orton gives the Broncos the best chance to win now, although Tebow could one day be an NFL starting QB. It's just that the day hasn't arrived yet. So while Hoge's sentiments aren't particularly controversial, the way he delivered them clearly rubbed some people the wrong way, including Tebow.

So is that a problem? Or is public criticism part of the implicit deal professional athletes make when they sign lucrative contracts and play on national television every week?

Because, clearly, Tebow and Henne would disagree with that last paragraph.

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 10:46 am
Edited on: August 9, 2011 10:48 am

Podcast: Tim Tebow vs. Merril Hoge - Who ya got?

Posted by Eye on Football Staff

Merril Hoge took to Twitter earlier this week to share his thoughts on Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback. Hoge, to put it mildly, was unimpressed with what he saw. So, naturally, we talk about it on the podcast.

We think most rational folks would agree that Kyle Orton gives the Broncos the best chance to win now, although Tebow could one day be an NFL starting QB. It's just that the day hasn't arrived yet. So while Hoge's sentiments aren't particularly controversial, the way he delivered them clearly rubbed some people the wrong way, including Tebow. So is that a problem? Or is public criticism part of the implicit deal professional athletes make when they sign lucrative contracts and play on national television every week?

In other news, we discuss the Dolphins' quarterback situation, the Jets' wide receivers situation, and pose the hypothetical question: of the three wideouts, who would you want: Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress or Braylon Edwards?

Talking starts below. (Just hit the play button and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.)

Posted on: August 5, 2011 9:53 am

Group of Dolphins fans chant 'We want Henne'

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Finally, some happy news to report out of Dolphins training camp. After a week that included "We want Orton!" chants from fans (during a fan appreciation event, no less), and the inevitable Brett Favre un-retirement discussions, Miami starting quarterback Chad Henne can take heart in knowing that he has supporters in South Beach.

Unless they were being ironical.

We like to assume the best in people so we're going with the former. Either way, the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin reports that a group of fans chanted "We want Henne!" prior to Thursday's practice and -- lo and behold -- Henne had one of his best performances of training camp.

While Henne has been in the public crosshairs recently, he's not guaranteed the starting gig -- although Sparano admitted Thursday that "He is the starter right now." But Sparano also said "We always have our eyes open. But the players that are here right now, we're preparing to go into the New England Patriot game and play with."

Yes, Kyle Orton would have been an upgrade, but let's not confuse him for Dan Marino. (If you need a quick reminder of the Dolphins QBs since Marino retired in 1999, here you go. We hope you're sitting down.) So for now, Henne's only competition is Matt Moore, formerly of the Panthers.

At various points during the lockout, there was speculation that the Dolphins could be interested in Vince Young (though they admitted to having some concerns about his maturity), Marc Bulger (he retired this week), and even Carson Palmer (still "retired" as of this writing). And in June, Sparano only offered up a "we'll see" when asked if the job was Henne's for 2011.

Here's to hoping this is the year Henne puts it all together. He seems like a swell guy and, frankly, it makes us uncomfortable to read quotes like this.

"Deep down inside, it does hurt," Henne said of the "We want Orton!" chants. "Obviously you want the respect of the fans and you want them to have your back. If you're a Miami Dolphins fan, hopefully you're cheering for the Miami Dolphins and the players out there, not somebody that's not here."

And for a night that's what happened. How long it lasts depends on how well Henne plays, obviously. This is the NFL, after all.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 3:01 pm
Edited on: August 5, 2011 6:29 am

Sparano on Favre: 'I can't rule anything out'

Posted by Will Brinson

UPDATE (4:00 p.m.): Bus Cook, Favre's agent, likened Favre to Elvis (no, really) in an attempt to downplay the rumors.

"Brett Favre's retired, that's all I can say," Cook told ESPN. "He's like Elvis now. People just won't let go."


The Brett Favre watch isn't dead, we're sorry to inform you. We thought it was dead when his agent Bus Cook told the press that Favre is "retired, period."

But then Tony Sparano, who's dealing with some major quarterbacking drama down in Miami, had to go and refuse to say he wouldn't look at Favre for the Dolphins.

"I can't rule anything out...I'm giving you the only answer I can give you," Sparano told reporters when asked about Favre, per Omar Kelly of the Miami Sun-Sentinel.

But all the fault isn't on Sparano -- Dave Hyde, a Sun-Sentinel columnist definitely poured a couple gallons of gasoline on the proverbial fire when he decided to write a column Thursday titled, "Why shouldn't the Dolphins call Brett Favre?"

His list of five specific reasons why the 'Fins should sign Favre are, actually, not that suspect, outside of the part about turning "the Dolphins from a team no one's talking about to one everyone is."

That's just silly, in my opinion. And not because all the publicity surrounding Favre with the Jets and Vikings the last two years has been terrible either. It's because the goal is to win football games, not "get attention." 

But, yeah, I'll recognize that Favre might sell more tickets than incumbent Chad Henne. And jerseys. And ... well, maybe that one works too, dammit.

Still, couldn't we at least just let the initial overtures on Favre begin in a way that doesn't require me to delete a bunch of comments telling me that "this isn't news"? Please?

Didn't think so -- and so we beat on, boat in the past and whatnot.

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 3:38 pm

Fans chanting 'we want Orton' make Sparano 'sick'

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano gets points for honesty, although that quality alone won't be enough to make Chad Henne a consistent NFL quarterback or insure that Sparano keeps his job. We mention this because during a Dolphins practice Monday night at Sun Life Stadium, the fans broke out in a "We want Orton!" chant. Apparently, everybody heard it, including the players and coaches.

The Sun-Sentinel's Andrew Carter was on hand and provides the awkward, uncomfortable details.

"The chant referenced, of course, Kyle Orton. He’s the Denver quarterback whom the Dolphins showed interest in acquiring before the start of preseason practice. And the chant came, as you’d expect it to, after Miami quarterback Chad Henne struggled a bit during that Monday night practice.

"First, fans booed Henne. Booed him after incomplete passes. Booed him after he didn’t throw down the field. Booed him when he threw an interception that wasn’t even really his fault. Then, it got uglier. Then, the “we want Orton” chant started and gained momentum and volume."

When asked about it Wednesday, Sparano got right to the point.

“Beside the fact that it really makes me sick?” he said, according to Carter. “That would be it.”

This is what happens to a fan base exasperated by the recent run on mediocrity at the quarterback position. Since Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season, we've seen the likes of Jay Fiedler, AJ Feeley, Sage Rosenfels, Gus Frerotte, Daunte Culpepper, Joey Harrington, Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Trent Green, Chad Pennington and Henne. It's enough to, well, make you scream for Kyle Orton.

We're sure Sparano shares the fans' frustrations, but he questions their methods. Specifically, Monday's practice was part of a fan appreciation event. “I think that when people come to the stadium like that in one of those kinds of events, OK, to support the Miami Dolphins, that what we should be thinking about,” he said. “That’s what I think.”

Sparano then admitted that, ultimately, he's unconcerned about such stuff. “I’m not worried about any of that. I’m not worried about how it affects anybody. We’re all big boys here, OK. I’m just talking about taking my team to the stadium, OK, in one of those situations and the reason why we did it, OK, and then to see that happen – it’s just disappointing to me.”

Orton to the Dolphins would have made a lot of sense (certainly more sense than signing Reggie Bush), but it appears that ship has sailed. According to reports, the Broncos aren't as high on Tim Tebow as it may have seemed this offseason, and they have every intention of not only keeping Orton in Denver but installing him as the starter.

So Dolphins fans will need to come up with a new chant.

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