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Posted on: August 3, 2010 1:43 pm
Edited on: August 3, 2010 1:45 pm

Favre brings out the best in Twitter (our top-15)

When a story like the Brett-Favre-is-retiring-story pops up, Twitter lights up with some clever (and many, many, many not-so-clever) one-liners. Here are the best of what we’ve found (so far).

1. @MarkBradleyAJC: Favre announces retirement, says he plans to spend more time with Urban Meyer's family.

2. @MacGregorESPN: Pacing back and forth as he decides retirement, Brett Favre accidentally completes Redskins conditioning test.

3. @darrenrovell1: (three from him today ): No. 1: Thinking ESPN's 7-hour Favre special called "The In-Decision" will air soon. Sponsors: Wrangler, Sears & AARP. No. 2: Biggest $ impact on Favre retirement? Frank Caliendo. 1st Madden, now Favre (MAYBE). Guy has to be hurting. No. 3: Papers in Green Bay, NY & Minnesota hoping Brett Favre Thank You ads can boost bottom line

4. @SklarBrothers: Brett Favre is retiring so he can out on the road with Kiss for their 9th farewell tour.

5. @CaptainAnnoying: At any rate, Favre can only delay Joe Webb's inexorable ascent to greatness. He can't hope to stop it.

6. @PriscoCBS: I'm sick of favre play or don't u drama queen

7. @ImTheSportsDude: Now everyone understands why Mary left him for Ted, this Favre guy obviously has "commitment" issues!

8. @ccarlson04: Favre -Thanks for building up our dreams and then destroying them, just like Snooki did to the world's perception of Poughkeepsie

9. @YahooSportsNFL: The Vikings sure would like to have another shot at trading for Donovan McNabb right about now.

10. @FO_ASchatz: If my wife gets upset because I have to re-run projections instead of going to the beach today, I'm telling her to blame Favre.

11. @JTExperience: It's times like these when I'm glad the cable isn't installed yet.

12. @stholeary: Sports fans are so cute. "We don't care about Brett Favre anymore!" "Wait, he's retiring again? To Twitter!"

13. @TimGrahamESPN: Who does Brett Favre think he is? Aaron Schobel?

14. @CBSSports: We’re retiring our Twitter account for the day in honor of Brett Favre.

And, of course, the one that started everything:

15. @JuddZulgad: Brett Favre began telling Vikings officials last night he will NOT return for a 20th season.

--Josh Katzowitz and Will Brinson

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 11:55 am
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What happens to Minnesota without Favre?

T. Jackson likely would take over for Minnesota if B. Favre retires (Getty). If, as is being reported all over the place (and on the Facts & Rumors blog), Brett Favre does retire – and there’s some healthy skepticism that he will, no matter what he says – what happens with the Vikings offense?

Obviously, they’ve still got some of the best young wide receivers in the game with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. WR Bernard Berrian is solid and dangerous as a deep threat. Those guys will make a mediocre quarterback look better than he actually is. And running backs? Two words: Adrian Peterson. Meanwhile, second-round pick Toby GerhartChester Taylor’s replacement – is a Doak Walker Award winner who will take a few of Peterson’s carries, especially when Minnesota needs a physical inside runner.

At the skill positions, there’s no question the Vikings have the talent to win the NFC championship. The quarterback position is … well ... a different story.

If Favre retires, they’ll have a couple problem areas. First, Minnesota doesn’t have the greatest run-blocking offensive line – which is a bit surprising, considering the talent the team has on this unit – and without Favre, the Vikings will need to run the ball more effectively to make up for the lack of Favre-ian like talent at the signal-caller position (more on this below).

Favre, at least in my opinion, is still a top-five quarterback , especially considering the season he had last year (68.4 completion percentage, 4,200 yards, 33 touchdowns, seven interceptions), and Minnesota would lose one of the most important players in the game.

So, who would replace him? Most likely, it’d be Tarvaris Jackson – an athletic quarterback who hasn’t figured out how to become a successful NFL quarterback. He started 12 games in 2007, and though the Vikings went 8-4, he wasn’t particularly impressive. His accuracy was mediocre, and his decision-making was questionable. If you’re comparing him to Favre, Jackson is more mobile but not nearly as strong in every other facet in the game.

If not Jackson, the team could turn to Sage Rosenfels. He’s never been a full-time starter, and there’s a pretty good reason for that. In fact, if Favre stays, Rosenfels might be on his way out of town, depending on how rookie Joe Webb is performing in practice. 

Rosenfels is often too aggressive, leading to too many avoidable interceptions. He’s the prototypical backup. He doesn’t look bad on the sidelines while wearing a ballcap. But if you have to throw him in as the starter, that’s not a great thing for your team. Webb, meanwhile, was slated to be a wide receiver, but he’s played well enough in practice for the Vikings to keep him with the quarterbacks. At this point, though, you certainly don’t want Webb starting games for your team.

If Favre doesn’t return, like he’s apparently saying right now, the Vikings wouldn’t face a disaster if Jackson was their man. But if it’s Rosenfels or Webb, there’s no way this team can make a deep run into the playoffs. For their sake, the Vikings have to hope this latest Favre news isn’t true. Otherwise, their Super Bowl hopes have just taken a huge hit.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 24, 2010 4:11 pm

Quick pop quiz

Can you guess the lone holdout from the sixth round of the NFL draft?

That’s right. It’s Vikings QB Joe Webb. The Star-Tribune has the story.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: June 14, 2010 12:55 pm

Some Sage advice for Rosenfels - make other plans

If Brett Favre doesn't return for another season with the Minnesota Vikings, there likely will be a two-way battle for starting quarterback. At this point, we know who probably won't be taking snaps for the Vikings. Coach Brad Childress seemed to make that pretty clear this past weekend during Minnesota's mini-camp.

Sage Rosenfels, stuck behind Favre and backup/former starter Tarvaris Jackson, didn't enter a game for the Vikings last season, and the number of snaps he received last weekend gives a pretty good indication how the Vikings view his chances this year, even if Favre doesn't return.

With the Vikings sticking with sixth-round pick Joe Webb as a QB (they had thought about moving him to WR), Childress gave him second-team snaps on Saturday, while Jackson took the first-team reps. Rosenfels, meanwhile, got only two snaps in 11-on-11 drills. That was a boatload of work compared to what Rosenfels received Sunday. Try zero reps. When R.J. Archer is getting more snaps than you, that can't possibly be a positive development in your career.

Rosenfels hasn't been talking, but after listening to Childress say nobody should read much into the decision not to give snaps to Rosenfels and that he simply was trying to get his other QBs some work, the Star Tribune's Judd Zulgad had this bit of analysis in his blog:

You can buy Childress' argument to only a certain degree. Keep in mind, this was the only mandatory minicamp where everyone (well, almost everyone) was supposed to be present. That meant this was the best place for players to get their pre-training camp work. While everyone expects Brett Favre to return, the expectation also has been that  Rosenfels would at least get a chance to battle Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job if Favre does not come back.

That means Rosenfels certainly would have expected to get in some work that might have been close to what Jackson got. But in the end it was Webb who got those snaps.

Rosenfels, entering his eighth season, is three years removed from his best performances, when he replaced Matt Schaub as Houston QB and led the Texans to a 4-1 record in his five starts and finished the 2007 season completing 64.2 percent of his passes for 1,684 yards, 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The question now is: if Favre returns and the Vikings cut loose Rosenfels, does any team think it's worth the gamble to bring in a 32-year-old backup?

--Josh Katzowitz

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