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Posted on: May 9, 2011 4:24 pm

Seahawks -- literally -- tuned out critics

Posted by Will Brinson

The Seahawks shocked, well, everyone when the reached up and grabbed James Carpenter with the 28th overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft.

It was an odd pick, though if it works out, all the experts who called Pete Carroll and John Scheinder's decision "zany" will look stupid.

Anyway, part of being a football person means that you get to make the picks, but also have to hear about them; Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes Monday that many a team will watch either ESPN or NFL Network in their draft room, just to get a feel for the reaction of certain picks.

The Seahawks are no exception, and when the picked Carpenter, instead of listening to the various people on TV actually state what Nick Saban mouthed -- "Carpenter got picked in the first round?" -- the found something else to listen to. "So the Seahawks muted both channels and put on Pandora, the personalized Internet radio thing," . "And soon had Reggae music filling the draft room."
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This was actually King's "Factoid of the Week That May Only Interest Me," but he's not alone on this one, because I find it fascinating, to be perfectly honest.

Not because I'm going to get sold on the pick based on what kind of tunes the 'Hawks front office is blaring in their compound, but because, somehow, this strikes me as absolutely perfect music for Carroll to rock while he's sitting around doing something really important in a chill, hip way.

Like fake-snake-pranking the guys on his roster. Or trading for Charlie Whitehurst.For more NFL news, rumors and analysis, follow @cbssportsnfl on Twitter and subscribe to our RSS Feed.
Posted on: March 25, 2011 12:07 pm
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Offseason Checkup: Seattle Seahawks

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Eye on Football's playing doctor for every NFL team with our Offseason Check-ups . Also, check out our checkup podcast:

The Seahawks were subjected to much ridicule when they became the first team in playoff history to enter with a losing record (for that, we can thank the incredibly weak NFC West – not to mention the Rams, who fell to the Seahawks in Week 17 in a game that would have allowed St. Louis to win the division with an 8-8 mark).

But then, Seattle immediately thumbed its nose – and indirectly taunted the Giants and Buccaneers, both of whom missed the playoffs with 10-6 records – at the NFL by beating New Orleans (we can talk all day about how Seattle had an unfair advantage by getting to host an 11-5 team, but Seattle outclassed the Saints big time).

Seattle was a weird team to observe last season. The Seahawks were either pretty good (wins against the Chargers and the Bears attest to that), or they were absolutely horrid (remember the 33-3 loss to the Raiders and the 41-7 defeat to the Giants in consecutive weeks?). I never really got a handle on which Seattle team was going to show up each week, and I still couldn’t tell you whether the Seahawks were a good team last year. I kind of lean toward no, though.

Future franchise QB, Too much change

Matt Hasselbeck could return for another season, and honestly, that wouldn’t be a terrible decision, because he was decent enough last year for a 35-year-old quarterback. But his backup Charlie Whitehurst – who the Seahawks traded for last season – simply has not proved he’s a quality starter, and while third-stringer J.P. Losman started in Buffalo, there’s a pretty good reason he’s not doing it there anymore.

It seemed like coach Pete Carroll has turned over the roster about 15 times since he took over as head coach, and he’s lost a few assistants. At some point, there needs to be some roster and staff consistency, doesn’t there?

1. Franchise QB
Could Philadelphia’s Kevin Kolb be that quarterback? The Seahawks would have to give up, at the very least, a first-round draft pick (and probably a mid-round pick as well) in order to trade the Eagles, but Kolb could very well be the guy to replace Hasselbeck. Emphasis on the word “could” because Kolb, as far as I’m concerned, still has much to prove as a starting QB. And if Seattle doesn’t get Kolb (and can’t re-sign the unrestricted free agent Hasselbeck), what the heck happen

2. Offensive consistency
wks fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates after just one season, probably because they averaged less than 300 yards of total offense per game and perhaps because they thought they could get Josh McDaniels to take that job. Instead, they hired former Vikings offensive coordinator Darren Bevell to replace Bates and former 49ers head coach Tom Cable as the OL coach. Maybe that will work. And if not, Carroll won’t have a problem looking for a replacement.

3. Cornerback help
Seattle allowed 11 passes of 40-plus yards last year, and though that wasn’t necessarily always the fault of the 30-year-old Marcus Trufant and the underwhelming Kelly Jennings, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Seattle takes a defensive back in the first round of the draft. The top-two CBs in the draft (Prince Amukamara and Patrick Patterson) surely won’t be around by the time the Seahawks pick at No. 25, but Colorado’s Jimmy Smith is a definite possibility.

For a playoff team, the Seahawks have soooooo much room to improve. RB Marshawn Lynch (who, you’ll recall, did this against the Saints) was serviceable after landing in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle signed WR Mike Williams to a three-year extension near the end of the season. But the offensive line needs help (the team has used 15 (!) players on the left side of the line in the past three years), and the Seahawks could forgo a cornerback and draft a lineman in the first round.

That said, remember the Seahawks play in the weakest division in football. So, you could mark them down as favorites to win the NFC West, and you actually have a pretty good chance of being correct. But this team, like last year’s squad, could be very flawed. And it might not be very good.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 3:56 pm

Carroll says Seahawks tried to re-sign Hasselbeck

Posted by Will Brinson

Recently, I posited an interesting theory to Andy during a podcast (that'll be uploaded soon -- have I mentioned you can subscribe via iTunes so you don't have to wait?) that Matt Hasselbeck might be better off not signing with Seattle, because the market will be so desperate for veteran quarterbacks who can step right in and play.

That theory might actually hold some water, because it seems Seattle already tried to ink the 'Beck, and apparently whiffed on a deal.

"We made a run at getting it done before the stoppage and just weren't able to work anything out," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told ESPN's Mike Sando at the NFL owners meeting Tuesday. "As we go forward, Matt has been in our plans the whole time and now that it's in free agency (at some point in the future), we just have to see what happens."

The thought of Hasselbeck playing anywhere other than Seattle seems pretty odd, but this isn't the same Seattle organization that went to the Super Bowl, and Hasselbeck isn't the same quarterback, even if they'd previously stated they wanted him back.

"Financially, we went after it and couldn't get it done," Carroll said. "In my mind, it kind of came right down to the final day of it. We made an effort and they made an effort."

Carroll doesn't exactly sound like he's completely resigned to losing Hasselbeck, but he doesn't sound like someone who expects to see his starting quarterback be the same in 2011 as it was in 2010.

Of course, if the Seahawks are in fact going after Kevin Kolb (they certainly make the most sense as a team who's offered their first-rounder, only to see Philadelphia look for more), maybe Carroll's not even worried about whether or not Hasselbeck returns.

And there's a good chance that Hasselbeck isn't that concerned either -- if the lockout lasts a long time, he could be in for a much bigger payday than he would have gotten had he given Seattle a hometown discount.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 8:39 am

LenDale White not helping himself

Posted by Andy Benoit

Over the weekend we wrote about how Terrell Owens is, essentially, a moron for trashing the Bengals coaching staff. Even if Owens is no longer with the team, his comments could still scare off other teams from signing him.

Enter LenDale White. The Broncos running back (for now). During NBA All-Star Weekend White was leaving a Southern California nightclub with fellow ex-Trojan Domonique Byrd (another NFL bust, for what it’s worth).

TMZ paparazzi asked White about reports that NBA players were complaining about a controversial sneaker. White’s response, which doesn’t seem related to the question, was “If it ain’t the Denver Broncos or Chris Johnson . . .  f— ‘em.  Or D-Byrd [Demetrius Byrd] . . . or the Trojans . . . minus Pete Carroll — f– you.” White then looked into the TMZ camera and added, “Minus Pete Carroll I have Trojan love.”

White’s disdain for Carroll stems from his former college coach cutting him in Seattle this past year.

White likely was never going to play in Seattle again anyway. But how does blasting your former head coach help you land a job with another team when your inevitable return to the open market occurs? What possible good can come from that?

White missed last season with an Achilles injury. It’s a tossup whether the Broncos will keep him around.

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Posted on: January 20, 2011 5:35 pm

Hot Routes 1.20.10: Favre's next stop

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • It appears at this point that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis won’t make many – if any – changes to his coaching staff. Cincinnati fans have fallen out of love with offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, but it sounds like Lewis will bring him back anyway.
  • Former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has taken that same job on Pete Carroll’s staff in Seattle. Well, since it doesn’t look like Brad Childress will return to coaching this year, I guess Brett Favre will just have to play next season with the Seahawks.
  • The Ravens gave up 40 sacks this season, and thus, Baltimore fired OL coach John Matsko and replaced him with assistant OL coach Andy Moeller – who faces seven charges, including DUI, from an arrest in September.
  • Packers fans probably aren’t happy to see the announcement that referee Terry McAulay’s crew will be working Sunday’s NFC title game. That’s because the last time McAulay had a Packers game, the crew penalized Green Bay 19 times (18 were accepted for 152 yards). For his part, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t sound too concerned.
  • Apparently, Bears LB Brian Urlacher and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers get along famously on the field. They have inside jokes, and they try to throw off the other one by calling out dummy audibles. Somebody needs to mic up those guys.
  • Once again, Bears S Chris Harris sat out practice today. He says he’s going to pla y Sunday, but you’d have to assume he’s going to have to get on the practice field at SOME point.
  • An interesting story in the NY Post on some of Darrelle Revis’ exploits in high school in a small Pennsylvania town.

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Posted on: January 18, 2011 2:01 pm
Edited on: January 18, 2011 3:41 pm

Seahawks fire OC Jeremy Bates

Posted by Will Brinson

In a surprising turn of events, the Seattle Seahawks fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates Tuesday.

The news was first reported by the NFL Network's Mike Lombardi, who tweeted that Seattle canned the first-year OC who followed Pete Carroll from Southern California.

What makes it particularly surprising is that just two weeks ago, Bates was being universally praised as the Seahawks whipped the Greg Williams-coached Saints defense in the wild-card round.

However, a quick look at the stats from the 2010 season show a Seahawk offense that wasn't exactly, um, "potent" -- Seattle averaged less than 300 total yards of offense per game, averaged 4.9 yards per play, converted just 35.5 percent of their third downs and averaged 27:33 time of possession, fourth-worst in the league.

Then again, Jay Cutler (43 yards) outrushed the Seattle offense (34 yards total) this past Sunday, so perhaps there's a logical reason for the personnel move. Or, there could be a candidate sitting out there that Carroll really wants to target. Like, say, Josh McDaniels, whose name immediately sprung to mind when the Bates firing was confirmed. And, as it turns out, the Seahawks have been talking to McDaniels since Monday.

CBSSports.com's Clark Judge reports that the Seahawks have a very good chance of landing McDaniels, but that he's still "50-50" for the job in St. Louis.

Either way, it's pretty clear that the Seahawks aren't above shuffling their coaching staff as often as they shuffle their roster in the early going of the Pete Carroll era.

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