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Posted on: August 20, 2011 6:36 pm

NFL will hold supplemental draft lottery Sunday

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A day after Terrelle Pryor showed off for more than half the NFL teams during his Pro Day, the NFL will decide the order for which those squads will bid for his services.

As CBSSports.com’s Rob Rang explains, the NFL will hold a weighted lottery Sunday to determine the order for Monday’s supplemental draft.

Rang writes that unlike April’s draft, which is based solely on win-loss percentage, the supplemental draft places teams into three different categories. Writes Rang: “These groups are determined by the same won/loss percentage, but are thought to take into account the annual fluctuation of talent for clubs that occurs through the draft and free agency each off-season. Therefore, while the Carolina Panthers owned the first pick last year, Ron Rivera's club will be competing with roughly a third of the league for the first pick of each round of the supplemental draft.”

And unlike the April draft where the teams make their selections based on what picks are still left on the board, teams turn in a list in which they inform the league which players they’d pick and which round they’d select him. If a team has the high bid on a player and ultimately drafts him, it will lose the corresponding pick in the April 2012 draft.

There are seven players who are eligible to be selected: Pryor, Western Carolina CB Torez Jones, Georgia RB Caleb King, Lindenwood University/Allen Wranglers (IFL) DE Keenan Mace, North Carolina DE Michael McAdoo and Northern Illinois S Tracy Wilson.

Terrelle Pryor is eligible for the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft, but is suspended for the first five games of the season. Pete Prisco joins Lauren Shehadi to discuss the latest.

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Posted on: August 20, 2011 3:01 pm
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Terrelle Pryor's pro day draws plenty of interest

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Whether or not Terrelle Pryor is a sure-fire first-round pick in next week’s supplemental draft or if he’s more of a late-rounds attraction (or somewhere in between), there’s little doubt that he drew plenty of interest during his Pro Day on Saturday.

According to NFL.com’s Albert Breer, about half of the league’s teams had scouts in attendance, including the Steelers, Redskins, Saints, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Chargers, Bills, Browns, Bengals, Lions, Colts, Eagles, Raiders, Dolphins, 49ers and the Patriots (the Steelers also filmed the proceedings for teams that couldn’t make it but wanted to see what they had missed).

Pryor's Pro Day
All of them were in for a treat when the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Pryor, in his first timed 40, ran somewhere between a 4.38 and a 4.41 (his second attempt was a bit slower but still in the 4.4 range). Pryor also took a physical, and he was scheduled to take the Wonderlic Test.

Also in attendance was former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who (via FSN Ohio’s Zac Jackson) offered area scouts his phone number in case they wanted to follow up with him about Pryor’s abilities. Later in the day, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin made a cameo appearance as well.

According to Breer, Pryor completed 27 of 39 passes to moving targets with four drops. Afterward, Pryor's agent Drew Rosenhaus said Pryor would not appeal the five-game suspension handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell and that he would be willing to play any position on the field.

So, what does any of this mean? I guess we’ll find out Monday during the draft, but even if Pryor isn’t a legit NFL quarterback (that completion percentage doesn’t look so great against thin air), there’s no doubt that Pryor’s physicality makes him an elite athlete.

Perhaps even an NFL tight end.

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Posted on: August 20, 2011 12:28 pm
Edited on: August 20, 2011 5:03 pm

What happens if Peyton Manning can't play?

P. Manning still isn't ready to return from his neck surgery (AP).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If there isn’t panic these days in Indianapolis about the future of the Colts quarterback position, perhaps there should be. Peyton Manning, coming off neck surgery, hasn’t practiced yet, and though it’s too early to gnash your teeth about Manning’s newly-signed five-year, $90 million contract, Colts fans have to be worried about his long-term health.

Not to mention the long-term prospects of the rest of the Colts quarterbacks.

Curtis Painter, Manning’s long-time backup, still hasn’t proved he can be a starting QB in this league, and one of the few passes I saw Dan Orlovsky throw during Indianapolis’ putrid loss to the Redskins on Friday was a terribly underthrown ball that was intercepted by Washington.

And if you’re not concerned about it, Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz explains why you should be.

Writes Kravitz: “There are three weeks remaining before the regular season begins, and unless Manning is back within a week, it's fair to worry whether he'll be ready to roll when it counts. (If you're asking when Manning will return, here's the answer: I. Don't. Know. And I'm not sure Manning and the doctors know just yet, either.)"

This hasn’t ever really been an issue for Manning and the Colts. He’s been remarkably durable throughout his career, and the Colts have ridden his talent to nine-straight 10-win seasons and nine-straight playoff appearances. But does anyone think that, if Manning can’t play right away, Painter or Orlovsky can step in and play half as well? That the Colts could still compete for the AFC South title? Of course not.

Which leads Kravitz to question the Colts plan when it comes to backup quarterbacks. He talked to GM Chris Polian about it.

Peyton's Place ... on the sidelines?
"You get into the philosophy of, 'Do you want an experienced guy who may not be able to stay healthy if he had to play more than a couple of games, or a young guy with talent who's got a chance to ascend?'” Polian asked. “Part of what makes the backup quarterback position unique is more than physical qualities: What's the guy's contribution going to be in the meeting room? What's his role going to be in practice? Is he OK with what his role is going to be?

"Traditionally, because of the way Peyton wants to prepare, the backup doesn't get much work outside of training camp. And that's fine; I'm not going to complain about the results. But when we've inquired about vets in the past, there have been some financial limitations. This is not the best, most appealing spot for a guy who says, 'If somebody gets hurt and I can play four games, I can play somewhere else next year.' This is more of a destination spot, so that's led us a little more to the younger guys."

Or as owner Jim Irsay, who says Terrelle Pryor isn’t an option, tweeted Saturday, “We r evaluating the QB sitch,#18 healing but we got 2 b prepared 4 early season possibility without him,defense has 2 pick it up,big time!”

If Manning can’t get healthy quickly, the Colts plan might need to change. And fast.

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Posted on: August 19, 2011 3:32 pm

Podcast: Vick, Pryor, Tebow and Rookie QBs

Posted by Will Brinson & Ryan Wilson

Doug Farrar of Yahoo.com's Shutdown Corner blog and FootballOutsiders.com (buy FO's 2011 Almanac now!) joins the podcast to talk about Terrelle Pryor's newfound supplemental draft eligibility, Michael Vick's GQ interview, and commissioner Roger Goodell's role in all this.

There is actual football going on, as well. Farrar gives us his take on the rookie quarterbacks, including the revelation that he thinks Jake Locker could be the Titans starter even though the team paid Matt Hasselbeck $9 million. We discuss whether Chris Johnson is worth what he thinks he's worth, and which rookies (at any position) will have the biggest impacts for their teams this season. And, of course, there's a gratuitous Cam Netwon name-check.

Oh, and there were games Thursday -- the Pats played the Bucs and the Steelers hosted the Eagles. We talk about that, too. (Down goes the Dream Team!)

Yapping starts … now (and while we have you, remember to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes).

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Posted on: August 19, 2011 1:44 pm
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Pryor's lawyer plans to appeal 5-game suspension

Posted by Ryan Wilson

On Thursday, the league declared former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor eligible for the supplemental draft, but with the caveat that he must serve a five-game suspension should he sign with an NFL team. Pryor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, originally backed the decision imposed by commissioner Roger Goodell.

On Friday, Pryor's lawyer, David Cornwell, appearing on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike, sounded like someone who had plans to -- you guessed it -- appeal Goodell's decision.

“[Goodell] indicated that we have the right to appeal within three days after Terrelle signs an NFL contract, and given some of the developments both in reaching the decision and comments out of the [NFL Players Association] regarding the decision, I think it’s likely that we will file an appeal, and give the Players Association an opportunity to make it’s objections to this on the record,” Cornwell said, according wire reports

This assumes, of course, that Pryor will be drafted on August 22. Surely, someone in Pryor's camp must have those assurances because the timing of Cornwall's announcement could scare off potential suitors (and who knows, it still might).

The bigger issue is (and we seem to be saying this all the time) Goodell's role in all this. As CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman wrote Thursday, the league would like to discipline NFL players who run afoul of NCAA rules, and the decision to suspend Pryor for five games was Goodell's way of circumventing the current guidelines that prevent that.

"What Roger Goodell did in suspending Pryor is get the NCAA's back. The NFL and NCAA both feel that players are breaking rules on the college level thinking they can use the NFL as an escape hatch. The NFL wants to stop that mentality. What Goodell did was also send a message to the union. If you won't work with us on this, then I'll use the commissioner power to make the decisions myself."

PFT's Mike Florio echoes many of the sentiments Freeman laid out: "If the NFLPA lets this one slide, then the NFL will try in the future to take similar action when a former college player who has gotten himself in trouble with the NCAA wants to play pro football."

Not surprisingly, the players are concerned, too. "I know players are concerned about the message this sends," said Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, a member of the players' executive committee. "Granted, making this 'deal' was an individual decision made by a player with counsel from his agent and lawyer. They have every right to make whatever deal they want for his personal future. That being said, the general concern now is how far into Pandora's box this may go."

And that's the problem.

Next up: seeing which teams are impressed enough with Pryor's workout to draft him. The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot writes that the Browns will be on hand for Pryor's Saturday pro day. Also worth mentioning: in June, the Browns were already doing their due dliigence on Pryor. We think it's safe to say that they like him. Just at what cost?

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 9:51 am
Edited on: August 18, 2011 11:40 am

NFL rules Pryor eligible for supplemental draft

Terrelle Pryor is eligible for the upcoming NFL Supplemental Draft, but is suspended for the first five games of the season. Pete Prisco joins Lauren Shehadi to discuss the latest.

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Earlier this week, the league postponed the NFL Supplemental Draft, originally scheduled for Wednesday, August 17. There was no reason given, but presumably the decision was made to give the NFL more time to consider if former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor should be made eligible for the draft.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that the draft has been rescheduled for August 22, and that Pryor will be eligible -- but with one caveat: "Pryor will be ineligible to practice prior to or play in the first five games of the NFL regular season after he signs."

Details via the NFL statement released to all 32 teams:

"... Pryor made decisions that undermine the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL Draft. Those actions included failing to cooperate with the NCAA and hiring an agent in violation of NCAA rules, which resulted in Ohio State declaring him ineligible to continue playing college football.

"Pryor then applied to enter the NFL after the regular draft. Pryor had accepted at the end of the 2010 college football season a suspension for the first five games of the 2011 season for violating NCAA rules. Pryor will be ineligible to practice prior to or play in the first five games of the NFL regular season after he signs."

Next up: finding a team interested enough in Pryor to actually select him. With the supplemental draft now four days away, Pryor will likely take part in a hastily convened pro day (his previous pro day was cancelled because he was still ineligible), and then it will be out of his hands.

In June, shortly after Pryor left Ohio State, agent Drew Rosenhaus announced in a press conference that he expected Pryor to be a "first-round pick." Reviews from NFL analysts and front-office types were far less glowing, indicating that Pryor was more likely a late-round selection. To his credit, Pryor said in July that he didn't care where he was taken as long as he got a chance.

Well, we'll find out next Monday exactly what NFL teams think he's worth.

via SBJ's Daniel Kaplan

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 4:24 pm

Roundtable: Which rookie QB will help the most?

C. Newton could be one of the breakout rookie QBs this year (Getty).

Posted by Eye on Football staff

Well, we're a week into the preseason and that means we know everything about everyone. Or nothing at all. Whatever, we got our first glimpses of the NFL's newest rookie quarterbacks and that leads us to the question: What rookie quarterback will help his team the most?

Will Brinson: Go ahead and cue up about 15 "Panthers homer" comments in the next few paragraphs, but I don't care: Cam Newton. The guy's a freak-a-deak athlete with a firehose attached to his right shoulder and he's going to get a chance to produce. Unfortunately, that firehose thing can also be bad if Newton can't control his accuracy. And it's possible that Jimmy Clausen -- who looked better than terrible after he threw a pick six on his second passing attempt -- could be the safer option for Carolina. But Newton gets the fanbase amped and he's already shown exponential growth since we last saw him throwing passes. Putting him in the proverbial fire's the way to go and he'll be a difference maker for Carolina in both the stands and the field.

Josh Katzowitz: Will, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know if Newton will help his team that much more on the field than Clausen would have -- I'm willing to bet heavily on the odds that there are going to be games when Newton is ABSOLUTELY terrible and people are going to be saying, "Yeah, buddy, the NFL is a little different than the limited offense you ran at Auburn, eh?" (these people, of course, will be Canadians who care way too much about SEC football) -- but as far as starpower is concerned, Newton is the one. I don't care if he privately looks at himself as an entertainer and an icon. He's got that huge smile and he's got that charisma, and eventually, the stink of whatever NCAA rules his dad might have violated will wash away.

That said, I don't think he's going to contend for any rookie of the year honors, because as the season goes along, defenses are going to begin to figure out Newton. Actually, I think the real answer to your question about which rookie will help his team the most will end up being Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco, assuming he stays healthy behind that poor offensive line. Alex Smith will continue to be Alex Smith, and midway through the season, Jim Harbaugh will call upon Kaepernick to replace Smith and win a few games for the 49ers. And I think he'll do it, especially in the NFC West, hastening Smith's departure (which, when you think about it, might be the single biggest reason how Kaepernick impacts the team). Newton will help his franchise the most, but Kaepernick will help his team the most.

Ryan Wilson
: We talked about it (at length, I might add) and Newton was impressive. I know, it's just one preseason game, but the guy's come a long way since February, the Auburn scandal, and the silly comments about being an entertainer and an icon.

And let's be honest, he's energized fans that had every reason to lose all hope and commit their energies to supporting NASCAR full time. That can't be understated. Winning is obviously the goal, but Panthers fans will find reasons for optimism if the Panthers can win five or six games. So in terms of therapeutic value for a downtrodden fan base, Newton is this season's most valuable QB.

A. Dalton could be the starting QB in Cincinnati (Getty). But if we're talking about a QB who has a chance to play and help his team win enough games to battle for a playoff spot, I'm going with Christian Ponder. Partly because Myron Rolle thinks he's a genius, but also because Donovan McNabb has become a punchline in recent years. How long until he's yanked in favor of Ponder? Four weeks? Remember: this is the guy who not only lost his job to Rex Grossman last season, he was eventually demoted to third string behind John Beck, he of four career starts, all losses, all coming in 2007.

Brinson: Well, we're one full turn around the table and the only person we haven't talked about is the only guy who's virtually guaranteed to start Week 1: Andy Dalton.

So, um, yeaaaaaaah.

What does that say about the Bengals? (And why do I have the feeling Josh will try to defend them?) I guess it says either that "We don't respect Andy Dalton," "We forgot about Andy Dalton," or "Even if Andy Dalton was Peyton Manning, he wouldn't be saving the Bengals from certain doom in 2011."

Perhaps it's all three?

Wilson: I didn't mention Andy Dalton for the same reason I don't think about paying my mortgage every day: if I ignore it, it don't exist. It's a coping mechanism. In Dalton's case, it means I'm not constantly reminded of what the 2011 season inevitably holds for him: pain, misery, disappointment -- all words that have become synonymous with the Bengals in recent years.

(Just look what the madness did to even-keeled Carson Palmer -- it drove him right into retirement in what should be the prime of his career. Think about that for a minute. Things were so god-awful in Cincinnati that Palmer would rather sit around the house doing crosswords than get caught up in tiger-striped maelstrom for another season.)

While we shouldn't put too much stock in first-ever preseason performances, Dalton's got his introduction to big-boy football from, fittingly, Ndamukong Suh. And I feel that was just a preview of things to come in 2011 (for both Dalton and Suh). So, yeah, it's pretty easy to be down on Dalton, more because he's a victim of circumstance. Which is why I don't want to think about it.

Brinson: Thanks for the reminder on the mortgage payment, jerk. Speaking of which, if there's one thing that the Panthers, 49ers, Titans, Vikings, Jaguars and Bengals have in common it's that they mortgaged their future on the talents of the 2011 NFL Draft class. With that in mind, let's wrap up this puppy up by making a list -- how do you gents rank the rookies in terms of impact on the 2011 season? Here's mine. Don't copy it.

1. Cam Newton
2. Blaine Gabbert
3. Andy Dalton
4. Christian Ponder
5. Jake Locker
6. Colin Kaepernick
7. Ryan Mallet
8. Terrelle Pryor

PonderWilson: No matter the list -- or the topic -- one thing is assured: Brinson will put Cam Newton at the top of it. Panthers fan solidarity and whatnot.

Back on Earth...

1. Christian Ponder (He'll be starting before the end of Sept.)
2. Colin Kaepernick (See above)
3. Blaine Gabbert (He'll be starting before Halloween)
4. Cam Newton (The next Jimmy Clausen? JOKE. Clearly, he's the next Chris Weinke.)
5. Andy Dalton (Must've been a serial killer in a previous life to get stuck with this fate.)
6. Jake Locker (Should only play if Hasselbeck gets injured.)
7. Ryan Mallett (Bill Belichick is a genius. That is all.)
8. Terrelle Pryor (But he's a first-round pick!)

Katzowitz: Just in case, Will needs a reminder: Here's my takedown of Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis in that ridiculous news conference they called to announce that Lewis would return for another season, and here's what I wrote about the Bengals' lack of a practice bubble. I lived in Cincinnati for six years, but believe me when I say that I think the Bengals are an incompetent mess (though, personally, I think Mike Brown is a nice man).

My list (the correct one):

1. Colin Kaepernick (If Mike Singletary thought about replacing Alex Smith with David Carr (!) last season, Jim Harbaugh shouldn't have a problem replacing Smith with Kaepernick)
2. Christian Ponder (Because he's better than Rex Grossman, and since Grossman is better than Donovan McNabb ...)
3. Cam Newton (How disturbing would it be if Clausen actually won the starting job?)
4. Andy Dalton (He still has Cedric Benson to lean on)
5. Blaine Gabbert (I'm not sure he can beat out David Garrard, and I'm not sure Garrard will be bad enough this year to warrant starting Gabbert)
6. Jake Locker (Locker will get tons of help from Hasselbeck)
7. Ryan Mallett (He won't even beat out Brian Hoyer to be Brady's backup)
8. Terrelle Pryor (I don't know, maybe, he could be an effective NFL TE?)

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NFL postpones supplemental draft, Pryor benefits

Posted by Ryan Wilson

The NFL notified all 32 teams Tuesday that the supplemental draft, originally scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed. No new date has been set.

During a normal offseason, such news would be met with a yawn -- if that -- by most fans, but this year is different. For starters, we've just endured a four-month lockout, which pushed the supplemental draft back from its usual mid-July date on the NFL schedule to the middle of August. But there's also the matter of one name trying desperately to be eligible for this year's supplemental draft: Terrelle Pryor.

Quick refresher for those of you just back from Mars: Pryor promptly left Ohio State in June amid a scandal that cost Jim Tressel his job. He then hired superagent Drew Rosenhaus, who convened a PR event and called it a press conference to inform the world that Pryor was a first-round pick (among other things). Pryor later admitted that he didn't care where he was drafted just, he just wanted an opportunity.

As things seemed to be falling into place (several teams had expressed interest in the former Ohio State QB), Pryor last week had to cancel his pro day because he wasn't on the NFL's supplemental draft list.

CBSSports.com's Will Brinson explained at the time that, "This uncertainty for Pryor actually is in line with all the reports we've heard since he decided to bounce out of Ohio State after their program got a not-so-friendly visit from the NCAA. In fact, that aforementioned visit probably has a lot to do with the NFL's decision -- they don't want to grant eligibility to someone who doesn't actually meet the requirements for the supplemental draft."

On Sunday, reports surfaced that Pryor was trying to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to determine his standing in the eyes of the league. As Brinson noted in his post, a statement from Pryor's attorney, David Cornwell, made it sound like Pryor would be eligible for the draft.

"We have been in discussions with the Commissioner’s office over the past week to address the NFL's concerns," Cornwell wrote. "I am confident that once the NFL has a full understanding of the facts, Terrelle will be part of Wednesday’s supplemental draft."

Well, there will be no supplemental draft on Wednesday, but whenever it's rescheduled, it seems that Pryor might now be apart of it.

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