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Posted on: July 25, 2010 4:28 pm
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Sergio Kindle 'stable' after accident

Sergio Kindle is in 'stable' condition after suffering a head injury in a Thursday night accident at a house in Austin, Texas.

According to the Baltimore Sun , "it is believed" Kindle fell down two flights of stairs.

“Members of our medical staff, including Bill Tessendorf and Dr. Andy Tucker, have spoken with doctors in Texas. We understand Sergio is stable at this time and that he is being tested and observed,” Ozzie Newsome, said the Ravens’ general manager.

The good news is that Kindle seems to be okay; he'll likely miss some training camp time, though. Rookies are supposed to report tomorrow, but Kindle won't make it.

We'll keep you updated if we hear anything else about the Thursday night stair-falling accident in Austin, Texas.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 23, 2010 3:19 pm

Weird happenings in Baltimore

E. Reed has had an interesting past few weeks (Getty). The Baltimore Ravens have had a strange week. Let’s review:

-QB Joe Flacco seemed lukewarm to the idea of the Ravens signing Marc Bulger as a backup. Said Flacco to the Baltimore Sun: “Hopefully, we just all get along well. When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

-S Ed Reed – who has been outspoken about wanting a new contract though he’s almost 32 and coming off major hip surgery – said he might start the season on the physically unable to perform list. Then, he said he didn’t really say that. Then, he said, the Ravens are refusing to send him game film.

-CB Cary Williams was suspended for the first two games of the season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

So, what in the hell is going on in Baltimore?

With Flacco, it seems pretty clear that he likes backups Troy Smith and John Beck and doesn’t want to see one of them get cut because of Bulger. Of course, I sort of suspect – and I’ve talked to other people who suspect this as well – that Flacco doesn’t want the competition. It’s not like Smith or Beck would unseat him as the starter. A two-time Pro Bowler like Bulger could. That might play a role.

With Reed, it’s hard to say. He’s been one of the best safeties in the NFL for many years, and perhaps he senses his domination is nearing an end. Talking about the game film snafu, Reed told radio station WBAL, via the Carroll County Times : “Don't treat me like that after I gave my blood, sweat and tears for this guy, for this organization. I train my tail off. I'm putting my life on line. But I have to give you an excuse to study tape? When I do give you an excuse, and my excuse is I'm studying tape, that's not a good enough excuse. But Ed is wrong for asking for a new contract.”

The Ravens responded by telling the Baltimore Sun that it all must be a misunderstanding.

Maybe the entire last week in Baltimore has been one misunderstanding. Maybe that’s the real explanation.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 11:07 pm

Former Ravens RB Cotton dies

Sad news out of Baton Rouge, La., where the nwlanews.com (hat tip to Pro Football Talk) reports former Ravens RB Kenyon Cotton died following surgery to repair an Achilles tendon.

Cotton played 27 games for Baltimore in 1997 and 1998 where he combined for four rushes, 10 yards and a touchdown.

Cotton underwent outpatient surgery last week, and after returning home, he had trouble breathing. He was admitted to the hospital and later placed in a medically-induced coma.

An excerpt from the article:

“From what I’m told, when he came out of the coma, he had a series of strokes back to back,” said Kenyon Allen, Cotton’s younger cousin. “He had been on life support the entire time he was in the hospital.”

Allen said the percentage of dependency on the life support fluctuated.

However, he indicated that following the series of strokes, Cotton became fully dependent on life support.

The 1992 Minden High School graduate, known for his unique spirit and athletic ability, reportedly passed away Friday after being taken off life support.

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 12:26 pm

Cary Williams suspended by NFL for 2 games

More fantastic news out of Baltimore: Cary Williams, a Ravens cornerback, has been suspended for the first two games of the season without pay after violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Williams' violation occurred while he was with the Tennessee Titans, and Ravens' GM Ozzie Newsome acknowledged that, 'We’ve been aware of this since before we signed Cary.'

His agent, Marc Lillibridge told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times that Williams went through the full appeals process and that, "Although we’re disappointed we did not win the appeal, we respect the league office’s decision. Cary just wants to focus on the training camp with the Ravens and the remaining games in the regular season."

Wililams isn't considered a star in the secondary by any means, although Wilson does point out he's "drawn praise from the coaching staff during offseason minicamps."

The bigger issue is that the Ravens' secondary -- a primary concern heading into training camp , particularly with the health of Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb being a big issue -- is suddenly even weaker, especially with Ed Reed's situation not appearing to near any sort of resolution soon .

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 3:42 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2010 4:06 pm

Ed Reed rants on Ravens, could miss entire season

Ed Reed expected to start the season on the PUP list , missing the Baltimore's first six games of the season. 

He confirmed that news to a group of reporters at his football camp in Maryland, and also added some pretty harsh words regarding his relationship with the Ravens, via Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post .

"I haven't had the support from the other side as you think has been there," Reed said. "If I don't say it now, it won't ever get said. It's like a marriage. There are going to be disagreements.

"You got to work with that person. When it starts to get too much, you got to pull back: 'Is it worth it? or should I take a pay cut and be on another team?"

Reed was referring specifically to his request last year for a new contract (he currently has three years remaining with base salaries between $6 and $7.2 million for each of those years), a request he claims has not been renewed this year. (Although a recent radio appearance -- in which Reed said "it needs to be taken care of" -- certainly seems to refute that.)

"The word I got was, 'We're comfortable with where we're at,'" Reed said. "Yes, you would be comfortable with the plays that I'm making on the field and paying me what you're paying me. ... There are six, seven players in front of me at my position [in terms of money] that I honestly wouldn't let hold my jock, and I don't even wear one.'"

Reed's semi-rant continued with him lobbing out the possibility that he might not return for the entire season before answering his own hypothetical question about wanting to retire in Baltimore: "Does it always happen? No."

The former Defensive Player of the Year's words, coupled with the little brewhaha boiling between Marc Bulger , Joe Flacco and Troy Smith suddenly paints a portrait of an organization that, while a strong candidate to make a Super Bowl run, that might be in a bit of disarray.

Then again, considering Reed is almost 32 and these quotes are amidst a discussion of retirement, maybe Baltimore knows exactly what they're doing.

-- Will Brinson

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 8:43 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2010 8:47 pm

Flacco isn't sure about Bulger

You might remember our post last week about new Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger and how he thought he could help starter Joe Flacco progress in his career if that’s what Flacco needed from him.

Apparently, Flacco isn’t too impressed with the opportunity he’s been given.

“Hopefully, we just all get along well,” Flacco told the Baltimore Sun . “When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

Obviously, Flacco has loyalty to his current backups Troy Smith and John Beck, and that’s commendable. But seriously, you’d rather have Troy Smith than Marc Bulger? You’d rather have a guy who has 89 attempts during his three-year career than a two-time Pro Bowler who probably could still start in this league? You’d rather have a guy who can offer you very little advice vs. a guy who could truly help you on your way?

Of course, the other way to look at it would be this: he’d rather have a guy who has no chance to supplant him as the starting quarterback vs. somebody who potentially could.

“I don’t want to have any bad words about Marc,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around.”

Also, Ed Reed had this to say to 105.7 FM, as picked up by the Sun :


Ravens Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, speaking on 105.7 FM Tuesday, weighed in on the team’s recent acquisition of quarterback Marc Bulger, who is expected to be Joe Flacco's top backup, saying that Troy Smith would be more than qualified to lead the team to an NFL championship if he were called upon.

Bulger is “just another guy that’s been in the league and been around," Reed said.


--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 10:16 am
Edited on: July 20, 2010 10:49 am

Ed Reed might be out until October

There is speculation that Ravens safety Ed Reed could miss the first six games of the regular season due to his arduous recovery from hip surgery. Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun writes:
E. Reed
The Pro Bowl safety is almost a certainty to start training camp on PUP. In fact, it would be surprising to see Reed play in the preseason. He recently said he is 35 percent recovered from offseason hip surgery. The most likely scenario is placing Reed on the Reserve PUP at the start of the regular season, which would mean he misses at least the first six weeks.

Reed, who turns 32 in early September, has battled hip and neck pain in recent years. The future Hall of Famer contemplated retirement back in spring. Reed’s iffy status comes as no surprise to the Ravens. As insurance, they signed hard hitting but undisciplined former Cowboys free safety Ken Hamlin.

-- Andy Benoit

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Posted on: July 19, 2010 9:56 am

Joe Flacco: Ravens 'can go as far as we want'

There's little question that the Baltimore Ravens are talented. Last season's group, which finished 9-7 and whupped the Patriots in the playoffs before bowing out in the second round of the playoffs to eventual AFC Champ Indy, proved that. But Super Bowl worthy?

Well, a lot of folks believe that Baltimore could make some serious noise in 2010, especially after adding the proverbial (or potential?) final piece to the puzzle in wide receiver Anquan Boldin. One of those folks include quarterback Joe Flacco, who gave fans much to get excited about at a recent autograph session.

"[The fans are] all expecting us to do well this year, and that's a good thing," Flacco said after signing for every sunburned fan in line (which meant writing his name continually for more than an hour) at the AT&T store in Severn. "They should be excited. The excitement level is contagious."

"We've got the talent to go as far as we want to," Flacco said.

Now, that could be a bold statement, but, honestly, "Super Bowl or Bust" is a pretty realistic goal for Baltimore to have. (And it should be noted too, that Las Vegas agrees with him : the Ravens, at 12:1 aren't the top favorite, but they're certainly in a cluster of "elite" teams represented by low odds over at BoDog.)

They probably won't straight-up cruise to the AFC North title, but does anyone believe that Cincinnati will be as good as last year? Or that Pittsburgh, who will miss Ben Roethlisberger for several games, has the upper hand heading into 2010? Of course not, and it's a good reason for Flacco's confidence.

In other words, if the Ravens DO want to go as far as their talent will allow them, this division race shouldn't be a close one, even if the AFC North eventually features two playoff teams. Awkwardly though, this is a Ravens team that, for all its talents, HASN'T won the division in the last two years.

Which is to say that, yeah, the Super Bowl is an important -- and realistic and smart and whatnot -- goal. But right now, the Ravens should be most focused on the fact that, after an opener against the Jets that will be an "AFC Statement Game" of some sorts, they have three straight division games that need to be won in order to make sure everyone knows exactly what they want.

-- Will Brinson

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