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Posted on: July 20, 2011 6:19 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2011 6:38 pm

Fisher thinks Young 'can learn from mistakes'

Posted by Ryan Wilson

New Titans head coach Mike Munchak made it clear earlier this offseason that Vince Young's career in Tennessee is over, and that will become official once the lockout ends.

“That was a decision made months ago and nothing that is going to happen personnel-wise, or how the draft goes, is going to change that,” Munchak said in April. “It wasn’t just a Jeff Fisher decision -- I think people kind of have that feeling that, because it happened back then, we could change our decision. We are standing by that decision. What’s been done is best for everybody.”

Young may have never fulfilled his promise as the Titans' franchise quarterback, but he won't be out of work long. The Dolphins and Eagles have been mentioned as possible destinations, although concerns about Young's maturity remain, especially if he's not the clear-cut No. 1 QB -- and at this stage of the proceedings he most certainly won't be.

But the man responsible for benching Young in Tennessee on a handful of occasions has now come to his defense. Perhaps time away from the game has mellowed Jeff Fisher, who was fired by Titans owner Bud Adams back in January. Or maybe he thinks Young would have more success with another franchise. Either way, he spoke about it during a recent appearance on NFL Network's Total Access.

"Keep in mind, he won a lot of games for our organization and led us to the playoffs," Fisher said of Young, according to USAToday.com's The Huddle. "He's a tremendous player. He's certainly got a great deal of ability, and he's a rare athlete, and he's a good teammate. And hopefully he can learn from this experience and get that (next) opportunity."

This is the same Jeff Fisher who didn't appear to be much of a Vince Young fan while they were both in Tennessee. Or, at the very least, didn't have enough confidence in Young's abilities to not bench him in Week 2 of the 2010 season for the now-retired Kerry Collins.

"A lot of the really good quarterbacks had a defining moment, you know where it just got hard on 'em -- it just gets hard -- and I think that's what happened with Vince," Fisher said.

"I think he had a defining moment, and it just became overwhelming to him. And I know he's had a chance to step away from it now, and I know he's one that learns from mistakes. If given the opportunity, he'll learn from this past one."

While it's a virtual certainty that Young will be with a new NFL team in the coming weeks, whether he can become an above-average NFL starter is another matter. Maybe the cliche holds true in this instance -- a change of scenery will do him good. Or maybe he'll just be the same player, just wearing a different uniform.

Fisher, meanwhile, sounds as if he's up for coaching again at some point in the future. "I want to get back in the X's and O's," he said. "I want to get back and see what people are doing and put your systems together and just kind of study the game. So this fall will be a great opportunity to do so."

And if the coaching thing doesn't work out, he can always join Jon Gruden at FFCA.

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 12:14 pm
Edited on: July 2, 2011 12:37 pm

Kenny Britt sued over nightclub incident

Posted by Will Brinson

Kenny Britt made it a whopping two days into July without getting mentioned in some sort of public imbroglio. Which, I suppose, is kind of impressive given his unbelievably embarrassing streak of run-ins with the law -- and Facebook! -- over the summer.

The City Paper in Nashville is reporting that Britt's now being sued by Harold E. Pointer, the man who he wrassled with at Broadway's Karma Lounge in Nashville last year.

Pointer has filed a civil lawsuit against Britt, seeking $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

As you may recall, this scuffle led to then Titans coach Jeff Fisher to do a little CSI: Nashville snooping around the nightclub. (Which, in turn, led to me photoshopping this picture and using it no less than 40 times last year.)

Britt will likely need some investigative help this time around, too, if he wants to avoid a settlement that'll cost him some money.

Even though it's a he-said/he-said scenario, Britt's run-ins with the law this summer don't exactly put him in a good position to claim status as a model American.

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Posted on: June 22, 2011 7:18 pm
Edited on: June 22, 2011 7:30 pm

Britt issues statement, explains Facebook hacking

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Kenny Britt refuses to go away. He's been in the news recently for various legal entanglements, and then, earlier this week, Britt was the victim of a Facebook hacker. At least that's the story he's telling.

On Monday, this post showed up on Britt's Facebook wall:

"Retiring from the NFL. F*** You Goddell. So there is that."

It was promptly deleted and the "real" Britt informed his readers through a series of Facebook posts that his account had been hacked, he's not really retiring, and he's very much looking forward to the start of the NFL season.

Everyone hoped that would be the last we'd hear from Britt until there was actual football to discuss. Nope. The Titans wide receiver released a statement Tuesday night further explaining what happened.

Details via the Tennessean's Jim Wyatt:

“I have the utmost respect for Commissioner Goodell, the NFL and the TN Titans,” Britt said. “The Facebook posting as reported was not made by myself nor have I given any statements to anyone regarding this matter. It is not a defense but a fact that this Facebook page and associated email account were hacked and reported more than 120 days ago.”

Please. Stop. Talking. The first rule of PR is to bury the story and pray people forget about it. The recent news about the possibility of a new CBA had done just that … and then Britt goes an issues a statement.

Assuming for the moment that his Facebook account really was hacked, does Britt believe people are going to take him seriously after spending the last few weeks in court rooms and squad cars? (Also worth noting: Britt's been arrested at least six times since the Titans drafted him in April 2009.)

We joked about it Monday, but Britt's "Hey, my Facebook got hacked!" defense is right from the Anthony Weiner playbook. All that's left is for Britt to hold a press conference and have Benjy Bronk yell out unprompted questions about hot physiques and smooth sexy chests.

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 9:00 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2011 10:13 pm

Hot Routes 6.19.11: One way to end Jags blackouts

Posted by Ryan Wilson
  • Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is giving 225 kids the chance to attend football camp -- for free. There's no truth to the rumors that the Bengals will be in attendance, even though owner Mike Brown says "the price is right." (He didn't really say that, but it wouldn't be much of a stretch if he did.)
  • Add it to the list (via the StarTribune.com): "After months of getting rained on, pounded with packed snow and flattened by heavy equipment used to fix the roof, the Metrodome's artificial turf may have to be replaced before the Vikings resume play there in August, Dome officials said Friday." We're blaming Brett Favre.
  • Good news: Aqib Talib's attorney doesn't expect there to be a quick resolution to his client's felony firearm case. In fact, it could drag on beyond the 2011 season. Bad news: Talib will likely still face disciplinary action from the NFL, and you know Roger Goodell can't wait for the lockout to end so he can't get back to randomly handing out punishments.
  • It will probably take three or four years before we know if the Falcons were right to bet the metaphorical farm on Julio Jones, but early returns are encouraging. According to reports, Jones is "way ahead of his game" at informal workouts. It's not much, but it's something.
  • Titans owner Bud Adams parted ways with Jeff Fisher in January, but Fisher says he won't think about returning to the sidelines until after the 2011 season. Hopefully, he can make that $4 million buyout he received from Tennessee stretch for another six months.
  • More former Titans news: One-time Tennessee tight end Erron Kinney is a captain with the St. Andrews Fire Department in Charleston, S.C.
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Posted on: June 14, 2011 10:00 am
Edited on: June 14, 2011 10:43 am

Heimerdinger, Fisher concerned for Britt

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Kenny Britt has been busy this offseason, but for all the wrong reasons. While most of us have little trouble staying on the right side of the law, Britt struggles to go more than a week without some sort of legal entanglement. He's been arrested six times since the Titans drafted him in April 2009. We're starting to think that the frequent cuffings and stuffings aren't much of a deterrent.

Let's be clear: Britt isn't committing armed robberies or shooting up malls. But repeated arrests for marijuana possession and reckless driving adds up. He's not Hannibal Lecter, but he also struggles to follow the same basic rules the rest of us manage to do without really thinking about it. At worst, Britt could end up in the slammer; at best, his employer can't count on him. And it's not like he's a practice squad scrub -- he would have long been released if he were. Britt's the second-best player on the Titans after Chris Johnson. He's sort of important to what they're trying to do.

Back in April, several arrests ago, Kenny's dad, Jack Britt, told the Newark-Star Ledger that “I’m worried about [Kenny] all the time. … “But my concern is not with Kenny, per se, it’s more with Kenny’s friends, and he knows that. He has too many friends with too much free time. He needs to be around more positive people.”

We don't want to be that guy but, well, that sounds like a job for Kenny's father.

Former Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, who's currently battling cancer, told the Tennessean Monday that “Kenny can be as good as anybody, but eventually you have to grow up.” And even though it's no longer Jeff Fisher's problem, Fisher still keeps up with Britt's off-field issues.

“I didn’t get the call but I am following it closely and it is not an easy thing,” Fisher told the Tennessean. “Somehow, deep down, you kind of still feel responsible or still feel like you want to help. I hope he can get things sorted out.”

Last season, when Fisher was still coaching the Titans, he benched Britt after the wide receiver was allegedly involved in a bar fight. These problems now belong to the new guy, head coach Mike Munchak.

“You have to be very careful to jump to conclusions until you get all the facts, and I think that is probably what (Mike) is doing right now, he’s gathering the facts,” Fisher said. “The difficulty is you can’t have contact with him and that is hard on Mike and his staff for sure.”

Maybe the Titans should have someone on staff at the Nashville Police Department. Just to be safe, they might want to include the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and for a national presence, the FBI.

Finally, here's something lawyer and ProFootballTalk.com proprietor Mike Florio wrote about Britt this spring:

"We’ve mentioned once or twice the connection between the lockout and players being locked up. Though we’re not excusing bad behavior, the fact remains that the arrest rate for NFL players tends to go down when they have the structure that comes from being with their teams."

We hate to keep going back to this because it started off as a big joke. But, you know, Ray Lewis wasn't wrong.

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 7:00 pm
Edited on: May 26, 2011 8:26 pm

Hot Routes 5.26.11 Ochocinco's latest idea

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Colts director of pro player personnel Clyde Powers wants to clarify: he is not retiring, he was fired.

Joe Webb likes the simpler verbiage of the system that new Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is installing.

Falcons running back Jason Snelling supports the NFLPA but isn’t a fan of the litigation route.

Jeff Fisher’s son, Brandon, is now a member of the Detroit Lions defensive coaching staff.

LaVar Arrington gets what Ray Lewis is saying about the lockout and crime rate.

Fed-up longtime Bengals fan Brett Kostoff gave up his support for the stripes and auctioned off his fandom on Ebay. The winning bid? $510 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rex Ryan is getting work-stoppage advice from Joe Gibbs, the greatest work stoppage head coach in NFL history.

Dwayne Jarrett’s DWI trial will be in July. In a non-lockout offseason, that’s usually the time of year when Jarrett starts getting ready for his upcoming six months of underachievement.

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman says the only way to be in football shape is to play football. (In other words, player-organized offseason workouts won’t be good enough come end of summer.)

Chad Ochocinco is claiming he’ll act on Mike Brown’s sarcastic suggestion and take up snake-wrangling.

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Posted on: May 19, 2011 11:54 pm

Fisher and company make it to the top

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After climbing to the very tip-top of Mount Kilimanjaro, former Titans coach Jeff Fisher proclaimed it one of the most satisfying moments of his life.

For one, because he freakin’ did it, along with former NFLers Tedy Bruschi and Chad Lewis (which is just awesomely impressive). For two, because he did it for the Wounded Warrior Project, whose mission is to honor wounded soldiers.

“Words can’t describe what it really is like,” Fisher told the NFL Network. “Add to that the fact that we did it with the soldiers, the Wounded Warriors, was very, very impressive. It was not an easy thing. I checked around as I was preparing and had a couple of guys tell me it was like running a marathon breathing through a straw. “

Fisher said the group left for the summit just after midnight on Wednesday, and six hours later, they reached the top, where they got to watch what was, I’m sure, an amazing sunrise from the highest point in Africa.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:03 pm

Hot Routes 5.18.11: Reaching the summit

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • According to the Believe in Heroes web site, Titans coach Jeff Fisher and the rest of his traveling party have reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Which is pretty awesome.
  • Former Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser and Colts owner Jim Irsay are in a bit of tiff.
  • Now, everybody in the Raiders organization becomes a salesman/saleswoman. And that means you, new defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan. (“So, how many season tickets can I put you down for, lady?”)
  • If you buy Jaguars season tickets, the franchise is willing to reward you for your faith. By giving you “Teal Deals” books with more than $3,000 worth of gift certificates for local businesses.

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