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Posted on: February 9, 2011 3:08 pm

Hot Routes 2.9.11 football world carries on

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Former Jets quarterback Ray Lucas is in rehab for an addiction to painkillers. He’s sharing his experience via Facebook.

America’s most prominent liars (White House party crashers) managed to get into Jerry Jones’ suite during the Super Bowl, only to be promptly escorted out.

Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith have been spending lots of time together at the Niners’ Santa Clara facility. Their relationship is strictly platonic. Or business-related.

A Bill Parcells Hall of Fame debate is understandable. But Drew Bledsoe?

The Ravens will likely be looking for a new backup for Joe Flacco this offseason.  

The Buffalo Bills are getting new uniforms in 2011 (perhaps the old ones weren’t busy enough?). On Wednesday morning, the team devoted its entire homepage to the announcement. (Which is actually an announcement about an announcement, given that the unis won’t be revealed for another few weeks.)

Cornerback Renaldo Hill is reportedly getting a tryout with the Ravens. (What veteran corner HASN’T tried out with the Ravens in the past 12 months?)

Never too early to look ahead to next year – Super Bowl champions included.

Pro Football Weekly doesn’t think the Broncos will bring Kyle Orton back.

The Bucs recently hired two co-defensive coordinators (head coach Raheem Morris calls the shots on defense). One of them, Kevin Millard, received an endorsement from Warren Sapp. The legendary defensive tackle got on the horn with GM Mark Dominik.

Former Raiders linebacker Greg Biekert is now current Raiders linebacker coach Greg Biekert.

The Patriots are losing a few assistants. The guess here is they’ll still be fine.

Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:09 pm

Ravens say they didn't practice too much

Baltimore says John Harbaugh's practices got shorter as the season went on (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

A couple days ago, the Baltimore Sun’s Mike Preston reported that some of the team’s players had an issue with the length of coach John Harbaugh’s practices during the week leading to the playoff game vs. the Steelers (ie: they were too long) and threatened to go to the union and the media to complain about it.

The organization has responded, writing that Harbaugh shortened practices as the season reached its end.

From the story:

“I am here for every practice, year-round, and John informs me about the structure of practices, including length and repetitions,” said general manager Ozzie Newsome, a Hall of Fame tight end, former coach and one of the most-respected GMs in the NFL. “I know practices were shorter, not only the week of the Steelers playoff game, but the weeks before, through our successful run to the postseason in December.

“The coaches made sure the players were ready to play at their best by gameday.”

After being reached by BaltimoreRavens.com, several players agreed with Newsome’s assessment

“I can’t speak for my teammates, but I can speak for myself,” said cornerback Chris Carr. “I think practices were scaled back from a week before the playoffs. In the playoffs, it was pretty much mental reps. It had nothing to do with why we lost. I just think it was the mistakes we made. I didn’t feel tired. Nobody out there was complaining that they were tired.

“I think the practices were definitely scaled back in our favor. It was beneficial, not a hindrance.”

The truth, I imagine, is somewhere in the middle.

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 3:30 pm
Edited on: January 28, 2011 3:33 pm

Was there Jim Zorn drama in Baltimore?

Posted by Andy Benoit
J. Zorn (US Presswire)
For the second straight year, Jim Zorn finds himself looking for a new job. The Ravens fired their quarterback coach earlier this week, reportedly because of communication problems between Zorn and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Jamison Hensley and Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun write, “One of the main reasons why the Ravens fired Zorn was his teaching methods, according to a league source. Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Cameron spent all day Tuesday questioning Zorn about how he was coaching quarterback Joe Flacco and were concerned about Zorn being insubordinate, the source added.”

Harbaugh disputed the report Friday, saying, “Jim’s departure from the Ravens will remain as private as these matters can be, but we feel it’s necessary to at least point out that this report is inaccurate. It is not true in any way, shape or form.”

Zorn’s West Coast background did not jive with Baltimore’s system, so this was a marriage that likely wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

Zorn will find work again. One destination that makes sense is Cleveland, where his former colleague Mike Holmgren is president.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 5:27 pm

Ravens give boot to QB coach Zorn

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although Ravens QB Joe Flacco statistically had the best season of his career (his 25 touchdowns and 3,622 passing yards were career highs, while his 10 interceptions were the least amount he’s ever thrown), it didn’t really feel like it.

He didn’t regress last season (obviously), but he also seems to have been passed on the league’s-best-young-QB list by players like Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman.

Now, Flacco will have this second QB coach in two years, because Ravens coach John Harbaugh has fired Jim Zorn, according to the Baltimore Sun. The Sun’s source said Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron met with Zorn for seven hours, and it was determined that Zorn wasn’t a good fit with the rest of the coaching staff.

According to media reports, Zorn – who was fired as the Redskins head coach in 2009 – is a bit quirky, as are some of his quarterback drills. Or you could call him an “outside the box” thinker. But he did help Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck when Zorn was the quarterbacks coach in Seattle, turning him into a Pro Bowl signal-caller.

He likely won’t be out of a job for long. 

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Posted on: January 22, 2011 9:00 pm

Where does Michael Oher fit in?

M. Oher (US Presswire) Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Michael Oher has one heck of a story of how he got to where he is today. But now that he’s there, how good a left tackle can he be? And, more urgently, will the Ravens give him a chance to find the answer?

You’ll recall that, after a strong rookie year, Oher moved to the left tackle spot, and when Baltimore’s Jared Gaither, who was moved to right tackle, couldn’t take the field because of a bad back, Oher’s new position became permanent. That prompted the coaching staff to shift Marshal Yanda from right guard to right tackle, and the team inserted Chris Chester into the right guard spot.

But after an inconsistent performance by the offensive line this year, the Ravens fired OL coach John Matsko following their playoff loss to the Steelers.

Oher was good at times and bad at others this season. He had a propensity to false-start, and when matched up against speed rushers, he struggled.

So, what to do about Oher? Well, if Baltimore brings back Gaither, which is no sure thing, Oher could shift back to right tackle and move Yanda back to right guard. That’s where coach John Harbaugh would rather have Yanda play anyway, because, in Harbaugh’s eyes, he’s a dominant puller.

There’s also this question: is Oher even suited to play tackle in the NFL?

“Oh yeah, he can do it,” Harbaugh told the National Football Post. “I think Michael Oher can play either tackle. What side Mike winds up playing depends on who else is in the mix. I think he had a very good second year. I think the sky’s the limit for Michael.”

For now, that sky includes the left side of the line. Unless the Ravens can find somebody better to fill that role, Oher will continue to protect the blind side.*

*Ugh, I hate myself for doing that. Please don’t judge.

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 3:22 pm

Hot Routes 12.30.10 who will admit they'll rest?

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Saints wideout Marques Colston had an arthroscopic procedure done on his right knee Tuesday. He’s had a history of issues with his left knee. The Saints are saying he is questionable for this Sunday against the Bucs.

Clinton Portis thinks he can still be an elite running back. (They all do.)

No surprise here: Chad Ochocinco is expected to sit out the Bengals’ season finale.

We’re refusing to write yet another article on which Niners QB gets the start, which is why we’re passing along the news in Hot Routes this time. (This week’s starting QB will be Alex Smith.)

John Harbaugh says he’ll likely keep his starters on the field against the Bengals. The Ravens can still win the AFC North if the Browns somehow upset the Steelers. Both of these games will be played at 1:00.

Speculation about John Harbaugh’s brother, Jim, joining the 49ers is continuing to heat up.

Devin Hester hopes to keep the Packers out of the playoffs. He says they’re a good team and he’d hate to face them three times in one year.

Is Tuesday night football in the NFL’s future? The ratings for the Vikings-Eagles game were huge (23.7 million viewers).

If the Seahawks win Sunday and make the playoffs, they’ll cost themselves about 10 spots in the 2011 Draft.

Giants Pro Bowl guard Chris Snee is defending his head coach/father-in-law.

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 10:10 pm

Two DUI arrests for NFL this weekend

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Let’s combine two DUI arrests into one post, shall we?

Ravens rookie LB Sergio Kindle, who fractured his skull in the offseason and whose career is in jeopardy because of that injury, was popped for DUI in Howard County, Md., this weekend, and, according to the Baltimore Sun, he allegedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.17, more than twice the legal limit.

In an interview with the Sun on Sunday, Kindle said, “I just want to apologize to the organization because I don't want to bring a negative light to the team. It was my mistake. I can't take it back now."

The arrest didn’t sit well with Ravens coach John Harbaugh (naturally).

"He's got a track record for making really poor decisions," Harbaugh said Monday. "He knows that. That's a problem.

"If he wants to achieve things in football and life, you've got to make good decisions and you've (got) to do the right things. You've got to earn that trust. He's not off to a good start in college or the NFL right now."

A little bit further south, Redskins DT Joe Joseph apparently was arrested for the same offense as well.

Said Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie, via the Washington Post, “We're gathering all the facts right now. And that's really all I can say."

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Posted on: December 22, 2010 11:57 pm

Hot Routes 12.22.10: Pro Bowl spite voting!

Posted by Andy Benoit

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  • Michael Strahan bashed his former team after it surrendered a 21-point lead in less than half a quarter Sunday.
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