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Posted on: August 23, 2010 4:40 pm
Edited on: August 23, 2010 4:40 pm

Cowlishaw defends himself on Revis "scoop"

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

OK, I’ll delve into this Darrelle Revis-Tim Cowlishaw mess for just a moment. You might recall Sunday how Cowlishaw, a Dallas Morning News columnist and an ESPN talking head, Tweeted that an inside source had told him the Jets and Revis would announce a contract soon that would end the CB’s holdout, possibly by Wednesday.

There was the typical backlash by all kinds of reporters (New York media and national guys) who reported that the report by Cowlishaw simply wasn’t true.

This morning, Cowlishaw defended his “scoop” (in quotation marks because we won’t know for sure until Wednesday) and wrote, “The source of information was good, someone I have used before. Beyond that, I won't go into further details.”

From Cowlishaw:

It didn't surprise me that my information was getting shot down right and left by those covering the Jets. As a beat writer covering the Cowboys for six years, I did a lot of "shooting down" and this was in the early days of ESPN and long before the world was wired and Twitter came along.

I talked to ESPN's Chris Mortensen and the New York Daily News' Gary Myers on the phone, a couple of guys I have known for 20 years or more. I exchanged texts or, in some cases, tweets with others I have had long relationships with.

They were supportive if curious as to how this information was coming from a Dallas-based general columnist. Understandably curious.

He goes on to defend himself against the charge that he simply made up the news to get more followers, though I have a hard time imagining a journalist who would claim that Cowlishaw would pull something like that (fans, on the other hand, …).

My take: if he’s right and Revis signs Wednesday (or if, I suppose, the news is re-broken on HBO’s Hard Knocks) or even Saturday, hey, that’s a great scoop for Cowlishaw. If he was incorrect, well, that’ll sting his credibility a bit, but it likely will be quickly forgotten. Whichever the case, Cowlishaw is respected by his peers, so even if he’s wrong, I don’t expect too many “Told you so’s” to emerge.

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Posted on: August 22, 2010 10:12 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2010 11:36 pm

Tony Dungy discusses his talk with Rex Ryan

Posted by Will Brinson

As everyone knows, Tony Dungy did not like Rex Ryan's pottymouthing-off on HBO's "Hard Knocks" (again, I'd point out that he should really just watch the censored version and then we could avoid this whole business).

When Ryan found out Dungy wasn't happy -- or that Dungy wouldn't hire him -- he said he'd call Dungy and talk with him. Dungy confirmed and discussed that call during and interview with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. (And yes: I'm sorry that everything in the world revolves around the Jets and the Vikings too. Nothing I can do to change that though.)

"We talked on the telephone and it was a good conversation," Dungy said. "I told him it wasn't anything personal on him -- they asked me my feelings on profanity and I'm not a big fan of it whether it comes from Rex Ryan or somebody else."

Michaels wanted to make sure that Dungy and Ryan were all good, and it turns out they most certainly are.

"Oh man, we were always okay," Dungy said, eliciting a snicker from Michaels and Collinsworth. "I'm just not okay with the profanity, especially as a leader -- leading a football team or anything, I just don't think it's necessary."

Collinsworth then got on board with Dungy, pointing out that the league kind of "put it on."

"It really was," Dungy replied. "We talked a lot about our image and our players and personal conduct and then to have something like that -- and I had a lot of Jets fans who love Rex Ryan said it was hard to watch, especially with their kids."

Collinsworth's follow-up involved him pointing out that he, many a time, had said something "insane" on the field that he's glad people never heard.

"Oh, we all have said things out there that we wish we could take back," Dungy replied. "That's one of the reasons I never allowed myself to be miked up."

When pressed about whether he "slipped up" out there, Dungy caved and admitted he said something dirty (I'm thinking "dagnabbut"?) once while coaching.

"I did a couple of times, and it's not something you're proud of."

See? You can throw stones in glass houses, kids.
Posted on: August 22, 2010 8:04 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2010 9:37 pm

Report: Mangold getting extension from Jets

Posted by Will Brinson

Remember earlier when Darrelle Revis was going to maybe possibly get an extension on Wednesday (maybe possibly during HBO's "Hard Knocks)?

That's still out there -- Tim Cowlishaw pointed out that, as expected, Jets beat writers shot down the Revis extension -- and could still happen. But you know what else could still happen? A Nick Mangold extension, according to New Jersey Star-Ledger .

The report indicates that Mangold's deal will eclipse the five-year, $37.5 million deal that the Rams' gave Jason Brown last year, thereby making Mangold the highest-paid center in the NFL.

There's a possibility that the extension could be announced as soon as Monday or Tuesday, which will leave plenty of room for the Jets to announce something with Revis.

More interestingly, though, is the fact that the Jets will likely lock up Mangold before they extend Revis (if they even do).

This is interesting because Mangold went the "team player" route and actually showed up for camp on time, despite still wanting a new deal.

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Posted on: August 22, 2010 6:08 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2010 9:34 pm

Twitter War! (Or: Revis deal coming?)

Posted by Will Brinson

The Darrelle Revis saga has been going on just long enough for HBO and the Jets to milk it for all it's worth on "Hard Knocks" dragging.

Lest the world turn complacent and worry about important things like Brett Favre and Albert Haynesworth, Tim Cowlishaw showed up on Twitter Sunday afternoon to drop this bomb:
Revis and Jets announce new deal, probably Wednesday. You heard it here first. "Inside information!" Cowlishaw also added that "This [source] has never been wrong."

As you may or may not realize, Wednesday is "Hard Knocks" day -- which means, although Cowlishaw didn't say so specifically as far as I can tell, there's always the possibility of them announcing the contract mid-show. Which would be both awesome and embarrassing. Awesome in the sense that it would be groundbreaking television and it would absolutely encapsulate the PR-dream/nightmare combo that the Jets have become under Rex Ryan.

It would be embarrassing in the sense that Revis' contract and holdout status would be incredibly undermined -- not to diss HBO here, but if the public and/or the press get even remotely a whiff of the possibility that this was all a stunt to boost

Of course, that's completely null and void if Manish Mehta is correct :
Contrary 2 internet rumor, #Jets & Revis have no plans 2have contract announcement on HBO this wk. Communication lines remain open tho (Aside: I swear I'd read that "internet rumor" was just reserved for disputing the bloggers' claims.)

There are some folks out there that believe Cowlishaw's Twitter account got hacked and -- for whatever reason, I have NO earthly idea -- the hacker decided to report about the Jets and Revis. After all, hackers steal bank account numbers, spam people and probably blog for a living ... not out-scoop New York-area reporters from Dallas.

Fortunately, Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that it's not a hack : Cowlishaw replied to him and called him "Cubby" which, as you can read here, proves that the Top Cat ain't lying.

At any rate, he might be right or he might be wrong, but as the Jets and HBO would prefer, you'll probably have to tune into "Hard Knocks" to find out!

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Posted on: August 22, 2010 9:10 am

So much for vanilla

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

An interesting trend has emerged this preseason – defenses which normally would play fairly vanilla against offenses who were doing much of the same are being more aggressive in exhibition games.

The National Football Post takes a look at these occurrences.

In fact, when the Chargers faced the Bears, San Diego blitzed so much (I saw a report where it was six of the first eight snaps) coach Lovie Smith decided to get QB Jay Cutler the hell out of there.

The Giants blitzed 24 times against the Jets. The list goes on.

“For me, I would just say I was trying to set a mentality,” Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell told the Post. “I’m going to be very aggressive. Yes, we want to play base, fundamental defense and we want to see people take on a block, shed a block, that kind of thing.”

Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers provides a dissenting opinion.

“Sometimes you can cover up some ills by blitzing all the time,” he told the Post. “If you feel like you have nothing to lose, that’s fine. But if you go into the season feeling you have to rely on the blitz all the time, sooner or later it catches up with you. Now is the time when we can see if we can play base, fundamental football. And if we can’t, and do it well, the blitzing might disguise it for a little bit. But it’s not going to disguise it for long. People figure you out too much in this game. For us, it starts with stopping the run. If we can stop the run, then we can do a lot more things.”

I’m sure this is a trend that opposing quarterbacks who are just trying to get down their timing before retiring to the sidelines for the second half would like to see end. As would their coaches.

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 11:44 am

What's really happening with the Revis holdout

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If you want to get a former NFL executive’s take on the Darrelle Revis-New York Jets contract impasse, check out what Andrew Brandt writes today for the National Football Post .

What I found interesting was when Brandt writes about  the three-year, $45 million contract of Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha. This is the standard by which Revis wants to get paid - as in, he wants to be the highest-paid CB in the league - but as Brandt writes, it’s actually a two-year contract. In the third year, the Raiders must pay Asomugha the quarterback franchise tag number or he can walk. Why a quarterback instead of a cornerback? Because the quarterback tag number will be much higher than the cornerback tag number.

If Asomugha leaves Oakland, that means the cornerback market will reset once again because he’ll have another crack at a free agent contract with another team.

Brandt also writes about how the conclusion of the Revis saga will affect the rest of the Jets locker room.

An excerpt:

The Jets know that however they reward Revis will be precedent for their negotiations with Nick Mangold, David Harris and others. They have recently completed a deal for D’Brickashaw Ferguson with a “rolling guarantee” structure.

The Jets are willing to reward Revis at the top of the corner market – save the Raiders outlier deal with Asomugha -- but want to be consistent with their structure from the Ferguson deal, which requires that the player make it to February to receive the full benefit of his guaranteed money.

Teams have to stand for something in the way they operate and it is hard for a team to make exceptions for players – no matter what caliber of player – and look the rest of their players in the eye with different terms.

Revis, of course, won’t want a rolling guarantee. He’ll want a full guarantee. Brandt also argues that Revis’ team believes he’s on a different level of playing field anyway. He’s such a game-changer that he should be handled the way Minnesota handled Brett Favre (basically, let him do pretty much whatever he wants). Ferguson’s deal won’t mean much to Revis, because Revis is that much more important than Ferguson. That would be Revis' mindset, anyway.

So, how will this all play out? Brandt writes, “I would anticipate Revis back on the field – with a new deal -- in the first three weeks of the season. The better question will be what type of new deal. As with his rookie contract, I suspect it will contain some elements of the structure he wants and some that the Jets want. My strong sense, though, is that it will be a relatively short-term deal – two or three years – that is almost fully guaranteed and allow for another negotiation at that time.”

When we’ll all likely to get sucked into this rigmarole again.

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 8:21 am

Cromartie defends himself

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since his interview on HBO’s Hard Knocks aired – an interview in which Antonio Cromartie struggled to remember his kids’ name (though he’s got, like, five of them who are between the ages of 2 and 3, so who could blame him?) – the Jets CB has become a bit of a laughingstock.

Need a good chuckle this morning? Check out the video below.

Well, Cromartie decided to fire back Thursday. He told the New York Post that HBO restaged the interview and the show’s director told him to pause longer between his kids’ name on the second take. So, does that the mean he doesn’t have a problem remembering his children’s names?

“Nah, I didn’t have trouble,” he told the paper. “I mean, they asked me to pause. I had nailed it the one time before, but they had to redo it and they just told me to pause between each one of [the names].”

I guess Cromartie didn’t realize that this was a TV SHOW where, even if it’s billed as so-called reality, the director and producers try to create the most-amount of drama by using this thing they call “editing.” I also love the fact that he seemed pretty proud that he “nailed it” on the first shoot (that's an unfortunate choice of words)for .

Yet, HBO insists the interview was done in one take and nothing on the show is manufactured.

From the story:Cromartie) also has been hit with five paternity suits in the past two years, and the Jets reportedly fronted him $500,000 of this season’s salary to deal with those legal issues.

Cromartie grew testy at the perception — now fuel-injected by “Hard Knocks” — that he can’t keep track of all his kids.

“So it’s not a point of me not knowing my kids’ [names],” he told The Post. “I know every single one of my kids. I know the age of every single one of my kids.”

Cromartie also said he isn’t bothered by the online mocking that resulted from what he describes as a re-shot scene.

“I can’t worry about what somebody else thinks,” Cromartie told The Post. “That’s not my responsibility. People got their own opinions. My thing is to be a father to my kids and be there for my kids as much as I can. I can’t worry about what somebody else [has] to say.”

All I know is this: the interview was the highlight of the second episode – especially because coach Rex Ryan let loose only two F-bombs – and when my wife walked by during that particular scene, she stopped in her tracks and said, “Wait, how many kids does that guy have?” We had to rewind it to count.

And it made for great TV.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:33 pm
Edited on: August 19, 2010 5:34 pm

Dungy and Ryan bury the (bleeping) hatchet

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After a few days of bickering with each other through the media, Tony Dungy and Jets coach Rex Ryan have settled their differences with a phone call.

Dungy had criticized Ryan’s cursing nature – he did drop 10 F-bombs on the first episode of Hard Knocks - saying it was uncalled for and that he would never hire a coach that acted in such a manner. That drew the ire of Rex’s father, coaching legend Buddy Ryan, and Rex Ryan responded by saying that just because he cusses doesn’t mean he’s a bad person and just because somebody else doesn’t cuss, that doesn’t mean he’s a good person.

Today, they had a phone conversation (I assume there was little to no cursing involved). In fact, Dungy, former Indianapolis and Tampa Bay coach, accepted Ryan’s offer to attend an upcoming New York practice.

"He told me his position," Ryan told reporters, including the New York Daily News . "I definitely told him mine."

(Bleeping) good for Rex.

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