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Posted on: August 15, 2010 8:43 pm

LT not thrilled by Gates and Rivers' comments

Posted by Will Brinson

A few weeks ago, we discussed a feature out of San Diego in which Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates addressed the departure of LaDainian Tomlinson.

Neither Gates nor Rivers bashed LdT by any means, but their comments, which indicated that Tomlinson was the rough equivalent of a dark cloud floating around the locker room, weren't exactly filled with effusive praise.

In an article from Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times from Saturday, Tomlinson responded to their quotes.

"I thought they were my guys," Tomlinson said. "People always say, and my family has said it to me, that you know who your real friends are when you're at your lowest point and you don't have a job or whatever. And guys, they said what they felt, whether they were taking shots at me or really just saying what they felt needed to be said."

Tomlinson also addressed his leaving the Chargers, stating that he "started to see my departure out of San Diego way before" the media did ... although it was apparently only two years ago. (Which, you know, is when we ALL knew it.)

"Obviously, they had to start to build that team around Philip and get the guys they needed around him," he said. "I didn't fit that. That's why I kind of found myself on the outside looking in, and looking for work after this past season."

It's understandable that he'd be upset by the comments from Rivers and Gates -- even if it's their team (and it may have been before even this year), what they said is tough to hear regardless of how far removed Tomlinson is from San Diego.

That being said, though, Gates and Rivers were both honest and accurate and it's tough to fault them just for being candid. Just as it's tough to fault the Chargers for making a smart business decision and letting LT go, even if it was a year too late.

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Posted on: August 15, 2010 11:46 am

Hot Routes 8.15.10: Overhyping the preseason

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Jets offensive linemen Matt Slauson and Vladimir Ducasse are both competing for the starting left guard position. Slauson has the edge right now, but he was a sixth-round pick in ’09. Ducasse, a second-rounder in ’10, figures to be the future.

Former USC Trojan took another positive step in his football rebirth last night, impressing Seahawks coaches and fans with his 51-yard touchdown reception and run-blocking against the Titans/

Falcons followers have been paying close attention to rookie linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. The first-rounder started ahead of Mike Peterson at weakside linebacker in Atlanta’s preseason debut.

Josh Freeman was 4/4 passing, including a touchdown strike to Sammie Stroughter, in page/MIA">Dolphins" target="_blank">Tampa Bay’s preseason opener against the Dolphins.

Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic, has a great headline for his column today: “Matt Leinart Blessed by a lack of competition”. Leinart did not look great in Arizona’s preseason opener.

One of the best offensive tackles in the game, Baltimore’s Jared Gaither, continues to battle the injury bug. On Saturday the Baltimore Sun reported that Gaither has been diagnosed with a tear in his back and could miss 2-3 weeks. Gaither had foot problems during the offseason and also suffered serious weight loss early in training camp.

Though he didn’t look particularly great against the Ravens Thursday night, there has been some buzz about Panthers rookie receiver Brandon LaFell. Now, his fellow rookie, Armanti Edwards, is getting some hype.

Packers rookie Morgan Burnett drew passing grades in his preseason debut filling in for injured starting strong safety Atari Bigby. The key for the athletic playmaker is to prove he can be physical.

Former and current Packer tight ends Mark Chmura and Jermichael Finley have been exchanging public barbs like a couple of junior high schoolers (actually, on further thought, given some of their passive-aggressive undertones, the barbs are probably more of an early high school level). We haven’t paid much attention to it, but if you want to read some details, you can click here.

Jack Del Rio still doesn’t seem too high on safety Reggie Nelson.

Jets and Giants open their new stadium tomorrow night. Given that it’s the New York market, does it seem like there is slightly less hype for this $1.6 billion venue than you’d guess?

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Posted on: August 15, 2010 11:39 am
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Posted on: August 13, 2010 11:00 am

Jets' DBs doing pre-practice rain dance for Revis

Posted by Will Brinson

There's no question that the Jets defense will miss (or does miss, as it were) Darrelle Revis. Even with Rex Ryan's schemes helping to mask certain flaws, no one wants Antonio Cromartie playing the role of No. 1 cornerback on a team that already won the 2010 Super Bowl*.

Which may explain why the members of the secondary are doing a rain dance (for lack of a better phrase) around Revis' jersey on the practice field.

"We just have to keep his memory alive while he's not here," safety Jim Leonhard said of the dance. "The DBs always dance before games. We wanted to let him know that we're still thinking about him and he's still one of us."

Cromartie didn't even think the dance was enough from his end, either, running over to the right side of the field right before the snap as a tribute to the missing DB.

"That's his side," Cromartie said of why he vacated the left side. "I went over to the right side for that one play. That was my tribute."

Clearly, they like him. And miss him -- although it's unlikely that any sort of dance, short of one that can produce $15.2 million a year, will bring Revis back. His relationship with his teammates isn't the issue -- it's the relationship with the team that's the problem.

*only in Rex Ryan's mind

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 9:25 pm

Namath has a take on Revis v. Jets

Of course he does, baby! It's Broadway Joe (dot, um, t-v)! Anyway, Joe's got his take up on his new fancy website about Darrelle Revis and the Jets and it's worth watching, if only for the stunning homemade v-neck 1982 Nike cutoff t-shirt that he's wearing.

I can't tell for certain, but I feel confident he may be wearing jean shorts. Bonus: at the three minute mark as he starts discussing whether or not "life is fair," his dog starts barking. Still, it's interesting nonetheless, particularly when Joe draws on his own experience to point out that if Revis goes back and plays hard for the Jets and eventually gets paid there, New Yorkers will continue to love him.

Posted on: August 12, 2010 12:00 am

Hard Knocks, episode 1 review

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

I talked about this in my preview , but I didn’t love last year’s version of Hard Knocks, featuring the Bengals. So, I was interested tonight to see if I could resume my love affair with the show if I wasn’t intimately involved with covering the team. And the end result: Yeah, it was pretty good. Had to set up some storylines, but there were some laughs and some good in-practice footage. I’ll keep watching.

-The first voice we hear is coach Rex Ryan, and he’s already very salty. While talking to his team before he releases the players for the summer, he says, “We’re right where we want to be, no question about it. Enjoy this time. Get away from it. No matter what you’re doing, it’s better than my (bleeping) vacation. I’m cruising the Baltic’s with my in-laws and (bleep).” Great, great stuff already from Rex.

-I probably shoulld have counted his F-bombs, but I never did. If I had to guess? Maybe 30.

-It’s not often you get to see players training in the offseason. Dragging a tire behind you as you run hills doesn’t look fun.

-Like usual: a great intro. I love watching the mundane stuff you see every day but would never stop to focus on. Stuff like the FieldTurf spraying when a guy runs his sneaker along it in slow motion. I remember one day before practice last year when a Hard Knocks camera crew spent 30 minutes filming a worker painting one of the lines on the field before Bengals practice in Georgetown, Ky. Of course, the next week on TV, it looked like the most interesting thing in the world. Sure enough, just after I wrote that, the crew filmed somebody spray-painting a line in Cortland.

-Somehow I expected Rex Ryan to look thinner. But yeah, he looks better than before. Just not as much as I thought after his surgery.

-I was wondering how much they would focus on Darrelle Revis. I was wondering if they’d have filmed him. The answers: a pretty fair amount and no.

-Rex knows how to draw laughs from his squad. “Revis isn’t in this building right now. Does it matter that Revis isn’t here? Goddamn, he’s pretty (bleeping) good.” Big laugh.

-Ah, a Laveranues Coles sighting. This is his second Hard Knocks in a row. He must be loving it. That’s a joke, of course. Coles does not like dealing media. And when I say does not like, I mean he hates it. I interviewed him just once last year – which was more than just about anybody else - and he got pissed at me and abruptly ended it after a couple questions.

-How about Buddy Ryan in a tie on the sidelines in that archived film? I think Rex should bring back that look.

-Yep, we’ve got our long-shots to make the squad. Brashton Satele, a rookie LB, and Aaron Kia, a rookie OL from Hawaii. OL coach Bill Callahan is talking about out how Kia played in a spread offense in college and how he doesn’t know much the techniques around the NFL. Not surprisingly, he’s getting coached up quite a bit. Rex Ryan then calls him awful. Ugh. Satele, meanwhile, is impressing some people. Then, he sprains his ankle – which drastically decreases his chances of making the team.

-Lots of people being fined. Apparently, it costs you $5 if you’re caught running shirtless. Even Rex isn’t immune. He’s fined $1 per snacking offense.

-How about the hair-pulling by GM Mark Tannenbaum when dealing with the Revis stuff> I thought he was going to pull it out of his head.

-It’s a half-hour into the show before we’re introduced to Mark Sanchez. And he’s telling LB Bart Scott to shut up.

-Good lord, Joe Namath looks like my grandfather getting out of the front seat of that SUV. High belt line and a bit stooped. He does make a good point about how people shouldn’t fumble.

-I love the skills competition between Rex and Tannenbaum.

-Could there be a better name for a bone-crushing fullback than John Conner, who’s obviously nicknamed the Terminator? He should make the team just on his name alone.

-Well, they didn’t paint the Revis picture in very positive terms after the diner meeting, did they?

-We have our first casualties. Rookie LB Kevin Basped and his bad knees are let go, and Kia is laid off as well. Poor dudes. They don’t even make the second episode. Kia is told, though, that he could play in the UFL. So, he’s got that going for him. But man, he looks pretty pissed. Kia hands in his playbook, slams the door in the cameraman’s face and the episode ends.

-Once again, solid work from HBO. Looking forward to next week

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 6:33 pm
Edited on: August 11, 2010 7:12 pm

Top moments of Hard Knocks

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Hard Knocks premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET on HBO, and it’s tough not to be a little excited. I’ve watched every season of the show, even when I was a casual NFL fan. Even when while watching teams I didn’t care much about, the drama, the film-making, the voice-overs and the interviews make for a beautiful viewing experience.

Last year, while covering the Bengals for CBSSports.com, I was a part of it. Early in training camp – actually, I believe it was in Episode 1 – TE Ben Utecht went down with a scary-looking neck injury, and it’s likely the last time Utecht will step on a field. After the ambulance took him away, Bengals PR extraordinaire Jack Brennan got all the reporters together on the side of the field to give us an update.

The Hard Knocks cameras were there, and they got each of our faces as we listened hard for the news. The next day, a buddy said to me, “Hey man, you look like crap in HD.” And that was the extent of my starring role on Hard Knocks.

I didn’t love the show last year, probably because I already knew what had happened by the time each episode aired – one of the best parts of the show is the drama that’s built by the fringe guys trying to make the 53-man roster – and because I learned a few of the tricks that go into making a TV show like that.

But aside from that, it’s just a cool behind-the-scenes experience (and frankly, most everything that HBO shoots is gorgeous), and this year, it should be extra fun because the ever-loquacious Rex Ryan will be one of the stars. I’ll watch the show tonight and get my review of it up on the blog about midnight or so. Until then, here are the top three moments (as picked by me) in Hard Knocks history.

3. Dallas’ Marion Barber playing the piano (I’m a huge fan of somebody who’s not a pianist that can actually play the piano. That’s one reason I love Chico and Harpo Marx, and why Zach Galifianakis has become such a big star).

2. Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard can dance! In his underwear! Like a stripper! With his teammates going wild around him!

1. Marvin Lewis, in a phrase the Bengals beat writers imitated all season long: “Be a pro!” Warning: this video has some naughty language.

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 5:12 pm

Ryan really wants Revis back at practice

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Rex Ryan sounds serious about solving this mess between his New York Jets club and CB Darrelle Revis. He said today he would cancel practice and get the entire team together with Revis and his representation to hammer out a solution to the contract dispute and end his hold-out.

Seriously, Rex? Oh yeah. He said he was absolutely serious.

"This is what I would like to have happen -- for everybody to put their cards on the table," Ryan told reporters, including the NY Daily News . "Have Darrelle come here with anybody he wanted. We’ll have (owner Woody) Johnson here. In fact, this is the way I would handle it: We’ll call off practice. We’ll have our whole team there and meet. That way there’s no he said-she said. Just get the thing done. And let’s work it that way.

"Let’s do this. I’m inviting them to come in - Darrelle to come in with everybody else. Anybody he wants. We’ll have the whole team there, including the owner. The entire organization. … And then that’s maybe how we’ll get a solution. Everybody wants a solution. Well, let’s figure a way to do it. Maybe this is a way."

OK, I’ve covered a few fun coaches/managers on the beat in the past – my favorites were Brian Kelly and Dusty Baker, just for the way they could fill up a notebook with fantastic anecdotes – but man, how great would it be to have to talk to Ryan every day?

Word out of Jets camp has been that New York’s defense could withstand the loss of Revis – in fact, Ryan said that very thing the other day – with Antonio Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson in the secondary. But obviously, they need Revis to compete for a Super Bowl. And they know they need Revis to compete for a Super Bowl.

Manish Mehta caught up with Neil Schwartz, Revis’ agent, after Ryan’s proclamation. Said Schwartz: "If the Jets want to have a meeting, the Jets know how to reach us."

I said Tuesday on CBS’s Around the League video that I don’t believe Revis will miss a regular-season game for the Jets. After Ryan’s idea today, I’m not changing my mind.

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