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Posted on: December 26, 2010 1:11 pm

Report: McNabb wants out of Washington

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Donovan McNabb will ask the Redskins to release him after the season, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Naturally, this is not a surprise, because … well … McNabb has been demoted to the third string so Rex Grossman and John Beck (Grossman and Beck?!!?!?) can get some playing time. McNabb feels disrespected, as well as he should.

From the article:

McNabb wants to be in a position where he can pick the place to finish his career, not have it dictated to him as was the case last season when Philadelphia traded him to Washington.

It's highly unlikely the Redskins initially would release McNabb, not when they believe he still has some trade value. Washington would want to recoup as much as possible for the player whom they surrendered second- and fourth-round picks.

What will test McNabb's trade value is the $10 million option bonus in his contract that another team might have to pay. Yet there are any number of teams -- Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco, Carolina, Tennessee and Miami -- with significant quarterback questions looming for 2011.

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Posted on: December 17, 2010 1:07 pm
Edited on: December 17, 2010 1:11 pm

McNabb demoted to 3rd string; agent rips Skins

Posted by Andy Benoit

More from the headline-grabbing news out of DC Friday. Chris Russell of ESPN 980 reports that Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman were informed of the quarterback change in Washington earlier this week, and that both were told not to say anything. Shanahan claims he told McNabb about the move Thursday. Oh, Shanahan also mentioned that Rex Grossman will start for the remaiD. McNabb (US Presswire)nder of the season, and that John Beck will be the No. 2. This means McNabb will not be part of the 45-man roster for the last three games, which, according to Grant Paulsen of ESPN 980, means the Redskins won’t have to pay him $93,000 in bonuses.

The Redskins probably wouldn’t mind McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, keeping as mum like his top client. But that's a no go. Smith lashed out at the organization Friday. "Disrespectful is probably not strong enough of a word," Smith told Jason Reid of the Washington Post. "Donovan has handled himself with nothing but class, not just in Washington but as an ambassador for the league. To treat him this way ... it's beyond disrespectful."

Smith has been disenchanted with the Redskins organization throughout most of this tumultuous season.

"I almost don't even know where to begin, but it really started with Detroit and it was just wrong the way Donovan was treated," Smith said. "Just the way Mike handled the whole situation in Detroit, and in almost every instance since that time, and this is, I guess, the culmination of that. I think it's ... again, it's beyond disrespectful."

Smith, of course, negotiated McNabb’s new contract with the team back in November. Word is a big part of McNabb’s inspiration to sign the deal was how much he enjoyed living in Washington. He’ll likely have to reconsider that now.

Smith was asked what McNabb’s future holds. “Without talking to him, I can't answer that question at this time," he said. "Obviously, we're going to have to sit down and digest the season at season's end. And we will, in due time, come to a decision.

"But at the end of the day, he has to live there [in Washington], he has to play there. And the decision, at the end of the day, is ultimately his. I can't answer that question on his behalf. But from my standpoint, I'm certainly not happy with what has transpired. If that is his decision, we're absolutely not happy with Mike's treatment or handling of Donovan. In this situation and in a lot of situations this season."

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Posted on: October 19, 2010 9:12 am

Top Ten With a Twist: 2007 Drafted QBs

JaMarcus Russell, the first pick taken in the 2007 NFL Draft, is one of the bustiest draft picks in league history (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

I saw an interesting tweet from @PScrags a few weeks ago, and it went like this: “FACT: Of the 10 quarterbacks drafted in the 2007 NFL Draft, not ONE is a current starting NFL quarterback.”

That perked my ears, and I thought I’d check out that particular Draft and see what happened to that non-illustrious 10 (in doing my own painstaking research, I discovered there actually were 11 QBs taken that year). As of today, PScrags' statement isn’t exactly true, though it could be soon, assuming Michael Vick retains his starting spot for the Eagles.

Carolina's Matt Moore, it should be noted, was an undrafted free agent that year, and now he’s back to being a starter after Jimmy Clausen showed he’s clearly not ready to play in the NFL. But Moore wasn't drafted anyway, so we're not including him.

1st Round

No. 1. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders: Well, we all know what happened to him, don’t we? The only question now is this: how many of us were introduced to Purple Drank because of Russell? A fair number, I suppose. Therefore, a toast to Russell. A toast of Purple Drank.

No. 22. Brady Quinn, Browns: Remember how amazed we were by how far Quinn had fallen in the Draft and how long he had to sit in the green room? Remember how some people thought he could be a No. 1 overall pick? Jeez, how crazy are some mock drafters anyway? He’s now, depending on the day, either the second- or third-string QB in Denver.

2nd round

No. 36. Kevin Kolb, Eagles: Well, he was the starter at the season’s beginning. Before the concussion and before Michael Vick transformed himself into one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. When Vick returns, he likely will knock Kolb into the backup spot. Unless Andy Reid changes his mind once again. And because Kolb has played well in Vick's absence, that's a possibility.

No. 40. John Beck, Dolphins: He was the third-string QB in Baltimore during the offseason, but that was before Marc Bulger came into the picture. He was traded to Washington where … he’s the third-string QB.

D. Stanton came in relief of S. Hill during Sunday's Detroit game (US Presswire). No. 43. Drew Stanton, Lions: I bet you didn’t know this: Stanton threw a TD in his first-ever NFL attempt. Ultimately, that probably will be the highlight of his career. When Matthew Stafford returns to the field after the Week 7 bye, Stanton will fall back to No. 2 (until backup Shaun Hill recovers from his forearm injury).

3rd round

No. 92. Trent Edwards, Bills: The wound is still too fresh to delve into the details, but in one week, Edwards lost his starting job and then lost his backup job. Jacksonville has since claimed him off waivers. Let me repeat: the Bills – who might be the worst team in football – decided they couldn’t use him. Edwards replaced David Garrard on Monday Night Football after Garrard sustained a concussion, and actually, Edwards didn't play badly.

4th round

No. 103. Isaiah Stanback, Cowboys: What can we say about Isaiah Stanback? Namely, he has five pass receptions in his pro career. He tore his Achilles in the preseason with Seattle, and he was released soon after. It’s almost not fair to call him a QB, but that’s what he did in college, so that’s how we’ll list him.

5th round

No. 151: Jeff Rowe, Bengals: He sat behind Carson Palmer and Ryan Fitzpatrick for a season. The next year, he lost his third-string job to Jordan Palmer. Ah, nepotism sucks, eh? Unless, of course, you’re the recipient of that nepotism. Then, it’s awesome.

No. 174. Troy Smith, Ravens: When Baltimore signed Bulger to back up Joe Flacco, that signaled the end of Smith’s time with the Ravens. There’s little doubt Smith has great athleticism, but he’s proven he’s not a starting QB in the NFL. He’s currently the third-string QB in San Francisco.

6th round

No. 205. Jordan Palmer, Redskins: Jeff Rowe’s worst nightmare. Actually, Palmer is one snap away from taking older brother Carson’s job if the latter has to leave the game because of injury.

7th round

No. 217. Tyler Thigpen, Vikings: Thigpen actually has had a better career than many of the QBs on this list. Sure, he’s the third-string QB in Miami, but he’s started 11 NFL games (with an absurd record of 1-10) and he’s thrown 19 TDs against 15 INTs.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 10:08 am

Hot Routes 9.02.10: And so it begins ...

Actually, "it" (meaning NFL football) will begin a week from today. But college football starts tonight and whether or not you love the college game is irrelevant: it's FOOTBALL. Real, live football and it will be quickly followed by the professional game.

It's like Christmas times eleventy billion. Anyway, follow us on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL) and feel free to suggest links you'd like to see here.
  • Since it's the start of football season (college anyway) and since Jay Cutler won't play tonight against the Browns , I nominate someone to come up with a delicious new drink called the "Todd Collins." Perhaps it could just be a "Tom Collins" with severely aged grapefruit juice?
  • No Dez Bryant on Thursday night, which means he'll make his debut in the regular season. Jerry Jones' excuse : 'he's got some conditioning work to do.'
  • Bob Glauber of Newsday discusses talked with ex-Giant Antonio Pierce, who "just [doesn't] see the energy" in the team this year. He also calls them "just another team" -- what's the deal with former Giants getting television jobs and ripping their old teammates these days?
Posted on: August 29, 2010 3:39 pm

Shanny doesn't know for sure on McNabb for Week 1

Posted by Will Brinson

Donovan McNabb was ruled out on Sunday for the Redskins' final preseason game because of an ankle injury, according to Mike Shanahan. Washington's coach had a bit of even worse news for 'Skins fans though -- there's a chance McNabb might not play in the season opener .
Shanny pronounced McNabb "day-to-day" and said he doesn't "know for sure" whether McNabb will be ready for the game against the Cowboys on September 12.

That's obviously a date that's pretty far off (at least now): McNabb has two weeks to rehab the ankle and get it ready for the regular season.

Otherwise it's Rex Grossman time and panic-watch in Washington.

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 7:05 pm

McNabb: Ankle 'absolutely' improving

Posted by Will Brinson

Donovan McNabb's ankle is a sore spot -- both for him in the literal sense and for Redskins' fans who hope not to see John Beck or Rex Grossman get a whiff of the regular season, blowouts excepted.

So it has to be considered good news when McNabb told the press today that his ankle has "absolutely" improved.

“Absolutely," McNabb said. "It does feel a lot better than when I actually came out of the game and the last couple of days. It’s continued to progress over the last couple of days.”

Fortunately, Mike Shanahan doesn't think it's too terribly big of a deal if McNabb can't make either of the next two preseason games.

“Well, he is missing a half," Shanahan said. "We would like him to have that half, but we know it is not possible. But, he has got a lot of reps in the OTAs and he has been working. Those things are going to happen all year round, so you deal with it. He has gotten a few snaps in his career, so I think he can handle it.”

Bear in mind, of course, that Shanny also told the press recently that if this week WERE a regular season game, chances are "slim" that McNabb could suit up and start.

McNabb added that he didn't ask to be taken out for the last series following the injury because, "I'm a football player. I get banged up. I just continue to fight through it." He also pointed out that he didn't feel the extra series created any additional damage to the ankle.

All this talk to the press is good and well and everything ... until the regular season starts. No one minds seeing how Grossman looks now, but if McNabb starts moving slowly when the games matter, it's a whole different story.
Posted on: August 7, 2010 2:20 pm

Another Ravens DB bites the dust

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

How much further will injuries deplete the Ravens defense? How much longer until they can’t field 11 players on the field?

We kid, of course, but for the Baltimore defense – particularly its secondary – it’s no laughing matter. The Ravens simply continue to lose players to injury.

According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post , DB Chris Carr injured his hamstring at today’s practice and left the field with a trainer, becoming yet another Baltimore player to seek medical treatment.

That left Cary Williams – who’s suspended for the first two games of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy – and Travis Fisher, who’s playing for his fourth team in the past five seasons, as the first team corners.

So far, Baltimore’s defense is missing FS Ed Reed (coming off hip surgery), CB Domonique Foxworth (out for the year with a torn ACL), and LB Sergio Kindle (fractured skull). Remember also that CBs Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb are coming off season-ending knee injuries from last year.

In the past week, the Ravens signed CB Chris Hawkins and traded QB John Beck for CD Doug Dutch. Those CBs left on the free agent market include former Raven Frank Walker and Fred Smoot.

The severity of Carr’s injury is not yet known.

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 1:07 pm
Edited on: August 2, 2010 2:15 pm

Ravens trade QB John Beck to Redskins

From the Baltimore Sun:

The Ravens traded fourth-string quarterback John Beck to the Washington Redskins for cornerback Doug Dutch, who was on the Redskins' practice squad last season.

Dutch, 24, is 5 feet 11, 199 pounds. He was undrafted coming out of Michigan in 2009 and was added to the Redskins' practice squad in November.

This move adds depth to the Ravens' injury-filled cornerback group.

The trade of Beck doesn't mean Troy Smith is guaranteed a spot on the team. There is still a chance that the Ravens will only keep two quarterbacks (Joe Flacco and Marc Bulger).

From the Redskins side of things, this likely means the end of Colt Brennan. The Hawaii gunslinger was battling Richard Bartel for the No. 3 quarterback job. Rex Grossman is slated to be the No. 2. However, Grossman may get pushed by Beck, who was a second-round pick of the Dolphins in 2007.

UPDATE: Redskins inside Chris Russell says Brennan will indeed be released.

--Andy Benoit

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