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Posted on: February 16, 2011 8:50 pm

Report: Jets willing to lose Cromartie

A. Cromartie could be out of a New York uniform next season (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s been quite a month for Jets CB Antonio Cromartie. After an up and down season – in fairness, he was probably more ‘up’ than ‘down,’ but some of his ‘downs’ were really low, Cromartie called Patriots QB Tom Brady an a------ (hell, even Reggie Jackson suggested Cromartie pipe down after that comment).

Then, he blasted the NFL and the NFLPA about the labor dispute and the “no light at the end of the tunnel” progress they had made in negotiating a new CBA (hey, the man needs to get paid).

Then, Cromartie and Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck got into a mini-Twitter war in which Cromartie threatened to smash in Hasselbeck’s face.

So yeah, he’s been pretty classy.

And though it’s questionable whether any of the previous controversies will play a role in the Jets ultimate decision about Cromartie, the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi, via Pro Football Talk, reported tonight that New York likely will let the upcoming free agent walk away.

That’s because, Lombardi says, the Jets are more interested in retaining the services of WRs Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards rather than pay Cromartie a boatload of money.

Cromartie should be fine, though. He’s probably not a top-five cornerback in the NFL, but he certainly could be a team’s No. 1 cover guy. He fulfilled that role with New York when Darrelle Revis was out with injury, and for the most part, Cromartie performed admirably.

UPDATED: The New York Daily News reports that no decision has been made regarding Cromartie and that he's still a priority for the Jets.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 5:27 pm

Ravens give boot to QB coach Zorn

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although Ravens QB Joe Flacco statistically had the best season of his career (his 25 touchdowns and 3,622 passing yards were career highs, while his 10 interceptions were the least amount he’s ever thrown), it didn’t really feel like it.

He didn’t regress last season (obviously), but he also seems to have been passed on the league’s-best-young-QB list by players like Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman.

Now, Flacco will have this second QB coach in two years, because Ravens coach John Harbaugh has fired Jim Zorn, according to the Baltimore Sun. The Sun’s source said Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron met with Zorn for seven hours, and it was determined that Zorn wasn’t a good fit with the rest of the coaching staff.

According to media reports, Zorn – who was fired as the Redskins head coach in 2009 – is a bit quirky, as are some of his quarterback drills. Or you could call him an “outside the box” thinker. But he did help Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck when Zorn was the quarterbacks coach in Seattle, turning him into a Pro Bowl signal-caller.

He likely won’t be out of a job for long. 

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 3:14 pm
Edited on: January 27, 2011 3:40 pm


Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Ah, who doesn’t love a good Twitter throw-down? Looks like we’ve got a pretty good one on our hands between Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck and Jets CB Antonio Cromartie.

Earlier today, as reported by Pro Football Talk, Hasselbeck tweeted the following: “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.”

Then, Hasselbeck quickly deleted it. It appeared Hasselbeck was taking a shot at Cromartie – and possibly at his nine-kids-by-eight-mothers career – after Cromartie bitched about the labor negotiations between the NFLPA and owners and called union leadership an a------.

Now, Cromartie has responded in kind. Wrote Cromartie: “hey Matt if u have something to then say it (sic) be a man about it. Don't erase it. I will smash ur face in.”

Now, all eyes turn to boxing promoter Don King. When can we get these guys in the ring? After all, we’ll need something to watch/cover when the players are locked out.

UPDATE (3:38 p.m.):
Bad news for those looking for a fight. Tweeted Hasselbeck: "Sorry for the joke man. No hard feelings. DB's & QB's have a hard time getting along I guess sometimes. lol"

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Posted on: January 16, 2011 1:56 pm

Carlson carted off early with nasty head injury

Posted by Will Brinson

The Seahawks have an early problem as they fell down to the Bears 7-0 in the first quarter of their divisional-round matchup. But things won't get any easier, as it appears tight end John Carlson will miss the remainder of the game after being carted off on a stretcher with what appears to be a serious head and/or neck injury.

Carlson landed head-first on the sidelines after hurdling Daniel Manning for a first down on the Seahawks' second offensive series -- the hit looked hard, but the replays are just uncomfortable.

Obviously the biggest concern here is Carlson's health -- Moose Johnston astutely points out that even though Soldier Field is heated, the sidelines are not, and that makes landing there potentially dangerous.

Some reports on Twitter indicated that Carlson was moving as he hit the tunnel for the locker room, and it appears, based on the Seahawks injury report that Carlson suffered no damage to his spinal cord, and the injury is directly related to the head. While no one likes to see a concussion, it's tremendous news that there's no serious damage to Carlson's neck or back.

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Posted on: January 13, 2011 5:07 pm
Edited on: January 13, 2011 8:31 pm

Bears vs. Seahawks: 7-Point Divisional Preview

Posted by Andy Benoit

CBSSports.com's patented and award-winning 7-point preview gets you ready for each and every playoff game. As an added bonus, check out our playoff podcast preview:

1. Seattle Seahawks (No. 4, NFC, 8-9) @ Chicago Bears (No. 2, NFC, 11-5)

Arguably the most unlikely second-round playoff team in NFL history goes on the road (like it should have had to do in the wild card round) to face a storied franchise that filled up the bottom half of everybody’s NFC North preseason rankings.

No taking potshots at the Seahawks this week (aside from that little “going on the road” one…which not even the most fiery Seattleites can, deep down, disagree with); Pete Carroll’s men played too well against the Saints to be mocked.

Besides, Seattle beat Chicago at Soldier Field back in Week 6. It was Marshawn Lynch’s Seahawk debut, and his club became, at the time, just the second team to rush for more than 85 yards against Chicago’s reinvigorated defense. (Lynch wound up with 44 of Seattle’s 111 rushing yards; his former Cal teammate, Justin Forsett, had 67). Regardless of what happens from here on out, Lynch will forever be remembered for his earth-rumbling 67-yard run against the Saints.

He’ll need similar tenacity Sunday. The Bears held opponents to an NFC-best 90.1 yards rushing per game during the regular season. Forsett’s quickness won’t be as viable on the sloppy Soldier Field surface; the Seahawks will need to call upon their new hero.

2. PLAYOFFS?! Watchability Ranking

The Seahawks bring a David factor to this equation, but it’s not like the 11-win Bears are a big bad Goliath.

3. Key Matchup to Watch: Earl Thomas/Lofa Tatupu vs. Bears Passing Offense

After tearing him apart in the regular season, the Saints were eager to pick on rookie safety Earl Thomas Saturday. But the first-round pick from Texas responded admirably, finishing second on the team with eight tackles. Thomas showcased blazing speed on many of those tackles – including one where he crossed the field to hunt down Reggie Bush.

That speed will be crucial against Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, Chicago’s two playmaking receivers. Though a slapdash offensive line has compelled Mike Martz to call fewer seven-step-drop passes in 2010, you can bet the Bears will still look to stretch the field a time or two. The Seahawks gave up an NFC-high 60 passes of 20 yards or more during the regular season. They also allowed 11 passes of 40-plus yards (tied for fourth most in football). Some of those passes were due to Thomas’ misreads.

Thomas is obviously more experienced than when the Bears last saw him, but given how vulnerable Seattle’s corners are to downfield patterns (knee injuries have cost Marcus Trufant a half-step; No. 2 corner Kelly Jennings struggles with his outside change-of-direction technique at times) Martz and Jay Cutler will be tempted to showcase their big-play prowess on a high-stakes stage.

As far as Tatupu goes, his speed and instincts are key to Seattle’s short-area pass defense. The Bears completed 51 passes to running back Matt Forte this season (tied with Knox for the team lead). Seattle may want to consider shadowing Forte with their veteran Pro Bowl middle linebacker.

4. Potentially Relevant Video

Pete Carroll should make his special teams unit watch this video 10 times a day the rest of this week.

5. The Seahawks will win if ...

They get another spectacular performance from Matt Hasselbeck and take advantage of Chicago’s issues with recognizing pass blocking assignments (that is if the Bears haven’t corrected these issues over the past two weeks).

6. The Bears will win if ...

They simply break even with Seattle in the “mistakes” category and can take advantage of the favorable mismatches for their defensive line.

7. Prediction: Bears 24, Seahawks 17

Posted on: January 12, 2011 8:31 pm

Carroll says 'Hawks want Hasselbeck back in 2011

Posted by Will Brinson

Matt Hasselbeck's an impending free agent and a pretty elderly dude (in football years), so there's a good chance he won't be in Seattle come next year.

However, Pete Carroll said on Wednesday that the team wants to have him back in 2011.

"We love what Matt has done and we're going to do everything we can to keep him here. But we don't know what the timelines or how that's going to work out and all that kind of stuff, but it's a big issue for us that we're looking forward to," Carroll said, per Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times.

"Yeah, we do want him back."

Of course, Carroll has to say that, since Seattle's in the middle of an improbable playoff run and Hasselbeck's virtuoso performance against the Saints is what propelled the 'Hawks to Chicago for a shot at the NFC Championship game.

Additionally, although Hasselbeck's struggled with injuries and performance the last few years, he's a pretty popular guy in the Seattle area. And, of course, not getting Hasselbeck's back would mean that Carroll has to lean on Charlie Whitehurst, which isn't a particularly appetizing alternative.

The reality is that Carroll's regime is a rapid-paced transaction factory (the Seahawks recorded nearly 300 transactions over the past year, which is, well, something) hell bent on returning the 'Hawks to glory.

Hasselbeck might be his guy right now, but he's definitely not the future of the franchise, and if the veteran is seeking a longer contract, there's a pretty good chance that things won't work out in the future.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 12:44 pm
Edited on: January 12, 2011 12:47 pm

Hot Routes 1.12.11 coaches fighting SNOW!?

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Former Bengals bust Peter Warrick is joining Cincinnati Commandos, an indoor football club where, we believe, all the players eschew underwear.

The unattractive Seahawks-Bears matchup (unattractive by divisional round playoff standards) is hurting ticket brokers in Chicago.

In his introductory press conference, Ron Rivera said the Panthers defense would remain a 4-3. (Rivera ran a 3-4 in San Diego but a 4-3 in Chicago.)

Bucs special teams coach Rich Bisaccia is jumping ship to San Diego. The Bucs replaced him with former fringe journeyman Dwayne Stukes.

Because of the snow in Atlanta, Mike Smith and some of his colleagues have turned the Falcons’ Flowery Branch headquarters into their personal residence.

Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter touted his head coaching experience during his interview with the Broncos. (The former Boise State head coach is obviously familiar with leading a Broncos team.)

Aaron Rodgers, who notched his first playoff win this past Sunday, said there never was a monkey on his back.

The Raiders are holding one of their near-annual head coaching searches.

After Drew Brees won it last year, Matt Hasselbeck is looking to take the “Best Postgame Celebration Photo With Your Kid” title for 2011.

Vernon Davis would love for Donovan McNabb to be a 49er.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 5:40 pm

Seahawks gunning for another QB of the future?

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

With Matt Hasselbeck on the downside of his career – even though he was simply fantastic in beating the Saints, and he might stick around as a starter for another couple years – it makes sense that the Seahawks would continue to search for a potential future quarterback.

I think many of us would agree that Charlie Whitehurst, who was signed before last season for that “future quarterback” spot, is not that person. Now, it sounds like Seattle will give it another shot with a quarterback who’s virtually had no playing time in the NFL.

According to CSN Bay Area, 49ers practice squad QB Nate Davis will sign a contract with the Seahawks, pending that he passes a physical.

You might remember Davis because former San Francisco coach Mike Singletary blasted Davis’ work ethic early this year before stashing him on the 49ers practice squad all season long.

Davis was a fifth-round pick out of Ball State in 2009, and he has impressed observers with his arm strength. But when Singletary ripped him for his offseason practice habits, his stock certainly dropped. He also didn’t play great in the preseason games, and that didn’t help matters either.

And then there’s this.

From the article:

Davis' draft stock fell in the spring of 2009 when he revealed he had a learning disability. With Jim Harbaugh entering as 49ers head coach and bringing the West Coast offense, Davis would've been forced to learn a new offense, anyway.

Davis rarely practiced at quarterback during the season. He saw more action on the 49ers' practice squad playing tight end. The 49ers were not thrilled he gained approximately 15 pounds during the season. Davis plans to spend his offseason with a personal trainer in Indianapolis, he said.

The Seahawks are allowed to sign Davis because he finished the season on the 49ers' practice squad. The 49ers had one week of sole-negotiating rights to sign him to a contract that will begin with the new league year. After that one-week window, practice squad players become "street free agents" and are free to sign with any team.

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