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Posted on: April 2, 2011 6:43 pm

Moss: 'I know I can still play at a high level'

Posted by Will Brinson

Once the labor dust (or "if," perhaps) settles, Randy Moss will be one of the more intriguing free agent wide receivers on the market.

Sure, he's old, he looks like he could finally be washed up, and he played for three different teams in 2010. But if you listen to him, he's still got some football to play.

"I want to play wherever they want me to play," Moss told ESPN's Ryan McGee in a recent NASCAR-related interview that wasn't supposed to cover football. "Like I said, I'm a free agent. I know I'm 34. I know I didn't have a great season last year. But I also know that these still work [holds up his hands] and I know I can still play at a high level.

"We just need to get this season back on track so I can start working on finding that team that wants Randy Moss on their roster."

The full interview is pretty awesome, and worth a read, mainly because it shows what a NASCAR junkie Moss is and has a couple pretty funny anecdotes about Moss in the NASCAR world (like running after Tony Stewart, who peeled out of there).

But back to the point: can Randy Moss play in the NFL in 2011? The answer, despite the wide receiver's struggles last season, has to be "yes."

Remember that it wasn't that long ago that Moss made a one-handed grab over Darrelle Revis in a Patriots-Jets game. And also remember that once upon a time, Moss was left for dead following a miserable season with the Raiders. Then he went to New England and played some of the best football of his career. That opportunity might not come up in 2011, and it's possible that we've seen the last of Moss' relevance. But counting him out completely, after having seen his career progression thus far, is a bit foolish.

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 2:46 pm

Moss says he wants to go back to Pats

R. Moss was not very happy in a Tennessee uniform (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If WR Randy Moss had his druthers, he’d be playing, once again, in New England for coach Bill Belichick. That’s what he told KFAN-1130 in Minneapolis (via the Tennessean) this morning.

“I would love to come back to Minnesota. But I don’t know what they have in place,’’ Moss told the radio station. “But if you ask me where my heart is … I am a big fan of Bill Belichick, I really am, and not just on the field. I am a fan of his off the field because the little grouchy man you see on camera is not what you see off the camera.

“If you ask me where my heart and where I am happy is, I love playing with Tom Brady and I love being coached by Bill Belichick.”

That said, he also declared that he wasn’t in the best state of mind after the Vikings released him and he signed with the Titans.

“By me being dropped, I think I went into depression a little bit but I had to suck it up and had to be a man,’’ Moss said. “I have mouths to feed so I had to really take everything in stride and go to Tennessee and try and make things work.

“I wasn’t playing much and they wasn’t putting me on the field. But I had to put my feelings aside and keep playing football.”

For now, Moss wants to keep playing. Well, not RIGHT now. Right now, Moss has money to win (he is, after all, a free agent and the NFL isn’t exactly paying people right now).

“Right now,’’ he said, ”I’m getting ready to take my behind to the casino and sit down and play some slots.”

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Posted on: March 10, 2011 9:35 pm
Edited on: March 11, 2011 11:53 am

Hot Routes 3.10.11 squeezing 'em in

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

Chris Cooley reads every ounce of his fan mail (even if it’s several years later).

Nick Fairley is now a Nike guy .

The Broncos are working out Von Miller (who probably doesn’t fit their new 4-3 defense anyway).

Mike McCarthy is making no bones about it: Nick Barnett is no longer a starter .

The Steelers don’t want Tiki Barber.

Less than a year after mysteriously quitting football, former Dolphins second-round pick Pat White has retired from baseball .

Another Larry Fitzgerald contract bit .

The Dolphins will have a private workout with Cam Newton. That’s the benefit of being a professional sports organization: you get to workout with some of the best athletes in the world. It’s the perkiest of perks; Newton ain’t working out with, say, a southern Florida branch of Charles Schwab.

Just to be clear, Randy Moss is not returning to the Titans.

Good news passed along from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King on Thursday: Steve Sabol is recovering well in a Kansas City hospital. The president of NFL Films suffered a seizure on Saturday.

Kevin Faulk says his surgically repaired ACL is 70 to 75 percent recovered at this point.

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Posted on: December 27, 2010 2:57 pm

Hot Routes 12.27.10 playoff pushes

Hot Routes

Posted by Andy Benoit

The Packers were 5/6 in the red zone Sunday. The Giants did not even reach the red zone.

Eli Manning became the first Giants quarterback since YA Tittle 71 years ago to have 30 touchdown passes in a season.

217 of New England’s 348 yards at Buffalo came on the ground.

How’s this for turnover differential: Patriots 0 turnovers, Bills 7. That’s not points off turnovers, that’s just turnovers.

Rookie free agent Kyle Love started at NT for the Pats. He recorded a sack and two tackles.

Chicago’s Johnny Knox had four catches for 92 yards against the Jets. He needs just 40 yards to reach 1,000 on the season.

Chris Harris recovered a fumble, snatched a game-clinching interception and led the Bears with 11 tackles. He also broke up a pass and registered a tackle for a loss.

The Ravens netted just 97 yards passing against the Browns.

The Browns’ only touchdown pass Sunday came from wideout Mohammad Massaquoi.

Time of possession continued to be a problem for the Titans. They controlled the ball for only 20:56 against the Chiefs.

Super talented but equally raw tight end Jared Cook led Tennessee with 96 yards on five receptions. Randy Moss was not even targeted.

With the running game stalled much of the afternoon, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford stepped up and completed 28/37 for 292 against the 49ers.

Michael Crabtree had six catches for 122 yards and a touchdown. It was just Crabtree’s second 100-yard game season and only the third time he’s gone over 60 yards this year.

After going four weeks without a sack, Rams DE James Hall has now reached the quarterback in back-to-back games. Hall had 1.5 sacks on Sunday.

After losing an NFL-record 26 consecutive road games, the Lions have now won back-to-back contests away from home. Detroit’s win left Miami with a 1-7 record at Sun Life Stadium.

Bobby Carpenter, Nathan Vasher and Lawrence Jackson were Detroit’s top three tacklers Sunday. All were acquired as hugely disappointing castoffs from other teams.

The Redskins and Jaguars both failed to reach the 80-yard rushing mark Sunday.

Mike Thomas has evolved into Jacksonville’s No. 1 receiver. He was the team’s statistical leader once again with 96 yards on six catches. Also, emerging wideout Jason Hill added 77 yards on four receptions.

Hmmmm….maybe Carson Palmer CAN still play after all. Without having to worry about two diva receivers, Palmer spread the ball around against San Diego Sunday, completing 16/21 passes for 269 yards and four touchdowns. Jermaine Gresham, Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson all had at least four catches and 55-plus yards receiving.

Eric Weddle led the Chargers with 16 tackles…which tells you that top inside linebacker Stephen Cooper wasn’t playing.

With Andre Johnson out of the lineup, Houston wideout Jacoby Jones stepped up with five catches for 115 yards against the Broncos.

In a complete role reversal, the Colts outrushed the Raiders 191-80.

Jacob Tamme caught seven passes, giving him 60 on the season.

The Bucs outgained the Seahawks 439 to 174.

Kellen Winslow had his best game of the season, catching seven passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

Geno Hayes led the Bucs with two sacks.

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Posted on: December 26, 2010 1:38 pm
Edited on: December 26, 2010 6:32 pm

Casserly: Titans done with Moss, maybe V.Y.?

Posted by Will Brinson

Jeff Fisher and Vince Young don't love each other. No secret there. But there's been some concern as to how Bud Adams will handle the situation in the offseason, and a building belief that Fisher might bolt if Young's option is picked up and he's stuffed onto the team's roster as the would-be starting quarterback.

CBS Sports' Charley Casserly reported Sunday on The NFL Today that he expects the Titans front office will approach Adams in the offseason and ask him to move on from V.Y.

"Look for the front office to meet with Bud Adams and try to convince him that five years is enough and he should move on with Vince Young and let him go," Casserly said.

The front office is correct here -- Young isn't the guy who won the Rose Bowl for Texas a few years ago and he's shown that significant progression at the quarterback position isn't something the Titans should expect.

But that doesn't mean Adams can shake his mancrush. As for another high-profile member of the Titans, well, things should be easier.

"Last week Randy Moss said he wanted to come back," Casserly said. "Guess what -- he's not coming back. Last week he only played 15-20 plays in the game and he has not shown the Titans the speed and acceleration to separate from the defenders like he had in the past."

You can, however, expect both Moss and the Titans to play nice for the rest of the year. Moss doesn't gain anything by generating a stink off the field, and Tennessee certainly doesn't need another distraction.

Plus, if he does act up, they'll just cut him.

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Posted on: December 22, 2010 10:49 pm

Randy Moss: 'I didn't call no radio outlet'

Posted by Will Brinson

There was some speculation recently that Randy Moss might have called into a the 3-Hour Lunch on 104.5 and pretended to be a concerned Titans fan named "Woody" who wanted Jeff Fisher fired.

As Andy pointed out, "Woody" was likely just a prankster with a decent Moss impersonation, and not the rarely gruntled wide receiver. Moss said the same thing on Wednesday.

"First of all that is not me, that is not my MO," Moss said. "I would never do an individual like that. What I do and what I have done speaks for itself. I conduct myself and carry myself as a man, so if there is something I need to say to you I’ll say it to your face. I wouldn’t go through no radios and try and hide and stuff like that."

See, I totally agree -- not only would Moss not say some of the things that Woody said, but if he wanted Fisher fired, he'd just punch the local BBQ retailer come out and say he wasn't happy with his coach.

"The only person who needed to hear it wasn’t me was Coach Fisher," Moss said. "I didn’t call no radio or no radio outlet. It was important for Coach Fisher to hear it from me that it wasn’t me because of all the uproar that people thought it was me."

It probably wasn't Moss. The more and more you listen to the audio, the easier it is to tell the difference between Woody and Moss, particularly in that Woody's pace is too quick for Moss' particular drawl.

But there is an important lesson to learn from this. See how that easy that is Vince Young? Just roll up to Fisher, tell him you didn't do anything wrong and it's all good.

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Posted on: December 21, 2010 10:06 am

Jeff Fisher: Randy Moss addition 'not a mistake'

Posted by Will Brinson

Ever since the Tennessee Titans added Randy Moss to the roster, things have not been, um, good. On November 3, when the Titans claimed Moss, they were on a bye and sitting in first place in the AFC South at 5-3. Since then, they've fallen to third place while going 1-5.

Also, Moss has done nothing, statistically speaking (not that there's anything wrong with that). But if you ask Jeff Fisher whether or not the team screwed up by claiming him, he'll tell you adding Moss was "not a mistake whatsoever."

"If we had to do it over, of course we would do it," Fisher said Monday per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. "He has been great. Randy has been great for this team. The numbers aren't there, the production is not there, the play time is not there right now because Kenny (Britt) is coming back. But Randy is a great teammate. He works with the young guys and has fun, so it is great to have him around. We have really enjoyed him."

Okay, so as good as Kenny Britt is (and he's very good), think about how this speaks to Moss' football talents that he's not playing because Britt's healthy.

Look, Moss didn't cause the Titans to go 1-5 (although his seemingly mystical ability to bring down whatever team he's on in 2010 is pretty amazing), but he was CLEARLY a mistake, because he cost more millions of dollars than balls he's caught since joining Tennessee.

No amount of mentoring -- unless it's the really good kind of mentoring that he was giving to Percy Harvin in Minnesota -- is worth that much cash. Much less the failed all-in move that suddenly became the possible end of the Jeff Fisher Era.

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Posted on: December 20, 2010 6:55 pm

Fisher still happy with invisible Randy Moss

R. Moss wasn't targeted in Sunday's game (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Can anybody have predicted that WR Randy Moss would have had this severe a downfall this quickly?

For the second-straight game, Titans QB Kerry Collins didn’t target Moss at all (Collins attempted 24 passes, for the record), and Moss is testing out unprecedented water in his career (when he’s not even an afterthought in the offensive gameplan).

Moss has been invisible, and though he probably won’t, he has to question his future in the league. Even so, Titans coach Jeff Fisher seems genuinely happy with Moss’ contributions to the team (five catches for 62 yards and zero touchdowns in six games).

“It was not a mistake whatsoever (to sign Moss),” Fisher told reporters, including the Tennessean. “If we had to do it over, of course we would do it. He has been great. Randy has been great for this team. The numbers aren’t there, the production is not there, the play time is not there right now because Kenny (Britt) is coming back.

“But Randy is a great teammate. He works with the young guys and has fun, so it is great to have him around. We have really enjoyed him.’’

And to his credit, Moss hasn’t said anything inflammatory about his diminished on-field role with Tennessee, and he’s (gasp!) actually talking to the local media.

Perhaps it’s because he knows his career hangs in the balance. If he pops off, bitching and moaning, his chances of playing next year decline. If he stays quiet, remains a good teammate, becomes a mentor of sorts, he might have a better opportunity next season, because Fisher will give him a good recommendation and because the words “more mature now” will be bandied about.

He still has skills, and somebody most likely will sign him for (relatively) cheap with richer incentives.

Hey, it worked for Terrell Owens, anyway.

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