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Posted on: July 14, 2011 5:30 pm
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Colquitt: Haley mad at McDaniels for cheating

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Todd Haley has been known for his short temper long before he landed the Chiefs' head coaching gig. Five years ago, when Haley was a wide receivers coach with the Cowboys, he and Terrell Owens had a falling out that ended with Owens stating that the two would have "no other dialogue" after Haley berated him for being late to a team meeting.

And then, in January 2009 when Haley was the Cardinals offensive coordinator, he got into it on the sidelines with receiver Anquan Boldin.

We mention this because last season, when the Broncos defeated the Chiefs, Haley refused to shake hands with then-Denver coach Josh McDaniels and instead decided to give him a finger-wagging lecture right there at midfield.

Haley later apologized saying, "I do believe in doing what's right and and that was not right. I probably let the emotions of the situation get to me too much and I apologize to the fans and to Denver and to Josh."

Well, on Wednesday, Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt appeared on the "Vic and Gary" show on 102.3 the Fan in Denver and he had some thoughts on why, exactly, Haley wasn't particularly happy with McDaniels.

“I don’t know if I can answer that within the locker room, but I know that it has something to do with the Spygate, the videotaping,” Colquitt said, according to PFT. “All the stuff like that. And I think that Haley was like, ‘Listen, based on that game I can tell what you are doing, and you are cheating.’ . . .

“I think it was just a culmination of rumors and [McDaniels] had been involved in that in New England possibly before, and so Todd was just kind of saying, ‘Look, with the game plan we had and what you guys already knew we were gonna do, this is’ . . . basically saying it was ‘bush, bush league.’”

So there you have it. According to Colquitt, Haley was miffed because he thought McDaniels, who came to Denver from New England, was cheating. We eagerly await Eric Mangini's thoughts on the matter.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 7:10 pm
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Hot Routes 6.3.11: Cooley is a Jerky Boy?

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • I hate to keep talking about zany members of the Washington organization, but this story about Chris Cooley's prank-call love is just too good to pass up. Apparently, Cooley spent the offseason playing jokes and jokes and jokes on people via the phone. Via Andrew Sharp of SB Nation, Cooley went on Rich Eisen's podcast and told stories about pranks he likes to pull. He called Carson Palmer, he claims, and pretended to be John Elway and told him, "Listen, I hate Tim Tebow. I want you. I want you out here in Denver." And then he called Elway and pretended to be Carson and then he called John Fox ... and, well, it really doesn't sound like it can be true. But either way, it's enjoyable.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 2:07 pm
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Pioli would pick Tyson Jackson again

T. Jackson has been rather average in his career so far (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

This will be the third draft for Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley since the two landed in Kansas City, and though the teams, without question, have improved (a 10-6 record last year as opposed to a 2-14 mark in 2008 is pretty dramatic, I’d say), there are still some questions about their decision-making on draft day.

Particularly when it comes to discussing 2009’s No. 3 pick Tyson Jackson – who hasn’t exactly played like a superstar the past two seasons and who was No. 5 in my Top Ten list (with a Twist) of overpaid players.

But in a predraft news conference, Pioli said he’s not ready to give up on his defensive lineman.

"I look back to that draft and I would say that I think we do have a good player in Tyson Jackson," Pioli said, via Arrowhead Pride. "I know the jury is still out. We need to see that. I think everyone in our organization is pretty confident still that Tyson is going to be a good player."

Would he pick the same player again if he had it to do over again? Absolutely, he said. Absolutely.

Of course, Pioli and the rest of the Chiefs organization didn’t have as much time on the 2009 draft preparation following Herm Edwards' firing and GM Carl Peterson's retirement after the season, cutting down the opportunities to see college players for Pioli and his organization. Now, though, Pioli says the club is coming together as a unit when it comes to scouting future players.

"I think if you're going to be good consistently,you have to continue to evolve and improve and get better in everything you do, "he said. "It's not just on the field. It's in player acquisition, the draft, free agency and managing the entire operation."

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Posted on: March 30, 2011 6:32 pm
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Offseason Checkup: Kansas City Chiefs

Posted by Will Brinson


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The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t -- as a certain former Chiefs coach-turned-analyst said -- the “story of 2010.” Maybe at the midway point of last year, but now? Come on. Still, watching the Todd Haley’s crew grow up right before our very eyes last year was definitely fun.

And definitely a reason to give tons of credit to Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis, the two coordinators that managed to get a slew of the Chiefs’ early-round draft picks to actually play to their potential. Glenn Dorsey, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers, and Tamba Hali all blossomed on the defensive side, and Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki turned into fantastic offensive seasons.

Various talent levels aside, there were too many players who took a step forward in 2010 to simply call it a coincidence. Sustaining those levels, though, is the bigger problem.

Scheme, Blocking

The offensive skill positions are pretty well set for KC (depending on what you think about Matt Cassel anyway, and with the notable exception of a second wideout with wheels) and if they can bring back Brandon Carr, the secondary is going to be sick long-term, and possibly even as soon as next year.

But the Chiefs still need some help in the trenches, though. Defensively, Tyson Jackson played well before suffering an early season injury and Glenn Dorsey certainly made people in Kansas feel a little better about his top-five selection.

And offensively, well, it’s pretty obvious how good this team can be. The biggest question is whether or not Haley can stay out of his own way. (Or, alternately, if Weis really is that brilliant a playcaller -- 2011 will let us know to some degree.) Weaknesses in one particular area -- offensive line -- could put the risk of not repeating on the table.

1. Offensive Line
The key indicator that the Chiefs’ offensive line played better than it is in 2010 is the differential in yards per carry for Thomas Jones (3.7) and Jamaal Charles (6.4). That’s not to say the two backs are equal, because they’re absolutely not; Charles is many times better than Jones at this stage. But Charles also creates his own yardage to a significant degree, and made it easier for KC to be the top rushing team in the NFL. There’s enough talent at O-line in the draft this year to warrant beefing up early.

2. Wide Receiver
Chris Chambers, clearly, isn’t the answer to line up across from Bowe, who had one of the more dominant stretches by a wide receiver we’ve seen in a while across the middle of last season, despite the Chiefs not offering anyone that warrants not double-teaming the Pro Bowler. Putting a talented speedster on the opposite side of Bowe would boost the offense’s overall potent-ability and make life easier for Cassel.

3. Defensive Line
Though the defense produced some surprises from guys who previously underwhelmed, don’t be shocked if the Chiefs look to the defensive line with an early pick in this draft. There’s ample talent available in the early rounds (we’ve covered the depth at this position, no?) and stockpiling some big bodies will bode well for an overall defensive improvement in 2011.

2011 will carry the unusual burden of high expectations for Kansas City. On offense, that’s a distinct possibility if Charlie Weis’ presence really was that important to the development of his skill position guys (Cassel, Bowe and Charles, specifically). If Kansas City struggles to score points out of the gate, all fingers will be pointing at Todd Haley, who’s reportedly clashed enough with Weis to run the big guy out of Dodge and down to work for Will Muschamp in the college ranks.

Defensively, Crennel can help continue to restore his reputation if Jackson can step up and the Dorsey/Johnson can keep the redemption story rolling. Eric Berry, Javier Arenas, Brandon Flowers, and Carr should grow as well, so there’s absolutely some upside from last year’s defensive performance.

It’ll all come down to expectations, though. If some of the guys who performed so well last year regress, or the offensive performances in 2010 were a mirage built on Weis’ brain, there’s a good chance that 2011 looks more like a mirage than a blossoming team for a recovering franchise.

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Posted on: February 15, 2011 12:31 pm

Chiefs name Jim Zorn QBs coach

Posted by Will Brinson

Jim Zorn was named the quarterbacks coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team announced on Tuesday.

Zorn was let go by Baltimore a few weeks ago, a decision that prompted some heated comments from Ravens QB Joe Flacco.

"We are excited to finalize our coaching staff today with the addition of Jim Zorn," Todd Haley said in a statement released by the team. "As a former head coach with more than two decades of experience playing and coaching the quarterback position in the NFL, Jim has a tremendous working knowledge of the game, and he will play a big role in the continued development of our football team."

That means on the offensive coaching end of things, there's Haley, newly-elevated offensive coordinator Bill Muir and Zorn. That's an interesting combination, especially because there's been no public discussion about who will call the plays for Kansas City in 2011.

Zorn and Muir would seem -- in this situation -- to be more figurehead than anything else, unlike Charlie Weis in 2010, when the Chiefs offense really exploded.

However, Zorn's gotten good things out of his quarterbacks in Seattle, Washington and Baltimore, especially considering the limited time frame he had to work with those signal callers in the last two stops.

If he and Muir can effectively work to keep Haley's reported ego from taking over, and help Matt Cassel continue to progress, the Chiefs should be in good shape again next year.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 1:46 pm

Don't expect Todd Haley to appoint himself OC

Posted by Andy Benoit

With Charlie Weis in Florida, the Kansas City Chiefs are still searching for a new offensive coordinator. Because head coach Todd Haley is an offensive guy and experienced play-caller (most notably Arizona, 2008), the job description for Chiefs OC reads a lot like that of an administrative assistant’s.

Haley figures to call the offensive shots (included in the “shots” would be the actual plays themselves). But just because whoever is hired would essentially be a glorified intern doesn’t mean Haley will appoint himself to the position and assume a dual role.

"The odds of that happening are very limited," Haley told m Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday. "I've been doing a lot of work on that since the season ended and feel good about the direction we're going. I'm not ready to disclose any of that, but we're at a different place than we were at in Year One when I had to make some tough changes coming out of training camp that really put us in a difficult spot."

Haley is referring to 2009, when he and offensive coordinator Chan Gailey parted ways right before the season began.

This time round the Chiefs have a fully-blossomed star runner (Jamaal Charles), more consistency along the offensive line and, of course, a more comfortable quarterback in Matt Cassel. But the attractiveness of the job remains in question. Rumor has it that working with Haley can be emotionally exhausting and unrewarding.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 10:56 am

Report: Haley didn't strip Weis of playcalling

Posted by Will Brinson

Following a disastrous second half for the Kansas City offense against Baltimore on Sunday, reports floated out yesterday that Todd Haley had stripped Charlie Weis of the Chiefs offensive playcalling duties.

It actually seemed somewhat logical (especially given the fourth-and-one sweep play to Jamaal Charles) but when rumors of this news leaking via Weis' public comments at a pizza joint came out, well, it seemed a little less likely.

Tuesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN cites a source with the KC organization that debunks the rumor and calls the report "just outright lies."

Schefter acknowledges the disaster that Weis and Haley's relationship became by the end of the season, which prompted Weis to bolt (less-than-laterally) for the offensive coordinator's position at Florida.

But the source insists that Weis called "every play in the game," including the fourth-and-one that turned the tides for Baltimore.

The Chiefs didn't look like themselves in the second half -- or at least not like the Chiefs team that streaked to the AFC West title anyway. But they did look like the same team that was blown out by the Raiders in Week 17, which may be an more indication that Weis and Haley's relationship really fell apart at the end of the season, rather than the stripping of any duties.

Regardless, Weis is out the door now, and Haley's got to find someone equally adept at calling plays and, maybe most importantly, someone he can get along with for the duration of the season.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 3:34 pm
Edited on: January 10, 2011 4:11 pm

Haley reportedly stripped Weis of play-calling

Posted by Andy Benoit

UPDATE 4:10 p.m. ET: Pro Football Talk has gone back and put our a major disclaimer on this story. Here is PFT's Mike Florio explaining. Judge the story for yourself:

Appearing on one of the station’s other shows, Fescoe explained that he received two text messages from patrons of a pizza shop that Weis supposedly frequents.  (Fescoe refused to name because he didn’t want to give the place “free advertising.”)  According to the persons who sent Fescoe text messages, Weis was openly stating in the unnamed pizza place that the play-calling duties had been yanked from him at halftime.

Fescoe didn’t hear it from Weis, but from two folks who texted him to say that Weis was saying it.  And Fescoe then went with it without getting a comment from Weis or from the Chiefs.

When Sunday’s Chiefs-Ravens game kicked off,T. Haley (US Presswire) Charlie Weis knew he might very well be calling plays in Kansas City for the last time. What he probably didn’t know was that the last time would last less than three quarters. Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports in Kansas City reports (via Pro Football Talk) that Haley stripped Weis of the play-calling duties during the second half of the game.

This news is significant for a variety of reasons, none of which shine a flattering light on Haley. For starters, since when is an offensive coordinator -- a multi-Super Bowl-winning offensive coordinator, no less – relieved of play-calling duties DURING a playoff game?

Second, it is now far less believable that Weis chose to take the Florida offensive coordinator job strictly for family and lifestyle reasons. Prior to the season, many doubted that Haley, known for having a big ego, would be able to resist marking up Weiss’ offense with his fingerprints. When the pressure was on, that proved to be the case.

What does this say about the chemistry of Kansas City’s coaching staff moving forward? And what top offensive assistant will want to go work for Haley?

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