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Posted on: December 20, 2010 6:55 pm

Fisher still happy with invisible Randy Moss

R. Moss wasn't targeted in Sunday's game (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Can anybody have predicted that WR Randy Moss would have had this severe a downfall this quickly?

For the second-straight game, Titans QB Kerry Collins didn’t target Moss at all (Collins attempted 24 passes, for the record), and Moss is testing out unprecedented water in his career (when he’s not even an afterthought in the offensive gameplan).

Moss has been invisible, and though he probably won’t, he has to question his future in the league. Even so, Titans coach Jeff Fisher seems genuinely happy with Moss’ contributions to the team (five catches for 62 yards and zero touchdowns in six games).

“It was not a mistake whatsoever (to sign Moss),” Fisher told reporters, including the Tennessean. “If we had to do it over, of course we would do it. He has been great. Randy has been great for this team. The numbers aren’t there, the production is not there, the play time is not there right now because Kenny (Britt) is coming back.

“But Randy is a great teammate. He works with the young guys and has fun, so it is great to have him around. We have really enjoyed him.’’

And to his credit, Moss hasn’t said anything inflammatory about his diminished on-field role with Tennessee, and he’s (gasp!) actually talking to the local media.

Perhaps it’s because he knows his career hangs in the balance. If he pops off, bitching and moaning, his chances of playing next year decline. If he stays quiet, remains a good teammate, becomes a mentor of sorts, he might have a better opportunity next season, because Fisher will give him a good recommendation and because the words “more mature now” will be bandied about.

He still has skills, and somebody most likely will sign him for (relatively) cheap with richer incentives.

Hey, it worked for Terrell Owens, anyway.

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 11:56 pm

Randy Moss is now a bench warmer

Posted by Andy Benoit

One of the biggest stories in the NFL last week went largely unnoticed. Heading into Thursday night, we wondered if Kenny Britt’s return to the Titans lineup (Britt had missed the past month or so with a hamstring injury) would force Randy Moss to the R. Moss (US Presswire)bench. Though Moss has had a minimal impact in Tennessee this season, it seemed inconceivable that the future Hall of Famer wouldn’t start.

Well, not only did Moss not start – he didn’t play in the three-receiver sets, either. Moss was the Titans’ fourth wideout behind Britt, Nate Washington and Justin Gage. Credit Jeff Fisher for having the gall to do what’s right. At this point, Moss, with his stiff route running and declining acceleration, is indeed Tennessee’s fourth best receiver.

In the days following the game, there was talk about the Titans designing packages that would get Britt and Moss on the field together. On Monday, however, Jeff Fisher seemed to dump a little cold water on that idea.

“We’ve got quite a few of our guys that know all three positions,” Fisher said, according to the Tennessean. “Kenny’s just been focused on the one position at the split end. So it really would be a result of Kenny being able to go out there without any issues and play both positions.

“But again, I would say (getting them both in the lineup together) is a possibility. I didn’t say we’d definitely do it.”

The reality is, there’s no reason for the Titans to play Moss at all this point. He likely won’t be around next season. If they’re going to design new receiving packages, they’re best off putting their focus on getting young, ultra athletic tight end Jared Cook more experience in the slot.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 5:06 pm

Fisher is cool with Britt liking Vince Young

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Earlier today, Will told you about Titans WR Kenny Britt’s tribute Thursday night to Vince Young when he wore a towel with #10 VY written on it in black ink.

Considering Young is in a very public feud with Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher, Britt’s gesture would seem like a slap in the face to the person who decides how much playing time he’ll get for the rest of the season. Especially if owner Bud Adams decides he’d rather live with Young on the team rather than employ Fisher as the coach.

Fisher was asked about the towel today, and the gesture didn’t seem to bother him.

“I wasn’t aware of it last night and I haven’t addressed it with him," Fisher said via the Tennessean. "Today, we cut the players loose (for the weekend). I’m not too concerned. What I want him to do is play."

Which he did Thursday, taking pretty much all of Randy Moss’ reps, though he only caught four passes for 39 yards in Tennessee’s loss. Fisher also wouldn’t be surprised if Britt is a little lighter in the wallet when the NFL is finished with him.

"There’s fines levied every week for uniform violations across the league, whether they’re socks or towels or what have you,” Fisher said. “So if it’s something that didn’t fit the requirements, I’m sure there will be a fine.”

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 10:06 am

Britt salutes Young in return, Moss goes goodbye?

Posted by Will Brinson

Kenny Britt may have helped put the Titans in a first half hole Thursday night (his costly third-down fumble led to the Colts' second touchdown of the game), but his return also provided a spark for an offense that hadn't scored in 33 consecutive drives before their touchdown near the end of the first half.

It was a spark that Randy Moss didn't bring/hasn't brought to the Titans, and the wide receiver essentially sat out the entire game, either because he's not worth sending deep or he simply can't provide enough run blocking to make it worth keeping him on the field.

Either way though, Moss was the surprisingly quiet one off the field -- it was Britt that might be stirring up trouble in the locker room, with his decision to show support for teammate Vince Young. Britt sported a white towel with #10 VY written in black ink, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, but didn't come back out with it on in the second half.

This is problematic since Britt's current head coach, Jeff Fisher, isn't exactly BFF's with Young right now. Fisher told the NFL Network before last night's game that he hasn't spoken to Vince and doesn't know where Young is and that he wishes Vince would be more of a "pro." (Although he wishes everyone would be, but that's neither here nor there.)

It's even more problematic, though, because Fisher also said last night that "to a man most everybody in that locker room" was not on Young's side. Britt's display would at least seem to imply he's not directly in Fisher's corner (although Roddy White once sported a "Free Mike Vick" t-shirt and he's doing just fine, thanks). Regardless, expect him to pick up a fine from the commissioner's office for the uniform violation.

As for Moss, his time in Tennessee -- remember, his third team this year -- might be coming to an end sooner or later. The Titans have either decided that he's not elite enough of a wideout to start over Britt or Nate Washington or they're convinced that since they haven't won a game since they acquired him six weeks ago, he must just be a jinx.

Either way, it seems increasingly likely that we've seen Moss play his last meaningful down as a Titan (which might actually be his first) and, unless a fourth team thinks they can use him for the playoff run, perhaps the end of Moss in the NFL for 2010. Which will make his contract negotiations going forward incredibly awkward.

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 8:19 pm

Kenny Britt back; who starts?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Kenny Britt is set to return to the Titans lineup against the Colts Thursday night. The second-year wide receiver is not even listed on the team’s injury report after missing the team’s past four games with a hamstring injury. Britt’s return means Jeff Fisher has a decision to make: does he start his recent first-round pick or keep going with Randy Moss?

Moss was brought in specifically to fill the void resulting from Britt’s absence. He has been close to a nonfactor, catching five total passes in four games. Britt was coming off a 225-yard performance and had scored a touchdown in five straight games before getting hurt. Commonsense would suggest you go with the young guy.

But it is almost inconceivable that Moss, 33, could come off anyone’s bench. Of course, we’ve seen Moss come off the field in a few critical passing situations for the Titans already.

The guess here is Fisher will start Moss opposite Nate Washington and use Britt. This is a role Britt actually had early in the season when Justin Gage was starting.

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 11:47 am
Edited on: December 5, 2010 11:53 am

AFC Inactives, Week 13

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

First, those who ARE active: Chiefs WR Dexter McCluster (who will actually get the start opposite Dwayne Bowe), Colts RB Mike Hart, Colts LB Gary Brackett, Titans QB Kerry Collins (who is starting),

Now, those who are NOT active:

Mike Sims-Walker, WR, Jaguars: One week after suffering an ankle sprain, he was back last week, and though he was didn’t do much, he was still an integral part of the gameplan. But he re-aggravated his ankle and won’t play today. Kassim Osgood will start in his place.

Kendrick Lewis, CB, Chiefs:
Kansas City has played exceptionally well with Lewis in the lineup (the Chiefs are 6-1 when he’s on the field). But he’s out today. So, that’s not good for Kansas City.

Kyle Vanden Bosch, DL, Bills: This is a big loss for Buffalo, especially since Vanden Bosch is one of the team’s best defensive players.

Brian Dawkins, CB, Broncos:
He hurt himself last week, but his skills have noticeably declined this season. This might not be the worst thing in the world for Denver.

Brandon Marshall, WR, Dolphins:
Limited in practice all week, many people thought Marshall would be healthy enough to play vs. the Raiders, especially since he said he was bouncing back quickly. Apparently, he's not. He's inactive, and that's a huge blow for Miami.

Kenny Britt, WR, Titans: Sounds like he's targeting next week as his return from a hamstring.

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 8:26 am

Kenny Britt avoids charges

Posted by Andy Benoit
K. Britt
Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt will not be charged from the bar brawl he found himself tangled up in back in October.

Britt had been accused of throwing a punch. A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted an individual named Brad Miser in the incident but determined that there was not enough proof to charge Britt.

Jeff Fisher originally held Britt out for four possessions in the game following the accusations. Fisher also visited the bar where the fight occurred and conducted his own investigation before deciding that Britt could play.

Britt, who on the field, came into his own immediately after the incident, is currently out with a hamstring injury.

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Posted on: November 20, 2010 6:01 pm
Edited on: November 20, 2010 9:20 pm

Week 11 injury report analysis Part III

Posted by Andy Benoit

Packers @ Vikings

Brett Favre has a shoulder/ankle/elbow/chin/and probably something else, but he’s listed as probable and is 99.9999 percent certain to go. He’ll have his best receiver, Percy Harvin (ankle) available, and he’s also getting his former best receiver, Sidney Rice, back from hip surgery. No. 3 wideout BernardR. Bush (US Presswire) Berrian, however, is questionable with a groin injury. C John Sullivan (elbow) and G Anthony Herrera (calf) are both questionable, which is a problem given how slipshod the Vikings offensive line is on the outside.

For the Packers, the injury storm seems to be abating (either that or everyone has gone to IR already). WR Donald Driver (quad) and DL Ryan Pickett (ankle) aren’t expected to return yet, but the rest of the lineup is healthy.

Seahawks @ Saints

Reggie Bush (fibula) is likely back and eager to stick it to his former USC coach. Starting RB Pierre Thomas (ankle) is still out, though. It’s starting to seem unlikely that Thomas will return at all in 2010. TE Jeremy Shockey is out with a rib injury, and FS Darren Sharper won’t play due to a bad hamstring. That’s noteworthy because Sharper’s replacement, rising first-rounder Malcom Jenkins, is questionable with a neck. Rookie CB Patrick Robinson is also questionable (ankle); Sean Payton will make a decision on him just before kickoff.

Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck has a crack in his non-throwing wrist. He’ll play, but he won’t get to throw to Brandon Stokley (calf) or Golden Tate (ankle).

Redskins @ Titans

CB DeAngelo Hall does not have a hamstring injury, though expect that to change if Randy Moss beats him on a deep route. RB Ryan Torain DOES have a hamstring injury and won’t play. Fortunately, Clinton Portis is back after missing five games with a bad groin. Portis may not have RG Artis Hicks (thigh) to run behind, but Hicks is probably on the cusp of losing his starting job anyway. S LaRon Landry (Achilles) and CB Carlos Rogers (hamstring) are questionable.

The Titans are still without Kenny Britt (why do you think they signed Moss?) and they’ll play without TE Craig Stevens (knee scope) for the next few weeks. QB Kerry Collins (calf) is doubtful, which means Jeff Fisher avoids having to make a tough call on Vince Young. CB Vincent Fuller did not practice due to a hamstring injury.

UPDATE 9:20 p.m. ET: Landry and Rogers are both out for the Redskins.

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