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Posted on: December 19, 2010 8:46 pm

The 50 greatest Vikings ever

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

One day before Minnesota takes on the Bears in what should be a strange Monday Night football game, the Vikings held a gala to honor their 50th season. In doing so, they honored the top-50 players in club history.

Here’s the list:

1. Grady Alderman, T, 1961-74
2. Jared Allen, DE, 2008-present
3. Matt Birk, C, 1998-2008
4. Matt Blair, LB, 1974-1985
5. Bill Brown, RB, 1962-74
6. Joey Browner, S, 1983-91
7. Bobby Bryant, CB, 1967-80
8. Anthony Carter, WR, 1985-93
9. Cris Carter, WR, 1990-01
10. Fred Cox, K, 1963-77
11. Daunte Culpepper, QB, 1999-2005
12. Chris Doleman, DE, 1985-93, ’99
13. Carl Eller, DE, 1964-78
14. Chuck Foreman, RB, 1973-79
15. John Gilliam, WR, 1972-75
16. Bud Grant, coach, 1967-83, ’85
17. Wally Hilgenberg, LB, 1968-79
18. Steve Hutchinson, G, 2006-present
19. Tim Irwin, T, 1981-93
20. Steve Jordan, TE, 1982-94
21. Tommy Kramer, QB, 1977-89
22. Paul Krause, S, 1968-79
23. Gary Larsen, DT, 1965-74
24. Carl Lee, CB, 1983-93
25. Jim Marshall, DE, 1961-79
26. Randall McDaniel, G, 1988-99
27. Keith Millard, DT, 1985-91
28. Randy Moss, WR, 1998-2004, ’10
29. Dave Osborn, RB, 1965-75
30. Alan Page, DT, 1967-78
31. Adrian Peterson, RB, 2007-present
32. John Randle, DT, 1990-2000
33. Ahmad Rashad, WR, 1976-82
34. Ed Sharockman, CB, 1962-72
35. Jeff Siemon, LB, 1972-82
36. Robert Smith, RB, 1993-2000
37. Scott Studwell, LB, 1977-90
38. Doug Sutherland, DT, 1971-81
39. Fran Tarkenton, QB, 1961-66, ’72-78
40. Henry Thomas, DT, 1987-94
41. Mick Tingelhoff, C, 1962-78
42. Stu Voigt, TE, 1970-80
43. Gene Washington, WR, 1967-72
44. Ed White, G, 1969-77
45. Sammy White, WR, 1978-86
46. Kevin Williams, DT, 2003-present
47. Antoine Winfield, CB, 2004-present
48. Roy Winston, LB, 1962-76
49. Ron Yary, T, 1968-81
50. Gary Zimmerman, T, 1986-92

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Posted on: December 17, 2010 2:01 pm
Edited on: December 17, 2010 2:08 pm

Was Moss ripping Fisher or being impersonated?

Posted by Andy Benoit

On Friday afternoon I received an instant message from my blogging partner Will Brinson. In the message was a link to a Clay Travis of FanHouse article that had audio of what sounded like Randy Moss calling a Nashville radio station and ripping Jeff Fisher.

Upon clicking the link and listening to the voice, it was immediately clear that the topic of any post regarding this subject would be not about what Moss said, but rather, about whether the caller was actually Moss. The caller identified himself as “Woody”; the radio show host, Blaine Bishop (a former Titan) was the one who, after hearing the voice, claimed it was actually Moss.

You can listen here for yourself.

Instead of starting a rumor, I decided it would be most effective and unique to give readers a peak behind our curtain by copying and pasting my ensuing chat with Will:

Andy Benoit
    that's not moss in the interview

Will Brinson
    you don't think so?

Andy Benoit
    no. absolutely not.

Will Brinson
    how are you so confident? (just legitimately curious)

Andy Benoit
    that would be 100 percent against moss's nature. it would have never been done before in sports media history. there's nothing for moss to gain by doing that. and the voice did not match moss's voice well enough. the delivery is similar but not enough bass. and also the voice said "oh" after the radio host responded to him. moss asks rhetorical questions but he does not respond to responses. he wouldn't say "oh" based off another guy's point. he'd just say what he wasnted to say and continue, he doesn't offer feedback to people when they talk to him (at least he doesn't nod in press conference questions or anything like that).

Will Brinson
    hmmmm. very good point
    you should debunk it in the post (and actually, that's an awesome point)

Andy Benoit
    ok i will (was just thinking that myself)
Will Brinson
    woah. you're right. the "Oh, okay" isn't Moss

Are we wrong here? Is there anyone who can argue that the voice in the audio is indeed Moss?

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 11:56 pm

Randy Moss is now a bench warmer

Posted by Andy Benoit

One of the biggest stories in the NFL last week went largely unnoticed. Heading into Thursday night, we wondered if Kenny Britt’s return to the Titans lineup (Britt had missed the past month or so with a hamstring injury) would force Randy Moss to the R. Moss (US Presswire)bench. Though Moss has had a minimal impact in Tennessee this season, it seemed inconceivable that the future Hall of Famer wouldn’t start.

Well, not only did Moss not start – he didn’t play in the three-receiver sets, either. Moss was the Titans’ fourth wideout behind Britt, Nate Washington and Justin Gage. Credit Jeff Fisher for having the gall to do what’s right. At this point, Moss, with his stiff route running and declining acceleration, is indeed Tennessee’s fourth best receiver.

In the days following the game, there was talk about the Titans designing packages that would get Britt and Moss on the field together. On Monday, however, Jeff Fisher seemed to dump a little cold water on that idea.

“We’ve got quite a few of our guys that know all three positions,” Fisher said, according to the Tennessean. “Kenny’s just been focused on the one position at the split end. So it really would be a result of Kenny being able to go out there without any issues and play both positions.

“But again, I would say (getting them both in the lineup together) is a possibility. I didn’t say we’d definitely do it.”

The reality is, there’s no reason for the Titans to play Moss at all this point. He likely won’t be around next season. If they’re going to design new receiving packages, they’re best off putting their focus on getting young, ultra athletic tight end Jared Cook more experience in the slot.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 2:55 pm

5 questions (or more) with Troy Brown

T. Brown spent 15 years in New England and won three Super Bowl rings (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since retiring from his 15-year NFL career, spent entirely with the Patriots where he won a Pro Bowl berth in 2001 to go with his three Super Bowl rings and his club record for most career receptions, Brown has delved into media work on the radio and on TV. He helps cover New England for WEEI and Comcast SportsNet, and he’s made national news a few times this season, including last month when he made scathing remarks about Ravens LB Terrell Suggs.

Brown has been working with Captain Morgan in the company’s pursuit of the One Million Poses challenge, which is trying to drum up $1 million for various charities. For more information, click here for the Facebook page.

We caught up with Brown this week, and we discussed Tom Brady’s MVP candidacy, the difference between Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan, and why the branches on Belichick’s coaching tree haven’t been so impressive in NFL head coaching jobs.

Previous Five Questions (or More):

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Former coach/author Mike Gottfried

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Patriots LB Rob Ninkovich

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Sept. 17: former Bengals, Titans DT John Thornton

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1. CBSSports.com:
As a former Patriots player, you must have loved what happened on Monday when your men beat up on the Jets 45-3.

Troy Brown: They seem to be the team in the NFL, and watching that beating makes Patriots fans feel good.  I was disappointed in the game. I was expecting to come there and see a good football game, though I expected the Patriots to win it. I didn’t think it would be that bad. I thought the Jets would show up a little more than they did after all the talking they did during the week. Obviously, no one on their team showed up. The coaches didn’t show up, the players didn’t show up, and it showed.

2. CBS:
It’s an interesting dichotomy I think between Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick. I was reading a column the other day that talked about how much Ryan wants to make it a rivalry. How much he talked and tried to get Belichick’s attention. And then after it was over, Belichick made it seem like it was a preseason win. What do you think about the approach these two coaches take when dealing with each other?

One guy seems to be pretty confident in his abilities to lead his guys, and the other guy is trying to create some hype around his players. It backfired. The Patriots didn’t show any interest in talking about who’s the best team. When there was no response from the Patriots (after the Jets’ trash-talking), the Jets seemed to get frustrated. Maybe they didn’t have to worry about the Jets, because from watching them on film, they saw some weaknesses. They knew as long as they went out and played well, they could beat these guys.  I think the Patriots were inside of their heads.

3. CBS:
What’s it like playing for Belichick? Whenever anybody from the Patriots is interviewed on TV, they talk like him and don’t say anything. Belichick can come off condescending in public, but obviously, his players love playing for him and they feed off him.

Brown: That’s what you have to have in anything, in any business. Everybody has to be on the same page in order to be successful. You can’t have half the guys telling the media one thing and the other guys saying something else and the coach saying something completely different. That’s what you have in New York and Minnesota. It becomes chaotic. It’s about winning. Not talking trash.

If you’re a person that does his job and you come to work prepared to do your job, it’s easy to play for him. A lot of the people who have had problems with him didn’t come to work to do their job and didn’t want responsibility. Those are the guys who have problems with Belichick and with (Bill) Parcells. For me, it was easy. It seems that he plays mind games with you, but do your job. If you know you job and you work at your craft, it’s not hard.

CBS: But you look at Belichick’s coaching tree – guys like Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, and even Charlie Weis at Notre Dame – and these guys haven’t done much as head coaches in the NFL. Why is that?

The biggest problem is that a lot of those guys, they change their persona to be like Bill’s all the way. You still have to be yourself. They changed who they were. You also have to realize that Bill Belichick is in charge of most everything here. Romeo Crennel didn’t even hire his own staff in Cleveland. It’s kind of tough to coach a team and be successful if you can’t hire your own staff.

4. CBS: There’s been so much talk this week about Tom Brady being the leading candidate for the MVP this season, especially with the way he played against the Jets (editor’s note: You can still check out the Top Ten With a Twist list for non-Brady MVP candidates). You think he’s the MVP at this point?

If my vote counted, he should with everything he’s done. He’s the guy who’s gotten better and better this year, even after the Randy Moss trade. He seemed to get stronger after he got used to playing with his new crew. You have to give it to him for winning 26 games in a row at home.

That is pretty amazing. It’s funny. After his knee surgery, he didn’t have a great year by his standards and I think people questioned whether he had lost his elite status. I guess he hasn’t.

Brown: He didn’t have a horrible season last year. If you compared that to his seasons before, he may have had a subpar season, but if you look at everybody else in the league and compared him to them, he didn’t have a bad season. When you come back from knee surgery like that, most guys aren’t the same until that following year, so it wasn’t a huge concern because they’re usually better the second year. But he may have had to get confident and more comfortable with the guys around him.

5. CBS:
I know you do some media work in the Boston-area during the season, working for WEEI and Comcast. How is it as a former player to now be a part of the media?

Brown: It’s difficult at times having to talk about your old team and not be biased toward them and be critical of guys you played with. It was a little tough at first. But for the most part, the players understand. They know you have to have thick skin and be able to take criticism. That’s pretty much it.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 10:06 am

Britt salutes Young in return, Moss goes goodbye?

Posted by Will Brinson

Kenny Britt may have helped put the Titans in a first half hole Thursday night (his costly third-down fumble led to the Colts' second touchdown of the game), but his return also provided a spark for an offense that hadn't scored in 33 consecutive drives before their touchdown near the end of the first half.

It was a spark that Randy Moss didn't bring/hasn't brought to the Titans, and the wide receiver essentially sat out the entire game, either because he's not worth sending deep or he simply can't provide enough run blocking to make it worth keeping him on the field.

Either way though, Moss was the surprisingly quiet one off the field -- it was Britt that might be stirring up trouble in the locker room, with his decision to show support for teammate Vince Young. Britt sported a white towel with #10 VY written in black ink, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, but didn't come back out with it on in the second half.

This is problematic since Britt's current head coach, Jeff Fisher, isn't exactly BFF's with Young right now. Fisher told the NFL Network before last night's game that he hasn't spoken to Vince and doesn't know where Young is and that he wishes Vince would be more of a "pro." (Although he wishes everyone would be, but that's neither here nor there.)

It's even more problematic, though, because Fisher also said last night that "to a man most everybody in that locker room" was not on Young's side. Britt's display would at least seem to imply he's not directly in Fisher's corner (although Roddy White once sported a "Free Mike Vick" t-shirt and he's doing just fine, thanks). Regardless, expect him to pick up a fine from the commissioner's office for the uniform violation.

As for Moss, his time in Tennessee -- remember, his third team this year -- might be coming to an end sooner or later. The Titans have either decided that he's not elite enough of a wideout to start over Britt or Nate Washington or they're convinced that since they haven't won a game since they acquired him six weeks ago, he must just be a jinx.

Either way, it seems increasingly likely that we've seen Moss play his last meaningful down as a Titan (which might actually be his first) and, unless a fourth team thinks they can use him for the playoff run, perhaps the end of Moss in the NFL for 2010. Which will make his contract negotiations going forward incredibly awkward.

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Posted on: December 9, 2010 2:52 pm

NFL Podcast Preview: Titans vs. Colts

Posted by Will Brinson

The Thursday night NFL matchup features the Titans vs. Colts and before the season, this puppy looked pretty sweet, since it features superstar power in Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson. Somewhere along the line, Peyton lost his arm strength and defenses figured him out (just kidding) and Johnson's team forgot he was on the roster (maybe not kidding).

Can Peyton bounce back and find someone other than Reggie Wayne for big yards? Will the Titans be motivated with the possibility of Jeff Fisher leaving? Should Fisher leave if Bud Adams refuses to cut Vince Young loose (random rant No. 2)? Just how handsome is Tom Brady (awkward, random rant No. 1)? Why isn't Brady a bigger star than Peyton? Can the Titans get CJ2K more involved? Will their defense even bother showing up on Thursday?

Andy and I answer all those questions (plus, much, much more) below -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

If you can't view the podcast, click here to download .
Posted on: December 8, 2010 9:53 am

Chris Johnson unhappy with Titans offensive plan

Posted by Will Brinson

Ahhh, happier times.

What's the old saying -- when it suns it shines? Er, maybe it involves pouring water. Either way, it's raining in Nashville right now, and there aren't many people happy with the way the Titans are playing, which naturally creates some unrest in the locker room.

Go ahead and add Chris Johnson to the list of people who aren't thrilled with the way Tennessee's been playing.

"We are just not running it," Johnson said Tuesday via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. "It is easy for a defensive coordinator to stop the run when you are running the ball seven times. We need to stay on the field and execute plays."

Johnson's got a point -- in the last two games, he has 20 carries for 58 yards, which isn't exactly what anyone (Titans coaches, Titans fans, fantasy owners) were expecting when they eyed games against the Texans and Jaguars late in the season. But at least he's not pinning it on everyone else. Wait, he is. But that's a good thing maybe.

"Everybody is doing what they have to do. It is that everybody is not doing what they have to do on every single play," Johnson said. "It is always a different position messing up on each play. So we just have to execute as a whole. It is tough to deal with. But the frustration that comes is not the team stopping the run game, it is ourselves stopping us."

Okay, so that sounds nice (like, in a "we're losing as a team" kind of way) and all, but the truth is that he's pointing straight to the playcalling when it comes to blame for the Titans' woes.

This is awkward for two reasons: first, his offensive coordinator has cancer. This may be why Johnson's comments are toned down a little bit. And secondly, Rusty Smith started one of those games -- you can't run with him under center, because you're trying to cut through 11 guys when you do.

That being said, the Titans get the Colts at home on Thursday and even with Peyton Manning and Co. weakened right now, this is a game that they could easily lose (and by a large margin) if the Titans don't realize that you can run on Indy and feed CJ 20-plus times in order to generate some offense and keep Peyton off the field.

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 8:19 pm

Kenny Britt back; who starts?

Posted by Andy Benoit

Kenny Britt is set to return to the Titans lineup against the Colts Thursday night. The second-year wide receiver is not even listed on the team’s injury report after missing the team’s past four games with a hamstring injury. Britt’s return means Jeff Fisher has a decision to make: does he start his recent first-round pick or keep going with Randy Moss?

Moss was brought in specifically to fill the void resulting from Britt’s absence. He has been close to a nonfactor, catching five total passes in four games. Britt was coming off a 225-yard performance and had scored a touchdown in five straight games before getting hurt. Commonsense would suggest you go with the young guy.

But it is almost inconceivable that Moss, 33, could come off anyone’s bench. Of course, we’ve seen Moss come off the field in a few critical passing situations for the Titans already.

The guess here is Fisher will start Moss opposite Nate Washington and use Britt. This is a role Britt actually had early in the season when Justin Gage was starting.

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