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Posted on: November 15, 2010 1:56 pm
Edited on: November 15, 2010 2:00 pm

NFL Week 10 Podcast Review

Posted by Will Brinson

Week 10 is in the books and, well, hopefully everyone is sufficiently confused as to what's going on in the NFL at this point. So Josh and I hopped on the old podcast machine to try and make some sense of what's going on.

For instance, has Jason Garrett already saved his job? Are the Giants and Steelers in trouble because of offensive line injuries? Why isn't anyone talking about the Falcons as the top team in the league? Should the Bills be celebrating at this point? Did Eric Mangini make a mistake by not playing for a tie? Do you ever want to see Tom Brady angry again? 

All those questions answered (plus, much, much more) below -- just hit the play button below and don't forget to Subscribe via iTunes.

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Posted on: November 12, 2010 11:07 pm

For the gambler in you

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s that time of the week. Time for more bodog.com prop bets, brought to you during a special Friday night edition of the For the Gambler In You.

One note on the Super Bowl bets: The Ravens were listed as 7/1 favorites along with the Giants and the Steelers. I bet those odds on Baltimore will go up quite a bit after Thursday night's performance.

On to the props:

How many wins will the Dallas Cowboys record under Jason Garrett in the 2010 NFL regular season?

Over/Under 2.5

In looking at the Cowboys schedule, I see three winnable games (the Lions at home; the Redskins at home; and the Cardinals on the road). And quite often, a team responds fairly decently to an interim coach (at least, at first). That said, the Cowboys would have to win all three of those to go over, and I don’t see that happening.

What will happen next for Wade Phillips before August 1, 2011?

Member of an NFL coaching staff 1/2

Member of an NCAA coaching staff 4/1

Member of a CFL coaching staff 20/1

None of the above 3/2

At this point, who’s going to hire Phillips? That’s what the casual fan might say. But Phillips knows defense, and he certainly could find work as an NFL assistant coach somewhere – possibly even as a coordinator. That’s where I’d put my money.

If Donovan McNabb takes over possession with 2 minutes or less in either half Week 10, will the Redskins score?

Yes +135

No -175

This my favorite prop bet of the week. And OF COURSE, he’s going to score. It’d be racist of him NOT to score

Chad Pennington – Completion percentage Week 10 vs. Tennessee

Over/Under 60 percent

Considering Pennington’s career completion percentage is 66.1 percent, and if he’s thrown at least 100 passes in a season, he’s never been below 60, the bet here is pretty obvious.

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Posted on: November 12, 2010 3:13 pm

Jerry Jones solicited by SB-winning coaches?

Posted by Will Brinson

It's pretty well established that when Jerry Jones hires a new coach for the Cowboys -- provided he doesn't go with the best-case nuclear option where he coaches the team himself -- it will be someone famous within the coaching world.

Or at least someone successful anyway, and Jones stated on KRLD-FM that he'd heard from "Super Bowl-winning coaches" who were interested in the gig.

"I will say that before I made the decision with Wade Phillips, I had Super Bowl-winning coaches solicit this job," Jones said, via Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas.

This seems pretty logical since it's a good job to get, but boy, does Jason Garrett get any reprieve from additional pressure this year? (Rhetorical A: Probably not.)

Better question: What coaches could have called Jerry? The short list probably involves Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy and Brian Billick (AKA "The Usual Suspects"). We can scratch at least one of those guys off the list, as Dungy told Dan Patrick on Friday that he wasn't interested.

"I kind of expect to be contacted by ever"body who has an opening now, just to see if you’re interested," Dungy told Patrick, via Pro Football Talk. “And I guess I probably would do the same thing if I was in that situation. I’m not interested. But you never know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna call."

Sure, those two statements ("I'm not interested" and "you never know what's gonna happen") are totally contradictory, but whatever, it seems safe to say that Dungy and Jerry might not be the greatest fit on the planet.

Dungy did say that Jerry should hire someone who's "like" him, although he didn't provide any specific names to Patrick before pointing out that Jones would probably need someone "high profile" like Cowher, Gruden or Holmgren.

And that's probably the truth, although "high profile" when you're talking about an NFL head coach doesn't have to mean "flashy" or anything of that nature.

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Posted on: November 12, 2010 9:35 am

Jimmy Johnson: Jerry Jones 'will never change'

Posted by Will Brinson

The lack of success from the Dallas Cowboys has been, for the most part, pinned on Wade Phillips. After all, they (we think) have a ton of talent and yet they (we know) have very few wins.

But it's completely understandable to put some of the onus for failure on Jerry Jones, as he's the Owner/President/GM. And that's just what former Dallas Cowboys coach (and recent Survivor contestant!) Jimmy Johnson did recently.

"Jerry will never change," Johnson told Sam Farmar of the Los Angeles Times. "Jerry wants to be right in the middle of it. That's why he paid all that money to buy them."

Johnson also added that Stephen Jones, Jerry's son and the Cowboys' COO is "such a huge part of the process too."

"So that's family," Johnson said. "And when it comes to family, there's no stronger bond. Jerry's not going to change because his family's so involved."

There are plenty of folks out there who believe that the Cowboys won't win, regardless of who's coaching the team, until Jerry cedes some of his control over personnel to someone with a better knowledge of how to assemble a team.

And that makes sense given the unwillingness of Jones to can Wade Phillips sooner, despite Wade's obvious inability to control his troops (sloppy play and mental errors have been a trademark of Phillips' regime). But before everyone starts petitioning for Jones' resignation (which ain't coming), it's worth at least giving the Cowboys' talent a shot at how it'll do under a coach who understands discipline, like John Fox, Bill Cowher.

And yeah, Jason Garrett nearly made that list, as he could definitely end up coaching the Cowboys in 2011 -- but he was running the O in Big D when, as Johnson (and everyone else on the planet who watched the Cowboys play the last three weeks) put it, "they quit."

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 6:47 pm

Jason Garrett is trying something different

Jason Garrett made Dallas practice in full pads today. It'll be interesting to see what kind of impact a move like that will have (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Jason Garrett took part in his first news conference as a head coach today, and he also made an introduction to his team during its first practice without Wade Phillips.

He made the Cowboys wear full pads, an unusual move to say the least.

Let the National Football Post’s Matt Bowen explain what it means.

“Full gear in November?” writes Bowen. “The easiest way to grab the attention of the locker room. From a former player’s perspective, no one wants to put on full pads during the final two months of the season. You look up at the grease board right outside of the equipment room and see the words 'full pads,' your attitude changes. You are not going to (coast) through practice today, ‘tag’ off on ball carriers or jog through run-fits at an easy pace.

“Full pads means time to hit, usually an extended 9-on-7 period (inside run drill) and a full speed practice. I had no problem with it as a player—when that was the routine from the head coach. But I would bet that some of those Cowboys’ players had a hard time putting those thigh boards in their practice pants.”

Of course, it’d be wise of Garrett to try to grab the respect of his new team immediately. After all, the Cowboys appeared to have quit in their past two games, and the appointment of Garrett to interim coach doesn’t automatically signal to the team that a big change in philosophy or attitude is coming.

Phillips, by most accounts, was laid back in his approach to his players. It looks like Garrett – who, it should be noted, also is auditioning for the full-time job – will try something a little different.

So, how did it play with the team?

“It was better,” CB Mike Jenkins told Rapid Reporter Nick Eatman. “A different tempo – something we’ve got to get used to. There was a lot of energy. I think our main thing right now is to believe in Jason and his theory.”

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:43 pm
Edited on: November 9, 2010 1:03 pm

Ratliff: 'We fought like hell for (W. Phillips)'

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

This is sort of a strange quote from Cowboys DE Jay Ratliff, but we’ll print it (or post it on the interwebs) nonetheless.

On the just-fired former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips, Ratliff told reporters (via the San Antonio Express-News ), “We fought like hell for him. Things just didn't go our way.”

That’s an interesting theory, especially if you watched Dallas lose badly to Jacksonville and Green Bay, acting much of the time like it wasn’t interested in playing at all. Hell, Jaguars QB David Garrard basically said as much after he beat the Cowboys.

Dallas backup QB Jon Kitna had a slightly different take on the matter.

“Anytime the head coach gets fired, it's an indictment of the team,” Kitna said. “I hope it serves as a wake-up call for guys. When they start making decisions like that and things like that happen, it's just a prelude of things to come as far as changes on the team.”

Either way, interim coach Jason Garrett has to hope his team doesn’t fight like hell for him as well. Apparently, that level of effort gets head coaches fired.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:58 am

F&R NFL Approval Matrix, Week 9

Posted by Will Brinson

Our affinity for graphs and charts and purty pictures knows no bounds, so (with a nod to the smartypants at NY Mag), we present the NFL Approval Matrix. Suggestions, complaints and intellecutual property lawsuits may be directed to us on Twitter (@CBSSportsNFL).

Click to embiggen.

Posted on: November 8, 2010 5:44 pm
Edited on: November 8, 2010 6:04 pm

Jones willing to give Garrett long-term chance

Posted by Will Brinson

Jerry Jones took the podium for his press conference at 5:00 PM EST and didn't waste any time -- he confirmed the news that Wade Phillips was fired and that Jason Garrett had been named his replacement (with the title of "Interim Head Coach"). He also confirmed that Paul Pasqualoni

But Jones also pointed out that Garrett isn't the only one up for evaluation -- the players will be evaluated as well.

"I recently addressed the team and my comments to them were very brief and pointed," Jones said. "I told them they should not think that this is in any way an admission of defeat. We have eight games remaining and we will go into each game with only goal -- to win. I told them the evaluation process will begin with finding guys who play the hardest -- I told them we were looking for players who want to win the most."

Jones also stressed a need to "change the culture" of the Cowboys, and argued that Garrett is a perfect candidate to do so, perhaps even in a long-term situation.

"Jason certainly has been a part of long-term thinking for the Dallas Cowboys and for me," Jones said. "But what we're addressing on an interim basis is how to maximize how we're playing right now, this week at practice and with the Giants. And I do believe Jason has the temperament, the disposition to affect a culture change. I think this is important. We know all mens' style is different -- his style is one I think can be real effective."

Whether Garrett can actually change the laissez-faire style of discipline that the Cowboys are accustomed to remains to be seen, especially considering multiple reports circulating that he's not exactly popular with the team (Albert Breer of the NFL Network points out the majority of players 'don't like him at all.')

But if he can, there's a job waiting for him at the end of the rainbow; Jones made it abundantly clear that the remainder of the 2010 season is an interview for Garrett, and two things would determine whether or not his offensive savant stuck around in Big D: winning and effort.

"He does have the opportunity to get the job long term," Jones said. "That opportunity would be obvious if you step back and look at it, and if we do outstanding as a team and have very visible and tangible success, then certainly that's doing your job in a, if you will, crisis situation. And that kind of action goes beyond a resume, especially when you're in the foxhole with them."

That might not make a lot of Cowboys fans happy, as they're not particularly fond of Garrett's inability to energize the offense (and as Andy and I discussed earlier, opening up that can of worms could lead to missing some better coaching candidates).

But that doesn't matter -- Jones can talk about his "accountability" to the fans all he wants, but in the end, the decision is his, as owner, president and general manager, to make. And if he wants Jason Garrett to coach, Jason Garrett will coach.

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