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Posted on: January 5, 2011 11:24 pm

What John Elway said on his first day

Posted by Andy Benoit

John Elway had his first press conference as the Broncos’ new head of football operations. Brian Xanders reJ. Elway (US Presswire)mains in his GM post.
“I know what I don’t know, and I’m going to hire to what I don’t know,” Elway said. “Brian knows a lot of what I don’t know on personnel side.” Elway added that Xanders did not get a chance to prove himself when Josh McDaniels around because the organization “turned into a one man show”.

Elway also said if there’s a difference of opinion between Xanders and the head coach (whoever that turns out to be), it is his job to “break the tie”. Elway indicated that he’d like that next head coach to be Jim Harbaugh, the current head coach of Elway’s alma mater. If that doesn’t work out – and many don’t believe it will – then Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams or Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey would figure to be leading candidates. Current interim coach Eric Studesville will also interview.

Whoever gets the job will likely end up hitching his wagon to Tim Tebow. Elway said the former Florida star “is a darn good football player; what we’ve got to make him is a darn good quarterback.” He said he can’t imagine a head coach not wanting to work with Tebow.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 2:32 pm

Hot Routes 1.5.10: The mic is hot!

Posted by Josh Katzowitz
  • If football fanatics like Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden think a football game is running a bit long, chances are it’s taking forever. Check out this video from the Orange Bowl when the MNF team discuss how long the game took.
  • Looks like some of the Jets players are going to need a refresher course on the NFL playoff overtime rules system.
  • It sounds like Giants coach Tom Coughlin doesn’t hate the media quite as much as he used to hate us. With an appearance by CBSSports.com’s own Pete Prisco.
  • Matt Millen feels good for John Elway. And he has some advice for how to navigate the world of an NFL team’s front office.
  • How brutal is this? UFL players, according to Pro Football Talk, are still waiting to receive their final paycheck of the year. If you’ll recall the UFL championship game was played at the end of November.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 9:52 am

Elway will oversee Broncos football operations

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Broncos have officially announced that legendary QB John Elway has been named executive vice president of football operations.

We told you about this a couple days ago, but the Broncos have laid out Elway’s new responsibilities.

“John Elway’s leadership, competitiveness and passion for the Denver Broncos will position this team for long-term success through his work leading our football operations,” team owner Pat Bowlen said in a statement released by the team. “John has won championships as both a player and executive, and his experience will be a valuable addition to this franchise. He is the perfect fit for this role, and I am excited to welcome him back to the Denver Broncos.”

Elway, according to the team, will oversee GM Brian Xanders and the Broncos head coach (and will lead that coaching search) “while assisting in the supervision of the club’s football personnel department.” There had been some thought that Xanders could be on his way out, so this release confirms he will remain in his position.

Elway will have final authority over Denver’s football operations, though he will report directly to Bowlen and Joe Ellis – who has been named team president.

At the very least, it’s a move that should fire up the fanbase, which was let down by the Josh McDaniels era (except, of course, for TIM FREAKIN’ TEBOW).

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:49 am

Bronocs want 2nd-rounder for Orton?

Posted by Will Brinson

Kyle Orton had a pretty good year, all things considered. Sure he got replaced (against his will) by Tim Tebow late in the season, but early on he was pacing Dan Marino's single-season passing record and he ended up as a top-10 quarterback in terms of passing yards on the season.

But there's a little bit of a revolution going on in Denver, and it seems like Tebow's the guy of the future, if not for football reasons, then certainly because it's good for business.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post agrees and believes the team will try to trade Orton, and they'll look for a second-round draft pick in return.

The question then becomes: is Kyle Orton better than Jake Locker? Or maybe: is Kyle Orton better than Jimmy Clausen?

Okay, that's unfair to Locker, but remember that Clausen was nabbed by the Panthers in the second round of last year's draft -- if they'd been able to trade that pick for Kyle Orton, 2010 would have panned out quite differently.

All of that is to say, with an abundance of teams seeking a quarterback to perhaps put them over the top, Orton could present a pretty valuable commodity.

Which is beyond fascinating, considering that just a few weeks ago, the most likely path for Denver to take was propping up Tebow's trade value and dealing him off.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 6:33 pm
Edited on: January 27, 2011 7:21 pm

NFL Coaching Hot Seat Tracker: Black Monday

Black Monday is upon us, and that means plenty of coaching changes. We've organized all the NFL teams into a semi-draft order (yes, we know the Raiders don't have that pick and yes, this could change, but it puts the bad teams up top!) to give you an idea of who's been fired, who might be fired, how much job security they have, and potential candidates in different cities. See someone you think SHOULD be on the hot seat or a candidate for a certain job we missed? Let us know in the comments.  


Team Coach Job Security Candidates

Ron Rivera

Rivera lands a 4-year, $11.2 million deal reportedly
The Panthers announced on Tuesday that Ron Rivera will be the organization's fourth head coach .

John Fox

It seemed like the Broncos might go with someone that was familiar with their organization, but ultimately, they opted for experience and Fox , who they believe can help the defense and the team turnaround quickly.

Chan Gailey

The Bills were terrible in 2010, but they never gave up and routinely came close to upsetting better teams. Also, no one else wants the gig.

Marvin Lewis

Lewis called himself "unemployed" and he seems as good as gone but then there was a report that he'll return with Cincy in 2011 . Then there was a report he wouldn't. Now he's back, officially .

Ken Wisenhunt

Safe ... for now
Hard to imagine the Cards would dump Whiz until they give him a shot with another real quarterback. Cowher thinks Kevin Kolb lands here.

Jim Harbaugh

After much speculation as to where Jim Harbaugh would land, he finally ended up signing a $25 million, 5-year deal with the Niners .

Jason Garrett

Garrett was named the full-time Dallas head coach on Thursday at a lengthy press conference in Cowboys Stadium.

Gary Kubiak

Kubiak is safe but the entire defensive staff has been canned , and now the Wade Phillips for DC speculation begins.

Pat Shurmur

Pat Shurmur HIRED!
Shurmur bolted St. Louis for Cleveland and it appears Mike Holmgren really wanted someone familiar with his West Coast offense.

Jim Schwartz

Lions won four straight to close the season; Schwartz has to be a hero in Detroit at this point.

Pete Carroll

NFC West title locked Carroll in and even with the Seahawks ugly loss to the Bears, it's hard to question what he did in his first season.

Jeff Fisher

In a surprising move, Fisher and Tennessee are parting ways. Now, the Titans will have to replace their head coach and their starting QB.

Mike Shanahan

Needing a QB
Dan Snyder letting Shanny run the team so him getting booted is a long shot. QB situation is a bit of a nightmare though.

Leslie Frazier

The Vikings didn't wait long -- they announced on Monday that Frazier's "interim" tag would be lifted and he'll be their head coach.

Hue Jackson

Jackson was hired Monday
Cable got the boot and now it looks like Hue Jackson's the favorite to land the coaching gig. Al Davis is involved though, so anything could happen.

Steve Spagnuolo

Such a cold seat
Even without a division title, the turnaround in St. Louis is pretty clear and Spags is safe.

Tony Sparano

After the Fins chased Harbaugh  and embarrassed Sparano publicly, they apologized financially by giving him a 2-year extension. How swell.

Jack Del Rio

Del Rio's got one more year, but it's "playoffs or bust" for JDR, according to owner Wayne Weaver.

Norv Turner

Safe for 2011
Front office says Norv's their guy for at least next year. Another disappointing season like 2010 and he could finally get the boot.

Tom Coughlin

Coughlin is confirmed as returning by Giants owner John Mara
Coughlin's in the middle of a playoff fight (thanks to the Bears) and Casserly says he'll be back with a one-year extension .

Raheem Morris

Losses in late games by the Packers and Giants would get Morris in the playoffs and a pretty good shot at Coach of the Year if he doesn't win anyway.

Jim Caldwell

As long as Peyton Manning's playing for the Colts, it's hard to see them dumping Caldwell.

Mike McCarthy

The Packers look like the latest team to go from  "talented team to nearly miss the playoffs" to "white-hot wild card that wins the Super Bowl," so there's no reason to question McCarthy.

Todd Haley

Division champion
Haley's pretty golden in KC, no matter what some people want to say about his ego.

Rex Ryan

In like foot. Er, flint
Back-to-back playoff berths for Ryan mean he's plenty fine.

Andy Reid

The only question is whether or not Reid will trade Kevin Kolb in the offseason and how long they can keep Vick.

Sean Payton

Safe, duh
He won a Super Bowl two years ago.

Lovie Smith

Surprisingly safe
Did anyone think Lovie was safe heading into 2011? Yet he won the division and the Bears are white-hot. Very impressive year. 

John Harbaugh

Only thing he has to worry about is whether he has to face his bro once a year or not.

Mike Tomlin

Clearly, Tomlin's doing alright. 

Mike Smith

Weird thing is, Smith's not getting nearly enough love as a potential coach of the year candidate.

Bill Belichick

Retirement is the only way he'll ever get removed from New England. Arguably his greatest coaching job ever. 

Posted on: January 2, 2011 9:47 am

Broncos hire Elway for front office

Jim Harbaugh (left) and John Elway have some issues to discuss (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Broncos apparently feel the best way to get to Jim Harbaugh’s heart is for John Elway to be the point man on the possible new hire.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Denver has hired Elway – the legendary Broncos QB – as an executive vice president, and one of his first orders of business is to sit down with Stanford’s coach for a chat to see if he has interest in filling Josh McDaniels’ old post.

Since Elway played at Stanford and will serve as an honorary captain in Monday’s Orange Bowl, there is some connection between the two (as you can see in the picture to the right when they were laughing it up after the Cardinal’s win against Cal in November).

Said Elway on his talk radio show Friday (87.7 The Ticker): "The game is something that's in my blood. It's been there forever. I got involved in the Arena League because I wanted to be close to football and learn that front-office side. It was a great learning experience for me. It got me a chance to be close to the game, even though it was obviously a very different game at a different level.”

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 11:30 am
Edited on: December 31, 2010 11:31 am

Studesville to interview for full-time Bronco gig

Posted by Will Brinson

The Broncos are just 1-2 since Eric Studesville took over as head coach, but it's a pretty "good" 1-2, especially since the one win was a miracle comeback with Tim Tebow at the helm.

And it appears that Studesville's record has earned him a chance to interview for the full-time head coaching gig with Denver.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post cites confirmation from "several team officials" regarding Studesville's interview opportunity and also points out that under the interim coach, the team's identity has taken a turn for the better.

That's certainly a good point, although it's not hard to quietly go about business and create a better identity than Josh McDaniels brought to the organization.

Studesville has also handled some fairly delicate decisions during his three games (Tebow starting over Kyle Orton, rookie Perrish Cox getting arrested for sexual assault) and appears to be satisfied with the job he's done.

"Certainly in our business the won-loss record is the bottom line," Studesville said. "I feel like I've put every bit of myself into this opportunity. I don't regret a moment. I don't regret a decision."

However, his performance in 2010 may be moot, especially if the Broncos, as expected, sign John Elway to a front-office position.

A new regime bent on changing the culture and bringing back old-school Denver football (whatever that exactly means, who knows, but it involves Super Bowl wins and the 90's I believe) would probably be polite enough to talk with Studesville, but it would probably require no other big-name candidates emerging in the "deliberate" search they plan to conduct for the interim to land the gig full-time.

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 1:01 pm
Edited on: December 7, 2010 1:16 pm

Troy Calhoun not interested in Broncos gig

Posted by Will Brinson

With Josh McDaniels gone, who's gonna end up coaching the Denver Broncos? Great question, actually. One name floated prominently the last 24 hours has been Troy Calhoun, who was an assistant coach under Mike Shanahan, and is currently the head coach of the Air Force Academy.

But you can already scratch him off the list -- Calhoun released a statement Tuesday indicating his happiness with the the Academy and his lack of interest in the Broncos gig.

"The Air Force Academy has tremendous General officers and staff members who are remarkably dedicated to the development of our cadets. It’s inspiring that an 18 year old kid makes a commitment to embed the necessary character traits to grow into a fine young man or woman who honorably serves for at least five years," Calhoun said. "Our coaching staff and our families are proud to be a part of the daily lives of our nation’s future officers. We certainly look forward to seeing our seniors graduate in May along with coaching the Falcons in 2011 and beyond."

Okay, so it's not like renting a billboard that says "I'm not taking my talents to Mile High" or anything, but it's a pretty strong commitment to his current gig without actually mentioning that he's been approached about the Broncos job. Which he clearly has -- we can all agree that's true, right?

So, the Broncos "coaching search" is off on the right foot already! But that's no surprise, given the mess that we already knew they had on their hands when they initially canned McDaniels.

Here's what the team should do: hire John Elway in a "Football Business Czar" type of role, have him approach a "football guy" (you know, the type of person who's really good at evaluating talent, but doesn't want to coach and/or see the light of press conferences when possible?) and bring him on, and then let the two of those guys go after a coach for the Broncos.

While it's true that the team needs an identity change and they need it quick, the inability of Denver's front office to recognize the need for a rebuilding effort and some organizational structure is potentially more damaging than any horrible trade McDaniels ever made.

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