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Posted on: May 21, 2011 4:57 pm

Kolb to the Browns rumor doesn't have real legs

Posted by Will Brinson

The lockout is still very much on, which means we're still very much talking about where Kevin Kolb, the heavily-hyped Eagles backup quarterback, will end up playing in 2011.

Today's zany rumor -- the Cleveland Browns! -- comes to us courtesy of Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network.

"I’m going to go Cleveland [if I'm the Eagles]," Lombardi said. "I’m not buying the Colt McCoy love affair going on in Cleveland. I don’t know how you can have the love affair. I think with the extra pick they got from Atlanta, that first-rounder, it’s gonna be hard to beat them in a poker game."

That's an interesting take ... if the Browns a) don't believe in McCoy and b) DO believe in Kolb.

The latter is made more interesting by the fact that Lombardi, in the same article, said that "it's hard to watch tape on Kevin Kolb and think he's worth a first-round pick." Since, you know, it's kind of counterintuitive to think that Cleveland would give up a first-round pick for a guy that's not necessarily worth a first-round pick.

Whatever, it appears to be pointless anyway -- Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer cited a source on Saturday that says the "Browns won't pursue" Kolb.

That doesn't mean that the Browns have no interest in Kolb -- after all, Tom Heckert drafted him while in Philly a few years back.

But at this stage of the game, it seems pretty likely that you'll see Cleveland roll the dice with McCoy at least through 2011. His performance certainly justifies not risking a first-rounder on another relatively unproven signal caller.

Oh, and speaking of Colt McCoy, he recently filmed a little clip with Valvoline talking his rookie-year experience and football "guarantees," of which there really are none. Including, I suppose, the Browns trading for Kolb.

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Posted on: May 20, 2011 4:59 pm

Hot Routes 5.20.11: Welker disappointed in owners

Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Wes Welker said something recently about enjoying the lockout. He recently clarified it, stating that he was saying it as a joke. (If you've ever met or interviewed Welker, this makes much more sense than him saying it in a really serious fashion.) He seemed especially cheesed that the owners decided to use it against him in court. 
Posted on: May 19, 2011 11:12 am
Edited on: May 19, 2011 4:08 pm

Kolb to Arizona a 'slam dunk' after lockout?

Posted by Will Brinson

The lockout is probably the greatest thing ever to happen to Kevin Kolb. With each passing day, his value seems to grow more and more.

But, he's been specifically attached to one team in recent days: the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, some are calling Kolb to the Cards a "slam dunk."

"Arizona ... a slam dunk as much as you can have a slam dunk," ESPN's Sal Paolantonio told Peter King (on Sirius Radio, I believe, though I cannot confirm).

There was actually some chatter that a Kolb-Cards deal was already done, with the principle parts being Kolb for Patrick Peterson (aka "2011 first-rounder") and a 2012 second-rounder.

Kevin Kolb: So Hot Right Now
That rumor was probably based on Roger Goodell's recent statements that teams could trade during the brief period in between lockouts. However, Andy Reid shot the rumor out of the sky before it really every took its metaphorical wings and started flapping too high.

Still, even if there isn't a deal now, there's almost certainly going to be one before 2011 starts. There are too many teams that have a need at quarterback -- yes, still! -- and too many good fits for Kolb for the Eagles to wait and try to utilize him as a backup.

And yes, for those wondering, yes, every story about the NFL eventually ends up in some sort of discussion about Kolb's value to other teams.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 9:38 pm

Podcast: Are fans even relevant in labor battle?

Posted by Will Brinson

Did you hear??? Chad Ochocinco went bullriding. Well, the only thing to really do, then, is to fire up the old podcast machine and talk about it. 

Andy and I also tackle some real football issues in this podcast, including the importance of fans in the lockout, the current labor situation, what Kevin Kolb is worth and much, much more.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 4:32 pm

Reid: No done deal for Kolb

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

For those who believe the Eagles have a deal done with some unnamed team to trade away QB Kevin Kolb once the lockout is over, Philadelphia coach Andy Reid has some bad news for you. It hasn’t happened.

That’s what he told Comcast Sports Net (via the Philadelphia Daily News), saying that although teams had shown interest in Kolb before the lockout shut down the league, “you don't know how serious they are, because in the National Football League, nothing happens until it has to happen."

And though there has been plenty of talk about what the Eagles would receive for Kolb – most probably a first-round pick, wouldn’t you say? – Reid said discussions never got that specific.

"You have an idea of who's interested in quarterbacks ... but you couldn't do any deals then. You never got to that point where it's real serious; it was too far in advance," Reid said. "And you can't talk at all now. So, if he ends up going somewhere, more power to him, he deserves that opportunity. But I also like him here."

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 12:19 pm

Goodell: Teams could have dealt between lockouts

Posted by Will Brinson

As you'll recall, there was a (very) brief period between the lockout(s) in which players were free to report to facilities, meet with coaches, etc., etc.

This period, roughly between 8 AM - 6 PM on Friday April 29, didn't mean that teams could trade players, however. Or at least so we thought anyway.

Roger Goodell, while speaking to Eagles fans, said that two teams could have agreed to a deal before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the league a temporary stay.

Per Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Goodell said that "trade talks about players were not allowed during the draft, but he said two teams could have agreed on a deal before the lockout went into effect and could then carry through when the lockout ended."
Kevin Kolb: So Hot Right Now

This is a pretty huge deal, because it could potentially mean that players are already heading to different destinations, perhaps without even knowing about it.

Kevin Kolb is the reason for an Eagles fan asking, of course, and it's entirely possible that he's headed to a new team immediately following the lockout.

What would be particularly fascinating is if Kolb's (admittedly hypothetical) new team is interested in keeping him up to speed ... could they potentially find a way of getting him a playbook? Would it be worth the risk to gain such an advantage heading into the 2011 season? Could that team keep it from leaking out if that were the case?

Again, all of these questions are hypothetical scenarios, but the point remains: Goodell's statement to Eagles fans on Friday opens up an interesting window for offseason player movement that we previously weren't aware of.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 9:39 pm

Did Hawks and Hasselbeck talk between lockouts?

Posted by Will Brinson

The Seahawks are one of several teams in a precarious position, quarterback-wise, as they have limited talent signed to the roster and didn't pick up anyone during their "zany" decision-making in the 2011 NFL Draft.

But here's some good news: Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell called Hasselbeck back in between lockouts (aka "the before time"), the two talked and is "as likely to return there as he ever was."

This is on the heels of the news from Pete Carroll back in March that the two sides tried to work out a deal, but just weren't able to come to terms. Perhaps the next time they sit down and talk post-lockout, it'l be easier to put a deal together.

This is a pretty logical solution for both Hasselbeck and the Seahawks, really: Hasselbeck needs a place to start and he loves being in Seattle. The team needs a quarterback and did make the playoffs with Hasselbeck on the roster last year; they have to believe that they still have a window to make a run, given their division.

If Hasselbeck doesn't return, Seattle's situation becomes significantly more dire: either they'd need to roll the dice with Charlie Whitehurst or pull off a trade for someone like Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer.

Given the small window of time that could be open between the end of the lockout and the beginning of the season, neither one of those is even close to guaranteed, making Hasselbeck the closest thing to a sure thing in Seattle.

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Posted on: May 8, 2011 5:44 pm

Hot Routes 5.8.11: Tell your mom you love her

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

  • … And speaking of places where Kolb might play next season, the Arizona Republic discusses how the Cardinals’ patience while waiting to sign a starting quarterback might just pay off. And maybe not taking a quarterback in the NFL draft was actually the smart plan all along.
  • From the Miami Herald, here’s the latest on the Dolphins QB situation: “the chances of (Chad) Henne being the regular-season starter for Miami in 2011 are greater than the chances he is replaced.”
  • The NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora talked to some league insiders who rated the best performances of last week’s draft. The Buccaneers got high marks for Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers, and the Packers got positive press for a number of picks.

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