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Posted on: August 24, 2011 12:05 am

VIDEO: A run of terror and a nasty prank

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Don’t ever say Ravens rookie receiver Torrey Smith isn’t fast with a good burst of speed off the line of scrimmage.

As you can see in the video below, when Smith felt the East Coast earthquake, he got the hell out of whatever he was doing at the time (which happened to be filming some kind of video) and ran for cover.

It’s pretty awesome.

And though you couldn’t feel the earthquake if you were in Seattle, you can bet Raheem Brock felt something when he saw police enter the team’s meeting room, point to him and take him away in front of all his teammates over an unpaid hotel bill. Lucky for Brock -- who was arrested in the offseason for walking out on a $27 restaurant tab -- it was all a prank instigated by coach Pete Carroll.

I do enjoy how somebody yells, “Raheem!” as he’s in the process of being led away.

On the count of three, everybody: Team Unity!

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Posted on: August 21, 2011 1:40 pm

Carroll supports Jackson as Seahawks starting QB

Posted by Ryan Wilson

This Rapid Report from Saturday night's Minnesota-Seattle game by our Seahawks correspondent, John Boyle, also serves as a microcosm for Tarvaris Jackson's career: "Jackson played the entire first half, but it was hard to get a read on the Seahawks’ new quarterback. He was under near-constant pressure, and also had a well-thrown ball turn into an interception because WR Golden Tate couldn’t make the catch."

Jackson has shown glimpses of what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, but his efforts are often overshadowed by poor timing and bad luck. Also not helping his cause: Backup Charlie Whitehurst outplayed him in the Seahawks' 20-7 loss to the Vikings.

By the time Jackson made his way to the bench he was 11 of 21 for 75 yards and an interception. Whitehurst, after playing well last week, ended his night 14 of 19 for 97 yards and a touchdown.

After the game, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll stood by Jackson, who he has already named the regular-season starter. “He was fighting for his life a little bit," Carroll said. "I thought he did some very good things, showed he could get out of trouble and save a play. I’m not in any way disappointed with what he did.”

Carroll added that “We need to help [Jackson], we need to protect him better.” And he reiterated that there is no quarterback controversy. “I’m not in that mindset at all,” said Carroll, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “I love that Charlie played well, and I think we need to give Tarvaris a chance to play well, too, with the guys around him. I felt like he was out there fighting for it and did a good job of competing.”

Clearly, not everyone is of that opinion, including former Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy, who took to Twitter early Sunday morning to voice his thoughts on the matter.

When asked about Milloy's tweets, Carroll said any response would be made to Milloy personally.

Whitehurst said: “[Milloy's] a good friend. He’s a heck of a player. Like I said, I’m just trying to do whatever I can. Whatever happens, hopefully it’ll be a successful year for the Seahawks.”

We've previously mentioned Whitehurst and where he fit into the Seahawks' long-term QB plans. In July there were rumors the team might be willing to part with a first- and third-round pick for Kevin Kolb.

But Seattle had acquired Whitehurst last offseason when they swapped 2010 second-round picks with San Diego, and threw in a third-rounder for good measure. They then signed him to a two-year, $8 million deal. Last month we wrote: "No one really knows what Whitehurst can do. He was uneven in two starts last season, but that doesn't means much. Along those lines, do we have any idea what type of starter Kolb will be?"

More germane to this conversation now that Kolb's in Arizona and Jackson's in Seattle: do we have any idea what type of starter Tarvaris will be? More to the point: is Tarvaris clearly an upgrade over Whitehurst?

It doesn't look like it through two preseason games. But for now, Jackson is Carroll's guy.

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Posted on: August 14, 2011 10:33 pm
Edited on: August 15, 2011 6:28 am

Patriots working out T.J. Houshmandzadeh Monday?

Posted by Will Brinson

The Patriots are housing some discarded veterans leading up to the 2011 season (though there's no telling how long that will last) and they might not be finished yet, as they will reportedly work out veteran wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh on Monday.

That's according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, who's told that Housh will be in Foxboro on Monday for a visit with Bill Belichick and company.

Houshmandzadeh established himself as a Pro-Bowler while catching passes alongside current Patriot Chad Ochocinco when the two played together with the Bengals, but bolted for more money in Seattle.

After struggling to live up to his $40 million deal in a 911-yard, 79-catch year with the Seahawks, Houshmandzadeh was released and latched on with the Ravens in 2010.

He started just two games and caught just 30 passes for 398 yards and three touchdowns and made most of his noise during his one-year deal off the field with some unhappy comments.

Houshmandzadeh's been a free agent since then there hasn't been a whole lot of rumblings about where he could/would land. Now it appears that Bill Belichick is just dead-set on turning the Patriots into a reality TV show Bengals east.

Either that or Belichick's growing concerned about injuries to wideouts, as Julian Edelman, Brandon Tate and Taylor Price have all missed practice and preseason action recently.

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Posted on: August 13, 2011 2:07 pm

Report: Giants offer Osi incentive-laden deal

Posted by Will Brinson

Osi Umenyiora should be back on the practice field with the Giants come Monday. But the soap opera between he and the team isn't quite over yet.

There are still contract discussions to handle but it appears, as our own Clark Judge suggested recently, that the Giants are going to wise up get him some cash for finally coming in.

Unfortunately for Osi, though, it doesn't appear that they're willing to give as much as Clark suggested. Per Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, the Giants offered Osi a new incentive-laden deal on Friday that features "a range of $400,000 to $1 million in new money" dependent on production and incentives.

LaCanfora does note that Osi still prefers to be traded and has yet to accept any offers from the Giants. According to the report, Osi would need to finish in the top 10 of several defensive categories and time spent on the field.

Clearly, the requirements for those incentive clauses are going to primarily dictate whether or not Osi accepts the contract.

If he has to finish in the top 10 for sacks and forced fumbles while playing 10 games to unlock $1 million (and there aren't any poison-pill clauses in the deal), he might take it. Or at least consider taking it.

But unless it's good, don't be shocked if he passes and keeps pushing for a deal somewhere or a new, long-term deal. After all, there still plenty of teams that might be interested in Osi if the Giants actually drop their asking price. Meaning: the drama might not be over just quite yet.

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Posted on: August 12, 2011 12:10 pm

Okung 'felt something kind of pop' Thursday

Posted by Will Brinson

Seahawks offensive lineman Russell Okung left Thursday night's preseason game with an ankle injury.

The good news? As we noted last night, the X-rays were negative. Now the bad news: Seattle head coach Pete Carroll says Okung felt something "pop" when he suffered the injury.

"Russ has got an ankle sprain," Carroll said, per Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times. "It was non-contact, you know. Just to hear felt something kind of pop in there. X-rays were negative and all that so we'll see what happens. He's real disappointed."

He's clearly disappointed -- when we talked to Okung back in July, he was highly optimistic about taking a step forward in the 2011 season.

And this isn't the first time Okung's suffered a high ankle sprain -- Carroll acknowledged it was "in that area" -- and, as O'Neil notes, the left tackle has started 13 games and left three (!) because of ankle injuries.

Still, Pete Carroll sounded optimistic.

"We're not ruling out the fact we [could] get him back very quickly," Carroll said.

Of course, Carroll being upbeat isn't exactly surprising -- that's just how he rolls. But not ruling out getting someone back soon is eerily similar to when you hear a person "neither confirm or deny" something.

It might not actually be admitting the worst-case scenario, but it's pretty darn close.

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Posted on: August 11, 2011 9:41 pm

Russell Okung leaves on cart, X-rays negative

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Not much went right for the Seahawks' first-teamers in their Week 1 preseason game against the Chargers. From Tarvaris Jackson's debut as the Seattle starter (he left after going 3 for 5 for 13 yards), to the defense watching San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers go 5 for 6 for 87 yards and a touchdown on his first drive, to the familiar-but-no-less-troubling sight of left tackle Russell Okung going down with an ankle injury.

The Seahawks' 2010 first-round pick and the man tasked with filling the huge void (both literally and figuratively -- both mostly literally) left by Walter Jones, suffered the injury in the first quarter. He was engaged in a block at the time but the ankle was untouched. Although Okung left the field on a cart, there is some good news:

The NFL Network's Jason La Canfora tweets that: "X-Rays negative on SEA LT Russell Okung, who left game with what appeared to be an ankle injury. Hope his injury luck turns this season."

As Rotoworld notes, "The ankle isn't broken but … the Seahawks can't afford to suffer through another injury-plagued season from Okung, a difference maker for their offense. They've got enough problems at quarterback already."

For real.

Okung missed six games last season as he battled high ankle sprains.

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Posted on: August 11, 2011 7:29 pm

2011 NFL Preseason Live Chat, Week 1

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Hey, hey, hey, the NFL is back. Sure, it's only preseason but let's be honest, a month ago we'd take anything and, well, we got it. There are five games on the slate -- Seahawks-Chargers, Jags-Pats, Ravens-Eagles, Broncos-Cowboys, and Cards-Raiders -- and we'll be keeping an eye on all of them.  

Feel free to stop by and let us know which games you're watching because tonight we're all fans of the same thing: the return of football.

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Posted on: August 8, 2011 10:03 am
Edited on: August 8, 2011 6:57 pm

Carroll: Tarvaris got 'jerked around' in Minny

Posted by Will Brinson

Tarvaris Jackson is Pete Carroll's new "guy" in Seattle.

As such, it's not surprising to hear him defend Jackson and the quarterback's struggles in Minnesota. But it is surprising to hear him basically rip the Vikings front office and coaching staff for their way of handling Jackson.

“He has not been in a good situation," Carroll told Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver. "He’s been jerked around. We wanted to put him in a stable situation."

Boom. Roasted. But wait -- Carroll's comment wasn't even the spiciest one in Silver's article. Seahawks GM John Schneider kept things straight real when discussing Jackson's situation.

"He's 28 years old, and quite frankly was [expletive] on for four years," Schneider said.

Look, I'll give Schneider and Carroll credit for having a point here, because Jackson's been pushed back on the depth chart by a different crusty veteran nearly every single year since the Vikings drafted him in the first round. Brad Johnson, Gus Frerotte, and Brett Favre all started ahead of Jackson at one point, and obviously a situation involving Favre is going to play out like a yo-yo.

But having said all that, if Jackson was truly good enough to flourish and/or a clear-cut, starter-level quarterback at the NFL level, would the Vikings have been going out and chasing veteran quarterbacks in the first place? Or would they have simply allowed Jackson to walk after 2010 even though they were desperate enough for a quarterback that they a) reached for Christian Ponder in the first round and b) traded for Donovan McNabb?

It sure seems unlikely.

So it'll be quite interesting to see whether or not Carroll is more patient in Seattle if Jackson struggles to produce in the same offense that he was running in Minnesota. Seattle sure does appear to be a good situation for him, because he's got the same offensive coordinator (Darrell Bevell) and top offensive weapon (Sidney Rice).

And the Seahawks not only put their confidence firmly behind him, having named him the starter already, but they went out and got him a nice little bonus weapon in tight end Zach Miller.

So Jackson can succeed. Or he can struggle, again.

If it's the latter, however, we'll probably have to add Charlie Whitehurst's name to an already unassuming list of veterans who have hopped Jackson on the depth chart.

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