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Posted on: July 6, 2010 9:20 pm

Greene is not going to change his RB style

S. Greene (Getty) If you’re a football fan, you have to like the attitude of RB Shonn Greene, as captured in this New York Daily New s blog post. You want me to run out of bounds to preserve my body? You want me to shy away from contact to keep myself healthy? Screw you, buddy.

That’s something fans should love. Owners and coaches? Maybe not so much.

With Thomas Jones, who started all 16 regular-season games for New York and gained 1,402 yards with 14 touchdowns on 331 carries last year, moving to Kansas City, it will fall to Greene (and, to a much lesser extent, LaDainian Tomlinson) to take pressure of QB Mark Sanchez.

In order for that to happen, it’d be wise of Greene to try to stay out of the trainer’s room as much as possible. He’s not interested in that approach.

“We don’t run out of bounds,” Greene told the paper. “I’ve been taught that all my life…. I don’t think that’s going to help the way I play by doing that. If I just go out and do what I do, everything else will take care of itself. That’s what I do. I play the game of football. You can’t worry, ‘Oh, what if I do this? What if I run out of bounds?’ No, that’s not the game of football to me. Football is a hard-nosed game.”

Still, isn’t a long career something to consider? Isn’t making it to the end of the season a plus?

“I like his style,” running backs coach Anthony Lynn said. “I don’t want him to change very much at all. He’s going to take some shots, but he also gave a lot of shots. So, I like that attitude he has running the football. He has great body lean -- the guy’s always falling forward for extra yards. But there are a couple times when you have to take a guy on the edge and maybe not so much down the middle because I do want to get him through 16 games.”

“You just make him aware of it. As guys play and run in this league, they get wiser and more aware. It’s something that they learn over time.”

--Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on: June 21, 2010 9:55 am

Jets RB Coach Misguided about Tomlinson's Role

Lost in all the commotion surrounding LaDainian Tomlinson and the New York Jets is an answer to the question, With powerful second-year running back Shonn Greene clearly the starter, how will the Jets actually use their new veteran? Jets running back coach Anthony Lynn explained that, "It depends on the flow of the game. If we're better off in our big personnel, Shonn will get more touches. If we go little, like we did last year with Leon (Washington) in our nickel package, L.T. will get more touches. It's all situational."

Wait a minute. Washington was valuable because speed and quickness made him a shifty, elusive threat. The Chargers made Tomlinson available to the Jets because the 31-year-old had lost his speed and quickness. Tomlinson no longer has the lateral agility and burst to create his own space. As a Jet, he’d make much more sense in a Thomas Jones-type role.

Deep down, Lynn knows this. Or at least someone in the Jets organization does. That’s why the team invested a fourth-round pick in USC running back Joe McKnight. The 5’11”, 198-pounder is a classic finesse-based outside speed runner. Last year, Greene lay low as a rookie, and then burst onto the scene late. Don’t be surprised if McKnight does the same thing, only with an emergence taking place as early as October. Tomlinson doesn’t have the raw skills to be a featured weapon these days; his value is strictly in spelling Greene for 6-8 carries a game.

--Andy Benoit

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