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Posted on: February 19, 2012 12:07 pm

Melo out vs. Mavericks, Smith, Baron active

By Matt Moore 

The Knicks announced Sunday morning that Carmelo Anthony will not play vs. the Mavericks at Madison Square Garden. Baron Davis and J.R. Smith will both be active for the first time but are not expected to log heavy minutes, as Davis continues to work into game shape and recover from a back injury and Smith tries to learn the playbook having only gotten back to the United States from China within the past five days. 

Anthony will miss his seventh game with injury. Questions have been raised as to how he and Jeremy Lin will work together in the offense, due to Melo's tendencies towards isolation, versus the success the Knicks have had with Lin in the pick and roll set. Against the Mavericks, Lin will need the same kind of performance he had against the Lakers earlier this month. Lin's coming off of his first loss since gaining heavy minutes in the Knicks rotation. The Mavericks have a world of experience in defending the pick and roll well so it'll be interesting to see what approach they take with Lin and if Lin can recover from a series of poor games in terms of turnovers. If not, the Knicks could be on a losing streak and Linsanity could be fading from the popular consciousness.  

Seeing Smith operate in the offense without any real knowledge of the playbook should be an adventure as well.  
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Davis, Anthony doubtful for Knicks Tuesday

By Matt Moore

Mike D'Antoni said at Knicks practice Monday that both Baron Davis and Carmelo Anthony are doubtful for Tuesday night's game against the Pistons, via Newsday. Davis has yet to be able to make it back into game condition after missing the first month and a half of training camp and regular season after suffering a bulging disc in his back. There were indications he would be ready to go as early as Tuesday of last week, but he continues to struggle with being in good enough shape to play. Which is not terribly comforting for a fan base so desperately hoping he is the point guard which puts all the pieces of the Knicks' talented but woefully dysfunctional offense back together. 

Anthony has missed the past two games for the Knicks in an effort to get his hands and wrists right. He's dealt with injuries to both hands this season, and has mentioned his body not being right while he's struggled from the field. But the problem now is his ankle, via the New York Times

Without Anthony, the Knicks have primarily gone to a perimeter attack, essentially trying to outscore opponents with thees since they can't create anything inside. It worked for a while versus the Heat Friday night before the tactic wore out. The Knicks need to get healthy and get some solutions in place to move forward or things are going to get ugly at the World's Most Famous Arena. 

But that will have to wait at least one more game while they deal with injuries and conditioning of two starters in this compacted schedule.
Posted on: January 27, 2012 11:16 am

Melo out vs. Heat Friday, Rockets Saturday

Carmelo Anthony is out Friday vs. Miami. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore

Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni announced Friday that forward Carmelo Anthony would miss both the Knicks' game against the Miami Heat in Miami Friday night and against the Rockets Saturday night. Anthony has been battling left hand and wrist, and right wrist injuries. 

Anthony has played through the injuries in the last few games but commented after the Knicks' loss to the Nuggets last week that the may need to sit a few games to heal. More damage done during the Knicks' loss to the Cavaliers likely sealed the deal. The Knicks' sole bright spot in the last week and a half has been their play vs. the Bobcats, a game in which Anthon was a non-factor, hardly shooting compared to his normal rate. If the Knicks were to somehow get the win over the Heat in Miami, the questions about Anthony's role on the Knicks will reach an even higher temperature.

Anthony said he "tried to be a superhero" and play through the injuries but that he should have rested recently.  

The Knicks will also be without Baron Davis for yet another game. Davis has been out with a bulging disc in his back and trying to get into playing condition. Josh Harrellson is also out for the Knicks, which means their frontcourt is going to be very thin against the Heat. Bill Walker will get the start for New York in place of Anthony.  

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Report: Disarray and distrust in Knicks land

Carmelo Anthony says he'll have a talk with Amar'e Stoudemire to iron out their issues Monday. (Getty Images)

By Matt Moore

Things are not well at the most famous arena. According to a report, anyway. The New York Post Monday stirred the pot of seemingly poisoned stew with the Knicks with a report that says there may be dissension and "finger-pointing" between the team's two stars and quotes from Carmelo Anthony that indicate a work-it-out session may be in order.  
“We as a team need to do a better job getting Amar’e the ball,’’ Anthony admitted. “I have the ball in my hands. Maybe it’s on me. Maybe I have to give him the ball a little more, help him out with that. We’ll talk probably [today] and try to figure it out together. If I’m doing too much, I want him to tell me. I want the guys on the team to tell me if I’m doing too much.’’


According to a source familiar with the situation, Anthony has been too obsessed with his points and Stoudemire is too concerned with Anthony taking over the team. There’s also too much finger-pointing, according to the source.
via Carmelo Anthony of Knicks hopes talk with Amar’e Stoudemire can end slump - NYPOST.com.

Whoa, boy.

Anthony's comments seem to indicate a step in the right direction, but here's the problem. If you're going to have a talk with a teammate, you just talk to him. You don't announce to the media you're going to talk about it. It comes off as much more like an effort to publicly jab Stoudemire and say "If you have a problem, say something to me, already." You don't announce you're going to work things out. You either tell the media everything is fine or that you have already talked to him about it. The two men have cell phones, they share a locker room, they see one another every day. This isn't rocket science.

The report about finger-pointing is more worrisome. It's highly unlikely that Anthony is obsessed with his points, since he understands how this game works and that his star placement wouldn't fade any with fewer shots. But there definitely does seem to be a trend towards both players wrestling for control as the alpha dog. Stoudemire's been willing to let Anthony ball handle and in most contests the trend is consistent. Stoudemire begins the game by being active and trying to create space off the attention drawn by Anthony, and as Anthony continually shoots and doesn't create shots for him, Stoudemire defers more and more. It's not pouting as it is so much "well, I'm not going to go running in circles for my health." (Not on that knee, he's not.)

In reality, the problem doesn't lie with either superstar. It lies with management's decision to trade half their team including starting point guard Raymond Felton for Anthony. The system under D'Antoni cannot function without a capable point guard. The teams need cohesion, from Stoudemire on down. A point guard won't solve everything, but it would help. 

But there's good news on that front, as Baron Davis is expected to practice for the first time Monday and potentially play on Saturday. Knicks fans are perhaps placing too many expecatations on a point guard who has missed a lot of time with injury and hasn't impressed when he has played over the past few years. The numbers are right there in terms of assist rate, but Davis can't solve everything on his own. 

The situation in New York isn't one part being broken.
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Baron Davis to return in late January?

Posted by Royce Young

The Knicks have some problems at point guard but could be getting relief soon. According to the New York Post, Baron Davis could be returning soon.
Davis is getting closer and closer to returning from a herniated disk and a person familiar with the situation said the guard will take a big leap in his rehab this week by starting full running drills and some contact basketball drills.

It’s not out of the question for him to be cleared for practice by next weekend and a late-January debut has become more likely than not.

Davis was signed by the Knicks right before the season started after being amnestied by the Cavaliers. The Knicks already had Mike Bibby on the roster and a couple young players like Iman Shumpert and Toney Douglas, but Davis would likely be the starter right away.

Davis is in pretty good shape it appears, but will have to get into basketball shape. He hasn't had a training camp, a practice or a game yet and with the abbreviated, condensed schedule he'll need to be ready.

But one thing's for sure: The Knicks are counting on him. They need him to be healthy, to be good and to be ready to give them something from that position.
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Paper reports Baron Davis has 'herniated d*ck'

Posted by Ben Golliverbaron-davis-pain

It's enough to make you squirm.

SBNation.com notes that the Charlotte Observer made an embarrasing typographical error in its Wednesday morning edition, writing: "Ex-Charlotte Hornet Baron Davis signed with the Knicks after being cut by Cleveland under the amnesty clause. Davis is recovering from a herniated d*ck."

The Cleveland Cavaliers had hosted the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday night.

According to WebMD.com, a "herniated disc" is a damaged bone in your spine that bulges or breaks open, causing back pain or numbness. That doesn't sound like too much fun. But a "herniated d*ck"? That sounds significantly, terrifyingly worse.

"Thanks Charlotte Observer for announcing my new injury," Davis joked on Twitter. "Still able to workout with it."

Davis then added: "That was a joke people. Excuse the person from the Observer who made a Typo... I was Just having fun. My Goldmember is not herniated."

Journalism site Poynter.org reports that the error was made during the editorial process.
Mike Persinger, the paper’s executive sports editor, explained the origin of the error in a blog post today. He said the writer first described the injury as a “herniated disc.” That made it past the first editor, but a second editor realized that isn’t the way the paper spells this injury. So the editor attempted to change it to “herniated disk.” Needless to say, things didn’t work out that way.

There was no third editor in the process to catch the typo.
Here's an image of the newspaper's error.

Davis has not yet suited up for the Knicks this season because of a back injury.
Posted on: December 18, 2011 2:37 pm
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Knicks sign Baron Davis

Posted by Royce Young

Update: The Knicks have officially announced the signing. Also, the New York Times reports that Davis signed for the veteran minimum under the veteran exception, which means the Knicks still have the room exception granted under the new CBA and are expected to continue their pursuit of James Posey, recently amnestied by the Pacers

After using the amnesty clause on Chauncey Billups, the Knicks have been hunting a new starting point guard. Mike Bibby recently signed, but that's not exactly the answer.

Baron Davis was amnestied by the Cavs and cleared waivers, opening up the opportunity for him to sign anywhere. And that anywhere has turned out to be the Knicks, according to ESPN.com and confirmed by Ken Berger of CBSSports.com

With the Knicks being well over the cap, the deal had to be for the veteran minimum or the "mini mid-level" the Knicks have. According to SI.com, it is indeed for the $2.5 mini mid-level.

Which is why this makes a lot of sense for New York. It's a low risk, potentially high value signing. Davis still has a lot of game left, it just comes down to motivation and health. And with him being in New York playing on a solid Knicks team, you have to think he's going to be ready.

He's dealing with a back injury though, and could be out up to 8-10 weeks. However, after being amnetied by the Cavs, that timetable miraculously dropped to 4-6.

Other teams reportedly going after Davis were the Heat and Lakers, so the Knicks landing their target to likely start once he's healthy is a big move. Not to say Davis is going to be a star or anything, but considering the options right now for New York, Davis is about as good as they could do in their situation. Bibby is a nice veteran backup, Toney Douglas isn't a point guard and Iman Shumpert is mostly an unknown. Davis could at least step in and handle the offense.

Which shouldn't be all that difficult considering Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire are part of it. Where the Knicks will likely continue to struggle is the defensive end. Davis isn't known as much of a defender, so the addition of Tyson Chandler could be very important to seal off all those drives given up by Davis and Carmelo.
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Cavaliers use amnesty clause to waive Baron Davis

Posted by Ben Golliverbaron-davis-peace

The man who became the butt of hundreds of "he looks homeless" jokes is now officially without an NBA home, at least for the next few days.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have elected to waive uber-hipster point guard Baron Davis using their amnesty clause. The decision does not come as a surprise but there was plenty of speculation as to whether Davis would stay or go, given the lack of talent on Cleveland's roster and the fact that this is sure to be a rebuilding year. The paper reports he experienced back pain associated with a "bulging disc" and is "expected to miss at least several weeks."

Davis was on the books for $13.9 million for 2011-2012 and had a player option worth $14.8 million for 2012-2013. The Cavaliers get to remove both of those numbers from their books, meaning they are positioned to be a fairly major player in free agency during the summer of 2012. 

In the meantime, the 2011 NBA Draft's No. 1 overall draft pick Kyrie Irving should take on a major role. Irving is a polished all-around point guard who is mature beyond his years, and the Cavaliers have Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions to make sure his transition to the pro game is a smooth one.

Newsday reports that Davis might be headed to the Big Apple, as the veteran point guard and the New York Knicks share "mutual interest." For that to happen, Davis must go unclaimed during the blind amnesty bidding auction that is restricted only to teams that are currently under the salary cap. If he makes it through that process without being claimed, he would be an unrestricted free agent and could sign wtih any team. The Knicks, having given up on their pursuit of New Orleans Hornets All-Star point guard Chris Paul to sign center Tyson Chandler, are in desperate need of talented backcourt bodies. 

Davis, 32, was traded to the Cavaliers along with the draft pick used to select Irving by the Los Angeles Clippers last season in a deal that sent point guard Mo Williams to L.A. In 58 games for the Clippers and Cavaliers during 2010-2011, Davis averaged 13.1 points and 7.7 assists per game.
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