Posted on: November 30, 2011 6:30 pm

The Cuse

I've watched and rooted for SU Basketball since I was 7 years old and saw Louie and Bouie lead Syracuse to a 144-96 win at the Manley Field House. In 1980 the Carrier Dome was built and it was the talk of the town. The new talk of the town is one of disgust and shame. The recent allegations against Bernie Fine will scar not only the University, but the City of Syracuse for years to come. As I travel the country and say, "I Live in Syracuse", the first thought will be as expected. "Oh, where that coach molested those ball boys." As a teenager I wanted nothing more than to be one of those ball boys. As an adult, I feel very sorry for them and although I'm not 100% convinced all that's been said has happened, we all know something did. As the holiday approaches, don't take sides, just take solace in the fact that you have your health, your family and something to look forward to in the future. Some peoples futures are pre-determined by those that prey on our youth. Scorn those that practice this evil deed and pray it doesn't happen to one of your children.

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