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2012 NFL Playoff Predictions

So here we are NFL playoffs time! I am not sure there is a better stretch in sports really. March Madness is great and all. However I think the entire NFL playoffs just might top it. So here we go with my predictions. First of all I see the Packers as the odds on favorite in the NFC, however the NFC is by far the tougher conference to get through. The AFC I see 3 teams (Steelers, Ravens, Pats) having a chance at the Super Bowl while the 3 other teams (Bengals, Texans, Broncos) essentially having no chance really. 

Wild Card Round  

Cincinatti Benglas defeat Houston Texans 20-16

I think Cincinatti is an interesting team and quite the story this year. This matchup features two rookie QB's playing against each other. I think Andy Dalton is the better QB in this match up though. I think he and AJ Green will have impressive playoff debuts and lead Cincinatti to a close victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Denver Broncos 27-6

The Tim Tebow era comes crashing to a halt in Denver? Pittsburgh absolutely dominates Denver as their defense suffocates Denver's anemic offense. This is one of those matchups like last year Saints/Seahawks that just seems like one team has no chance. I think this time around that team Denver really doesn't stand a chance.

New Orleans Saints defeat Detroit Lions 31-24

This game should be an offensive showdown. Most people think the Lions stand no chance I do think they could pull off the upset though. This game could likely come down to turnovers and which QB makes a key mistake. I just think the Saints are ulimately too good at home to lose. Saints win a thriller on a late Bress touchdown.

Atlanta Falcons defeat New York Giants 33-24

This game to me comes down to one matchup the Falcons ability to protect Matt Ryan against the dynamic New York front. I think Atlanta will utilize extra guys in protection if they have to and will ultimately be successful in slowing down the Giants attack. This is another game that figures to feature lots of offense. I think Matt Ryan finally gets that playoff win he is looking for and Falcons win going away late on a Eli Manning interception.

Divisional Round

New England Patriots defeat Cincinatti Bengals 27-17

I think the Bengals hang tough in this game for a long time. I actually think they are capable of pulling an upset here. However, I just think the Patriots are going to be focused and motivated this year to get the job done. It will be tough to beat this team in their house. Ultimately Belicheat and Brady won't lose to a rookie QB. Patriots take it on a big day from Brady and Gronkowski.

Baltimore Ravens defeat Pittsburgh Steelers 27-24 in OT

The new OT rules finally come into play on this one. This should be the best game of the entire post season as Pittsburgh travels to Baltimore. This game could easily go either way, however I think the Ravens finally having the home game against Pittsburgh previal. The Ravens have already beaten Pittsburgh twice this year. They will be focused and ready to nip the Steelers in OT once again.

San Francisco 49ers defeat New Orleans Saints 23-20

The Saints express comes to a halt in San Francisco. While I think San Fran's lack of experience could hurt them in this match up I just think Harbaugh will have his boys ready. I think San Francisco defense will slow down the Saints explosive attack. While the offense does just enough as Crabtree and Gore have big games. San Fran wins on a late FG by David Akers.

Green Bay Packers defeat Atlanta Falcons 34-23 

I don't like this match up for the Falcons. The Packers have shown in the last two matchups that they are capable of dominating Atlanta. The Packers are not goint to lose this one at home. As their offense will not be stopped by Atlanta. Look for the Packers defense to still struggle, but do just enough to secure a victory. Aaron Rodgers has a big day in his first playoff home game.

Championship Games

Baltimore Ravens defeat New England Patriots 24-23

This should be a great AFC Championship game. One that sees the Patriots jump out to an early lead as they look focused and poised to go back to the Super Bowl. However, I think Joe Flacco has a huge second half and leads his Ravens to the upset by leading a late touchdown drive to put the Ravens on top by 1. The Ravens defense stops Brady and the Patriots on the final possesion of the game to seal the victory. As Ravens and Joe Flacco finally get over the hump and into the Super Bowl. 

Green Bay Packers defeat San Francisco 49ers 28-24

This is another great game that sees the Packers have some troubles against a tough San Francisco defense. However Aaron Rodgers does just enough to get the Packers over the top. As he adds to his legacy with a two minute drill to remember. Hitting Greg Jennings on a 7 yard TD pass on 3rd and goal with under 30 seconds left to leave the Niners stunned. The Harbaugh bowl will have to wait at least one more year as the Packers advance to the Super Bowl in a thriller.

Super Bowl XLVI

Green Bay Packers defeat Baltimore Ravens 33-27

This should be another great Super Bowl similar to last year when my Packers beat the Steelers. The Packers have been the best team all year despite a defense that gives up yards in bunches. I don't think the Packers can be stopped indoors where this Super Bowl will be held. Look for Rodgers to have a monster day and secure another Super Bowl MVP. As the Packers opportunistic defense comes up with a timely turnover late to help the Packers just edge the Ravens.

I am so excited for the playoffs to finally get started. I really think the NFC is pretty wide open with Green Bay the odds on favorite, but really anyone can win in that conference. Especially if Green Bay's defense can't come up with the timely turnovers. I think the home field advantage ultimately is the difference maker for Green Bay. The AFC is a 3 team race and I think the Ravens are the best team of the bunch.

Should be a fun and exciting ride. Go Pack Go!!! Bring home back to back Lombardi Trophies!  
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My Thoughts On SUPER Sunday

Well here we are folks I can hardly believe this day has finally come. At the beginning of the year I believed we would be here, but man I never expected the ride to be this way. Sneaking into the playoffs then winning 3 straight road games have been like a dream. When you think about it this entire run has been pretty much perfect. 
It started with handing the Giants a pounding to essentially knock them out of the playoffs the next week when we beat our biggest rival in Lambeau! That was payback in a big way for 2008! Then to beat Philly in Philly a house of horrors for us for years what a great way to start the playoff run. Not only that to beat Vick the guy who beat us in Lambeau for the first time in the playoffs! Then to beat his former team the team he was on when he beat us. Then of course other then beating theVikings in the NFC Championship nothing can be bigger then beating the Bears in Chicago for the Halas Trophy!
So lets breakdown this game. First of all I want to say how privaleged I feel to get to watch the two best franchises, fan bases, etc in the NFL battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy. I love my Green Bay Packers, but I also have always liked theSteelers. Make no mistake tomorrow I HATE the Steelers though!!!
So anyways on to the game itself. I have a very good feeling about this game for our Green Bay Packers. I just feel this is a really good match up for us and I feel the fact this game is inside a dome really helps us. I would be crazy to say I think this game will turn out like the Atlanta game, but if anyone is going to blow out anyone in this game it will be the Packers. The Packers haven't been blown out once this year and it sure as HELL isn't going to start now! 
I think the biggest X Factor in this game is Mendenhall. This guy scares me a bit he is fairly big and fast. I think he is the kind of back that can give our Packers some issues. That being said with Pouncey out I feel even less worried about this guy. I think this game is simple if we can keep Mendenhall in check we win. The reason is I just don't see Ben Roethlisberger having a ton of success against our secondary and I see very little success if they can't establish a run game. Forget last year this Packers defense is worlds better especially in the secondary. We have arguably the best secondary in the league and I think it will do another stand up job against Pittsburgh. 
I think the Packers won't light up the Steelers D, but they will have enough success to get the job done. I am hoping for big games from Jennings and Driver. I would especially love to see Double D have at least 1 TD! I am hoping Starks can have a good game. Something tells me he is due for a big long TD run. I am sensing a Rodgers rushing TD as well. 
My Prediction: Packers 23-17. I see this game as fairly low scoring both of these teams have just very good defenses. Too good of defenses to be lit up. Especially the Packers I just don't see us giving up much more then 20 points in this game. 
MVP: I think it will be a defensive guy and I am thinking someone in the secondary. Either Woodson my first choice or Tramon as my dark horse. I think this has been the story of the season the defense comes through time and time again. I believe it comes through again and it is only fitting that someone on the defense is MVP. 
Okay there's one scenario that is just killing me right now though. If it comes down to Crosby having to make a FG I don't know if I can watch. It would honestly perhaps be the most statisfying ending as I feel Mason deserves to kick the game winner. However, I don't think I could stomach watching it because I really don't trust Mason! 
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2011 NFL Playoff Predictions

Well the playoffs are upon us. At the beginning of the year I predicted the Ravens and Packers in the Super Bowl. While neither of these teams achieved the type of success in the regular season that I thought they would. They both found their way in the Wild Card route. So now that this season has certainly had its fair share of surprises. Including some that I called like Atlanta being a major dark horse this year. Now as the playoffs head in I see a wide open NFC and a top heavy AFC. 
NFC Predictions
Analysis: Let me start by saying I think this conference is totally wide open with 5 times (sorry Seahawks) all having a legit chance to make the Super Bowl. It will come down to which team can execute, get some luck, and also overcome their weakness. All these teams have some sort of weakness. I think I give the Saints the edge just because they are the defending champions and until they are beaten they deserve the benefit of the doubt. 
NFC Wild Card
New Orleans 33, Seattle 13
Analysis: This game should be a complete blow out. Something tells me it will be close for awhile though. Seattle is not the easiest of places to play even if there team is merely below average at best. The only chance in hell Seattle has of winning this game is if Hasselback plays lights out and the Saints turn it over a lot. I think it will be close until a late turnover in the 4th leads to a Saints touchdown that puts the game away. Closer then the score indicates, but still at the end of the day Saints win big like expected. 
Green Bay 20, Philadelphia 13
Analysis: A rematch of week 1 in which we will see the same results Packers win by 7. I think this is one of the more even match ups I have seen in these playoffs in recent years. Green Bay comes into this match up riding high after a couple of big must wins to get into the playoffs while the Eagles came in on a surprising 2 game slide. I think this time with a full week to prepare for Vick the Packers fair much better against him. As they get pressure on him and slow down the Eagles attack. I am slightly worried, because the Packers have had their problems with running quarterbacks over the past several years. However, I just think this defense is different and definitely best defense we have had in a long time. I think the Packers still have problems running the ball, but are able to throw it for enough points to take this one. 
NFC Divisional Round
New Orleans 30, Chicago 23
Analysis: This match up would be a classic good offense versus good defense battle I think. While the two weaker units the Bears offense and Saints defense may ultimately decide this game. I however, think despite there great performance in Green Bay last week that the Bears have shown signs over the past several weeks of some problems on defense. See the Jets and Patriots games for examples of this. I see the Bears defense slowing down the Saints for awhile. Using some big special teams plays and good offense the Bears run out to a 16-10 lead mid way through the third. However, the Saints find their groove late in the third and put up 17 4th quarter points to comeback and win this game. 
Green Bay 20, Atlanta 17
Analysis: This is a rematch of a good game earlier in the year. A game in which Green Bay really had a chance to win, but made some key costly mistakes that sent them to a difficult loss. I don't really love this match up for Green Bay I actually think Atlanta gives us trouble considering we haven't been the greatest at stopping the run this year. I think we contain Michael Turner in this one and play perhaps our best overall game of the season. This time Green Bay comes out on top by a late game field goal. 
NFC Championship
New Orleans 23, Green Bay 21
Analysis: Here we are both wild card teams make it to the Championship game. Ultimately I think winning 3 straight road games will just be too much for the Packers. This game will be the toughest of all of them yet as beating the defending champions in their building this close to a repeat for them is going to be brutal. The Packers put up a great effort, but ultimately fall short on a late Saints field goal.
AFC Predictions
Analysis: Well the AFC is a conference I don't think is nearly as wide open. While I still think the teams outside the top 2 are really good. I just think those top 2 are really good football teams that will be tough to beat at home. 
AFC Wild Card
Indianapolis 21, New York 17
Analysis: This game features two teams headed in opposite directions. The Jets who I feel were overrated to begin with came backing into these playoffs while the Colts came in having to win their final 4 games. While neither of these teams are as good as they were last season I think the Colts are still better. Playing at home I think Peyton Manning will have a good game and lead the Colts to a close victory. 
Baltimore 29, Kansas City 23 in OT
Analysis: The NFL sees the new OT rules come into play on opening weekend. As this is a match up that I think is about even as well. This match up features strength versus strength which is Kansas City rush attack versus Baltimore rush defense. I think this is a great game that is probably the game of the wild card round much like last years Green Bay Arizona game was. In this game the new rules don't really get tested as Baltimore wins the toss, takes the ball, and Flacco hits Boldin on a huge bomb for the game winning TD on the third play of OT. I think whoever comes out of this match up is the team that could likely upset one of the top two in the next round. 
AFC Divisional Round
Pittsburgh 27, Indianapolis 17
Analysis: This would be one of the more exciting match ups to see I think. Peyton Manning versus Pittsburgh's defense would be quite the battle I think. In this one I see Pittsburgh offense having few troubles with the Colts defense. While Pittsburgh defense does just enough to frustrate Manning and come up with a few game changing turn overs. Steelers take this one by 10. 
New England 33, Baltimore 27
Analysis: The Ravens are in yet again the weekend's best game. As this one I think would be a real battle with neither defense having too much of an impact on this one. As we see the Patriots one and only weakness really is a young defense. I think the Patriots, however take this one late when the youthful defense comes up with a huge interception stopping the Ravens final drive in the red zone with only seconds left in the game. I think both QB's have good games and both running backs put up big days as well. Should be a fun game to watch. 
AFC Championship 
Pittsburgh 23, New England 20
Analysis: This is a rematch of a match up earlier in the year that saw the Patriots go into Pittsburgh and stomp them. That match up was the beginning of the Pats run of dominance throughout the rest of the season. In this one I think we see a much better game and a much more focused Steelers team. Tom Brady as terrific as he has been all year finally throws his first interception in many weeks that proves costly and leads to a late game winning field goal by Pittsburgh to steal the AFC Championship from the Patriots and leave them stunned. Troy Polamalu is the MVP of the game as he comes up with the big interception and gets to Brady for 3 sacks. 
Super Bowl
Pittsburgh 33, New Orleans 28
Analysis: What a Super Bowl this would be I think as it would feature two unexpected teams as the playoffs began. I think this would be an excellent game that would ultimately see Troy Polamalu being a huge difference maker again as he makes big plays on defense. Ultimately though it is Ben Roethlisberger who leads his Steelers on yet another classic drive late in the game for the game winning touchdown this time to Hines Ward. The Steelers deny the Saints a repeat and win there unprecedented 7th Super Bowl.
MVP: Ben Roethlisberger 335 yards passing, 2 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD
I think we are in for an exciting playoffs. I am not sure I am right by any means I could be way off. This is how I see it playing out though and I will stick to it. I think we are for a surprise from each conference as the top seed in each conference fail to make it to the Super Bowl. The NFC is wide open and I wouldn't be surprised by just about anything happening in that conference. In the AFC I think the Ravens or Chiefs stand the best chance at knocking off either Pittsburgh or New England. The one match up I would love to see is Kansas City at New England as I feel that would be an exciting game. I think New England would struggle to win that one as they seem to have problems facing former coaches of theirs. Would make for an interesting battle I think. Should be exciting hoping for my dream Super Bowl of my Packers versus my second favorite team Steelers! Enjoy the ride everyone and may the best team win!!!
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2010 2011 NBA Season Predictions

Well I have done this for 3 seasons straight so mine as well keep it up. Last year I called the Lakers Celtics finals match up with Lakers winning in 6 so I was pretty close on that one for sure. After an off season filled with the biggest story being the Miami Heat over and over again. We have the Lakers quietly sitting there as almost an after thought by most. However despite Miami's big moves LA made some more quiet yet equally as big moves in my view. So here we go with my predictions.
Eastern Conference 
Miami (1)
Orlando (2)
Boston (3)
Milwaukee (4)
Atlanta (5)
Chicago (6)
Charlotte (7)
Knicks (8)
Eastern Conference Analysis: The Heat should cruise through the regular season. This team is going to be tough to beat and unless they just aren't motivated or have major injuries I see them coming out with the best record in the league and somewhere between 61-66 wins. Orlando will be runners up and may get very close to 60 wins. I could easily see Boston sandbagging much of the year, but I think they will remain relatively healthy and win enough to get the third seed. I like the Jermaine O'Neal addition. The Bucks I think are one of the most underrated teams in the entire league. I don't think they have any chance at beating any of the top 3 teams in the East, but they are the next best. Atlanta to me didn't do much in the off season and I think they take a step back due to other teams improving and just getting better. Chicago has been one of the more underachieving teams over the years in the regular season. The last few years I have predicted them to finish higher then most people in the conference. This year I am being cautious. I don't love the addition of Boozer as I have always felt he is an overrated player. However Tom Thibodeau should do wonders for this team. As much as I hate Larry Brown he will guide the Bobcats back to the playoffs. The Knicks will sneak in with the final spot once they pull of a trade for Carmello Anthony at mid season. 
I see the Pistons, Nets, and Sixers as the teams that will just miss the playoffs. I see the worst teams as clearly the Raptors and Cavs the two teams that lost the most this off season.
Western Conference 
Lakers (1)
Oklahoma City (2)
Dallas (3)
Portland (4)
San Antonio (5)
Phoenix (6)
Houston (7)
Utah (8)
Western Conference Analysis: The Lakers are the clear cut favorites in the West and even if Kobe is limited I don't see them not finishing with the best record in the conference. However it will likely cost them a shot at the best record in the entire association. The Lakers simply put have vastly improved their bench which was close to non existent for much of last year. Oklahoma City I truly believe is ready to take that next step. Kevin Durant had a monster summer and I think it is KD's time. He will guide the Thunder to the second best record. Dallas is the prototypical regular season team. They seem to always do well and that will be the case this season again. Portland if they can stay healthy could finish anywhere from 2-4 in the conference I will say a few injuries here and there knock them to 4. San Antonio may be old, but I think they are still a good team and will find a way to get the 5 seed. Phoenix will take a step back as they lose Stoudamire who was overrated yet was still key to their team. I am not convinced that Turkoglu or Warrick are the answers. Houston will be the most improved with Yao back and healthy. The Jazz are an experienced and good team. I don't think they will miss Boozer that much and replacing him with Jefferson will allow them to make the playoffs yet again. Derron Williams is the best PG in the league and together with Sloan they will just get in. Unfortunately for them they will be facing LA again a team they just can't beat. 
I think the Hornets and Grizzlies will be the two teams that will just miss the playoffs. I give the Jazz the edge due to their head coach and their experience. Not sure who will be the worst team take your pick between the Wolves, Nuggets (if Melo leaves), Warriors, Kings, or Clips. 
First Round
Mia over NY in 5
Orl over Charlotte in 5
Bos over Chi in 7 (Thibodeau gives fits to his former team)
Mil over Atl in 7 (payback for Mil)
LA over Uta in 4
OKC over Hou in 7 (I think Ming could give fits to the Thunder's undersized front court)
Pho over Dal in 7 (Dal always chokes in the playoffs)
SA over Por in 7
First Round Analysis: Lakers, Orlando, and Miami should have no trouble with their match ups. Beyond that I see potential for 5 classic series in the other 5 match ups as I could see them all easily going 7. Should be an excellent first round!!!
Conference Semi Finals
Mia over Mil in 5
Bos over Orl in 6
LA over SA in 5
OKC over PHO in 6
Semi Finals Analysis: Overall I expect pretty one sided series. Boston/Orlando and OKC/PHO should be good series though. 
Conference Finals 
Mia over Bos in 7
LA over OKC in 6
Conference Finals Analysis: Should be two excellent series. I suspect the Miami Boston one to be a real classic with Miami winning a close one in game 7 as Boston's legs just get tired on the road in the 4th quarter. I suspect the Thunder will come very close to forcing a game 7, but will fall just short. 
NBA Finals
LA over Miami in 7
NBA Finals: I would love to pick against James again, but I just him finally getting the job done and getting back to the finals. That being said this series will be an absolute classic. It will come down to a game 7 on the road for LA and if any team is going to win a game 7 on the road it is the two time defending champions. Look for yet another classic that just might top last years classic 7 set with the Celtics. I just think in the end the Lakers size, the Lakers improved bench, and Kobe Bryant will be the difference that pushes LA over the top. 
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant will be the MVP once again. I mean who else maybe Gasol could take it, but somehow I doubt it. Kobe is the man and will prove it again with another stellar finals. This time he will have a sensational game 7.
League Awards
MVP- Kevin Durant it is his time period. Kobe isn't going to go all out in the regular season so it won't be his and LeBron are you kidding me? I don't care what his stats are there is no way in hell you can convince me he is MVP of the league with the two other superstars he is playing with. He may be the best player (debatable) but this is Most Valuable not the best. 
Comeback Player- Yao he will be effective and lead the Rockets back to the post season. 
Coach- Scott Skiles underrated coach will finally get his pops as he leads Milwaukee to a huge 50+ win season.

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Early NFC Power Rankings

So I thought why not take an early look at next season I know we have free agency to go and the draft to go that could clearly change things, but why not take a look at how we could see things looking next year just because it is boring time until the draft.

So here are my NFC Power Rankings
1. New Orleans Saints- Clearly still the class of the NFC. I am not really sure about this teams free agency status, but I am pretty sure they don't have a ton of big names to get resigned. Most of their team should be fairly intact and outside of Green Bay I think they have the most dynamic offense in the NFC. Along with a very solid play making defense that I figure only to get better next season. The hardest thing for them will be handling being the champ because it is not an easy task. This season they are the hunted instead of the hunter.

2. Green Bay Packers- If the Packers can resign Nick Collins and make a few more additions to that defense they should have one of the best defenses again. They need to improve at corner back, but getting Al Harris back should make a big difference. The defense needs to improve in the secondary if it wants to be a truly elite defense. We all know that offense is going to be really good again with Rodgers at the helm. I look for Rodgers to be in the hunt for MVP this season and win it. Look for Jeremicheal Finley to explode in his third season I could see him being theVernon Davis of this season next season. Grant is a notoriously slow starter, but he is also a notoriously fast finisher hopefully he can put two halves together this season. We all know the receiving core is still one of the best, but I look for Jordy Nelson and James Jones to improve and all our receivers to improve especially in the catching the ball department. Bottom line this team is locked loaded and motivated to go on a title run. As with any team health will be a key thing and it what ultimately killed us this season losing Harris crippled us against a great QB like Warner.

3. Dallas Cowboys- They really got a monkey off their back last season by getting to the playoffs and winning a game. Also dominating the month of December. Other then Green Bay and San Diego they were the hottest team heading into the post season. I look for that momentum to carry over. While I don't think their offense is quite as good as Green Bay's or New Orleans I think their defense might be the best of the bunch. They were very impressive in that final month dominating teams!!!! Will see what happens, but I think along with New Olreans and Green Bay they encompass the NFC Teams I see with a shot at the Super Bowl next year. I see these 3 teams as the big 3 in the NFC.

4. Minnesota Vikings- This is provided Favre comes back if he does they make the big 3 a big 4. If Favre does not then I just can't see them having the same success and I think I would actually drop them in the rankings. I put them 4 because I can see them getting McNabb if they don't get Favre and if they do that I see them staying a top team. However I think McNabb fits right in with this bunch a guy that often fails in the post season. I am not sure McNabb can quite do the same things Brett did for this team either. Adrian Peterson needs to fix his fumble issues and regain his moniker as top back in the league which I personally feel Chris Johnson stole from him this season. If they want to go to a Super Bowl this definitely needs to happen with or without Favre and McNabb.

5. Atlanta Falcons- This team I think would definitely be my dark horse next season. Last season's decline was a result of big injuries to their star QB and RB. You take the star QB and running back away from either of these top teams and their records are definitely vastly different probably. I think the Falcons are definitely on the right track with a young QB who definitely has the ability to be great in Matt Ryan. I look for the Falcons to definitely be the dark horse of the NFC.

6. Philadelphia Eagles- Not sure what happened to this team at the end of the last season. It was a shocking flame out for a team that many pundits had pegged as their favorite to go to the Super Bowl. I think perhaps Dallas was just the one team they couldn't beat and had terrible match up problems against. There are serious questions surrounding this team too like will McNabb be there QB? 

7. New York Giants- This team definitely is looking to bounce back not sure what happened last season. I do know one thing they need to greatly improve that defense if they want to have any chance of going anywhere. That defense was a sieve last season giving up big points nearly every game. Can the Super Bowl Champions of two seasons ago improve?

8. San Fran 49ers- I see them as huge benefactors to Warner's retirement. I already liked what Singletary was doing with these guys. If they could only get a slightly better QB I think their offense could be one of the top ones. I think they win the NFC West and get into the playoffs. Look for Vernon Davis to have another monster year!!!!

9. Arizona Cardinals- Losing Warner is going to hurt big time unless they can find a replacement. I don't think Matt Leinart is going to get it done as I really feel this guys confidence is completely shattered to the point he will never make it in the NFL. He is one of the few guys that didn't benefit at all from staying in school an extra year. They still have a very solid receiving core and running backs. That defense is not much good though. I see the Cardinals seeing a significant drop off this year however their only challenger in the West is still the 49ers.

10. Carolina Panthers- This team seemed to figure something out maybe at the end of the year. They still need to improve in the passing game if they want to compete.

11. Chicago Bears- They started to look a bit better at the end of the season. Especially Jay Cutler who in the Minnesota game looked like the QB most Bears fans expected all year. If Cutler can build on success this team has a chance to improve on it's 8-8 record. They could be a darkhorse if they finally get Cutler some help.

12. Washington Redskins- I am not a Shannhan fan, but he can't do much worse. This team has a chance to be a surprise if Shannhan can turn them around especially in that division that I feel is wide open for spot 2. Dallas is clearly the class and the rest is up for grabs. I say give it at least another year though before they can get back to the post season.

13.Tampa Bay Bucs- Josh Freeman seemed to show he might be a capable QB. This team still has a long ways to go though before they get back into contender status.

14. Detroit Lions- The Lions hopes ride on Matthew Stafford they could maybe improve by a game or two this season at best though.

15. Seattle Seahawks- Not much to like here Matt Hasselback is getting pretty old!!!! 

16. St. Louis Rams- Even Ndamhakong (however the hell you spell it) Sue can turn around this bunch. Lots of problems in St. Louis they have a long ways to go before they could ever relive their early 2000 glory days. 

That's how I see the NFC stacking up. Right now if I had to pick the playoffs teams I would go with New Orleans and Green Bay with the top two seeds in that order. Dallas as the 3 seed facing the 6 seed Vikings and the 4 seed 49ers facing 5 seed dark horse Atlanta Falcons. It's an exciting time to be a Packers fan can't wait for next season we have a legit chance at being a Super Bowl team!!!!
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NFL Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Round

NY Jets 20 Cincinnati Bengals 16 

Analysis: Bottom line is I may be reading to much into Sunday, but how can you play that bad if your Cincinnati I think it is because the Jets might actually be pretty good too. There is no doubt that defense is very good and I think it shows up again this week putting the clamps on the Bengals. I think a few turnovers will prove big in this game and give the Jets short fields in which they will capitalize on to win a hard fought battle 20-16.  

Dallas Cowboys 24 Philadelphia Eagles 21

Analysis: I expect to see a much more competitive game then the one last Sunday. I think the Eagles find a way and come up with some big plays finally against Dallas. Look for DeSean Jackson to make some big time plays however I don't think the Eagles will be able to stop Dallas either. Dallas finally gets that playoff win as time expires on a Folk FG. 

Baltimore Ravens 27 New England Patriots 26 
Analysis: What a battle I expect this game to be however I think the loss of Welker is going to prove large for the Patriots as they stall in the red zone several times and have to settle for field goals. Joe Flacco has a great game and really builds upon his impressive rookie campaign in the playoffs. Look for Ray Rice to break a long one as well as the Ravens win a barn burner. 

Green Bay Packers 31 Arizona Cardinals 17

Analysis: Bottom line is Arizona can't stop the Green Bay offense and I expect another explosive game from Green Bay's offense. I look for Aaron Rodgers to have a great game in his first post season game and he will outplay the playoff savvy Warner. I look for the Packers defense to come up big and force at minimum a couple of turnovers that are truly the game changers. Green Bay wins going away 31-17. 

Divisional Round 

Indianapolis Colts 27 Baltimore Ravens 24

Analysis: The Colts see the effects of all their resting at the end of the season as they get behind early by double digits. However in the second half they catch fire as Peyton Manning leads an inspired comeback that ends with a 44 yard TD pass to Reggie Wayne with under a minute to go. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice's great games go to waste as the Colts steal victory from the jaws of defeat. 

San Diego Chargers 23 New York Jets 16

Analysis: The Bolts keep on rolling as it isn't easy, but they use a pair of Phillip Rivers touchdowns in the fourth quarter to pull out of a 13-10 deficit going into the fourth and to pull out a win. As the Jets put on another impressive performance defensively, but just can't get enough on offense to hold the Bolts at bay. 

Minnesota Vikings 24 Dallas Cowboys 17

Analysis: The Cowboys run ends as a few costly Vikings turnovers are the only thing that keeps the Cowboys in this one. Brett Favre has a magnificent game as he throws for nearly 300 yards and two touchdowns as he proves yet again he still has it. 

Green Bay Packers 34 New Orleans Saints 27

Analysis: The Packers come out hot and put the Saints in an early hole however the Saints fight out of it and eventually get the game tied late at 27. However Aaron Rodgers leads the drive of his career finishing it off with a 7 yard touchdown to Greg Jennings to put the Packers ahead in the waning seconds. To complete another big playoff day for Rodgers as Grant also burns the Saints defense for a big game as the Packers try their best to play the play clock game and keep the Saints offense off the field. 

Championship Sunday 

San Diego Chargers 31 Indianapolis Colts 21

Analysis: The Bolts prove once again they are in many ways the Colts kryptonite as the Chargers offense rolls to a big day. The Colts struggle as a few big turnovers kill some promising drives and leave the Colts searching for answers in the off season as the Bolts ride into the Super Bowl finally red hot!!!

Green Bay Packers 37 Minnesota Vikings 31 in OT 

Analysis: The game of the year in the entire NFL as this game is a total shoot out seeing great games from both QB's. However the Packers get the ball back in a tied game with the time just slightly under a minute. Aaron Rodgers guides his team to within field goal range and Packers fans over the world cringe as Mason Crosby comes out for the game winning field goal. As Crosby shanks a 52 yard field which sends the game to OT. The Packers win the toss in OT and on the second play in OT Aaron Rodgers hits a streaking Greg Jennings for a 60+ yard game winning touchdown reminding everyone of Favre's game winning TD to Jennings in OT in Denver a few years back. However this one sends the Packers to the Super Bowl and sends Brett Favre out in the best way possible at this point to lose to the Packers in the title game. 

Super Bowl 

Green Bay Packers 31 San Diego Chargers 28 in OT

Analysis: What the hell I picked my Packers to go this far and in a second OT thriller this time Mason Crosby redeems himself for all the misses this year by nailing a 40+ yard FG in OT to give the Packers there first Super Bowl and in nearly a decade and a half. 
Super Bowl MVP: Greg Jennings 110+ yards receiving and 2 TD's. 

I know total dream scenario perhaps, but I don't care what you say the NFC is totally wide open and any of those 6 teams could easily make the Super Bowl if the ball bounces their way. The AFC is a two horse race to me as I expect Indy or the Chargers to get to the Super Bowl, but watch out because in the divisional round I expect both of them to be tested and perhaps one of them to go down.
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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

Well folks the NBA tips of tonight in what is sure to be another exciting season. Last season my Lakers proved to be the best and after an off season filled with big moves. The Lakers appear poised to grab another title however there are three teams out East that may have something to say about that. So here it is my division by division breakdown.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

(1) Boston Celtics 65-17
(7) Toronto Raptors 40-42
Philadelphia 76ers 37-45
New Jersey Nets 35-47
New York Knicks 29-53

Atlantic Analysis: The Celtics are clearly the class of this division. After a few though injuries that set them back last season they look ready for one last run at a title. The addition of Rasheed Wallace will probably help them, but bottom line is they need Kevin Garnett to stay healthy. You have to wonder too if he can since he is getting older and that was a major injury. Bottom line is this may be the last year for the Celtics current run you know they are going to try to make the most out of it. I like this Toronto team the addition of Hedo Turkugolu was an underrated addition. I think the Raptors could be a big surprise with young talents like Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh, and Andrea Bargnani leading the way. The sixers could really use Elton Brand to stay healthy if he can they may sneak back into the playoffs. If he can not stay healthy I can't see this team making it. I think the Nets could possibly improve I like some of their young talent especially Devin Harris. Who has really bollosmed into a great player. The Knicks are in for a long season as their fans hope and pray that LeBron James is on the way next season.

Central Divison

(3) Cleveland Cavaliers 61-21
(4) Chicago Bulls 43-39
Detroit Pistons 37-45
Milwaukee Bucks 36-46
Indiana Pacers 34-48

Central Analysis: Yet another division that has a clear cut winner this time to the Cavs. The Cavs definitely went out and improved themselves this season however the pressure on them is astronomical. The question is can Shaq deliver and make a big enough difference. I think Cleveland will be very hard pressed to match what they did last season at home only losing two games all season. They will lose at least 4-5 this year which they will not make up on the road. I see a better Cavs team just not record wise. The Chicago Bulls are my sleeper team sure they lost Ben Gordon, but they get Luol Deng back. Chicago has a ton of young talent that really exploded on to the scene when they took the Celts to 7 games in the first round last year. Derick Rose is a franchise player finally for Chicago and figures to keep the Bulls in the hunt for years to come. While Detroit went out and signed two pretty big free agents I am not so sure it will translate to more wins. It will be interesting to watch this once defensive minded team probably switch gears. I think the Bucks are getting a bad rap yes I did not like the Richard Jefferson trade, but Brandon Jennings should help things. I think the Bucks were very underappreciated last season as despite losing their two best players Redd and Bogut they still had a decent season. Them being back alone should help big time. Indiana is the Danny Granger show and they figure to be near the bottom of this division.

Southeast Division

(2) Orlando Magic 61-21
(5) Atlanta Hawks 43-39
(6) Miami Heat 42-40
(8) Washington Wizards 38-44
Charlotte Bobcats 29-53

Southeast Analysis: Again antoher division that has a clear cut favorite in the Magic. While I am not sure the Magic have upgraded may have even downgraded somewhat by swapping Turkoglu for Carter. However if Jameer Nelson stays healthy that will prove to make a difference and is why the Magic should win more games this season. The Magic have a great team that showed they have the ability to make it to the finals even with their 3 point shooting philosphy. They are also led by probably the most underrated coach in the league Stan Van Gundy. Atlanta Hawks will probably see a slight decrease in wins they figure to be right around the 4 or 5 mark in the East again this season. The question is can Atlanta take that next step. Miami has a pretty solid young nuceloues around one of the leagues best players Dwayne Wade. I look for Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago to battle it out all season to be the number 4 team in the East behind the big 3. Either of these teams could be a real darkhorse in the East if things break right. Washington Wizards figure to be much improved as they hope to have Gilbert Arenas healthy all season and Flip Saunders seems to be a great fit as head coach. Look for Washington to easily improve on the 19 games win total of last season. I will not buy a Larry Brown team anyday not sure where the Bobcats will be. I do know this I am sure they will give my Lakers a hell of a time in our two matchups with them.

Western Conference

Southwest Divison

(2) San Antonio Spurs 57-25
(4) Dallas Mavericks 53-29
(6) New Orleans Hornets 50-32
Houston Rockets 42-42
Memphis Grizzlies 20-62

Southwest Analysis: The Spurs moves this offseason are probably the most underrated of this offseason. The trade for Richard Jefferson was a real steal considering what they gave up. Add him into the mix with Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili makes for a very scary team. The question with the Spurs though is can they stay healthy. If they can stay healthy they are the only real challenge to the Lakers Western throne this season. The Mavericks figure to be improved I absolutely love the addition of Shawn Marion. The Matrix will provide a real boost to that club. Jason Kidd has one last good run in him and Dirk Howitzi is one of the more underrated players in the league. The Hornets were a real surprise drop off last season while I see them improving with the addition of Okafor for Chandler not so sure they will move up in the Western conference hierachy though. Houston figures to have a major drop off with Yao Ming's career in jeopardy their franchise could be in real turmoil too. While I love the addition of Ariza and think Trevor is going to help them greatly. Unforunately he can not make up for the loss of Artest either. Look for this undersized Houston squad to take a big step back. Memphis while maybe they will be better two other teams in their divison got better which will only push them back in the standings. Memphis is still clearly the worst team in this divison.

Northwest Divison

(3) Portland Trailblazers 56-26
(5) Denver Nuggets 51-31
(7) Utah Jazz 47-35
Oaklahoma City Thunder 25-67
Minnesota Timberwolves 19-63

Northwest Analysis: This is the only division that figures could be a toss up. While I think Portland is the class here and the third best team in the West. Portland has a slew of young talent and figures to be a great team in the future. With Greg Oden and Brandon Roy leading the way. Portland is a scary team with scary potential. I see Denver taking a step back I think last years run was impressive, but Denver figures to fade back a bit due to the additions by some of the other Western powers. Look for Carmello Anthony to have a huge year though and to push for the MVP award. Utah Jazz will be about the same team as last season they need to improve on the road if they want to move up in the West. While I love what the Thunder have brewing down in Oklahoma they still have a long ways to go. Look for another huge year out of Kevin Durant though. Minnesota while I think Kurt Rambis will do a good job their I just see a drop back in wins merely because the West is so though.

Pacific Divison

(1) Los Angeles Lakers 68-14
(8) Phoenix Suns 43-39
Golden State Warriors 26-56
Los Angles Clippers 23-59
Sacremento Kings 19-63

Pacific Analysis: The Lakers are the clear class of this divison, and really the entire league. While several feel Ron Artest could be a hindrance I say no way. Phil Jackson is our coach and he is a master at handling Ron Artest types see Dennis Rodman. Ron Artest will help a lot on the defensive side of things too. The key to the Lakers being pretty much unbeatable will be the play of Andrew Bynum. If Bynum dominates I don't see how anyone beats this team. The Suns figure to sneak back into the playoffs as they will probably somewhat benefit at least from trying to go back to their offensive ways. Golden State looks locked into the third spot in this division and doesn't figure to come close to the postseason. The Clippers may improve, but not sure I see it. Especially with Blake Griffin already hurt. Look for Sacremento to continue to be suckremento.

NBA Playoffs

Round 1
Boston over Washington in 5
Orlando over Toronto in 6
Cleveland over Miami in 6
Chicago over Atlanta in 6
Lakers over Suns in 4
Spurs over Jazz in 6
Trailblazers over Hornets in 6
Mavs over Nuggets in 7

Conference Semi Finals
Boston over Chicago in 6
Orlando over Cleveland in 7
Lakers over Mavs in 5
Spurs over Blazers in 7

Conference Finals
Boston over Orlando in 7
Lakers over Spurs in 5

NBA Finals
Lakers over Celtics in 6

Final Analysis: Lakers win back to back titles as the only thing I can see keeping this from happening will be health. The Lakers could really use Andrew Bynum to stay healthy all year. Bottom line though is the Lakers are so loaded with talent they may still win a title with little or nothing from some key guys.

Season Awards

MVP: Dwight Howard
ROY: Blake Griffin
Defensive: Dwight Howard
Most Improved: Andrew Bynum
6th man: Lamar Odom
Coach: Vinny Del Negro

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2009-2010 NFL Season Predictions

Well folks the NFL season is rolling in and I so can not wait. With each new season comes me trying to take my best shot at predicting how this whole season will turn out. I must say I am so pumped for this season there is so much to look forward too this upcoming season. One in which I see a wide open NFC and a very intriguing powerful AFC. So let's get to it my division by division breakdown.

AFC East

New England Patriots 13-3

Miami Dolphins 7-9

Buffalo Bills 7-9

New York Jets 6-10

Analysis: With Tom Brady back the Patriots are locked and loaded for another run at a Super Bowl and are the clear class of this division. Miami seems primed for a drop off can't expect the same things from Pennington this year. Buffalo doesn't seem much of a threat to New England even with the addition of TO. The Jets while with a new coach will have to adjust to a rookie QB usually that is not a good thing. I really see New England running away with this division.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4

Baltimore Ravens 10-6*

Cincinatti Bengals 4-12

Cleveland Browns 4-12

Analysis: The defending Super Bowl champions seem poised to make another run at the title. They for sure look to be the class of the North with Baltimore representing their only real threat. Speaking of Baltimore many see this team dropping off I don't really think so. Flacco is a young stud QB and they still have one of the top defenses in the league. Cincinatti and Cleveland appear to be in a battle for third. I think Cleveland has a decent shot at being better then I predicted if Brady Quinn gets the job and starts living up to expectations.

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 11-5

Indianapolis Colts 10-6*

Houston Texans 8-8

Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10

Analysis: Tennessee has a very talented team and is the defending champion of this division. I think they are still the class of this division even though I think it will be a very tight division. The Colts look to have another good season I see them likely playoff bound however I think a new head coach will stunt their success a bit. They are going to miss Tony Dungy. Houston seems to be a sexy pick by many to be a surprise. I think they are still a year or more away though from truly winning this divison. Jacksonville will rely on Maurcie Jones Drew to help carry them.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs 7-9

Denver Broncos 5-11

Oakland Raiders 3-13

Analysis: San Diego is the clear class of this divison. San Diego is coming into another year lately where they are expected to do a lot. That talent pool has been there for awhile, but you have to feel that window of opportunity is closing. Kansas City should be improved with Cassell at the helm. Denver is in for a very long year with a new coach, new QB, and their best wide receiver being a massive distraction. Oakland is well Oakland there hopes really ride with McFadden and JaMarcus Russell.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 12-4

New York Giants 10-6*

Dallas Cowboys 9-7

Washington Redskins 6-10

Analysis: I think Philadelphia is the class of the NFC however not by a wide margin as I see the NFC being entirely wide open. Philadelphia should be pretty good as they surprisingly made a run to the NFC Title Game last year. I see them using that experience to have a good year this year. I see the Giants dropping back a bit as we all saw how they dropped of post Plaxico Burress last year. Dallas appears primed for a drop off as well with the loss of TO. Plus I think Romo is still a questionable QB and overrated by many. I don't see Washington as a threat to win this divison.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 11-5

Minnesota Vikings 10-6*

Chicago Bears 9-7

Detroit Lions 2-14

Analysis: In my opinion the most exciting and intriguing division in the entire NFL this year. Simply put the race to win this division should be a fun one. I see the Packers coming out on top. Aaron Rodgers should have another solid year if not the year he officially breaks into superstardom. Greg Jennings leads the best receving core in this division if not the entire NFL. A full healthy year for Ryan Grant should make a huge difference in the run game. However finally the biggest reason for the Packers jump will be the success of the 3-4 defense. I look for the Packers division to be greatly improved. Minnesota is obviously riding the Favre train. I really believe Favre showed at the end of last season that his better days may be over. I think while he does improve Minnesota I don't think it is as big of an improvement as some would think. There season really lies on the health of one Adrian Peterson. Chicago also has a QB now in Jay Cutler and while I think he is definitely an improvement over the likes of Orton, and others the Bears have had in the past. I don't think it puts them over the top they still have questionable targets for Cutler to throw too. They also have a defense that needs to improve. The Lions are well the Lions if they win a game it will be a success this season. They better hope Stafford can be their guy. I will have a full breakdown on this division later in the week!!!

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 10-6

Carolina Panthers 10-6

New Orleans Saints 8-8

Tampa Bay Bucs 4-12

Analysis: Atlanta looks to be the team to beat here. With sensational sophmore QB Matt Ryan and a solid RB in Micheal Turner. Atlanta should have a solid offense. The defense is a question, but I think it will be good enough to win them the division in a tight battle with Carolina. Speaking of Carolina after a great regular season they really had a miserable performance in the playoffs. Carolina looks to bounce back from that and will need another great season from DeAngelo Williams to do just that. I look for them to battle with Atlanta toe for toe for the division. New Orleans to me is stuck in that all offense no defense type of deal. Can they bounce out of it? Tampa Bay is definitely in for a rough season with a new coach

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 11-5

San Francisco 49ers 8-8

Seattle Seahawks 7-9

St. Louis Rams 6-10

Analysis: This is a really interesting division to me. Arizona should be the clear class and favorites. However they have the Super Bowl losers curse to deal with. I could easily see them doing well and I could also see them drop off. San Fran I like a lot with Singletary in charge I think they are primed for a good season. I look for Frank Gore to lead that offense. Seattle could very well improve however there are some concerns about there rushing attack. St. Louis I could also see surprising and winning this division.

Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Round


Minnesota @ Arizona- Minnesota wins a high scoring affair 37-28.

New York @ Atlanta- Atlanta pulls out a 23-20 win in OT.


Baltimore @ Tennessee- Baltimore upsets Tennessee in the playoffs for the second year in a row 17-16.

Indianapolis @ San Diego- Indianapolis gets payback for last year with a 23-17 win.

Divisional Round


Minnesota @ Philadelphia- Philadelphia dominates the 4th quarter picking off Favre to seal it late and win 33- 20.

Atlanta @ Green Bay- QB duel plays out in Green Bay with the Packers coming out on top 28-21.


Baltimore @ New England- New England wins a hard fought brawl 20-17.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh wins late on a FG 23-20.

Title Game


Green Bay @ Philadelphia- The cinderella season comes to an end for Green Bay in a tough loss 31-24.


Pittsburgh @ New England- Pittsburgh extracts revenge on New England for the years New England has upset them in the playoffs with a 27-17 win to clinch back to back berths in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

Philadelphia v Pittsburgh- An all Pennsylvania Super Bowl sees Pittsburgh win an unprecedented 7th Super Bowl and back to back titles with a thrilling 31-29 victory on a last second FG.

Super Bowl MVP: Ben Roethlishberger who throws for over 350 yards and 3 touchdowns.

League Awards

MVP: Tom Brady (Honorable Mention: Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Phillip Rivers)

Offensive: Adrian Peterson

Defensive: Charles Woodson

Coach: Mike McCarthy

Defensive ROY: BJ Raji

Offensive ROY: Knowson Moreno


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