Posted on: November 12, 2008 6:42 am


i was thinking i will say good job to barick cause he reel classy and i like him more i gess then mccane cause he old and i hope barick good just like presadant bush and i was kind of rooting for vice prasadant palan cause she seem reel nice like my ant sandra and if she make oatmeel cookie like my ant boy o boy she next presadant and then they carve her head in mt saint helins like they do with washingten lincon and carter so there. go boys
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Posted on: March 19, 2008 2:38 am


i am a cowboys fan and i say no more rasasm in polotics cause it is 20 centery now and we not need this cause i watch boys in hood and cuba goding in it and he great exsample of how good persen in hood act and he hero in movie and he also in jerry macire and he sport hero in that and maybe cuba run for presadant and he best and maybe then cuba stop race meen ness and he say black people and white people and japanese persen and indians and indias and mongolias all go hand in hand into arby and all order a big roost beef with the chetar cheese and we split roost cause we all in love cause we blind and we love my brothers dog like my brother love eagles and homeless man love turky sandwitch so there. go boys

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Posted on: February 21, 2008 5:54 am


i is mad cause i still be in coleredo if my brother not have to go back to stuped work and i was thinking they need to law thet say if you have a brother your brother get maybe half a yeer off the work a yeer and then we can all go with my brother to coleredo for long time and we eat at super fancy place called olive garden and i get best spagatie ever and they just give me breed stick and when i eat they give me more and i say no thank you cause i was thinking it cost more money but it dont!!!!!!! so then i say give me more and they give me more and i have 7 beers at olive garden and i acsidently tip table somewhat over cause i nock my spagetie on floor and it get on my pants and it make it look like i pee blood but i not realy pee blood and my brother now say i cant go to the fancy place no more cause he say i not sofisticeted but i not no what sofisticete meen so i call him a wuss and lauf and he still take me to hardies so i gess thet kind of fancy and i also see guy thet ussed to be on espn olburmen and he talk bad about presadant bush???? so i say obermen bad so their. go boys
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Posted on: February 9, 2008 5:43 am
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i am a cowboys fan and i also reel smart about politicks and i like to shair my view on elecktion cause i do civic dutie and i like barick obama lots cause i think it reel good we have black man take over country and maybe world and i bet he get blood and cryps to join hand and reunite and i say weslee snipe be secratery of defence cause boy o boy is he good in pasanger 57 and i say no more hijake on planes now and i like to see woman presadant to but maybe not hilery cause i like bill alot but hilery kind of like my grandma cause she i think give alot of money but i thinking she not maybe make best penut buter cookie and john mccane reel good cause he fite in world war 2 and he held in natsi camp and i think they make him ware woman underware and he live to tell about girly unders so i like thet but i not want to see mccane in girly unders and i say al gore be vise presadant cause he save world from burn up and then i invite all cantidates to my brothers house for hambergers and beer and we all lauf and i bet hilery feed my brothers dog a milk bone and he yelp but i hope mccane not have war trama mentel scar and try to ware hilery unders so there. go boys
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