Posted on: February 16, 2008 12:17 am


i am a cowboys fan and i cant beleve how roger treeted cause people think he like berry bonds and thet not right cause brien macenee lie throu his crooked tooth and make roger look bad cause i watch congregational heering and i now no facks and roger is inosent cause if neetle dont fit hole in buttocks then you must aquite and macenee proven lier and roger not cause we not liers in texas and my proof thet roger not gilty is me and my brother talk all the way to coleredo about it and we deside that roger inosent and even thou i move to stuped michigan with my brother my roots always in texas and now everyone no roger inosent and if i ever get a girlfreind and we have baby i name him roger for roger clemins and if we have girl i name her rogeretta for roger clemins and if we have twin boy i name one roger for roger clemins and one troy for troy aikmen and i invite all my kids over for beer and hambergers and if they just baby then i not feed them beer but i feed them baby milk and hamberger and chili chese dog so there. go boys
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Posted on: February 6, 2008 11:54 pm


i am a cowboys fan and i liked roger clemins lots to cause he from texas like me and me and my brother is from texas and now i find he cheet with sterods like berry bonds and mark mcgreer and Sammy Sosa and i very disaponted in him cause i think maybe when he play for bosten coach belecheck sell him the drugs cause belecheck is drug lord pemp from maybe negeragwa or venesuala and i thinking he pedle the sterod to clemins cause people in texas is way to clasy to do the drugs and i just hope coach belecheck not get clemins hooked on the reefer or crack pipedady like he did to bruskie and if i made at hotel thet belecheck stay at when i cleen room i check toilet for drugs cause i here drugys like to flush there pipe and needle down toilet and maybe i trane my brothers dog to find drugs and maybe we find drugs thet belecheck hide even if he try to hide in his but haha. go boys
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