Posted on: February 5, 2008 4:34 am

patriots super cheets and get spankin time

i am a Cowboys fan and i hate stuped Patriots cause they is cheeters and i watch game with my brother and my unkle arlen and my cusin gage and we like have a bunch of beers and eet super duper hambergers and root for gients cuase we hate gients but they not like cheeters like belecheck and i miss tutchdown cause i have to poop reel bad but i see bredy not win game cause i was done poopeng then and we got sharmen causer it soft but when i work at chickfille last yeer they have rouf toilet paper and it hurt but me and my brother pay more for sharmin and it soft and my brother and me like swanson hungrymen cuase we superhengry and we feed his dog to but not hngryman silly we feed him dogfeud and i fill his bowl with water and i hope Tom Brady get taze in his boy wewe haha. go boys
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