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The Daily Shoutout: More fan violence

OPENING HIT: A man was stabbed during the San Diego-Oakland game on Thursday night. It's unclear if the violence was related to the game but this is how bad some of this violence is getting: the incident has received mininal coverage from the national media. This is how accustomed we've become to this sort of act. It barely registers any more.

This isn't the NFL's fault and I'm not going to climb aboard a high horsey and lecture about societal ills. This is the second incident of serious violence at a Raiders road game this year. In August, after the 49ers and Raiders played in a preseason game, a man wearing a "F--- the Niners" shirt was shot several times in the stomach.

Five months ago San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was allegedly beaten by two Dodgers fans.

Again, no high horse, just an expression of confusion. What's always been wonderful about sports is its unifying aspect but it seems some of that is eroding and we're becoming numb to it all.

DUNGY: I wonder if he could be convinced to coach at Penn State for a year or two. No classier guy, no better cure for that mess. The perfect transition to a more pernament coach.

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Many NFL scouts won't miss Paterno

One NFC scout was asked how he felt about Joe Paterno leaving.

"I hate to see any of this stuff happening," the scout said, "but people in my line of work won't miss him."

The reason? Paterno was notorious for his abuse of scouts and personnel men who tried to interview players or the staff in preparation for the NFL draft and free agency.

None of this stuff compares to the grand ugliness that happened at the school regarding molestation charges but it does open a small window -- a tiny one -- into how tight control Paterno had at the school.

It wasn't unusual for scouts to set up an appointment to speak with a player or group of players, or even Paterno himself, only to find after traveling to campus Paterno would cancel all appointments.

Eventually, I'm told, scouts were only allowed to come on certain open dates. Sometimes they'd be allowed to watch practice, sometimes not. Paterno had his favorites and would let certain scouts he liked or thought were friends of the program have better access to the team than others.

"Penn State was one of the worst places to try and do your job," said the scout.

Dan Shonka, a former scout, tweeted recently: "I have received several e-mails from retired and present #NFL scouts that reminded me that #JoePaterno hindered us from doing our job at #PennSt How so? #CoachPaterno had a rule that scouts could only visit on open dates and watching prospects during practice was not allowed. Many #scouts blame #PennSt busts over the years on the lack of info #CoachPaterno let out..."

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The Daily Shoutout: Haynesworth's third chance

OPENING HIT: Well, that didn't take long. I expected another team to sign Albert "Pudding Pie" Haynesworth but I thought it would take at least a week of introspection from a team. Not a matter of hours. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers jumped all over Haynesworth showing more energy in signing him than Pudding Pie shows in tackling.

This isn't a dangerous signing but it is a questionable one. The Buccaneers are young team. It's one thing for the Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick but another on a Tampa team with a young quarterback and head coach. Just not sure what kind of message you're sending to quarterback Josh Freeman when you sign a turd-tastic bum like Haynesworth.

But this is the NFL. Every coach always thinks he's the one who can turn a troubled player around. The Redskins thought they had a star. Belichick thought he could turn Haynesworth's career around and now the Bucs are the latest suckers.

Consider this quote from former Patriots Rodney Harrison to a Cleveland radio station: "To see Albert Haynesworth get an opportunity to come to a great organization, with a great coach, a fabulous quarterback and all the good parts around see him come out there and flat out quit, for him to pretend like he's hurt and not go out there and become a professional football player with every chance and opportunity that guys hope and dream for, he gets it. He gets a $100 million contract, and to see him flat out quit was very disappointing. And I'll tell you this, he's going to look back five, 10, 15 years from now when he's done playing football. He will look back on his career and he will be sitting in his mansion. But he will feel miserable, because no one is going to ever respect the name Albert Haynesworth because he flat out quit. That's a shame and that's a disappointment. You shouldn't play the game of football for money. You should play it because you love it. If you love it, and you go out and play well, you're going to make money. You're going to have a good life. But I'm very disappointed in Albert Haynesworth."

Flat. Out. Quit.

Good luck, Buccaneers. You're going to need it.
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Perfect replacement for Penn State AD?

I know who can restore sense, order and decency to Penn State. I know the perfect candidate to rebuild the athletic department, the next AD. He'll never take it but if he did, Penn State would rebound quickly. No one would be a better hire.

His name is Ernie Accorsi. For those of you who don't know Accorsi, he took over the helm of the New York Giants from the late George Young and made the Giants champions again. Significant portions of the Giants team that derailed the perfect season of the New England Patriots were put together by Accorsi.

Accorsi has a long history of rebuilding going back to when he was the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. He was born in Pennsylvania (Hersey) and in the 1960s worked in the Penn State athletic department. He still has strong ties to the school.

Most of all, Accorsi is highly respected, comfortable with the media, smart, energetic and would be a good transition from this crisis to a more permanent figure. Again, he likely would never take the job, but it he could be convinced, Accorsi could be the perfect compass.

Currently Accorsi is a special advisor to the NFL.
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Bears beat Eagles, 30-24

PHILADELPHIA -- It's not correct to say the Philadelphia Eagles are dead. No, not yet. There is still half a season remaining and since much of the NFL is almost crimanally pedantic it is quite possible for the Eagles to go on some sort of season-saving run.

Possible, yes. It is also possible a Kardashian leads the first manned space flight to Mars. After Chicago beat Philadelphia, 30-24, the Eagles fell to 3-5. The division-leading Giants are leaving them in the dust. Other conference opponents are as well.

Not dead. But you know those machines that jump start still hearts? Doctors are now hovering over the Eagles and yelling, "Clear!"

The loss by Philadelphia will again raise all kinds of questions about the legitimacy of the off-season moves made by the organization. Quite simply, you're going to hear -- again -- how the Eagles are a major, overrated disppointment.

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Giants beat Patriots, 24-20

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There may be some who saw the Giants beating New England, as they did, 24-20. But few imagined this: Eli Manning thoroughly, completely, totally outplaying Tom Brady. If you saw that coming, go play the lottery. Now.

Yet that's what happened. Manning was down his elite wide receiver, his elite running back, and still went into Gillette Stadium and beat the pants off Brady.

There's no question now what Eli is: an elite, top notch thrower. He beat Brady in a Super Bowl you may have heard about and he beat him again on Sunday.

It was another defining moment for the Manning that is sometimes forgotten.
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Eagles dominate Cowboys, 34-7

PHILADELPHIA -- It was 34-7 and Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were arguing with the game officials. The Dallas Cowboys were trailing by 27 points with five minutes left in the game and the two players were complaining about a hold on Bryant.

It was definitely pass interference but the Cowboys had been utterly atomized long before that. That didn't stop Bryant from trouncing off the field and tossing his helmet in anger like a seven-year-old. The moment showed a total lack of perspective for what had just happened.

The final score was Philadelphia 34 Cowboys 7 but the game was worse than that. Total domination, great play calling, outstanding accuracy from Mike Vick, deadly cutback running from LeSean McCoy and a Philadelphia defense that dismantled Dallas all led to one of the worst losses of the non-Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones era.

But make no mistake: This was an Andy Reid special. He so out-coached the Cowboys and Vick so out-played the Dallas defense that it might actually be time to rethink the Eagles not as failed Dream Teammers but a group on the verge of turning their season around.
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The Daily Shoutout: Marshall guarantees win

OPENING HIT: Brandon Marshall tweeted this on Friday morning: "To: Media When we win Sunday please don't say the Giants didn't take us serious"

Now, a few things.

Brandon Marshall is guaranteeing a victory. Stupid.

He's on a winless Miami team and he's saying they'll beat the Giants and while he's at it, he's chastising the media. This comes on the heels of Marshall saying he was going to have a monster game against the Jets. He didn't have one.

I don't want to make too big a deal out of this but its moments like these when Marshall is hard to take. What you'd like to see from Marshall is just a guy putting his head down and busting his ass. Maybe Marshall is doing some of that but tweets like that one make him look foolish. Why in the hell is someone on a winless team guaranteeing victories?

Just shut up and play.

Is that too much to ask?
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