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The Daily Shoutout: Same. Old. Bills.

OPENING HIT: Remember when the Buffalo Bills were the toast of football? They had beaten the New England Patriots and were called by some one of the best in the NFL. Ryan Fitzpatrick was a Harvard grad. Heard that over and over. Stevie Johnson was Jerry Rice wrapped inside Calvin Johnson wrapped inside Andre Reed. The Bills were going to kick the crap out of the world.

Now, there's this. The Bills were booed during Sunday's loss to Miami. There is speculation in the media that the Bills, despite signing Fitzpatrick to a new and filthy rich, fatty cat contract, might look to draft another QB. The Bills started 4-1 and then 5-2 but have lost their last seven games. They're a wreck.

The Philadelphia Eagles are probably the most disappointing team of the year but the Bills are a very close second.

The big question is this: what the hell happened?

The Bills are a classic example of the media overstating a team's early success, extrapolating it over an entire season, instead of waiting and seeing just how good they were. They did have one nice win against the Patriots but many of those early wins look suspect now. They beat Oakland, Kansas City and Philadelphia early. We now know those weren't such quality victories.

I don't know what the lesson is. Maybe there is none other than this.

Same. Old. Bills.
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The Daily Shoutout: Bills tell Johnson to cool it

OPENING HIT: Buffalo wide receiver Stevie Johnson has been told by some teammates and others in the Bills organization to tone down his act, several team sources told me. Now the question becomes: will Johnson listen.

Those sources said the chats were casual and there was no massive confrontation. Johnson was told he was hurting his reputation and team two things he acknowledged after his shananigans during his game against the New York Jets. Johnson might deny this (he denies everything) but it's 100 percent accurate.

Again, will Johnson listen? He seemed to be reflective and apologetic after the game but then took to Twitter and was more defiant saying the drop he had wasn't a drop when it was clearly a drop.

“Haha wow I can’t believe you guys really telling me I ‘dropped’ the GWinner,” he wrote. “Smh. Pitt was a drop. This was QB&WR not on the same page.”

No, that was a drop, I saw it, and I'm concerned the casual chat teammates and others had with Johnson won't do any good.

"Im just being myself man I dnt regret being the real me 24/7 and u shouldn't either," he said on Twitter. "I dnt knock yall for gettin at me like this. Ima G haaa."

And later: "Not apologizing to TRUE fans kuz yal felt the loss like we did. However I do apologize to my tmmats n them Flyguyz on D for my penalty!!"

So, yes, I'm not sure if any of this will stick.

Maybe the fine Johnson might get for making a shooting gesture will get his attention. We'll see.

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The Daily Shoutout: Remembering Kent Hull

OPENING HIT: Some of you know the name Kent Hull. For those of you who do not, let me tell you about him.

Hull played center for the Buffalo Bills and on a team that had incredible swagger and talent, he was always calm and understated. And friendly. Always friendly. Hull often welcomed me with a, well: "Welcome, Mike." He always remembered the name and he was always a go-to quote. He'd explain the complexities of line play with friendliness and the removal of arrogance. He was far more sophisticated than he let on. Bruce Smith once told me Hull was one of the smartest players he ever knew.

I don't know if Hull deserves the Hall of Fame. There will be a push for that now especially in light of his untimely death this week. That will sort itself out. For the moment, for those who don't know the name, know this: Hull was one of the great linemen of the 1990s and a key cog, a vital reason, why so many other Bills are in the Hall of Fame.

He's also a reason why that Bills four-time Super Bowl appearance group was mostly a classy bunch. Hall of Fame or not, remember Hull for that. Simply a great player and great guy who dies far too young.

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Jason Peters a distraction? Really?

The Buffalo Bills are floating to the media that one of the reasons they wanted to trade Pro Bowler Jason Peters was because his contract situation was becoming a distraction.

Ah, what?

A distraction?

Are the Bills aware they just signed Terrell Owens?

Owens is to distractions what the Beatles were to rock and roll.

Owens is the king of distractions. His entire career has been one.

Why can't the Bills just say what's accurate: they didn't want to pay Peters so they got rid of him?

That's fine. But don't float distraction theories when we all know who you just signed.


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