Posted on: March 22, 2008 11:41 am

Power Running in Politics!

Every one has their passion. Wether it be Nick Nolte and cocaine, or Sally Struthers and cheescake. After my family, beer, Marlboro Lights, and Asain porn, mine are football and politics. Seeing as how the NFL season now has as much movement as Anna Nicole Smith, I thought I would write about the upcoming election.  You see football is great, but the upcoming '08 election is about the state of our country and where it is headed. Therefore, let's focus on this like Stevie Wonder would with brail!

 What we have to choose from is like getting drunk and choosing between the 200lbs woman and the 250lb woman. We have a woman Marxists, a militant with no record( unless the FBI has a file), and a guy who carries the R beside his name because he is a retard! I am a regiestered Republican, but in this day and age Republican is just a word. What we don't have is a constructionist! For the young ones that still have Smiliac on your breath, that deals with a piece of paper we no longer use anymore...the Constitution!

Of all of the candidates out there, there is not one that has followed this document and probably have never even read it! I think most know more about O' magazine than they do of this. Everyone one of them will grow the size of government larger than Rosie and Rosanne combined. What I want is a candidate that rely's on a great defense and power running. In short, a simple game plan please.

The Constitution was designed to limit the Federal government's powers, and leave most of everything with the states deciding their own futures! That is what we need in this country plain and simple. If anyone can find a candidate like that I am all ears. If not, then I will just have to put my name on the ballot! Any candidate that will cut and limit the scope of government, abolish the IRS, and do away with every wasted government program out there, you will have me screaming more than Paris Hilton with the Denver Broncos! Anyone with any input please help. I am more lost than Ray Charles in the woods!

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Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:23 am

Big Moves from Little People!

The Carolina Panthers in the past have been more conservative than Rush Limbaugh in the offseason. However, this year they started early by making more cuts than OJ Simpson. The Super Bowl just finished up on the 4th of this month and already they have released three people with more to come I am sure.
 Does this mean that the Panthers will slam free agency so hard that Jenna Jameson will be standing in line? Who knows? What I do know as a Panthers fan is that we are not far off from being back in the race to the SuperBowl. What it takes are the right moves not alot of moves! I disagreed with the Mike Wahle move, particularly because I thought Wharton was one of the problems on our line. That being said, what's done is done!
 What I would like to see from this team is  more playmakers. Both on defense and offesnse that is. Our secondary has more holes than a doughnut factory, our wide recieving core is one guy, and our defensive front four is more overrated than Jessica Simpson!
 That being said Marty Hurney and John Fox..this is your last attempt to salvage your job. Let's get a line that blocks so well the Pentagon wants them for a missle shield. Let's get wide recievers with hands made of velcro. Let's get a front four that creates more pressure than a molested White House intern!
 I am looking for big moves from this little organization. They now have the cap room and I just hope we can trust their decision making from here on out! I'm sweating more than Kobei Tai with five guys; however, this offseason will be exciting to say the least! Time to make the right moves and get the Panthers back to being elite! Go Panthers!
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