Posted on: July 26, 2008 12:01 am

How do you live a Lions fan?

How to live a Lions Fan? Is this a serious question, well for me it is. I know there r tons of people in Detroit and on the site who "love" the Lions and it's okay to do so trust me. Yes it is embarrasing as we are constantly harrassed about bing the most consistent team in the NFL. Now how does that work, well you have to think of it my way the lions r the most consistent team year in and year out they just manage to consistently lose all the darn time. So "Lions Fans" how do you live as a lions fan? Do you only wear your gear behind closed curtains in your house, while hiding it in the bottom boxin your closet? Are you a strutter and wear it everywhere you go? A lions fan of the past and only where what ever made us feel good ala that good ole Barry Sanders jersey? or are you like me and don't admit your a fan unless someone asks and don't own one piece of lions gear in your entire house? Yup that's me I will be honest I cheer for em I love em but i dont wear the gear, watch the games if there is   different Detroit game on (sadly that includes the Shock also). because in all truth I am ashamed of the fact that they just cant be a little abnormal and win some games. So how do you support the Honolulu blue?
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