Posted on: April 26, 2008 1:10 pm

The first man

Still away, but still in touch with My First Love......

My mind drifts back to the question of the first man. Only two possibilities.....either man is man as he is from the very beginning or man is evolving.

If he is changing and evolving, then.....I conclude simply that there is no first man and no last he is a part of a continuing process from the speck of dust.....changing, evolving....from ameba to a more complex a primate....[as Evolutionists would believe] a humanoid a missing the first prototype of living man......evolving still....till now. That, to me is far fetched, if you read my earlier posts. Everything came from a speck? From ameba? To the cat, the dog, the human being?

I choose the production line approach.....the Daimsler, the Mercedes Benz, the Honda, the Toyota.......all came from one factory....with a big, big difference. The Manufacturere continues to make new models every now and then. I am not aware of a new model of man, being made by our Maker.

You guessed it!! I believe that everything must come from something ! Every complex item in existence has a mind, a creator, a maker behind it. Only thing, the Creator who made it all, stop producing since that beginning some time ago.....with a major difference. A mechanism was put into life, that makes it regenerate, reproduce, renew and continue being alive with the resilience it has.

Some species have disappeared - that's true, and some new ones are being discovered...that's also true.

But man, going back at least some thousand of years have been the same.

Intelligent, creative, versatile.....he and she has roamed the earth and produced a planet full of exciting things, amidst a complex of so-called nature that he has managed to unravel, understand and utilise.

For example, he produced power from splitting the atom, and invented electrictiy. He now understands radiowaves, microwaves, sound waves, magnetism, gravity, wind and water as sources of power, means of communication and more in a greater functional way. His invention of the computer, electronics and the camera, telephone is amazing!!!


What a species !!! His nearest cousin....the monkey remains miserably jumping from branch to branch. What a huge gap in development, for those who think....e v o l u t i o n.

I mean, seriously can it be??

Interestingly though, we belong to one species...white, black, yellow, brown......purple.....and yet, man fights each other and kills each other over race, religion, resources, ideology and more.

Man can be evil, destructive and cruel.......and even sick....when you think of pedophiles, and other blood-thirsty ones.

If there is no governing forces UPSTAIRS in the HEAVENLIES, the earth and man would be doomed, from the mad minds of mankind.

Think about that. If I may say, "Thanks be to God", even for those who do not believe in GOD, He is around monitoring the situation!!

What now? Well, there is still hope for easily half the globe believe in a Maker....more perhaps....but all the fighting and struggles against each other takes us no where nearer the Maker. And He will not be silent forever. It seems a long time....His Silence....but no , He does speak to many.



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Posted on: March 31, 2008 12:45 pm

Man the explorer,investigator,inventor,innovator

Man grew from napkins to spacecraft, never stopping to probe, explore, investigate, invent and innovate. With his mind, he has tried his best to go into the deepest oceans, climb the highest mountains, encounter the Artic and Antartica.....and gone off into outer space.

The sum total experience of man is phenomenal. He made the plane in 1903 and within a few decades hit the moon. He tested the first A-bomb, and was stunned by its devastation....but is still humbled by nature. The tsunami took 200,000 lives, the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, forest fires and typhoons continue to devastate....and

Man continues with his intelligent mind to create...the phone, the computer, the internet, the car.....and it is getting better and better and better....


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Posted on: March 28, 2008 1:10 pm

Man's many challenges!

Man has been around for some time now.....some 3 million years? That's what the anthropologists or archaelogist or scientists say. Maybe less, maybe more. We can only look back a few thousand years at the most.

Imagine a species of beings plonked down on planet earth, and allowed to breed and develop....some thousands of years ago - man, the Homo Sapien! Return some years later, in year, what do you see?

Man faces great challenges......while still reigning supreme.

The the trillions from rats, worms to insects and the mircrobes.

Viruses after viruses kill survives, with its discoveries....vaccines, antibiotics, antiviral agents.

Vegetation - we destroy some and some threaten to destroy us. Allow weeds and creeping plants to grow and they will grow all over you. Chop of all the trees and we will be in trouble.

The environment....climatic disasters, earthquakes and tsunamis....and more to come.....we can only wait and watch

The animal kingdom....some we breed to eat, some we allow to grow wild.....generally under control by man.

The seas....a huge reservoir of food from fishes and endless source of water and great method to travel around the world, though rather slow.

Finally, fellow-men....fighting and killing each other for whatever reasons.

I conclude that man's worse visible enemy is against man. He made the bomb, the killer weapons, the powerful laser machines and more. Man is his worst enemy.



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Posted on: March 27, 2008 8:23 am

Man rules supreme on Planet Earth!

Man rules on Planet Earth!

No, we are not the biggest of all creatures. On land, we have the elephant, since the dinosaurs disappeared. We cannot contend with the lion, tiger, leopard, panther, puma, bison, even the hyena and a whole range of dogs either in terms of size or strength or ferociousness.

In the air, we are zero and can only admire the birds, especially the majestic eagle.

In the sea, we perish in hours without help, and are no match for the sharks, the whales and the giant squid.

Man is small, physically, and inefficient in air [zero] and in water....yet , we rule supreme.

With a mind like ours, we produce enough equipment and machines, to counter those great giants in the seas, and the big creatures on land, and the birds in the air.

Man rules supreme in so many ways.

I am getting closer to understanding myself!

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Posted on: March 21, 2008 11:51 am
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It's Good Friday Today!

A day of remembrance for believers of the Savior who laid down His Life on the Cross of Calvary some 2000 years!

What was to be the blackest and darkest day of all mankind became Good Friday.

What was the cruelest act or most unjust act, ever done by man to man - the Son of Man, became the greatest act of justification for all mankind, of all time.


The blog continues on Monday.

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Posted on: March 20, 2008 9:40 am
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Man is truly unique!

I pause and truly am amazed as I look down from above, as if I am a space-traveller, from my `space-ship' gazing down at planet earth, and zooming down on `man' - the ruling species on earth!

Over six billion of them, male and female - of diverse colour and creed, but still basically the same species [monkey has 70 over species] - mankind is ONE, one single species. Over six billion people, living in over 160 + countries all over the world, in 6 continents [or seven if we count Antartica!]  - the dominant species, the intelligent species, the only upright walking, talking species - and MANY OF THEM LOVE TO PLAY A GAME WITH STICKS AND A WHITE BALL, HITTING IT INTO A HOLE! [Man! What are they doing.....the space traveller wonders!]

They have built huge metropolitan cities. They have created amazing flying objects. They have produced great creations from the phone, the computer to great weapons of destruction.

Man, that includes you and me, is certainly an amazing creature, and ruling supreme on Planet Earth. Where did he come from and where is he heading? You pause to ask some of them, and they do not have the answer! They know not their origin. Some believe they evolved over billion of years from some carbon particles. Others believe in a Creator. Some others believe in a super-intelligent being, from other planets, passing by.

Down here on earth, I conclude that : "It cannot be all just by chance!" or "Unexplainable!"

I begin to search, seek, ask, research, about this possibility of a Creator! That is on for tomorrow!

[While waiting for the next blog, if you are reading this, let me pose you with a great puzzling question, which I hope will provoke your comments. Imagine you are a space traveller, flying over your space ship....GOOGLE look down on earth in 1945...just after the 2nd world see poverty, old buildings, broken buildings....nothing exciting......people seem simple, poor and few are overweight or obese. And , on the old roads are cars, some cars.....and many parts of earth do not have many cars.

You fly off to visit Mars and Jupiter....and return to gaze at the blue planet....and it is now 2008.......What a change in 60+ years!: you noticed.

QUESTION: Where did all that change come from? I mean materially, and structurally. From dirty brown, bricks in 1945 to dashing steel and all the amazing things you can see in 2008. After all, the earth is a closed system. Nothing dropped in from the sky or Universe.

Is the question understood? i am not referring to the intelligence of man and his amazing creatons. I am referring to a situation eg. an orphanage where there is no food in the fridge, and there are twenty starving kids. And, In a flash of a moment,  there's food on the table. Where did it all come from?]




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Posted on: March 19, 2008 8:03 am

Homosapiens revisited

In asking, "Who am I?", inevitably, I had to start with me, my physical self, my mind and my emotions.

Who is this person -me?

I was not even looking at the vast Universe and its galaxies, nor even stop to ponder at mighty Earth, and all that goes on within and around it - the majestic landscape, the overwhelming oceans, the astounding metaphysics going on, from light to sound, gravity to magnetism, with radio waves, radioactivity and other forces around us. All o fthe above - Darwinism will not even attempt to explain!

Just man, of which I am - homo sapiens revisited.

What an amazing organization called the human body - with its intricate systems, processes, many organs connected in harmony, blood flowing through every corner of my border, electrical activity from cells to nerves to the ticking brain, the power of the DNA, and mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells.

I am stunned beyond my mind's capability. How can anyone in the right state of mind, scientist or not, ever imagine that this complex biological structure call homo sapiens, could have ever derived from chance, from evolution.

I nevertheless, narrowed down the probabiity to two : Mr Chance, the evolutionist, or Mr God, the Creator.

Honestly, it was a very very serious attempt to look for an answer: Who am I?

My initial answer is: I am a wonderful product of a very intelligent mind, person or being.....I cannot possibly be a chance phenomenon.


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Posted on: March 18, 2008 6:54 am
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Who am I?

Who am I? A question, I began to ask when I was 30. All settled i.e graduated, working, married and first baby coming, time was on my side. Relaxed, comfortable, though not rich - I began a journey to ask the inevitable question: Who am I?

Simple answer: A human being.

I was not satisfied, being a doctor of medicine. I know the human body's structure, i know it's functions, I know it's problems. Science - and most of the world accepts science and the evolution theory. But, I was not satisfied.

What my parents raised me to believe, and I had followed faithfully, was not enough - there remained too many questions unanswered!

I began a search. I began to ask. I began to wonder.

Am I, i.e human being, a chance thing, evolving over years? Or is there an intelligent BEING behind my existence?

That was how, I began, some years ago.

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