Posted on: May 17, 2008 10:26 pm
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Pre-Training Camp Power Rankings

  1. Colts- Manning will be ready for the season, Harrison and Wayne are one of the better duos in the game. and with Freeney and Sanders on D, this team looks for another ring.
  2. Patriots- An aging defense and a Samuel-less secondary will hurt. no one can expect the offense to repeat last years performance. No undefeated season here.
  3. Chargers- soliid at every position. Philip Rivers has the talent around him to succeed. the top three is VERY close.
  4. Cowboys- Romo and Owens will be a good combination, and Barber/Jones complement eachother perfectly. Ware and Ellis in the linebacking core combined with a good all around secondary  
  5. Saints- This team should return to 2006 form. Colston is maturing, though he needs either Henderson or Meachum to step up opposite him. Bush is still waiting on that breakout year. Vilma was a great addition.
  6. Steelers- This team will uncharacteristically have a better offense than defense. Holmes and Ward (with Sweed in the slot and Miller at TE) provide plenty of weapons for Roethlisberger, and the tandem of Parker/Mendenhall will be good.
  7. Jaguars- A smashmouth team that could possibly challenge the Colts, but I think barring a probowl season by Jerry Porter, the passing game won't be good enough to carry the team.
  8. Vikings- It all depends on Tavaris JAckson. Can he do well enough to keep pressure off AP?The Defense will take them far.
  9. Packers- This team won't be quite as good without Favre, but the style of offense suits a new QB. however, Grant's holdout should be a minor concern. The defense should be solid.
  10. Giants- This team got hot at the right time. they really aren't one of the NFL's elite. They'll be a solid team all around, just not a spectacular one.
  11. Rams- this should be one of the better offenses in football, providing they aren't decimated by injuries again. also with a good pass D with atogwe and Hill and Long
  12. Eagles- They will need Westbrook to carry the offense again, they really need to find a reciever threat. The pass d will be incredible with the addition of Samuel.
  13. Seahawks-. the lack of an offense will hurt. they have no running game and no weapons for hasselback. the solid defense keeps them here
  14. Browns- They could either challenge for the division, or bust completely. it all depends on Derek Anderson and whether he can repeat. the Defense is slowly improving, and should be good to perhaps make a playoff run.
  15. Redskins- The NFC east is the best division in the NFL, but someone has to start at the bottom. The offense could be great if the rookies (Kelly, Thomas, Davis) play well. the defense should be solid. Taylor will help, but not incredibly.
  16. Cardinals- Leinart will show and prove good enough to get the ball to Boldin and and Fitzgerald. James is a little old, but the pass O should be great and D should be decent.
  17. Buccaneers- not sure how they got that far last year, they aren't really great. but the D is solid, and Joey Galloway can still make plays. Garcia, while efficient, needs to pick up the stats, after throwing for only single digit touchdowns last year.
  18. Houston- Matt Schaub and Andre Johson should be a great combo, but the running game and offensive line will be a question. the D is improving with Ryans and Williams. They're not quite ready to make a playoff birth, but they're getting closer.
  19. Broncos- Marshall and Cutler and Henry should carry the offense, and Bly and Bailey are two of the best. but the run d needs to improve.
  20. Bills-James Hardy opposite Lee Evans should make for a decent offense featuring marshawn and Trent Edwards. the D needs to improve. mckelvin could help that. great draft.
  21. Titans- The lack of weapons around Vince Young will hurt. Alge Crumpler was not the addition they needed to make.
  22. Panthers- If Jake Delhome and Steve Smith can stay healthy, along with a solid running game, the team could make a run.
  23. Ravens- Flacco will play well enough for Mcgahee to carry this offense and an always solid D to do well.
  24. Jets- Faneca won't be that great, the revamped linebacking core is still only ok. they have a major QB problem. Thomas Jones could surprise though.
  25. Bears- a healthy D will win them a few games, but a complete lack of offense will lose them more.
  26. Bengals- the D is still horrible, but Leon Hall and Keith Rivers will help it improve. the running game is bad, and Johnson is a major distraction
  27. 49ers- Smith needs to show up. Gore will carry this offense, but the D needs a lot of work also, despite a stud in Patrick Willis
  28. Lions- maybe this is low, but i can't see them winning more than four games. they lose all six division, all four AFC, and to NO, WAS, and TB, maybe even CA. last season was a glimmer of false hope.
  29. Raiders- McFadden will make plays, Russel might be ready, and Javon Walker is a good/great reciever. Burgess and Asumaga are solid. but thats it, anywhere.
  30. Chiefs- they had a brilliant draft, and should improve, but not much till that young group has a year or two to mature
  31. Falcons- would've given them the bottom spot, but Miami got it by losing taylor and thomas.  only hope that ryan doesn't bust because he was shoved in there too early.
  32. Dolphins- Let the rebuilding begin. the losing of taylor and thomas lock this team in at the bottom. this team won't do well.
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