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NFL Week Picks


Week 1

Well I missed the Giants/Redskins game - - I picked the Giants, believe it or not

Detroit @ Atlanta - - Det  - - - Well I was way off on this one

Seattle @ Buffalo - - Buf - - - Looks like I picked the upset here

Jacksonville @ Tennessee - - Jacksonville - - - wow, Jax looked like crap

Jets @ Miami - - Jets - - - Closer than I thought but I got it right

Chiefs @ Patriots - Pats - - - Wow, what a game who would have thought !

Tampa @ New Orleans - - Saints - - - Prob the best game of the day, got this one right

Rams @ Eagles - - Eagles - - - Eagles slam the lambs

Texans @ Steelers - - Houston - - - Well I picked the upset, whoops lol

Bengals @ Ravens - - Bengals - - - Wow bengals sucked it up this week

Dallas @ Browns - Cowboys - - - Cowboys looked every bit as good as the hype

Carolina @ Chargers - - Carolina - - - Picked the upset right here

Arizona @ 49ers - - Cards - - - Another one right

Bears @ Colts - - Colts - - - Wow what an upset !

Vikes @ Greenbay - - Vikes - - Green bay pulls it out

Ponys @ Raiders - - Raiders (duh) -- .........


Well I'm 9-5 with the two MNF games left to be played, no matter what Ill be above .500 for the first week, next week ill examine the spreads and give some advice from a gamblers perspective.

Go Raiders !

Well 9-7 for the first week, not terrible I guess, on to week 2

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Posted on: March 27, 2008 4:40 am

Annoying things about College

1) It Costs to much

2) There is never anywhere to park, at least not on my campus, it's terrible, I have to pay $450 a semester just to be garanteed a parking spot that is 8 blocks away from my building, thats bull !

3) They make you take "general" classes that have nothing to do with the area that you are interested it, just so the college can make more money (see #1) its just stupid.  I don't want to take classes on accounting, I am a financae major, I want to learn about the market and how to value stocks, etc.  That's why I went to college, I don't want to be an accountant, so why the hell do I need to take these pointless classes.

4) They just lowered the credit requirement from 126 to 120 in my last semseter of college and two classes that I took last semester are no longer counting towards my degree.

5) College advisors are all idiots, why in the hell do you hire people to advise students what classes to take, when they have no clue what the hell they are doing !?  Must be due to #1

6) I absolutley HATE the fact that depending on which teacher you take the coresponding difficulty level varies.  That is just dumb, if you take a class with Dr. Lin, you should be graded and learn the same things as if you take the same class with Dr. Joe, right !?  So why is it than whenever you talk to a fellow college student they are always saying take this class with so-&-so it is way easier than if you take it with so-&-so that is just pointless !

7) Grading scales differ from professor to professor and some base your grade off of total points, and others use precentages, annoying !

8) When you take a class and have to sit in a desk designed for a middle school student, wow, you make enough money to afford nice classrooms, don't you!?

9) Disclaimer***** I am NOT racists, but when you get a professor that cannot speak english very well, it makes the class that much harder

10) The people that float through college and mommy and daddy pay for everything and they don't even try but yet you get stuck in their group and have work with them.


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