Posted on: September 13, 2008 12:51 pm

Predictions week three

#1 USC vs. #5 Ohio State- USC ( think they will win by around 17)

#2 Georgia vs. South Carolina- Georgia

#3 Oklahoma vs. Washington- Washington

#6 Missouri vs. Nevade- Missouri

#7 LSU vs. North Texas- LSU

#8 Texas vs. Arkansas- Texas

#9 Auburn vs. Mississippi state- Auburn

#10 Wisconsin vs. #21 Fresno State- Wisconsin

#11 Alabama vs. Western Kentucky- Alabama

#12 Texas Tech vs. SMU- Texas Tech

#13 Kansas vs. #18 South Florida- South Florida

#14 East Carolina vs. Tulane- East Carolina

#15 Arizona State vs. UNLV- Arizona State

#16 Oregon vs. Purdue- Oregon

#17 Penn State vs. Syracuse- Penn State

#18 BYU vs. UCLA- BYU (I pick BYU straight up, but I pick UCLA to cover the spread...)

#22 Utah vs. Utah State- Utah

#23 California vs. Maryland- Maryland (I know this looks stupid, but I think an early game on the east coast will effect the bears)

#24 Illinois vs. Louisiana Lafayette- Illinois

Last Week= 18-3

Overall record= 38-6

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Posted on: September 5, 2008 4:08 pm

Predictions week 2

My predictions for week 2

#2 Georgia vs. Central MIchigan =Georgia

#3 Ohio State vs. Ohio= Ohio State

#4 Oklahoma vs. Cincy= Oklahoma

#5 Florida vs. Miami = Florida

#6 Missouri vs. SE Missouri State= Missouri

#7 LSU vs. Troy= LSU

#8 WVU vs. ECU= West Virginia

#9 Southern Miss vs. Auburn =Auburn (although I think this game will be closer than a lot of people do.

#10 Texas vs. UTEP= Texas

#11 Wisconsin vs. Marshall=Wisconsin

#12 Texas Tech vs. Nevada= Texas Tech

#13 Alabama vs. Tulane= Alabama

#14 Kansas vs. La Tech= Kansas

#15 Arizona State vs. Stanford = ASU

#17 South Florida vs. Central Florida= Central Florida

#18 Oregon vs. Utah State= Oregon

#19 Penn State vs. Oregon State= Penn State

#20 Wake Forest vs. Ole Miss= Wake Forest (Excpect a close game though)

#22 Utah Vs. UnLV= Utah

#24 South Carolina vs. Vandy= South Carolina (Note this game has already happened so I will give myself a loss :)   )

#25 Illinois vs. Eastern Illinois= Illinois

Last week's total= 20-3

Season Total= 20-3

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Posted on: August 28, 2008 9:15 pm


Ok guys in this blog I will post my picks for the winners of every game in the top 25, every week. Agree/disagree comment please, just keep the arguement to a minimum.

#1 Georgia vs. Georgia Southern = Georgia

#2 Ohio State vs. Youngstown State= OSU

#3 USC vs. Virginia= USC

#4 Oklahoma vs. Chattanooga= Oklahoma

#5 Florida vs. Hawaii= Florida

#6 Missouri vs. #20 Illinois= Missouri

#7 LSU vs. App State= LSU

#8 West Virginia vs. Villinova= WVU

#9 Clemson vs. #24 Alabama= Alabama (Homer pick here :) )

#10 Auburn vs. La-Monroe= Auburn

#11 Texas vs. Florida Atlantic= Texas (I considered picking FAU, but Texas just has too much talent)

#12 Texas Tech vs. Eastern Washington= Texas Tech

#13 Wisconsin vs. Akron= Wisconsin

#14 Kansas vs. FIU= Kansas

#15 Arizona State vs. Northern Arizona= Arizona State

#16 BYU vs. Northern Iowa= BYU

#17 Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina= Virginia Tech (some people pick this to be an upset, but I dont see it happening)

#18 Tennessee vs. UCLA= Tennessee

#19 South Florida vs. Tennessee-Martin= USF

#21 Oregon vs. Washington= Oregon (even after they lost a QB today)

#22 Penn State vs. Coastal Carolina= Penn State

#23 Wake Forest vs. Baylor= Wake Forest

#25 Pittsburgh vs. Bowling Green= Pittsburgh

Posted on: May 25, 2008 5:24 am

BCS Conference Champions

Ok now that I have released my early top 10 I will give you guys my predictions on the conference champions of each BCS conference.

ACC: Coastal Champ-  Virginia Tech Hokies

          Atlantic Champ- Clemson Tigers

Conference Champ: Clemson Tigers- They seem to have everything going for them, from what I can tell they have back almost all of their impact players from last year. Don't count out VT though...

Big 12: North Divison- Missouri Tigers

              South Division- Oklahoma Sooners

Conference Champion: Oklahoma Sooners- I see them winning this rematch of last years title game also. They were able to handle the spread of Mizzou last year and it will happen again.

Big East: West Virginia Mountaineers- This team has Pat White back and Noel Devine will step up and fill the shoes of Slaton. I really don't see them having much competition in this league. South Florida and mayyybe Pittsburgh on the road will be obstacles.

Big Ten: Ohio State Buckeyes- A team similar to WVU in the fact it appears to be head and shoulders above the league. Only 2 tests as far as I am concerned are Wisconsin and Illinois. I believe both of these games are on the road so an upset could happen.

Pacific 10: Southern California Trojans- There are some good up and coming teams in the Pac 10 but none on the level of this trojans team. Possble losses include: Arizona State, and Oregon (possibly OSU because it is on the road).

SEC: East Champion- Georgia Bulldogs

          West Champion- Auburn Tigers

Champion: Georgia Bulldogs- Georgia will win the SEC based off of their tremendous balance offensively and defensively. Auburn makes it to this game partly on their talent and partly on their schedule. Watch out for Florida though it won't be a surprise if they end up in this game instead of Georgia.

Keep in mind that I have not included any risky out of conference games that the teams will face because that does not pertain to conference. Please keep in mind these are my honest, as unbiased as possible predictions. This being said what do you guys think?

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Posted on: May 19, 2008 4:23 pm

Early College Football top 1

1. Georgia Bulldogs

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

3. Southern California Trojans

4. Florida Gators

5. Oklahoma Sooners

6. Missouri Tigers

7.  West Virginia Mountaineers

8. Kansas Jayhawks

9. Clemson Tigers

10. LSU Tigers (I know, I know... They still have a huge amount of talent though)

Waiting for an upset (No Particular Order): Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Texas, BYU, Auburn, Tennessee.)

What do you guys think about it? I'll probably make another one when it gets closer to the season.

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