Posted on: March 21, 2011 4:18 pm

March Madness Joy

First of all, what a tournament so far. Many close games, with several upsets. I don't know if I like the 68 team format, but would we have been able to see VCU make this run without it? I don't know if the committee thought they were the better 12 seed over USC or vice versa. Some blowouts for sure, but a lot of exciting finishes.

My favorite team is in the sweet 16 for the first time in 30 years with a legit shot at the final four for the first time in 26 tournament appearances (longest streak and going). This after the nation presumed they were dead with the loss of their leading rebounder. Congrats to them, and good luck against UF on Thursday evening.

I still think Duke will lose before they get to the final four leaving us with their coach hanging on to 2nd place in all-time victories behind Bob Knight. Of course it will happen for him, but I think next season. KU is alive and may never have to face a single digit seed until the final four comes around. Butler is showing its run last year was legit (despite what you think of the end of game officiating, they were in the right place at the right time). Arizona may be on its way back to supremacy (although they aren't yet in my opinion, they are making their way back with a great coach.).

I look forward to the sweet 16 and elite 8 this weekend for some more exciting and close games (I hope anyways). Go cougars!

Posted on: March 16, 2011 12:57 pm

NFL Labor Dispute

Like most labor disputes, both sides are at fault. I tend to fall more in line with the owners' side than the players'. I know the owners are making hundreds of millions of dollars each season, but they are the business owners. That is their right to make money. The players think that they have a right to what the owners make. This drives me crazy. Why are they so entitled to this money? Is it because they are the ones out on the field making it possible for the owners to make the money? Is it because they can't manage their money properly so they need more and more to survive? I don't know the exact answer to these questions, but don't think they have that right to the money.

If it is because they are the ones making the money for the owners, then wake up and recognize their place in the working world. All businesses are set up so that the people that actually do the work that makes money for the owners of the company make less money. You work at McDonald's, you make a lot less than those that run the company. You work at most other places and you make less than the manager and you have no say in how much they pay you. Athletes think somehow they belong in a different category than everyone else in this world. That somehow their place is higher than everyone else. Some even make more than those that are in charge of them (coaches, general managers, etc...). Then when they don't get exactly what they THINK they deserve, they hold out and whine and cry about how they are somehow worth more than they really are. They infect the locker room and ruin a franchise instead of thinking of others and their team. It used to be that was the exception, but now it is quickly becoming the rule. Why should they be treated any different than you and I and others and then act like they are the same as you and I? If they put themselves on a higher plane, then stop acting like they are on the same plane as the rest of us. Don't tell me how they are in the same position as normal people (Adrian Peterson) because they aren't.

They make enough money to survive their entire lives off of one year's salary if they were good with the money. I don't buy into the notion that because they spend more because they make more, so it all works itself out. Somehow, if they managed their money, a lot of this labor dispute would go away. They want this and that and then some more, but if they managed their money during their careers, they would have sufficient for post career living. They get health insurance, pension, and other post-retirement benefits. Maybe instead of buying lavish houses, cars, flying first class, staying in fancy hotels, taking lavish vacations, try a 401k, a savings account (several since they make so much money), an IRA or 2 or 3 or 4. Live off of the necessities instead of wants. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

When players say this isn't about the money, but how they are treated by the owners, they lie. When it came down to it, revenue (money) sharing was the biggest reason the players walked away from the game. They wanted the owners to open their books (money) to prove why the owners wanted a larger share of the (you guessed it) money. When they couldn't have access to the owners' financial (money) books, they pulled the trigger to decertify. So it is about the money. They want more of it. Sadly if there really are issues with how owners are treating them, then they would let that continue for more money. I see it as the owners are only mistreating them because they don't want to pay them more money.

Owners are also at fault, but I think it is because they are a part of the upper class that everyone below them wants to take down. That is society's way of doing things. Take down those that have what we want. If we can't have it, then they shouldn't have it either.
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Posted on: January 22, 2010 11:11 pm

Can BYU continue their hot streak?

Big game at SDSU this weekend. This will show a lot about the team and their future chances. SDSU isn't the best team in the MWC, but BYU has really struggled in San Diego the past few years. It won't ruin the season if they lose, but would be a large step forward in my opinion. Then the pit is coming up. That will be one heck of a game and should determine the Mountain West Champion. It is BYU's to lose right now, but if they lose at NM, it might not be there's anymore. Go Cougars, but watch out for the next week. Your biggest tests are coming.
Posted on: November 15, 2009 5:53 pm

Cougars have an crisis on their hands

The crisis being that they have blaring weaknesses that even New Mexico is able to exploit. Mostly on defense, but the offense wasn't exactly smoking either. Their defense made the Lobos offense look like a top 25 offense. Fortunately, Air Force is a running style offense. But I wouldn't be surprised if they used a lot of screens and routes down the field. BYU can't defend them. They are too predictable. The Lobos had them figured out and realized how efficient the screens would be. Close game, case closed. Bronco Mendenhall has never said they aren't predictable. But even if execution is all you need, some unpredictability couldn't hurt. Offensive and defensive coaches need to be more unpredictable if they want to win out. 

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Posted on: September 25, 2009 2:54 pm

And then...

BYU definitely has issues with winning every game in a season. In the past, an early loss bodes well for conference play under Bronco. Unfortunately, TCU and Utah have had down years when that happened. It would be in the best interest of the conference for TCU to win in Provo as well as beating Clemson this week and running the table. Couldn't hurt though if BYU wins out, TCU wins every game except for BYU, Utah wins every game except for TCU and BYU. That might get the Y into the BCS if Boise State and Houston falter even once. Hope it happens, but likely won't. Oklahoma and Florida State will probably win a lot more games which helps the SOS, but TCU always chokes once or twice and Utah has issues in key areas. BYU was exposed in many areas last week. It would be a miracle, but possible.

Posted on: September 13, 2009 2:38 pm

Cougars looking good so far!

BYU is looking good so far. Last year remember they started out equally as good through the UCLA and first half of the Utah State game. Then they really lost their swagger and mojo. Lets hope they can get past Florida State and move forward with the same intensity and swagger as they are playing with now. If not, they become like Air Force and fade off into the sunset during the second half of the season. BYU does look special this year and without Collie (don't know what happened there) they can maybe go somewhere. Maybe he was the center of attention too much for defenses. He still caught balls and scored touchdowns, but there was something amiss there. Frustrating to say the least. Max Hall does diversify the passes more this year. As long as he can recognize when Pitta isn't a good target instead of ALWAYS throwing his way whenever he wants, they should be fine. Max does lock into his target way too much. That did free up Jacobsen in the endzone vs. Oklahoma, but wouldn't count on that being the case 95% of the time.
Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:07 am

College Football

A lot of people complain about how preseason polls pose the college football season for the year. I tend to agree, but what would it be like if they weren't in existence. CFB is so fluid with its players that to base the future season off of a past season is silly.  Injuries are so tied to morale and so on that it makes it a difficult task to sometimes live up to the hype. On the flip side those that have amazing seasons end up lower than they should because they weren't expected to perform.

Preseason polls benefit my favorite team (BYU) in a big way. Some are even talking about them possibly being able to slide into the championship game (a lot would have to happen). But, ultimately the Harris poll has it right. Starting part way through the year with the first poll would really be a good thing. The problem is that the 2 other major polls have already shaped the landscape of CFB. In return the Harris poll mimics the other two. It would be a good thing for the BCS to tell its pollsters that they can't release a poll until after the 5th week of the season. The AP should wait, but they are traditionalistic in nature and will do whatever they want.
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Posted on: July 14, 2008 12:34 pm

Trent Plaisted and Lee Cummard

Lee Cummard made the right decision by returning to BYU for his final season. Trent Plaisted did not make a good decision by going pro. But, I believe BYU hoops is back and has a very solid foundation with or without him. He was very inconsistent in conference play again this year. It seems as the season goes on he gets weaker and less aggressive. Lee is the consistent leader that the team needs. With Trent gone, that should open more doors for Cummard as far as leadership and opportunities are concerned. Good luck Trent, I really do hope you do well and can have a successful NBA career. I just don't see you playing ball in the U.S. for very long.
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