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Dave Clark named interim manager of the Astros

Dave Clark is the interim manager as the Astros have fired Cecil Cooper.  This report coming from KWTX in Houston.
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Jim Thome dealt as well as Jose Contreras

Jim Thome is headed to LA to play for the Dodgers.   The report is offical according to Inside the Soc on twitter.  Justin Fuller has been sent to the White Sox as part of the trade.   Thome hit 252 with 23 hrs and hasn't hit a homerun since  August 21.  Thome makes 13,000,000  per year.  This move made to cutback on salary.  
Jose Contreras has been dealt to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for RHP Brandon Hynick.  Contreras 5-13 this year with an era of 5.42.  In his last two starts, Contreras has given up 7 runs in six innings and lost bothj decsions to the Red Sox and Yankees.   Contreras only one quality start ion his last sox going 7ip on august 19th vs KC. All other starts 5 out of six Contreras struggled getting past the fifth inning.  The White Sox were looking ways to get rid of Contreras espeically with the addition of Jake Peavy.   
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Most watch game since 1999

Here is the information provided by TV by the   Cbs wire reports rating down but  this site shows the viewership was up for Tuesday nights All_Star Game on FOX.

'According to tv by the, MLB won the night on FOX with over 12 million viewers which actually is the highest since 1999.  It beat out NBC who was second with America's Got Talent.   ratings 18-49 had a sharre 4.0 and ratings with 18-34 are 3.4 both doubled NBC.


It was a hit with the fans as it got to see the President Barrack Obama throw out the first pitch and also saw a town in St. Louis who honored living legend Stan Musial.  
The game came down to the bullpens and great defense from the Tampa Bay Rays Carl Crawford.  Busch Stadium looked gracious as it build a great feel for fans who may never witnessed the stadium.   
How about a National League city which witnessed the Jonathan Papelbon and Mariano Rivera finishing the game out in a one run win by the American league 4-3.  
All the numbers that are out by the website are not exact around the right figure.  If this was the highest All-Star Game since 1999, then the next two cities that host the All-Star game such as Anaheim and Arizona should be interesting on how ceremonies will beaccomplsiehd to even make the game more attracting to the audience. 

St. Louis – The 80th MLB ALL-STAR GAME, an exciting 4-3 American League victory, was watched by an impressive total of 33.6 million viewers, supplanting last year’s Yankee Stadium extravaganza as the most-watched Midsummer Classic since 1999 (36.9 million), according to fast national figures released today by Nielsen Media Research.  It is the fourth consecutive year the All-Star Game’s total audience has risen year to year, and the sixth time it’s risen in the seven years since the rule tying home field advantage in the World Series to the winning league was adopted.  Total viewing of last night’s game was +13% higher than the same figure in 2002, the last year before the adoption of the World Series home field rule (33.6 million vs. 29.7 in 2002).

“Anyone who can figure a batting average knows that going six for seven is pretty good, and we’ve seen the All-Star Game’s audience rise six times in the seven years since the outcome determines home field advantage in the World Series,” said FOX Sports President Ed Goren.  “The All-Star Game is the foundation for the highest-rated night on any network since the AMERICAN IDOL finale in May and this audience reaffirms the All-Star Game as the television event of the summer.  We exceeded our expectations and our advertisers are extremely happy.”

Additional highlights:

– The 2009 MLB ALL-STAR GAME also soared to a multi-year high in average viewership on FOX garnering 14.6 million viewers, the best for the All-Star Game since 2002 (14.7 mill.).

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John Calipari reports accepting job

 A Memphis television reports John Calipari has accepted the head coaching job at Kentucky.  This also coming from biz journals .com/.  Billy Gillespie was fired a week ago after spending two seasons in Lexington. 

The Tigers  head coach has been offered  $35 million for eight years to leave Memphis a conference USA school for SEC school in Kentucky  .  It would make him the highest paid coach. 

Calipari's contract  has been reworked 5 times at Memphis but now would top Billy Donavan as the highest paid coach in college basketball.   Memphis looks like they do not want to rework his contract.  The credit for the teams recruiting has to do wiith Calipari.  Last season, Derrick Rose became the number one pick overall in the NBA draft. 

The Conference USA has taken a step down from recent schools moving to the Atlantic 10 and the Big East.  The competiion and money is more lucrative at an SEC school like Kentucky.  The SEC had a down year only having Mississippi State, LSU and Tennessee in the tournament. 

Its not out of the reach for Memphis to get back to the promise land.  Gene Bartow took the team in 1973 to the finals and lost to UCLA. Larry Finch was on that team in which he scored 29 points.  Finch coached the Tigers before Calipari entered at Memphis. What a turnaround for Calipari which tried his NBA coaching with the Nets.  He was fire dafter a 3-17 start in 1998 season.  Now at Memphis Calipari went 253-68.  He was had 9 20 wins seasons and has won the coach of the year three times 2006, 2008, and 2009. 

His recruiting spreads National for example, DaJuan Wagner from Camden NJ, Darius Washington, Shawne Williams, Derrick Rose from Chicago , Tryeke Evans from Aston, Pa, Xavier henry from Putnam City OK, Rodney Carney from Indianapolis.    So, if its recruitjng natioanlly or locally he had changed the program into a powerhouse in the Conference USA. 

Can another coach succeed at Memphis?  Calipari might have done the work but I believe by him leaviing he must know the Tigers will go after a big time coach themselves or there is a replacement in their system.  Will Cailpari bring his whioel caohing staff with him to Kentucky.  Calipari has a lot of things that are left behind.  Its a quick decision it started with just getting the permission from the school just to talk with Calipari.  Suddenly just 5 nights and 6 days  after a loss to the Missouri Tigers , things have changed for one of the best coaches in Conference USA history.  

Also this leads to another debate because If Calipari gets the job at Kentucky, then Georgia will look to get a big name coach.  Georgia has the cash but also wants to be competitive.  They want to be better than Kentucky, and Florida.  So, this gets more interesting in the SEC.  

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Mizzou strength could be a factor

 When we look at Mizzou, its a team of hope, agressiveness and agility.   I have had the chance to meet many Mizzou former players and have been able to find players who have been able to speek with me. 

Under the Norm Stewart head coaching regime, players struggled to get jobs out of college.   I met Derrick Chevious in Chicago who started a company which learned to be an entreprenuer.  Then, there was Melvin Booker a player who left college and learned to play in the NBA as he accomplished it by playing for the Houston Rockets, Denver Nugget and Golden State Warriors.  He had to make a transistion as he went o being a point guard.  Booker also made head;lines in college as he was even part of a Sports Illustrated article. 

Now, a days things have changed with the new coach in Mike Anderson.  Mizzou went with a coach that has gotten recognition from Conference USA.  Mike Anderson wasa good coach at UAB and many people sya its p a good spot for a coach to learn his traits. 

In fact, Anderson at UAB had a  89-41 rcord and tied for first in 2003-2004.  That team made it to the sweet 16. 

Why I mention the past is because Anderson has his own style and has a step ahead in what to anticipate in  a matchup.  Anderson at UAB upset Kentucky which was a number one seed.  Thsi happened in 2003.

Okay years later, things have changed because its MIzzou and in the past this squad has only made it to the elite eight but I believe Anderson will be prepared in the next matchup vs Memphis.  

DeMarre Carroll becomes the key player as he was a transfer from Vanderbuilt.   Carroll has had isssues on how he became part of gthe club.  He has had issues on Campus.   The agrressive defense put on by this school puts them above and beyond  any other defense at Mizzou.  I believe this bunch of Tigers may have a better full court press defense as any team in the past. 

The key in the next round matchup is stopping Tyreke Evans.  Evans has great leapin ability and can crowd the riim as well as any one/ 

Mizzou is facing a team in which plays an agressive defense in Memphis.     Mizzou have to come out and get on early runs and make sure they can contain Evans.  its not a one man show at Memphis but other players have the ability to play but its a matchup  that could give Mizzou fits.  


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A St Louis native netminder makes it to the NHL

    It may be time to see this but a goalie from the native town of St. Louis making it to the NHL. 

    Its a goalie from St. Louis  as the annoucer announced as many people who watched the game here in a sports bar  called the Firebird, here in  Atlanta, Ga  on a tv set were just trying to take a wince at Ben Roethlisberger the leader of the Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers  who was in the press box as he was smiling with Hall of Fame great Mario Lemieux.   Jeff Reed was the kicker and may be setting up jokes as he sat with both greats of Pittsburgh. 

    Then, listening to the Tampa Bay  announcers on Fox Sports Flordia Rick Peckham and  Bobby Chief Taylor is always a treat but when Peckham said from St. Louis Missouri and we know its not baseball like Yoggi Berra or the NFL like a Trent Green or in the NBA Larry Hughes its Mike McKenna.  

    His name is Mike McKenna.  He came in because the TB Lightning struggle deeply in find a goalie since the departure via free agency by Nikolai Khabibulin.   Kari Ramo and Mike Smith have either been hurt or inconsistent in the nets.   The fans and management are looking for a goalie. 

    McKenna was born and raised in St. Louis and attended Parkway South.  He played junior hockey in Springfield.    After leaving town attend St. Lawrence University earning a 4 year degree and playing college hockey from 2001-2005. 

    He was a six round pick of the Nashville Predators in the 2002 NHL draft.   After spending time with ECHL and the Norfolk Admirals he made it to the NHL.   Where did Mckenna learn all his skills?  He was taught by Bruce Racine who lives in St. Louis.    Racine has a goalie Academy that preaches goaltending skills at almost ever level. 

  “Goaltending has not only been my livelihood.  It’s been a lifelong passion.”  This is what is stated in the Racine Academy which is league to reduced goals against.   Racine himself played 15 years in the league including the 1991 Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  In 1989 won the turner cup with the Muskegon Lumberjacks. 

   Racine has been around the league having numerous coaches including Mike Keenan, Roger Nielson, Daryl Sutter and Scotty Bowman.   Bruce broke through in the 1990-1991 playing with the great Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Paul Coffey.  It’s only fitting that McKenna’s first start came in Mellon Arena against the Penguins.    Racine found his way with St. Louis Blues in the 1995-96 season playing 11 games which was the same year the Blues had Wayne Gretzky lined up with Brett Hull.  Grant Fuhr and John Casey were the goalies but Racine was the one being the third backup.

   Ever since then, Racine has made his home in St. Louis where he has a daughter.  All of teaching has been devoted to teaching kids to learn to play goalie.   Racine can play goalie but now has started something that may change the sport in an economic downfall.  He teaches students to have fun but also learn the game tactics and now has a player in the NHL to prove his weight. 

     Karri Ramo had been the number one goalie but things changed when he could not play in the second period.    He was replaced by Mckenna.  It’s not the first goalie the Lightning has used out of the ECHL which is a minor league affiliate below the AHL.  It’s a league that has produced 392 NHL players

     Riku Helenois was the first ECHL goalie used after replacing net minder Mike Smith who also played in the ECHL. 

    McKenna was a star in the minors as he resurfaced in Los Vegas where he made it to the All-Star game.  McKenna played in Vegas in 38 games where he was 27-4-7 with five shutouts and a GAA of 2.22 with a save percentage of .905 as a rookie in 2005-06.  He made it to the playoffs and went 1-1 with a 3.12 GAA.  ECHL has affiliation of 24 of 30 teams in the NHL.   Many ECHL players are now entering the NHL AS 37 former ECHL  have made their debut this season which is 10 under the debut in 2005-06 with 47/ 

    Two coaches in the NHL have come from the ECHL one is Bruce Boudreau with the Washington Capitals and Scott Gordon with the NY Islanders.   Boudreau coached in the southern league in Mississippi for three seasons and winning the Kelly Cup in 1999 and was coach of the year in the NHL in 20007-08.  G

    The one coach who won a cup Peter Laviolette with the Canes lost his job this season with the NY Islanders. 

     Now, it’s a great story of a player in St. Louis which is not named Pat Lafontaine who moved when he was six as this man was able to take his priorities seriously and it paid off.  McKenna can only take the credit of moving hockey in the right direction. 

     The town is waiting for the Chris Chelios but so this is a story of hope and determination from the county of St. Louis.   A coach found a home and the town found someone who can teach them never to give up your hopes and dreams.  It doesn’t matter if you are a coach or a player.  Here we see two of them collide and both gain a smile at the same time. 

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Morrow giving signs to life for players at GTech

If Golden State was looking for a star, a player rose to the top his name is Anthony  Morrow.  Morrow maybe a new star in the NBA but he did something that may change the sport for a while.  He scored 37 pts in his 1st start  and did  it by playing  like an nba  basketball  star like Lebron James.   

At Georgia Tech, some of the people  have responded when Morrow was in college and in the summer basketball camp.    He had some scouts responding to his style of play on  says  "below average athlete by NBA Standards and doesn't jump real well and lacks explosiveness"  This scout was anonymous according to the site.   By taking this guy as a draft player, he may have been a risk.    Wrong,  he instead took the time to play in the summer and now finds himself in the NBA

Its a great story even if he never scores a point again.  Morrow scored 37 pts in his first game after many scouts doubted his abilities as a player.

Morrow played summer ball in Orlando

By playing the Clippers who nearly cheer like the Lakers fans unless the team would ever win a championship, Morrow went 15-20  11rbs 37pts and hti 4 for 5 from the 3 point line.  Many scouts had him being a one dimensional player but to score 37 in the NBA defense has to be played a little as its more of a one on one game.   Some said in college he did not dribble enough he would take one step and shoot.  So, Morrow had to learn to play the one on one game as he had to learn to be a better ball handler athlete or defender. 

Who think players should be judged on defense rather than offensive skills alone.  The fans at the Staple Center according to says the fans were chanting Morrows name.  After watching the game, it was a matinee crowd  one that could wait for just the game to end.  On the other hand, It saw a debut of a starting player who may be on his way to the top.  

You average 37 points for one game you are at the top in points averaging per game.   He scores 25 vs Portland on Tuesday night.  Will the NBA admit of making this mistake at the NBA level?  The mistake of not evaluating talent based on skills should shoot themselves in the foot.  Don Nelson goes out and searches for talent.  He also took a risk but at the end found a new player who could be a rookie of the year candidate  who may jump higher or who has better defensive skills?  Why look at a player for his work ethic and wanting to play the game.  This is why NBA has camps and it proved to work for players to get a second chance. 

This is a surprise to all college stars from Georgia Tech.  Morrow was a great shooter but having play at the pro-level and making a difference as a player goes a long way.  


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Hawks vs Celtics the history of the rivalry

The Hawks would like to be the thug in Boston hopes of a repeat champion. This rivalry brought NBA fans a alike in the 50's and 60's when the Hawks were St. Louis. The Hawks only won one champion and it came through the likes of Bob Petit. Ed McCauley also became the big part of a team that saw the biggest trade in the history of sports by trading the rights of Bill Russell to the Celtics.

The Hawks received the rights to Ed McCauley and Cliff Hagan. McCauley was a star for the Celtics but was a liked player playing in his college town. McCauley brought the game and a team to a new height . This trade was mae in 1956/57

Red Holzman was fired midway through the season. 34-38 record for the Hawks claimed them a Western Division title . The Hawks beat the Lakers in three sttriaght games.

The Hawks would play the Celtics in the NBA Finals. In one of the greatest NBA game 7 the Hawks lost by two points to the Celtics after the Hawks took game one into overtime.

In 1957-58, the team had a 41-31 record and took Bob Petit to a new level in scoring and rebounding/ The Hawks played the Celtic and won the nba championship in six games with a 110-109 win. Russell injures himself in game 3 with an ankle injury and in game six Petit scores 50 pts for the first NBA championship.

1958-59, Ed Macauley replaces Alex Hannum as head coach. Bib Petit wins his second NBA mvp whiel avg 29.9 without a three point line. No Celtics in sight after a 49-23 record

1959-60 The Hawks were 46-29 as the Hawks went to the NBA Finals facing the Celtics. Before that series, The Hawks beat the Lakers in 7 games. 3 times in four seasons the Hawks play the Celtics in the nba finals. Bill Russell the difference with 18pts in the 2nd quarter.

1960-61 the Hawks owner changed head coached again and rookie Lenny Wilkens avg 11. 7 a game in his first year. Hawks finish 51-28 The Hawks faced the Lakers again an beat them by 2 in another game 7. The Hawks played the Celtics again as Boston won their 4th NBA title in 5 years.

This organization went through some big runs in the 50's and early 60's having great nba runs and winning or losing in game 7. The Lost twice in 62/63 and 63/64 once to the Lakes and the next year to the Warriors.

8 hall of famers played of coached on the team.

From 1985-89 some of the rivalry came back to Atlanta 

1986 play off run by the Hawks would end after Dominque Wilkens and team lead by guard Spud Webb entered into Boston in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and lose in five games.

87-88 the Celtics would beat the Hawks barely by tow points in the last fourth quarter f Game 7. Bird with one of his miraculus shots of all-time.

2007-2008 the team took the series to a game 7 against a dominating Celtics team who beat almost everyone in the regular season. There is a rivalry with the franchise more than the town ATL vs Bos when it comes to the current series. Fans in Atl know how tough it is to win when the team is under five hundred and playing a team with one of the best all-around seasons of any NBA team in one season. Even if the Hawks had great teams in the 80's, the Celtics were the talk of town and made them a team to be wreck on with. By taking a look at history, the hawks have to focus on beating the Celtics first because they have been a thorn to winning more champions. The team played them four times in five years for the NBA title.


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